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  1. SoapDoc

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    I liked this episode as well. I also noticed that the vet who got the house was on an episode of H5O when Steve and Danny flew to San Diego to tell him that they had captured the person who had injured him and killed his friends with a roadside bomb. Since I watch both, it's fun to play "Hey, it's that guy!" I am glad this is coming back next year -- bring on the crossover!
  2. I am glad I wasn't the only person thinking this. He had plenty of time to make the decision because Tory telegraphed what he was going to do. Maybe. But Junior also knew what Tory dying (and by Junior's hand) would do to his ex. I believe that he cares more about her than the boyfriend so it was still surprising to me that he aimed for the heart.
  3. SoapDoc

    S01E04: Unclaimed Baggage

    They do favor a bit on this show -- except in height. Perhaps the showrunners didn't care much-- best actors for the role and all. However, only one of two actors is Hispanic. Daniel Sunjata is African American, Irish, and German. Maybe he will shave the beard to help us out here. My son (who was just walking by) actually mentioned how different Daniel looks on this show. We both had watched Graceland. Daniel seems to be heavier now I think. But not unattractive by any stretch.... Oh, Graceland - the first year was lit!
  4. OK SEAL. Anyway, I was talking about Nick Taylor who was another SEAL that Steve worked with who was originally supposed to be guarding the dictator and his family (as he was coming to turn himself in and testify to stop the war in his country) but Nick was planning to kill him for a bounty.
  5. This actually is a good storyline for me. He probably did some pretty shady stuff which he has alluded to (under orders of course) as a Seal. However, he has been protected by the fact that it was in the name of the government so they weren't talking or the fact that anyone who went against him died (like his seal buddy who tried to assassinate the dictator in Season 1). Isn't this the first time that someone who switched sides and that worked with him survived? This might end up like Burn Notice -- once the government stopped protecting the lead character {who used to be a spy}, all of the countries/people who he had "wronged' started looking for him. If Greer plants a bug in the right person's ear, they will start looking for Steve too. It could be interesting. Why again did they bury the money in the backyard? Didn't Doris have a hiding place under the floorboards that they could have used?
  6. SoapDoc

    S06.E02: Endings

    Yes, she does. I think she said she has sounded like this since she was a child. Ironic that they found two actors with the same type of raspy voice.
  7. I know Danny and Kono kiss in Season 1 episode 3 (Malama Ka Aina) when there was a gang war at a football gang. Kono goes undercover at a high roller party and Steve and Danny play rich whales. I don't remember another one but I may have missed it.
  8. SoapDoc

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    Agreed. Typically after one of those stressful situations, I wanted to get away from my coworkers and spend time with people who had nothing to do with medicine. Besides the annoying nature of her character, I think part of my irritation with her character stems from her Emily Valentine role on 90210. She was painfully annoying there too. Doodlebug, your explanation of the girl's was much better than mine!
  9. SoapDoc

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    They thought she blew a clot in her mesenteric artery in her abdomen. This episode was the most I ever liked Harper's character in her entire time on the show.
  10. SoapDoc

    Season 2 Talk

    It was the DEA. Teresa only called to keep Camillia alive.
  11. SoapDoc


    I watched it and am interested to see where this goes. Most pilots are iffy for me anyway. Another bonus: my 14-year-old was interested in the story. He is a pretty aware kid and wants to be lawyer. I will have to pre-watch or at least record so I can skip gratititous sex scenes for him. And we can talk about the story and the history--use it as a cautionary tale.
  12. This has always been an issue for me. But I was in Honolulu last month and the tour I was on, the guide actually mentioned that there was no official motorcycle helmet law in Honolulu as we rode by the building for the 5-O headquarters. While I still don't agree with it, it made a little more sense after I heard that -- and looked around the town.
  13. SoapDoc

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    There was a scene between them after Carol gave Jeanie a poor performance review. In that scene, Carol said she didn't appreciate that physician's assistants went to school for a "little" while and then got more responsibility and respect than nurses with 20 years of experience. I also suspect that Carol was thinking about med school. Remember she thought about going back in a later season but decided to remain a nurse. Yeah. I matched in ophthalmology so I found out where I was going in January. During the big match day in March, I found out where I was doing my internship year. It didn't hurt that I had front-loaded my 4th year so I was doing clinic work by March so no one cared if I was working or not that day!
  14. SoapDoc

    Season 2 Talk

    That was a great line! I could see more of Teresa's smarts in getting the militia guys to help with their mission. I think she is still hoping to bring Guero with her because she loves him and loves the memories that they had together. I suspect that's not going to last to long -- it seems as if she is realizing the difference in how James cares about her and how Guero does. While James tells her that their lives and jobs are dangerous, he has typically done things for her best interest even if it was not in his. Should be interesting.
  15. SoapDoc

    All Episodes Talk: What's Up Doc?

    As a fellow physician, I now feel fortunate because my school had us all meet in one of the big classrooms where they passed out the match envelopes to us all at once. Most of us were given the day off by our various services so the Carter situation was not going to happen to us. Carter's behavior always annoyed me in that situation because while I know he was happy to match at his first choice, there was no reason why he couldn't have waited a few hours -- soaked up the congratulations from his coworkers -- and called in sick the next day LOL