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    Tenet (2020)

    I found it very hard to distinguish parts of the dialogue in places where I'm sure it affected my ability (... such as it is) to understand the plot. Priya's role in the story, in particular, depends mostly on supposition on my part. (This is not a criticism of the actress, who strikes me as compelling.) The dialogue is muffled, but Tenet overall is loud -- oppressively so. It's like the sound designer decided to pummel the audience into submission as a way to induce anxiety, if not to invoke a more nuanced emotional response. Nolan's work relies, I would say, extraordinarily heavily on sound
  2. Hahaha! Wouldn't we all? Poor Marci Miller -- always batting cleanup.
  3. Or the establishing shot, either, frankly. I don't understand the revolving door on contracts/casting. Judi Evans was let go, but it appears to have been temporary; Bonnie's not really a replacement for Adrienne. Mansi ... wore out her welcome (?), and now Miller is back again. How long before Camila Banus and Galen Gering are no longer banished to Eduardo Purgatory? And just when I thought we'd seen the last of that woman, she crazies her way back into Bonehead Black's life? Way to definitively kill any remaining interest I had, show!
  4. You're right -- I forgot about that! Whew! I thought it was looking bad for the little guy for a moment there. For what it's worth, I was never persuaded by the "phoning it in" thing either, and Will and Sonny (though I do think something has changed in Smith's performance or manner of presentation over the years, and definitely think the writing for Sonny in particular has declined a lot) are the characters I care the most about. I think Sami has basically become an unworkable caricature of herself and I don't really feel any investment in Baby To Be Named Later Horton's eventual fate.
  5. Didn't they also promise to look after Baby To Be Named Later until Sami got back from the custody hearing? Pretty sure the two of them left him behind as they strolled out of Horton Square and into the sunset.
  6. Yes, exactly! All my palaver above boils down to "they're skipping the main course." As for a choice between Phillip and Xander, for me it amounts to choosing between Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Heinous; between Awful and Awfuller. I was sort of hoping that Pop-Up Victor (embodying Nemesis, hah!) would disinherit both of them, the boobs.
  7. I should clarify: I saw the scene -- but the real core of the scene, in my opinion, was missing: Will approached his father and grandmother, and said he'd come to say goodbye; then there was a cut (to a commercial, I think), and then when we rejoin the scene, they're hugging. There was no real dialogue around Lucas's or Kate's response. I found it more than just too fast; they skipped over inherently dramatic content! Any real substance, the true point of the scene -- to see the emotional impact of Will's decision on two generations of his family -- was gone. All we saw was the hugging when it
  8. I'm so glad I'm not the only who found these exit scenes rushed. I thought this episode was mostly awful, actually. I appreciated that enough forethought went into the scenes that both Massey and Smith were paired with the scene partner/parental figure they tend to do their best work with, and I did like Sonny's scene with Justin, and Will's with Marlena. I even liked the scene for Sonny and Uncle Vic, to some extent, but the scene with the boys and Chad felt weirdly underwritten -- almost like the three were given an outline and told to wing it. It seemed almost like improv, and not in a good
  9. I keep hoping that Former Father Uncle Droopy McManpain will remember that he and Sami are twins. It wouldn't even have to be full-on twin bond, but a little bit of sibling loyalty or consideration might be nice, in view of Nicole's reflexive nastiness. Snerk.
  10. Preferably in an underground cavern. Or a grotto below the tideline. Or in the Medusa's lair, possibly.
  11. I'd swear that this is exactly how the writers think about the character, and how they think the audience ought to feel.
  12. It's only fair, really, since being in love with BOllie seems to have deactivated Ciara's brain. (Waa-waaaah.) (I'll show myself out.)
  13. Yes. Yes, it is. Titan has no employees, business model, industry sector, market share, facilities, product lines, services or reason to exist at all. And yet these fools are constantly at war over its phantom "business." Edited to add: Okay, maybe the worldwide coin laundry thing.
  14. Schmoopy Teens with Random Tantrums could be the subtitle of the show.
  15. I have no idea what happened in that scene. My entire attention was taken up by horror at the ... thing on Eve's head. Just ... no.
  16. I'm so glad somebody remembers the early seasons better than I apparently do; if there were an Easter Egg quiz I'd be flunking out of Coulson Academy. I did really like that the solution was not firepower, but empathy. They turned all the Chronicoms into Enochs! (How often have I wished for an empathy bomb! Think of how many problems we could solve if we could just drop some emotional ordnance over a big city, and suddenly everyone understands what it's like to be on the business end of stupidity and selfishness.) Did the ex-Chronicoms get recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. (or S.W.O.R.D.)?
  17. I was wondering why it looked familiar -- I thought it might have been an early 084 that I'd forgotten about. I was glad that everyone (except crazyass Garrett) got their happy ending, and I probably should be miffed that Daisy's self-sacrifice was of a strictly temporary kind; it felt a little cheap (along with Agent Davis's "oh, ain't no thing" return as LMDavis) -- but I'm feeling so much affection for the characters I can't really feel upset about it. The return of Lola inclines me to forgive much, too. Even Kora's sudden Heel-Face Turn probably worked better than it ought to have.
  18. Like so many, many things about Elvis, it was gross. (Talk about power imbalances!) JS "stifled as an artist"? Oh, brother! Chemistry is not skill, JS, you twerp. (Sorry, but Scott's self-adoration always raised my hackles. He always struck me as lazy, and nowhere near as brilliant as seems to think he is.)
  19. It's very, very wrong that I think it would have been great if Harry had shouted "That's not what Jung meant!" isn't it?
  20. Well, that was awkward. Heh. And more importantly, can we make him teach other people in town to take responsibility for their choices? And also make him get a decent haircut? (I don't even mind the scrubby starter beard, but Will looks more like an inmate now than he did when he was actually in prison.)
  21. So a malignant narcissist and a guy with burgeoning borderline personality disorder (possible schizoaffective features) walk into a campus bar; misinterpret Nietzsche; hilarity ensues. Oh, wait... Pullman and Bomer, as well as Hecht, deserved better material than this superficial, sophomoric treatment, though they did what they could with it. Bomer, in particular, I think, was ill served by the script. Jamie's motives as a response to existential terror always seemed shallow and kind of ... undercooked. I liked the final sequence for Harry and Jamie well enough, though as payoffs go
  22. Oh, I can't wait either; I just wish it would happen faster. I hate them without finding them interesting enough to want them onscreen. (Also, Nathaniel: yelling at underlings because you want to play pretend that the organization you put together isn't viciously hierarchical is just short-sighted, dude.)
  23. Nope; not just you. Not at all. This show had trouble casting villains. They're often either so boring I can't take them seriously, or so torrentially, over-the-top vicious (and stupid) that I'm left wondering how their own people haven't slapped them to death already.
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