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  1. Can’t remember her name but the Long Island one with Lawrence...did she say the older daughter wakes her up 3x a night? That is too much!
  2. I think I saw $3,000/month for savings. So that would bring living expenses to $6,000.
  3. Erik was saying two different things to Virginia. He asked her to plan ahead for a weekend a month because he was parroting Dr Pepper, then basically put her on notice that he’d want her to change or cancel plans because of him. I don’t blame her for getting annoyed about that. Though I do have a hard time believing that a) she makes plans a week ahead of time and b) that his schedule is so incredibly unpredictable that he doesn’t know where he’ll be during the week. That conversation got ugly fast. And her not willing to acknowledge alcohol being a problem is obviously a major, major problem.
  4. I know Caitlyn had terrible role models and it’s a miracle she’s not more of a disaster but “enavalope”? Really?
  5. Not even Kody Brown uses the term “the large wife” to differentiate between wives.
  6. Erik and Virginia had sparks but they are a total mismatch and really toxic. I don’t think he’s ever dealt with anyone with mental health issues and she knows she has some. Agree with him though that her dog needs retraining. Erik is clearly trying to control himself when they’re talking in front of the cameras but he is really even more horrible when they’re not.
  7. I must have gotten something in my eye when Kristina gave Leah that special gift.
  8. Why did Rebecca’s son-in-law and her other flannel-shirted escort turn around and leave after they walked her down the aisle?
  9. The two craziest things of the hour were Dannielle’s (god that spelling) eyebrows and the Snowden kids coloring with Sharpies.
  10. When Kody said he didn’t want to “point fingers” at which wives weren’t taking Covid precautions seriously, who was he talking about?
  11. YES! Thank you! Though his hair tossing is not quite at Syngin’s level...yet.
  12. The plastic face shields were ridiculous. As were Catelynn’s instructor’s double masks below her nose as she said something to Catelynn about conversating.
  13. Was anyone else expecting to see Asuelu when Martha and Michael arrived in Samoa?
  14. When that segment of the show started, I actually thought it was an old clip of her eating the quesadilla.
  15. Nice shots of dehydrated Catelynn and her Marlboro menthols getting a tattoo while she’s convinced she’s pregnant. She and her car and her house must reek of minty stale cigarette smoke.
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