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  1. There isn't really, the worst thing I know Denise has done is have a diva fit and throw a computer off a mall balcony in Vancouver while shooting something and braining a senior citizen. But I suspect Rinna is insinuating she could confirm the long circulated rumor that Denise worked for Heidi Fleiss and that was how she and Charlie Sheen first met. I mean I'm sure there is more in that general sexuality shaming vein (and probably drugs) but Lisa Rinna has way of thinking because she admits she's a terrible friend/person everything is fine. IDK now she thought this story was going to help her
  2. I thought the food this episode wasn't super exciting (outside Dawn), or at least it took a back seat to the emotional resolution of Maria/Jamie, both of whom I like, and Jamie especially made me and Tom laugh when she explained how she makes it for her family "we just throw it in a pot like TSSSH" and Tom was trying hard not to LOL. What to make your rice, like BOOM? I did figure Maria was next to go, but I think Byron was totally jobbed in LCK. Like why have this whole show built on the idea of getting back in and at the last minute be like PSYCHE it's just a CHANCE to get back in. WUT, no
  3. No it's not, I've held Sutton accountable in every single post for her white fragility and her bullshit overreactions to a conversation about race. I wouldn't use the word targeted, but I do think it's the go to storyline across every housewives franchise for at least three years running, so it wouldn't have surprised me to see this continue all season, the Girardis aside. Sutton is on the outskirts of the group due to the Denise version of this drama last year, and her general awkwardness and I believe her filming was limited due to a custody issue? Liking Sutton and sacrificing her on
  4. I think they said that on camera, but there was no shot of plates being ditched just shots of Byron and Maria coming over to plate the rest of her dishes and her wiping down the ones that were already there which made me think: is she just wiping the blood off?! In a visual medium you should for sure show the shot of the plates being trashed. I was also confused how so much blood got everywhere, but I once stepped on a broken glass at a slumber party while dancing and all the other girls had to to tell me I did it/it was bleeding, I think I ended up with four or five stitches, so I can see
  5. Yeah this is a good example where I think overall performance won her the challenge rather than her dessert being better than his. She's been more consistent overall, won the Quickfire and it was pretty clear had she not cut herself/plated 10 dishes, she would have probably beaten Maria. But I am pro weighing overall performance into the knifing so, I'm glad Dawn is rightfully still around. I am also surprised they all tasted her dish bloody plates/pickles usually they flip their shit and refuse to taste it. Or maybe thats on Chopped? Man I know tofu can taste good, but at home I have only
  6. The thing that wasn't even what she was arguing. Dorit was saying she spent so much of her life outside of America she is completely unfamiliar about Southern stereotypes, aka redneck/racist/inbred.....she was actually playing into Sutton's victimhood, and Sutton wasn't hearing it. I love when a group of narcissists get into these kinds of disputes as a way to elevate themselves, instead of centering the issue at hand: being stereotyped as racist isn't the same thing as actually experiencing systemic racism/constant microaggressions as a BIPOC. f Well from trailers we know she's g
  7. I was thinking this was down to them being actors and having to make call times even with all their glam. But then theres Denise also an actor who was what 2 hours late to her own beachy wedding? LOL. I think the Sutton/Crystal thing is hard to parse because Sutton's white tears/fragility and bullshit around "racist" was her first impression, but Sutton is also just generally anxious/awkward and FRAGILE about almost EVERYTHING. Her souther belle etiquette shit creates tempest in tea pots constantly, it's the only way she can regain her sense of footing is when she's called out rightfully or
  8. I completely get why Crystal and everyone else is exhausted by Sutton's insecurities/awkwardness, but it's what makes her weirdly interesting Housewife. And while her White Woman Tears are as predictable AF, and she should rightfully be called out for it, I think it's just as melodramatic and not particularly enlightened to call her out in front of everyone for her essential personality, and bitch to her friend using the C word. I relate a lot to Sutton, and we're the same age, I've been there even in adulthood where I think everyone was talking to each other and NOT me, that never feels good
  9. I could 100% see a child already having easy access to a gun behaving impulsively on bad information to do this, but that's not what we saw, this was a highly choreographed plot *in the dead of night* to confront your father's abuse victim, this show has been so emotionally honest and authentic but when Ryan explained his long bike riding manslaughter adventure with< "I knew about Erin and my dads *relationship*" I was like no 13 year old kid says this. No 13 year old kid does this. Luckily the actors are so fucking good the emotional resonance of such incredible twist paid off enough to
  10. Yeah but I think most likely that is Easttown being Easttown, Dylan's parents didn't want to fight Lori for custody, seeing her more as victim like themselves. Still weird to me that everyone's assumption is that this would be ideal or even make a lick of sense, or that she'd immediately be award DJ any more than Carrie was likely to be immediately awarded Drew, with or w/o a relapse.
  11. I have a lot of problems with the final twist of Ryan being the killer, as I simply don't buy this 12/13 year old boy, carried out this many steps to "accidentally" murdering his cousin: observe dad flipping out, check hi phone, pretend to be his dad and text to meet her in the park, has time to pick up gun, fight with Erin, kill her, move her body, return the gun, go home, call dad, who then has time to clean up after child commits murder but didn't have time to make sure kid was home in bed? All on a fucking child's BIKE come on that had to take 3 hours at least and no one ever checked on th
  12. I will say as a Reese Stan, that Christina Applegate was the superior sister of Rachel, as the one who bit her. Her constantly forgetting Ella's name. LOL.
  13. The fashion show was easily the low point but (and too much Corden mugging), this was surprisingly moving, but also delightfully cheesy and warm. It was really simple things that betrayed how much they have love for each other like Matt/Matt calling each other Matty, all of them calling Lisa "loosh", a lot was made of their genuine friendships, but the only one that played out publicly was Aniston/Cox they mostly kept a tight huddle/bubble and really didn't let the press inside it. I would have wanted to ring Le Blanc's neck constantly so god love them all for putting up with that and Marcel's
  14. Gordon Clapp is playing the Ross brothers dad and his most famous role was NYPD Blue, pretty sure he's gonna turn out to be an ex Easttown cop.
  15. Again I don't think the gonna kill Billy part is separate from the told Lori he confessed part. I assume, he WANTED her to tell Mare (at least the confession part if not the part where they were at), and that he'd say Billy committed suicide, he's hoping that grift holds, and I honestly can accept he actually is that dumb/arrogant. He's thinking everything that looks good on him looks even better on Drunk Sad Billy, and even if they run DNA on DJ that it will be close enough for the cops. It really is interesting to see the clues that it's John, with few of those clues being behavioral winks t
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