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  1. Carlin ended up buying her car from Jed. Smuggar's lot had been closed for quite some time when she bought her SUV last summer.
  2. It was a clip show I turned off after like two minutes. Not surprised the ratings are down.
  3. Can they interview the children? Anna might protest, but can CPS interview them anyway?
  4. Claire has posted a tribute to her "new MIL" in her stories. Mechelle replied. eta Jeremiah just posted. So did Jed.
  5. I don't remember the last time I saw Jill and Joy together. Jill was a no-show at Joy's wreath making day. I was sure they filmed that, but the one-off episode pretty much wrote off 2020 and resumed life in early 2021. Joy seems very black and white to me, and she spends lots of time at the Big House. As opposed to Jessa who can love her parents, yet still have room in her heart for Jill.
  6. Joy would have to thank Jill, but I think they're on the outs of late.
  7. Yoanna is an OAP for something. I saw her about a week ago. She's blonde now, still looks great.
  8. The wild card is Jill. Before things fell apart, she said she would raise her sons the way her brothers were raised. Will she still lock any possible future sisters in their room to "keep them safe" from their sinful brothers? Hopefully, she's realized by now that this was a Smuggar thing, not an "all boys" thing.
  9. She was raised in the cult to question nothing.
  10. Yeah, shady ex-con guy had enough access to the desktop to install a Linux partition, Tor, and CSAI. Of course. 😂
  11. One wonders what Smugs told Anna about the raid. He might have convinced her that it had to do with finances. I doubt she had anything to do with finances other than sign paperwork to set up all of those LLCs in her name. Sure, she had a debit card, but I bet she had to bring home receipts. I think it would have been easy to divert her away from porn, especially since Covenant Eyes seemed to be doing such a great job.
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