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  1. Maybe he is worn out from studying his Hebrew for finals as he claimed! Nahhhhh...
  2. More on the Walker family they are pictured with: “In addition to their music ministry, Kevin Walker started Cowboys Carnivals for Christ, a ministry dedicated to reaching children by setting up multiple inflatables for kids enjoyment. Kevin Walker, who is known by children as Ranger Walker, has a puppet, named Gabby whom kids and adults alike enjoy seeing him and his antics. Ranger Walker and Gabby have several CDs and DVDs out. Roundup Ministries also has a unique ministry in the form of two animals, Champ the Smiling Trick Horse and Dixie Dawg. Champ and Dixie perform a wi
  3. I’m embarrassed to admit that I stayed up way too late reading about this and woke up early in anticipation 😬
  4. Yep- “the man of her dreams” as she loves to call him! Some dream, Anna! I bet jer and derick are livid right now when they’re trying for positive attention! Last I checked, comments are still open on the vuolos ig accounts. The rest of the fam has closed ranks and limited comments. The V’s must be watching like hawks and deleting anything josh related so as not to sully their book release! That was my first impression. He’s already drunk or high at 1:00 in the afternoon 😞 I do worry about what his kids may have seen. Wow, all eyes must be on them! The Duggars m
  5. I don’t think it’s even in their frame of reference to work a real, scheduled job.
  6. I had a patient today who looked and spoke EXACTLY like Priscilla! Funny she would be mentioned here today! I was going to post how I couldn’t get over the resemblance to the woman I worked with today! Same hesitant, sweet, breathy voice.
  7. Wow. I wonder what someone asked to get that response!
  8. Strangely, despite the update, the site is the same for me. Slightly different font and arrangement, but nothing too odd or difficult to navigate.
  9. Please accept my support during this difficult time, @Zella. I am so sorry for your ongoing suffering! Many hugs. I wouldn’t wish being bombarded with Duggar book suggestions on anyone!
  10. Hear, hear! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 As always, you knocked it out of the park with your astute observations, @Churchhoney!
  11. I find all of these people terribly unattractive. Almost difficult to look at, knowing what they’re like inside and what they are doing in the world.
  12. Ugh. I’m afraid to even hear this drivel. And the leghumpers who’ll be salivating over it.
  13. So much going on there! the suffering jill’s family had been going through at that time? david’s huge gut. the Duggars “act like” they care about people. this has to be right after the josh scandal and there’s Anna with newborn Meredith. it’s always Amy Foster, never just her sister Amy. Oh and jinger’s absolutely orange face and raccoon eyes! This wasn’t THAT long ago- she sure has changed (on the outside, that is).
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