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  1. There's a router joke in there somewhere. 😃
  2. Just paid,attention to the wording in the promo commercial. Gut says "RUN my newest restaurant." Not OWN one. So, I am going with option B.
  3. I suppose they're of the "any publicity is good publicity" mindset.
  4. The NBC Sports app went kaput last year. I think they're relying on Peacock now for that kind of coverage.
  5. Yeah, I listened to Smuggar's questioning. Hilarious stuff.
  6. Yes, the last thing I recall was the judges talking about the puff pastry not having enough time to bake.
  7. 😂😂😂😂 Meech is positively BEAMING for the camera.
  8. Word is already out on the street that the fuel gauge wasn't operational.
  9. Oh, you definitely get paid to be an expert witness. I have no idea how much plastic surgeons run, though.
  10. Well, Nathan and Esther made it, so that's one less meal that Evan would be responsible for.
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