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  1. Zach's pronunciation of social as sosh-al has bugged me for years. He used it again last night.
  2. I've never been able to understand the coat incident from its beginning. If Crystal left her coat in the living room, why not leave it there? Why did Sutton feel it necessary at that time of the night to bring it to Crystal's room? Crystal certainly didn't need the coat in her room. It wasn't as though it was left in a public area like a hotel lobby. Fact is, the next time Crystal would have needed the coat would have been when leaving the house where the coat would have been in the living room.
  3. If I were Angela and I was told by the doctor before surgery that he was going to remove 1 pound of breast tissue each and then of his own accord removes 2 pounds, I definitely would not be happy. I wonder if this could be grounds for a malpractice suit? She had to have signed a Consent Form to have the surgery. I wonder how detailed this consent was and whether it specifically mentioned how much tissue was to be removed. In any event, the result is so much better than before and healthier for her.
  4. I hope Colt finds happiness with Vanessa. Their relationship should be so much better than his and Larissa's. Compared to so many of the men we've seen on 90 Day Fiance, Colt's not such a bad guy.
  5. Tiffany has put herself in a terrible position for having married Ronald, not only because of his gambling addiction and untrustworthy behavior but his ensuing legal problems most likely preventing him from entering the U.S. She made a huge mistake getting involved with him and placing her son in the position of being verbally berated by "his dad." It's time to cut her losses and let Ronald go.
  6. So happy to read Kenny and Armando are now married and so many people attended their wedding. It's heartwarming to know their union is accepted by so many. Lovely family unit they formed with Armando's daughter.
  7. I watched about half of the premiere show and didn't care to see any more. There's something about the parents and the kids and their family dynamic I don't care for. With that many kids being legally blind, their riding bikes in the street scared the daylights out of me. It only takes a split second for an accident to occur by losing one's balance or perhaps just one child running into another and causing a chain reaction collision. With the parked and moving cars we saw, there's little allowance for mishaps. Better for them to ride in a more protected area such as a park bike path.
  8. I recall when seeing Reza's house last year that it was on a corner which means he has no "back yard." His swimming pool is situated at the corner of the property to the side of the house which means the sidewalk and the street are just beyond his fence. His planting of the quick growing bushes he did will offer a degree of privacy once they grow higher. I also recall from last year that his home is in "the Valley," which has lower real estate prices than Los Angeles proper itself. His and Destiny's homes are typical 3-bedroom tract homes most likely built well over 50 years ago.
  9. Am I the only one watching this show? I'm thoroughly enjoying it, both the sharp writing and the caliber of the puppets they've created. They're really spot-on. Last night's show skewered Ellen Degeneres throughout the show in various segments in a very timely manner with what's been in the news this week. The show needs more publicity and I hope it continues on. The use of the puppets interspersed among real people is also interesting.
  10. I'm not at all surprised the show is ending. Whether Ellen is ending it as she says or it's because of ratings and lack of A-list guests wanting to be on it we may never know. I've been a loyal viewer for quite a few years but in the last year or so, even before Covid, I found myself enjoying it less and less. Covid seems to have been the final straw, first with repeats, then Ellen broadcasting from her home, then in the studio minus an audience, and then with an audience in the studio on TV screens. The show lost its energy and spontaneity without a live audience for Ellen to play off of.
  11. Our State Department has issued a Level 4 travel advisory (the highest) "not to travel to India or to leave as soon as it is safe to do so" per Bloomberg News today. How this may affect Jenny is unknown. Having tested positive for Covid, will she be admitted back to the States? Will her monthly visa not be renewed? She must be frantic at the moment.
  12. I read somewhere online in the last week (can't recall which website) that Jarrod is part owner of the Rush Bar & Grill in Lake Forest, CA, which is south of the Disneyland area, north of San Juan Capistrano. Jarrod himself made mention of now "owning a bar" on this week's show, mentioning that there were games or machines of various types in the back of the bar and he had found something in the storage locker for the bar. As far as a girlfriend, this website also mentioned he does have a girlfriend, an employee of the bar. When they met is unknown--before or after his breakup with
  13. I was curious about the accommodations Brandon and Julia had in Las Vegas. Their nightly fee is $60. It looked like a nice place for that rate and great publicity for them. So much less than staying on the Strip.
  14. There are so many times I feel so sad for Blayke for being treated as the forgotten child in that family. In one segment of last night's show, the five little kids and Danielle were all wearing matching striped tops whereas Blayke was wearing something entirely different. Surely, if there were sizes available for the quints and Danielle, there should have been a size in between that would fit Blayke. She's such a sweet girl, sad appearing most of the time. I often wonder how she's going to feel years from now looking back on her childhood.
  15. I'm new to this show (wish I had caught onto it before). I'm enjoying watching what has been a herculean chore to renovate this castle. What's puzzling to me is the aerial view shows the castle to be situated almost on an island with three sides being water? That must make the renovations difficult. As I watched last night's show creating Grandma's Cafe, I wondered why they chose to install a modern looking metal framed door and side windows instead of something that would blend in with the style and architecture of the building itself. The metal door and windows looked so out of pl
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