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  1. I don’t see a belly on her, but agree, the boobs look huge and not well contained. the men look miserable in their shot as well. Maybe a “serious” pose directed by the photog.
  2. Yeah, they’re all hunched over and miserable looking. Hopefully it was just the weather.
  3. I don’t get Josie Duggar and Lauren being in the wedding party. How would they be connected with this couple? And is that Nathan and Anna’s other sister?
  4. The top right photo looks exactly like Priscilla and her confused/concerned face!
  5. I don’t doubt that is a possibility. She may know vague ideas of what he did but not details. That may be another reason why she’s so happily smug with “the man of her dreams”. We here probably know more about her situation.
  6. Laundry? Cooking? Cleaning? Surely you jest 😂
  7. Lol, yesterday I saw an outdoor trapeze lesson area and remembered the derick obstacle course fiasco, and the Josh’s buttcrack trapeze incident! 🤢 so memorable! (And not in a good way)
  8. I’m just imagining what wisdom Anna has poured into her. “Young ladies, you, too can end up with a marriage like mine if you follow these rules!”
  9. I write snarky comments on his posts a lot. I’m sure I’ll get blocked too at some point.
  10. That would be really tough :(. Like MIchaela Bates. Just so hard to be the standout for all the wrong reasons, in a family of fertility cultists.
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