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  1. That must be it! Maybe she figures if she holds out long enough, and has enough babies, it’ll be TTH 2.0! Ivy can wield the power tools while barefoot this time!
  2. Something is so wrong about Duggar girls bring dressed and made up like geisha. Do they not know what they are? (Rhetorical question, lol !)
  3. Same here. Everyone I know is planning to stay safe inside. Lots of scary incidents and almost-incidents happening around town.
  4. Yet, here she is on SM. Quite a “break” she’s having. Love how people need to announce their breaks and keep posting during them! 🙄😂
  5. Jill posted another anniversary photo of the loss of derick’s dad. I honestly thought the family picture was Awkward Family Photos as I was scrolling through my IG feed.
  6. Ugh, I agree. And, I don’t enjoy seeing other people’s husbands in bed. I have a fb friend who posts her husband in bed shirtless and I’m like TMI!!!!!!!
  7. Wait, but I thought it was up to God? 🙄 these people cannot get their stories straight!
  8. Soooooo many topic ideas we could share with them! I will post some of our ideas and see if they take us up on it. 😁 Manuscript? As in, them actually working hard writing the book? Somehow I don’t see that happening. Jinger is too emptyheaded and only rehashes platitudes, and Jeremy is meandering and long winded. I assume it’s ghost written.
  9. In my opinion, he is an incredibly unattractive person. However, I’m glad Jill seems happy with him.
  10. On my to- watch list! I live in an area of the country that has had a lot of news coverage recently. There have been helicopters circling all evening. It’s really becoming disconcerting. I haven’t seen any news in what it could be although I keep checking.
  11. Did we hear that the engagement was broken? Or did his social media just disappear? I forget. Darn, now they're chewed and spit out gum who have lost pieces of their hearts 😞
  12. Strangely, I was thinking about this while in the shower today! I'm so curious what their aim is. Like you, I agree, I can't believe they'd suddenly care about protecting their children's privacy and not using them as moneymaking props! And I don't think anything would be gained financially or fame-wise at holding out this long for more pics and info.
  13. Ha, the world would be a better place if she dumped her SM accounts! Imagine, no more Timmy on youtube, kindergarten-esque jewelry sales on Etsy, or long winded caterwauling on IG! Please, Jill, GO AHEAD!
  14. I do hope all goes smoothly for her, and the surgery helps. My son's best friend has the same diagnosis, and I've never heard of anyone else with the condition.
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