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  1. Well, I can't un-think that now... Yikes. But I've been convinced for a while (once Charlie was suspected of being the father of Allie's baby, in fact) that Tripp will eventually be with Allie and raise his brother's kid as his own. (Of course, it was too weird for Will to adopt his sister's kid, but whatever, show. It's not like I care anymore.)
  2. Charlotte Sullivan is really good -- I hope she keeps getting work. (This is the second Dick Wolf show I've seen her in.) But, man, am I scared for Gina.
  3. Yup. Same here. Elliot's unravelling completely. Which means I have to yell at him constantly. But I fully expect Meloni and McDermott will move from chewing the scenery to gnawing on each other directly before the season finale (Sweeps stunt!). I figured she's been playing him, but I was not expecting her to be behind Kathy's murder; I'm not even sure I expected Wacko Wheatley to be behind it. I can't figure out why either of them would think attracting Elliot's personal vendetta could benefit them.
  4. Welcome, welcome! Come sit by me. Can I pour you a cocktail?
  5. Do we have to explain to Ron the difference between Gabi and a Barbie again?
  6. Maybe the difference between remorse and guilt is one of proportion? In other words, remorse is regret for wrong action in proportion to the offence, and guilt a feeling of self-blame beyond a reasonable measure, out of proportion to the harm created? Just spitballing.
  7. I wouldn't say that Walker was in full control of his faculties, even before he injected himself with the serum. For Walker to acknowledge his own lack of control would take more self-awareness than he has been shown to exercise anywhere in the show. There's no character arc for Walker here; there's a downward spiral, maybe ...
  8. Bucky himself, it would seem, might have disagreed with you earlier in the story. Isn't it in Civil War that he says "I still did it"? I agree that Bucky didn't choose to do it -- and he himself is able to verbalize that with Yori -- but it does seem in character for him not to absolve himself of responsibility completely, at least not yet. But I think he's changing, and I think the story did a good job of acknowledging that. The shot of Bucky chatting happily while the nephews hang out on his metal arm was one of my favourite moments in the series, too -- and I liked the moment wher
  9. I agree with @Ailianna. The wronged person is under no obligation to forgive. Forgiveness can be given, but not compelled. That doesn't mean the person doing the atoning isn't sincere, or that Bucky didn't do everything he could to atone to Yori. But he can't insist that Yori forgive him. For what it's worth, I don't think we missed anything by not seeing Yori's response to what Bucky confessed. I think the old man probably said "You need to leave now," or something -- it seemed clear that their friendship is irretrievable, but Bucky still cares about Yori; Bucky seemed satisfied, on looking
  10. THIS. This is what's been bothering me about the whole storyline. I can't find much sympathy for Karli because her whole ethos seems to be based on "Nuh-unh! Not gonna share!" Edited to add: Although the forced resettlement plan of the GRC seems stupidly short-sighted (though not without historical precedent, I suppose). Also: Zemo's a baron; that means his family is nobility, not royalty. Not the same thing. I hate when tv and movies get that wrong.
  11. This interpretation hadn't occurred to me, honestly, but I think it could work -- except that Jackie's emphasis seemed to be more on others' expectations than on Eddie's being honest with himself. But let's go with this. It'll be less likely to make me want to slam my head against my desk. For which I thank you.
  12. Sorry, but I think Jackie's full of herself, and if the audience is meant to accept her take on Eddie as accurate as far the writers are concerned, then I am going to have a bigger problem with the rehab storyline: Jackie's premise seems to be that Eddie's problem is that he is incapable of living up to (or perhaps "living for" is a fairer way to put it) other people's expectations of him, and the only way he will be healthy is if he lives as his real self, apart from those expectations. Do the writers really suppose that the root of addiction is not being one's authentic self? That might be t
  13. It's all in the context, but "I have all of that on camera; you know that, right?"
  14. I thought it was to indicate something about Richard's inner life (or lack thereof), but I didn't know about intraocular lens implantation. McDermott's face has definitely changed shape a bit with the years.
  15. Uh, sure -- except we weren't asking you for a recap, Nash, you nitwit. (Good Lord.)
  16. The topic line made me laugh out loud, and I'm not sure I expected this show to do that -- though both Mackie and Stan have great comic timing. Have at it: any other terrific lines that we should memorialize? (Mods, please let me know if I've done this whole "start a topic" thing wrong. Because I have no idea what I'm doing.)
  17. Is there something different about Dylan McDermott's eyes? I think he must have had some work done around them (lift, tuck, something?) but I mean his eyeballs themselves -- the corneas seem to reflect a lot of light? Maybe it's just the composition of the shots of Richard's face, but eyes seemed sort of flat -- depthless or extra-flinty or ... reptilian or something? It was creeping me out. Chazz Palminteri actually saying the words "legitimate businessman" is something I will never not find funny.
  18. Maybe not yelling, but there was a powerful lot of eye-rolling "Really, Eddie? REALLY?" in my household (of one, heh). Yes, friendship is a million little things, but none of those things is self-awareness, apparently. I think Jamie's ... well, not logic, exactly -- was that his marriage was stifling, even though he loved his ex-wife; so any future relationship is bound to be equally limiting? Which is, I guess, technically possible, but seems more like an argument against remarrying the same person, rather than against ever marrying anybody again. Was he married to a British Maggie? Does
  19. I feel like Harold is only one broken wineglass away from telling the whole sorry lot of them to do their own bloody laundry -- forever!
  20. I'd agree: Wanda is messed up, and wilfully blind at some point, but it's hard for me to think of her as evil. The other two, certainly. Did the US government in the MCU learn absolutely nothing from the history of S.H.I.E.L.D.? S.W.O.R.D. (and, boy, somebody really, REALLY wanted to name that agency S.W.O.R.D.) seems even more corruptible and dependent on the agenda-slash-whims of one man.
  21. I thought it was more a representation of how capable she is (still) of maintaining focus on a few different things simultaneously; she's multi-tasking, essentially. She could maintain the whole town full of separate illusions or creations, until things began to fray. Now it seems she can hang out in her lonely cabin of exile, enjoying the view, while at the same time studying the Darkhold (I think it was the Darkhold). Their chemistry is remarkable; enough to make me forget how ooky I usually find the thought of mutant (or whatever Wanda is)-synthezoid sexytimes. Elizabeth Olsen is fa
  22. This is unfair -- even I have only so much "Ew" in me, show!
  23. You're probably right about that -- but I still say they're wrong. All I got from the Vanity Fair article was: I will never be a Snyder fan; I don't appreciate his aesthetic, and to me he never fails to sound like a pretentious, self-glorifying asshat; and The entertainment press is almost incomprehensibly fickle.
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