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  1. I think we are going to find out these are three separate attacks. The biker gang, the horse thieves, and the Willa/Roarke company. Only deaths will be the 2 women and possible Kayce's assistant.
  2. Is this guy who is currently involved with a producer from the show? I don't watch this but came here because I just read he was dating a producer named Julie LaPlaca and has been for a few months. Weird.
  3. This show is getting idiotic now, Another couple shows like this and I will do like I did with Chicago Med, stop watching it.
  4. It's possible Reggie made the decision without telling Shy. We shall see.
  5. I think after Shy took 2 months off, they had to redo the contract as the tour dates and tv specials would need to be updated and corrected.
  6. The woman who danced at the Apollo before Shy appeared and in his song was outstanding. I had to rewatch her, she was so good.
  7. My father was actually a member of the 107 from the 50s to 1980 and we are from Philly, so I was familiar and interested in the story. I still remember the night Angelo Bruno was murdered, we were leaving A Chorus Line in center city.
  8. I just watched both the performance show and the results show. The 4 I wanted made it to the final, so it doesn't matter to me who wins. I still don't get why they eliminate 4 at once, and what do they get for winning? I hope its better than a mirror ball trophy.
  9. How do you go from 11 competitors to the semi-finals?
  10. I spent 10 minutes fast forwarding through these eliminations. Was really hoping bottom two would be Kat and Shane. I'd like to see Rose win.
  11. Yes, when Atlantic City was opening to gambling, the wars started up. By rights, Philadelphia should have control of Atlantic City. I don't think the other bosses wanted Angelo Bruno to have it all.
  12. Just finished watching this movie. Robert De Niro with his usual 2 facial expressions and Al Pacino with his numerous facelifts are, IMO, hopelessly miscast as Irish guys. Why can't Scorsese ever use people other than Italians and Harvey Keitel for roles. I was interested for the Angelo Bruno and Teamsters 107 and South Philly connections. Movie was average. Not worthy of awards, but the academy voters will give their usual nods to these guys.
  13. Totally agree. That was such a fun freestyle. I loved it. Also, Peta looked so different then, better.
  14. Will and Kat should have sung for the save. Rose, Katie, and Ricky are the best IMO.
  15. I watched the first 2 episodes on Amazon, and now I have to pay Epix to continue. Loved the show so far, but will wait until the season ends so I can binge.
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