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  1. AlwaysWatching

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    Dang - it was disconcerting coming here and reading all this "heads on pikes" stuff when I had no idea what anyone was talking about. Yep, my DVR cut-off too soon along with some others here. I'm DVRing it again now, but it's really too late. I had a feeling that last scene I saw with Alpha shushing her daughter wasn't the end of the episode. I even ran it back to make sure. Those reveals were just too much to be missed and I'm just a bit angry. I didn't care much for Henry or Tara and wouldn't have missed Enid if she had just simply disappeared from the show. But I'm twisted and I would have liked to have been at least a little shocked at that scene. It would have been the most "dayum!" scene in a very long time. Actually, I have been extremely close to giving up on TWD. I always think that. Then a new ep comes on and I always watch it. I hate being owned. grrrr
  2. AlwaysWatching

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    This was a sad, but very good episode. I was crying like a fool for Mike.
  3. AlwaysWatching

    S11.E13: Happy New Year

    Yeah. there were a lot of Trump jokes. According to Diane English and Candice Bergen, if I'm remembering this correctly, the whole purpose of bringing the show back was to go after the Trump administration in a...uh, hopefully.. comedic way. The jokes weren't always very funny, but I don't think that was their total point. They really, really dislike what is going on in our country and they wanted to say something about it. They got 13 episodes to do that. If they get renewed, I'm sure they will do something more eclectic. I enjoyed all the episodes. When the original started all those years ago, I thought the first few episodes were extremely clumsy and forced. Thought Candice Bergen was terrible, but, dang if the show didn't grow on you. It got much better as time went on. Now, they all feel like part of my fictional characters family. I would definitely continue to watch if given the chance.
  4. AlwaysWatching

    S06.E05: Flying Monkeys and a Tank of Nitrous

    Tammy is killing me! I love her. "Mom" was and is my favorite sitcom and Tammy ( yes, I watched Third Rock from the Sun when it originally aired :-) ) has made it even funnier. I watched last weeks episode at least four times. I'm going to watch this one later tonight for a much needed mood lifter.
  5. AlwaysWatching

    S06.E10: START

    So many scenes I would like to comment on, but I'm just tired. This scene, when they both see Paige has left the train, hit me the hardest because they were separated when they saw her and Philip has to move up the train and sit by Elizabeth. They are both shattered and they can't show it. They can't hold each other and share their pain in any way. I don't know. I wasn't a big Paige fan, although she did get much better this last season. Philip and Elizabeth caused a lot of pain, but their children made sure they didn't get away with everything.
  6. AlwaysWatching

    S03.E20: The Tipping Point

    Yeah, and I bet he's faking his attack. I'll believe him if he dies. Were we supposed to think Dr. Charles wants to let him die? Did someone say this was the season ender? Oh well. I have always loved Oliver Platt and he has been the only reason I watch CM. The writing has been absolutely horrendous lately. The storyline with Dr. Reece's father could be good. It's interesting watching someone with an anti-social personality disorder ( didn't look it up..I think I'm close ) and how Dr. Charles picked up on it fairly quickly and has to walk this fine line with Dr. Reece. BUT, when they had him just look up into her father's window and that damn monkey is right there...geeez. Looks like the show does OK in the ratings, so when it comes back, I'll keep watching for Oliver.
  7. AlwaysWatching

    Lost In Space (2018)

    I don't binge shows that I don't like, uh, so I guess I liked this one. The only character I thought would bug me was Don. Of course he won me over. Most of the time I check out directors, producers, writers and so on, and I did notice that there was a big female influence on this version of Lost in Space. Well, at least on the one episode I checked out. And I agree with those who have mentioned that things got really good with Maureen and NOT Dr. Smith. Parker Posey was so good with her character that she literally frightened me at times. Too much psychopathy going on in that woman's head. She was not playing for laughs. I also loved the scenes with Will and the robot. I'm old and mushy and I actually cried when the robot walked off the cliff. I hope they do get renewed. It was a few hours of innocent "what the hell is going to happen next??" fun.
  8. AlwaysWatching

    S03.E01: Fight or Flight

    I'm so happy! And it was good to the last drop. :)
  9. AlwaysWatching

    S08.E09: Honor

    Damn! I was thinking the same exact thing about 10 seconds before I read this. Wouldn't that be great if the "writers" decide to get the Negan stuff over with as soon as possible and then give us some episodes like SMAD said above. I suppose they have shot the end of this season, so, maybe at least start the next season with some peace and harmony? We need a reset on all of this non-stop emotional anquish. I know it's a violent show, but our viewing minds need some relief. I want to watch someone plant veggies. Maybe Carol could bake some more cookies. Hey, maybe I'll go to a Walking Dead fantasy land myself. Yeah...
  10. AlwaysWatching

    S08.E09: Honor

    For some strange reason, I cried from the first shot of Carl until the last actual shot of Carl. Still have no idea why they killed off this great kid and are keeping some of the most boring, empty characters..but hey, I don't know anything about comic (graphic?) writers. I also believe that Carl's fantasy was just a fantasy - no future anything. And to show how much he wanted peace for everyone, and to prove it was all totally not real, they had to throw in a Negan cameo. So, looking at it that way, it didn't bother me to see Negan in that light. The show held my interest tonight. First time in a long time that I haven't ff'd. Carol, I love you. If they get all creative with your character...I will finally be set free.
  11. AlwaysWatching

    S04.E05: Metalhead

    Ahh, that does sound more like it. Heh, when they showed the box of bears, I thought for a second that we were going to have killer teddy bear robots. Heaven forbid. I know I'm just guessing, but I think the bears were about humans still trying to do non-survival human things. I do have to admit to not having seen most of the Black Mirrors. I might not have their MO down just yet.
  12. AlwaysWatching

    S04.E05: Metalhead

    Yeah, I think that was pretty much what we were watching. I'm surprised that I actually didn't dislike the episode. At first, I thought that the black and white wouldn't work for me, but then I realized that it did work to impress the bleakness of the situation. Not original, but it did get me in that everything's gone to hell mood. I also liked watching that killer dog. When they ran into that mass murdering mutt in the warehouse, the woman did say that it had to have been hiding or powered down or something, or it would have attacked them immediately. So they braved the warehouse thinking there were none of them around. We were obviously led to believe they were looking for medicine or something extremely important. Nope. This was supposed to show a dangerous, actually almost suicidal mission, done for a basic human need that they still had left to acquire a teddy bear for a dying child - if I got that right. As far as her slitting her own throat, I can see it. At the time we didn't really know if there were many, many more of these "things" around. At least that's how I took it. But she knew and she didn't want to go out that way. I have to admit to not understanding at first why she felt for something in her throat. I thought the killer dog might have shot poison bullets or something. That didn't make sense because that's all they would ever have to shoot. Yeah, I guess it was that she knew she couldn't dig out all the tracers. I do think the teddy bears were meant to show that even if there were just a hand full of people left, they were still thinking of that simple human comfort.
  13. AlwaysWatching

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Very good news indeed! Thanks 17wheatthins!
  14. AlwaysWatching

    At Home With Amy Sedaris

    Do people realize just how subversively funny the "I've said too much! I've said too much!" line can be taken? HA! I don't know if comes from some other show or if it's something Amy picked up from someone else. If she came up with it for the character of Patty Hogg, god..Amy is a comic genius. I absolutely love this show and I so hope it gets renewed. It's hard for me to understand why there would be people who don't get the humor, but maybe they just aren't into Amy Sedaris. This show has become a very welcomed funny refuge for me at this time and even the episodes that miss a little bit still have enough "Amy" to keep me laughing. In the episode where Jane Krakowski (sp) did the Craft section with Amy, well..it just about killed me. Only because Amy ends up smiling at Jane's goodbye and calls her a "not so nice" name just outta nowhere. It caught me so off guard I laughed until I dangerously choked. Ehhh. It was scary. But...very, very funny. I'm not optimistic, though. I think I'm going to lose Amy like I lost Martin on Downward Dog. I still tear up from that one.
  15. AlwaysWatching

    S08.E08: How It's Gotta Be

    Oh, so much THIS. I didn't even mention Carl in my post way up thread because I was still too raw. I thought about it quite a bit late, late last night and it was the stupidity of how Carl got bitten that actually kept me awake. When you start to see and feel what's going on in the writer's room instead of getting lost in the story like you are "there", you know it's time to either accept glaring crap done for no reason or decide to finally. stop. watching.