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  1. Ah I didn't know there are only four episodes. Watched the first two, but also had listened to his podcast about Indian food so it covered some of the same ground. Wish he'd talked to Priya more about Indian food. I make her Pav Bahji all the time and it's super easy and so good and major comfort food. I really loved when Change was trying to insist his niece make her imaginary muffins 'the right way' and she first ignored him and when he kept on with it flipped the table over like a Real Housewife. Right on girly, also David they are IMAGINARY MUFFINS. I also liked his sister saying she at the seafood soup once and then faked it for the rest of the time. Heh.
  2. I think the informant has to be Frank Columbo/the brother because he's admitted to all kinds of crimes (destroying evidence) and knowledge of crimes by his brother and I assume the mob generally, but somehow wasn't caught up in the arrests. They mentioned the custody dispute with Robin and maybe he and his wife held off for a few years until they knew for sure winning custody of Frankie was never going to happen. I quite like him though so I'm fine with that. I get that they are stringing along how he got the damn winning tickets, because the FBI themselves didn't ever really figure out so much as get told after the fact, but its SUPER fucking annoying. I also thought they doc wasn't playing fair when it made it seem like the printing place had nothing to do with it. Someone there had to be the one that passed it along to Jerry at the point when the truck arrived and all three Simon reps had to be there. He's probably my favorite of the criminals, when he told the story about how the People magazine winner/guy was "the most generous person you'd ever meet' and in the same breath says he dealt a lot of drugs and that's how they met I was like LOL generous and drug dealer are not two things that go together.
  3. Oh no I've been hating on that new narration, but love Camp's acting. I don't think Howard will die, they are trying to save the day with Seale/Claude. I do think Seale/Claude might die together or even sacrifice themselves (at least Claude especially Cuco kills Seale) if only to semi satiate El Cuco's need to decimate it's target thoroughly and maybe spare an actual child from being killed.
  4. I've been pretty forgiving to this show, but 34 people dying in a cave in 80 years ago isn't going to fade from historical memory, especially in the south FFS. You have to be 90 something or related to the dead people to remember this kind of disaster? NO. Otherwise what a great fucking episode, the tension building between the flashback and the current story line. I am so sad about Pelley but would be WAY WAY sadder if Andy is one of the dead. DO NOT KILL OFF ANDY. Much rather Yunis bites it. I also wonder though if no one else got shot, I feel like they've been building toward Jack fighting his overlord and I think it's interesting we saw him have Ralph in his sites but he seemed to pick Pelley instead, someone he had less of a relationship with. He might also realize Ralph/Holly getting El Cuco might be his only hope for release. Ah yes I liked the fried chicken side bar it really does bring you closer to God. If they want to keep this as a series going forward beyond this initial one I'd love for it to focus on Holly/Andy as a crime solving couple AWKWARD THIN MAN.
  5. Holly has stated repeatedly that she believes the creature is vulnerable while it is transforming, none of them are aware of any evidence that led them to believe it's eating animals/people along the way OR that Jack/minions are procuring them for the entire 24-27 day cycle. Ironically she thinks they do procure the children and yet with Not Claude we saw the opposite Jack procures the meat along the way, and El Cuco personally hunted his own damn child snack. I do agree their doing a poor job showing how these fine distinctions work and that their plan was janky but I'm not sure what plan is a good plan when dealing with a supernatural creature you can barely understand. I think part of it is that they still want to "prove" this in real documented terms rather than just "stop it" like Yunis said he wanted to last week. It sesm hard for them to let that piece go. Also they are obviously all scared shitless of what they don't know/understand.
  6. Yeah someone mentioned that Ariana brought it up initially, and I can see them deciding since it WAS NOT for the camera drama, that one of them should say something for them BOTH and since she's the one who is gay it might penetrate more coming from her, Jaxny might be less defensive and reactive. My guess is they were dismissive and reactive and Ariana told Tom they should let it lie. I also think this is why Tom was bringing it up now, because Ariana had and they didn't give a fuck, LVP does and suddenly Lance Bass is marrying them. I think it's legitimate for him to care/to wonder if their motivation was actually because they care about their gay friends and the gay community they work in, or if they just did what their boss told them too so they could ALL keep making money off that community. I also have to wonder if they were explicitly told not to address it until filming where it would be resolved one way or another by LVP decree. Now it doesn't make Tom any less stupid for stirring the shit after it had more or less BEEN resolved but the man has weird hills to die on and he dies on them weirdly. He can find a way to be wrong even when he's right more or less.
  7. Which is why I'm an agnostic rather than an atheist. Like man I just don't KNOW you know? I think Ralph's problem is instead of saying this IS happening even if I don't understand how, he's saying this can't be happening because I don't understand it.
  8. Given that when I'm terrified I feel like my senses are on 11 and Half I can believe that she was super tuned into listening top the door for him, and she figured that if she took a long time he'd investigate.
  9. There are ten episodes so three left. I love Andy/Holly. I love the way he gets her, that she has re-ignited something for him in terms of the work. I hope there's no shoe that drops there. Holly's empathy for the Renfields is so moving, even as the experience haunts her nightmares. I'm glad we got to see some vulnerable layers to Jack. I think the only thing I didn't get was that we were meant to think the drawings looked like Claude? REALLY? That was for sure a beat they didn't hit very hard, I mean we knew he was transforming into him, but his face was way too jacked up to make anything out. Huh.
  10. I keep forgetting Paddy Considine's characters name too, it's Claude, Claude IS the manager but he's on probation so can't be assaulting people in club, manager or no (thought it's weird they let a guy on probation manage a place that serves liquor since I'd guess that compromises their license). I DO think he knows he was scratched by Terry and that something weird is happening to him, but isn't sure what and really how could he ever guess. I don't know where he's going at the end, but you'd think he'd go to Ralph, since he held back the info about Terry scratching him, he may want to fess up now that he's feeling freaked out.
  11. It actually would make sense to me that someone who is struggling to solve a crime in the "i need to know" rather than a I want to close this case sense is open to something supernatural being at work it would mean they aren't bad detectives just up against something that can't be formally "caught". If you sincerely want to stop further child murders than go with it even if it might be crazy (and indeed I think this is why cops will indulge psychics when they've a had a case go really cold). In this case Glory and her lawyer are funding it so he doesn't even have to sweat the wasted finite resources aspect. I felt so much anxiety when Holy realized she's in the middle of nowhere with a jerk controlled by a child killing monster. I think Glory was angry about Holly explanation as it wouldn't clear Terry's name, and that's been her angle exonerating him PUBLICLY so her kids and her community will stop giving her a hard time. I think it makes a lot of sense that at some point she would doubt Terry's innocence, I'm just surprised it wasn't sooner. Eh these are completely different jurisdictions this is something that is used by serial offenders to avoid discovery all the time, like the Rapist in Unbelievable and of course the Golden State Killer wasn't really ever formally connected to his earlier Visalia Ransaker crimes until they just caught him in 2018. And I don't think we know if the monster is replicating a particular MO.
  12. I see a lot of strip clubs in rural areas to appeal to long haul truckers. They are usually off the interstate.
  13. Yeah Hofsteader only died recently and Maria hadn't died, so I suspect Terry's premature death left him with some time to uh kill until he can fully dopplegang the strip bar guy. I still don't know why The Boogeyman is preoccupied with getting popped by the cops, OR why his argument is so bad for "stopping". He's like heh heh let me kill children because if you don't something REALLY bad will happen, like I'll kill...ADULTS. Apparently supernatural monsters don't know how to manipulate people. This episode for sure didn't give us much new information, though I think it's still very watchable and moving. I've seen more than enough evidence of this not being the case, there is a real lack of cooperation between law enforcement agencies and a lot of jurisdictional cock walking. Plus everybody agreed Terry did it and then he died so essentially there isn't much of a case they have to follow up on, and the stuff they found in the barn post mortem only added to the evidence against Terry. The investigation now has nothing to do with GBI, that guy is just being probably really unprofessional by sharing info with Ralph, because he himself is confused by the evidence.
  14. blixie

    S01.E13: Book 27

    Right? I love how ruthless she is, like when she cut Leland's neck. But I don't think I'm down for her letting his wife take the blame, and so yeah I think it's not what it appears to be. Maybe she whacked him once and someone else finished him off. I also assume her being burned by the cross/possessed is a false alley too. I agree the episode was disjointed, trying to tie every thread of the season together wasn't really necessary, but I thought the song/fertility clinic/vision bit was reasonably scary way to to do so. I just didn't need to see Kristen facing down every antagonist in one episode, then not showing us her face down with Orson if she even did. And we still don't know if that cute lil baby is the devil. I wold love to see a meme where it was Baby Yoda. Loved seeing Dr. B.L. Zebub again and hope that isn't the end of George.
  15. Especially in Florida. Gabi should tell them all to fuck off.
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