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  1. The worst part of the high school track videos was the running hurdles BACKWARDS! They have so little actual life experiences, school experiences and basic knowledge they are jumping hurdles with them set so if they are hit, instead of falling over, the kids will break their legs 🤦‍♀️.
  2. This one is blurry but you can see this clearly small child seated the the window and the seat belt attached to the wall of the van behind her is not engaged at all! OMG!
  3. Cannot believe Jill posts video evidence that they drive their kids around without ensuring every one of them is using a seat belt! Ohio law mandates seat belts or car seats for everyone under 16….but apparently they are above the law.
  4. Finally watched this last night and honestly, if Christine stays with this horrible excuse of a husband and father after this, then she’s complicit in the emotional abuse of those children. She’s right, they have been last in their fathers eyes all their lives. His complete disregard for Ysabels pain and needs over the impact on his wants, the impact on his ability to be with Robyn and her kids, and telling her she’ll just need to go have major surgery by herself is inexcusable. How sad that Ysabel has to live with knowing the entire viewing audience got to see exactly how little she matter
  5. Danielle and Roberta are totally the same size when you watch them together....calling Danielle the “large wife” is totally gaslighting her and setting the stage for Garrick to eventually toss her aside. They are not planning the ceremony as a polygamous family....he’s planning to marry his new wife. His insistence that he’s answering Gods call to take another wife is also completely destroyed by his premarital relations, which is totally against his faith (such as it is). Danielle sad to say is actually going to be much better off when she’s eventually tossed aside, gets some therapy and a
  6. “I don’t want to do anything, I just want to complain about it”. Kody just perfectly summed up his entire life as a husband, father and person in general.
  7. Me too...and I really disliked that whole family, but any of them would be better than Evan and Jackie. She sucks the fun out of every scenario she’s in and has from the start. She’s a lazy mom and wants to think she so smart, but she comes off as lame. Teresa, Deloris and Jen’s kids and family members are all far, far more interesting and entertaining than Jackie’s too.
  8. I dislike Jackie so much I don’t care what Teresa says to or about her...she will never be worse than Jackie, who started the entire mess with her comments in her first season. I think it’s so laughable that the guys couldn’t admit Margaret’s husband did say he heard the same rumor about Evan and it wasn’t from Teresa. I’m so glad Jens husband told her. In fact, I think Jen and Bill are my new favs on this show. Melissas defense of Jackie in spite of the Gia “analogy” (which wasn’t) is sickening.
  9. Jackie had no reason to bring Gia up in her supposed analogy (I’m also one who heard everything Jackie said and there was no analogy at all....except in her defending herself now), she started the spark that set Teresa off on this path way back when she brought up rumors about Teresa - so there’s a great analogy right there for Jackie. I also wouldn’t put it past Teresa to hold onto this until Jackie’s oldest are 18 and off in college and cut loose on a rumor that she heard they do drugs. She is completely capable of waiting that long and then taking revenge against Jackie by putting somethi
  10. Actually he wasn’t wrong. She didn’t apologize for saying it....she apologized “if you were hurt that I said it” which is NOT an apology at all. She also embellished it with additional “I’m sorry” comments when she “read” it, which Andy at least called her out on. It only had one ‘I’m sorry’ and it wasn’t actually being sorry for saying it!
  11. These women spend hours gossiping and attacking Katherine behind her back, do not want to associate with her, do not want to accept any apology from her for her online altercation...but they call her over and want her to sit with them so they can more overtly attack her and make sure she knows they are cutting her as a group? The toxicity of their behavior so far outweighs anything else I don’t know how anyone could respect them. Katherine is understandably confused because they are all coming from a common place of hating her with a lot of communication about their opinions of her, and she’
  12. I dislike them so much, deleted the episode from DVR without watching it after checking first to see who won. Worst season ever.
  13. The parents gave permission for the ticket before it was purchased, they and the grandparents knew she was coming...don’t be gullible. Olivia, Micah, and Moriah all have active social media accounts where they’ve shared all the details of what’s actually happened. The truth is even worse than what’s shown in the show.
  14. Of course the parents and grandparents already knew....but that doesn’t spark drama on a scripted show. Olivia was very open on her social media about what actually went on during and after season 1. The parents are truly terrible people, they cannot handle their grown kids becoming adults and making normal adult choices, like what church to attend, what they want to eat and even what type of toothpaste to use - yes, Kim actually criticized Olivia for her toothpaste choice. They refused to attend the wedding if any alcohol was serves...which is legal and even in Christian weddings, quite nor
  15. My 4 year old has asked to do this more than once!
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