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  1. Hah! I didn't even think about Americanising '100s and 1000s'. I should have said 'sprinkles' except we have them too and they are a different shape to the former, which are spherical. Globalisation really calls for a standardisation of food and drink names.
  2. I had to google 'Princess Toast' and...no, it's not. It's literally what Izzy made- white bread covered in thick margarine and sprinkled with 100s and 1000s. Simple, economical and gross.
  3. It's not a surprise, though. I saw 'The Queen of Versailles' and negligent is the polite word for their parenting. And of course the King of Versailles was a Covid minimiser. Did they ever finish building that monstrosity of a house? Elizabeth continues to be useless. The more I see of her the more astounded I am by her incompetence. I mean, Kasey from BDM didn't know how to make a Bloody Mary and had only worked on a pontoon that never left the dock and even she had picked it up by now. I'd love to know what her 5 years of experience actually entails. She's irritating me so much that I'm
  4. Absolutely. There's a way to do it if you're into that stuff that minimises potential trauma. I read an article around the time BDSM exploded and it interviewed a woman who had been raped IRL and went to the club she frequented and did a scene where they re-enacted it (minus actual penetration). She said she'd never advocate it for every survivor but for her it was healing. She was in control. She had a bell and would ring it to stop and they'd stop. She directed it. She had safe words. They spent a long time prior mapping out what would happen and what she needed from it and everyone in the s
  5. Not quite on topic but Jon just joined Twitter and the only account he followed is Arby's. I always forget how much I miss him until he pops up and does something like that.
  6. It doesn't do it for me either. It's a thing, though. Even has its own acronym. But if you're going to do something as potentially traumatising as that then you damn well have a safe word. Did we Iearn nothing from 50 Shades Of Grey? Hammer seems to argue in his texts that not having one makes everything more intense and better. Which is a screaming red flag that this man didn't give a crap about anything but his own pleasure.
  7. I think you have to keep your mouth shut when things like this happen. No lawyer would advise their client to defend themselves in the press and he probably doesn't have restrictive NDA's. He's not a Scientologist, @Pink ranger! I had a look at the instagram account of the woman who is collating all the accusations. If it's all true (and I'm almost certain I believe them) then that man is a fucking menace. No safe words during rape play? No after-care, even though they both agreed that she was crawling away from him and sobbing? If they had been together for 20 years you could maybe have
  8. Well, a thousand years ago she was a redhead. That's all I've got. And while I'm talking about her I want to voice my number 1 complaint with Nicole- her accent. She has basically been in America longer than she was in Australia. She has access to excellent vocal coaches if she wanted. WHY is her American accent so bad? It's 6 words American and then 3 words Australian. Without fail. Just a pet peeve of mine.
  9. I think most of the preference sheet lunacy comes from production. A guest from a few seasons ago posted a blog about his experience and he said they asked him to name the best meal he'd ever had and he wrote "a 12 course banquet in Taiwan". Production then reworded that to make it his demand. These guys are so over the top enthusiastic I'm sure the question was "name your favorite cuisine" and they just rhapsodized about every food they've tried, wanted to try or seen a picture of, which then became their demands. I'm not sure if Elizabeth is just getting stuffed around by editing but if
  10. For me the best part is that he drove the car to a shopping center with his pregnant wife, got out the beer kart, started doing laps around the parking lot while posing for photos by the paparazzi that he obviously paid to be there, all the while leaving his pregnant wife in the car. Once he's taken enough he remembers she's there and goes and gets her an apology bottle of chocolate milk that was rancid, going by the expression on her face. That man is all love.
  11. https://jezebel.com/sad-former-reality-tv-star-rides-his-beer-kart-into-the-1845824615 And make sure to click on all the slides for a delicious collage of Jax trying to look devastated yet introspective. While riding a beer kart.
  12. Fucking finally! Those windows you heard rattling? That was a primal scream of triumph emanating from the Southern Hemoisphere. He's going to be so miserable, stuck at home with a woman he doesn't love and a baby he doesn't want. And now no job! Drag him to Kentucky, Brittany. Put him to work in the Beer Cheese factory. And once a week hook him up to those Clockwork Orange eye things and force him to watch Ariana and Sandoval in a TomTom spin off( if it happens). God, I'm unnaturally thrilled about this. The best part, aside from all the misery he's in store for, is the fact that he was blinds
  13. Being a walking garbage fire is one thing. Murdering a woman who had a small role in 'Amazon Women On The Moon', the greatest, most hilarious bad movie I've ever seen, is quite another. The unmitigated gall. I've lost so many people with #metoo. I've had to handwave the fact that John Lennon was an awful father and possible wife beater and I'm hoping nothing (more) awful comes up. I can't listen to Michael Jackson anymore and I'm not prepared to being unable to listen to The Beatles. Just no. No ma'am. No.
  14. My mum was a massive Cream fan. Their cassettes were non negotiable whenever we took a car trip and so I have a really strong sentimental attachment to them. I knew Jack Bruce was an asshole but in the standard nutcase musician way. I did NOT know Clapton was a racist manic. I'm not happy about Van Morrison, either. Why can't we ever have nice things?
  15. Fun fact- the agent said she only did that because it became clear at some point that he wasn't comfortable with touch (maybe he tensed up when his dad did it and she saw). So she kept doing it. I don't know if that was an interview technique or a 'fuck you' to Chris Watts but if he was uncomfortable I'm happy with it.
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