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  1. lonestar

    S7: E22 - I'm Not Leaving You

    They can't kill Ritter off, where would Tuesday go?
  2. lonestar

    S06.E22: Reckoning

    I guess I'm one of the few happy Seda is leaving the show. I couldn't stand his character, same with his tv sister and Fire is so much better without Gaby Dawson.
  3. lonestar


    Wendall Pierce was the best character on the show. I hope they don't make the cop running for Mayor with the horrible fake teeth a permanent character. If they do, it will end up Chicago Med and SVU as I don't watch either shows anymore.
  4. lonestar

    S04.E11: Who Can You Trust

    I watched this episode yesterday, I am officially done with Chicago Med. The characters have reached new levels of absurdity and after continuing to watch on Hulu, mostly so I didn't miss if it was one of those cross episodes with PD or Fire, I can't stomach them anymore. So what, Natalie can't be with someone with a gun? She never had a problem before around Halsted's brother. Halsted MD, is puke inducing and I just can't anymore.
  5. lonestar

    S05.E16: Profiles

    Chicago PD is my favorite of these shows. I just wish they change out the opening on Hulu that shows Sophie Bush. I don't miss her at all. Chicago Fire is ok when they show as little of Gabby as possible.
  6. lonestar

    Peaky Blinders

    I thought it was awful and made those scenes almost unwatchable. At least we won't ever have to hear it again.
  7. lonestar

    Peaky Blinders

    Adrian Brody is making this almost unwatchable. He seems to be doing a bad impression of Marlon Brando's Don Corleone. Halfway through the next episode and he needs to be dead and soon.
  8. lonestar

    S25.E08: Week 7: Halloween Night

    I wish Maks and Peta would sit out next season and they have Karina back.
  9. lonestar

    King Charles III

    This show was so offensive, I can't believe they actually showed it on PBS.
  10. lonestar

    S05.E22: Reasons to Quit

    No, you're not the only one. I can't stand her singing voice either. I fast forward every time she starts with that croaking noise.
  11. lonestar

    S01.E10: The Toll

    Never confuse a hillbilly with a redneck!
  12. lonestar

    S13.E08: Week 8: Hometown Dates

    I get Rachel sending Dean home. He obviously has a lot of growing up to do before he is ready for marriage. As for the rest, it seems Rachel is more interested in getting a proposal than a true committed relationship. Peter's mother was honest and correct, in that he is ready for a commitment but not an engagement. I hope Rachel know's the difference. As for Bryan's mother, creepy. She sat there with her husband and proudly stated Bryan was the most important thing in her life. Must have made the husband feel good! Eric is a nice guy, The Aun't house seemed staged the way the decorations were placed and Dean's father's house also seemed like it was staged for maximum shock value.
  13. lonestar

    S13.E06: Week 6: Denmark

    I liked Anthony. Too bad Rachel didn't. Eric being the last black man standing is surprising since she says she's looking for a husband. He seems like the least likely marriage material at this point in time. He seems so young. I can't decide if Josiah was really into Rachel as he claimed, or just wanted "to win."
  14. lonestar

    S13.E06: Week 6: Denmark

    I'm not a black woman, so this is just my guess based on conversations with a few black women. It is offensive/insulting for black men to date only white women. especially successful black men. Why did Will do the show if he preferred white woman. He should have waited, unless they don't know when they agree to to the show. Also, when they go to other countries and places, are they required to sit in a hotel room the entire time when not on a date? It seems like a total waste. Why fly the group to Europe if they can't really tour the area?
  15. lonestar

    BiP 4: Speculation & Spoilers

    I'm reading Corrine has already hired an attorney for her lawsuit. I don't understand how, if they were both so drunk, why she or anyone would be blaming him? Both of them did it after willingly consuming too much alcohol.