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  1. Oh it totally was, I think it was most likely when she and Garcelle had their early season kibbutz about Kyle saying she didn't pay the donation, and Garcelle explaining the racial implications of saying that about a successful black woman, it seems like it would be a natural Kyle defense mechanism to throw Rinna under for saying Rinna didn't want/think Garcelle would want to bring race into the show. I'm really glad the lady screaming at the top of her lungs is for sure not someone who needs to remain relevant. LOL, srsly though I think this whole issue Dorito is her grasping at having any
  2. This, Candiace weak ass throwing arm and the fact it's butter knife somehow absolves of her being violent and judged, why be surprised the lessons she learned was if you are gonna get physical/aggressive be BAD at it (the butter knife, the finger pointing, the lettuce leaves) and you are off the hook. And this woman weaponizes tears like a professional Karen. Even in this conflict with Mia no one is mentioning her flinging bronze tchotchke across the island, again pure luck it injured no one and broke nothing. Mia shouldn't tossed salad and The Mouth shouldn't have flung bronze.
  3. Yeah, I think she is both ridiculous and down to earth, I think she can be genuinely a good friend and a really fucking shitty one, this season she's been a big big asshole, but I think since she successfully unseated LVP and was I believe the original engine behind getting the cast together, she feels like she can/should stir the shit, because the show would be boring w/o it. But I am never ever getting over how she facilitated the Kim/Brandy take down of Denise. The resentment and hatred and jealousy was so completely off the fucking charts, all this support for Erika just throws how fucked
  4. If we assume Erika and Tom are coordinating, than "he's a mean controlling cheater" is meant to emphasize how angry she is with him and she never knew anything he ever did, so you can't tie her to him, but her "he's poor old addled man who got himself into a car accident that made it worse" and isn't responsible for anything *he* did, just in case they can absolutely tie her to him.
  5. Right I thought this was gonna be a blast from my past, aka only that it changed when adding ice.
  6. What an odd and yes anti-climatic ending to the season. Kyle continues to be an asshole to Sutton, even while being two faced in her Talking Heads. It was impressive tho that they all restrained themselves for Crystal's party and respected the idea that fighting would bring her and her family bad luck. It was super fucking hilarious when Erika said she will keep telling the same story, while she told iteration 25 of it and it took her several on camera minutes to collect all her lies into "the same story". LOL. Bitch you are so so so bad at this. I felt gross when I kind of agreed with
  7. Oh and I forgot FUCK RINNA and her 'this is the best food I ever ate', which was I believe FISH, and I know from Garcelle's dinner you don't come from a FISH family and you're not used to that type of food? She is such an asshole.
  8. And I hate to say it, some AMAZNG sunglasses. ILL GOTTEN sunglasses. I mean she could probably afford the sunglasses on her HoWife salaray I guess. I also hate to admit that while Kyle was truly sicking with all the sucking up/kissing ass, she looked fuckin' great in her Balmain T and leather coat. Well that was an episode of The Real Housewives of Bizarroverse, I can not believe the shade of re-running them harassing Denise endlessly and viciously for all S10 and kissing the Orphan Thief's ass, if not living inside it. Rinna going out of her way to make excuses for Erika's lack of empathy
  9. I'd assume she wishes she were proven wrong by having X in Jury, her point was if he's there at the end he wins so she wishes Tiff/Hannah/Azah/Ky or even Derek F had decided to cut HIM first of the six.
  10. He did his part!! Which was uh conversing with others in his alliance and agreeing to do what they told him to do, aka casting his EVOTES, you know the one thing that is actually required of all Hammies? And even then he could never deliver the line correctly.
  11. I wish Taran or ANYONE would point out when these men inevitably bring up putting self interest ahead of the Cook Out that the cookout was absolutely in his and Ky's and Big D's self interest stop pretending this hurt your game in any real way.
  12. LOL. I've been to Greece three times, and my parents have gone like five or six: I KNEW THAT PRICE.
  13. The beautiful thing about the CO was that no on person "created" it the way I remember the scene, DF, X, Azah, Ky, and Tiffany all happened to find each other together in the kitchen, and someone said, "Are y'all thinking what I'm thinkin" and then they all responded yes, agreed they had to keep their distance, but were going to have each other's backs, and X came up with the name on the spot. It was truly collaborative, and Derek is responsible in that sense but only in that sense, he spent almost every week until six wanting to blow it up because he didn't like Tiff and didn't want GIRLS run
  14. LOL I said the same thing "It was that last one at 3:30 that put her over the top!" Much like DF I was like thank god for me. Tiff won, X called out Ky again, and the CO and the state of Michigan cleaned swept it. I love that even Brent was like that CO man it was all about TIFFANY. Ain't nobody buying you were all that X.
  15. RN on the feeds it appears Derek F realizes how massively he screwed the pooch with all of his trash talk of Azah and women kind and is now in mea culp/damage control mode, only this man's damage control is: maybe ONE day, I shall get over your betrayal if you win and take X. LOL suck it chump.
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