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  1. I was all about Backstreet Boys when I was younger but now I'm more of a New Kids on The Block fan. I'm a Blockhead and not ashamed to admit it. Personally, their last two albums (2008 released The Block and 2013 released 10) are their best stuff yet. Their voices have matured beautifully and (shallow) look better than ever. Who would have thought weird looking Danny Wood would grow up to be a hot hunk with muscles in places most men don't even have places?
  2. For me, this is James Frain. He's in almost everything I have seen in the last 5 years. Tudors, Grimm, FlashFoward, True Blood, The White Queen, Agent Carter just to name a few.
  3. I feel that way too. There's just something about Donnie that draws you in (aside from the rock hard abs) and he also comes across as a truly genuine nice guy who loves his family, friends and fans. Aside from his unfortunate taste in women, Donnie is pretty much perfection and endlessly crushable.
  4. Spice Girls Robbie Williams Metallica Alicia Keys Macy Gray Stevie Wonder Duffy Jamiroquia Elvis Costello (my dad is a superfan, I took him for his birthday) Santana Shaggy Mary J. Blige Erykah Badu Nightwish Kanye West Sting Massive Attack I still want to see NKOTB in concert during my lifetime, they need to tour Europe again.
  5. I started catching up on L&O: SVU and discovered I really, really hate both Rollins and Amarro. Rollins is a obnoxious, selfish ass and Amarro just grates so hard in his Gary Stu-ness. The epic amount of suckage they are, I like Benson again as she's less grating in comparison. I miss Munch and Cragen, can they come back please?
  6. I should probably like sushi. My mom is Finnish so I've been brought up eating lots of dodgy fish (red wine herring is probably the worst thing ever) but I just can't get over the texture.
  7. I find it depressing that we need to follow the show on twitter to know all these. How about showing us, instead of tweeting it? Or is half the show happening on twitter these days and they just choose to film and show the JJ bits?
  8. Sushi for me. I detest it. The taste and the texture are just plain wrong. I don't understand the obsession people have with it, like it's the best thing ever.
  9. JJ dismissed Will like he was nothing in that episode, her bf of over a year. Will was there to id the body of his partner, he wasn't there to stalk her or throw himself into the case. This was his friend who died and she couldn't show him any affection or understanding for it and it was selfish and snotty imo. Not to mention acting like she was actively ashamed of him and their relationship. I don't think the Hotch/Haley relationship was all about him. Hotch tried everything to make that relationship work and was obviously very much in love with her. Haley had her own pov and we were show
  10. I think you sort of missed my point. When the series started, I liked JJ. The early version of her character was well written and for such a dark show, her sweetness and light balanced out some of the gross characters we had. She was written to be human, but also someone who treated others with respect and kindness. The first time we really saw her as, lack of a better word, a selfish bitch, was 3x17. Will was someone who was supposed to be important to her, someone she had been dating for over a year but she treated him horribly. She was snotty, mean and condecending to someone who seemed tot
  11. I was blown away, easily the best episode of the season. While I loathe Garcia, KV seems like a really talented writer who understands these characters. Can she be a full time writer for the show? I loved all the team interractions, especially Rossi/Hotch and Morgan/Reid/Rossi. Even Kate had something meaty to do and much love to SuperJJ not being involved with the take down. I've never been a Gideon fan and I'm more than okay with them killing him. MP seems to think he's above CM these days so I have no use for the character.
  12. Lols. I can't unsee that now, thank you very much. A lot of people apparently ship Jamie with Janko and that thought makes me wanna spork myself. Blue Bloods is just not a shippy show and I kinda love it for it.
  13. Sometimes it would be easier if I didn't ship anyone. You could just enjoy the show and not get frustrated/upset/homicidal that your OTP isn't getting together and/or broke up. Shows were I don't have a couple to ship (Golden Girls/Blue Bloods) are easier to just enjoy when you don't really care about who hooks up with who. Also easier to watch in reruns when you are not constantly reminded of your failed ship.
  14. I don't think Jake Gyllenhaal is attractive and I consider him to be a subpar actor. On that note, I thought he and Anne Hathaway were the definition of anti-chemistry in Love & Other Drugs which is a terrible movie. I had to sit throught that because my BFF has horrible taste in films (and men).
  15. I just got a chance to watch this and I have very mixed reactions. I enjoyed the focus on Rossi since he's my fav character (after Reid) and Joe Mantegna is probably the best actor the show has. I didn't really love the case at all, while not the worst written one, it just fell flat for me. I really have no interest in Rossi's daughter, that's a storyline better suited to The Young and The Restless and I still maintain that the daughter is played by a very bad actress. Also can someone please put a muzzle on Garcia? Pretty please? My mute button gets a hell of a workout whenever she's on (
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