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  1. She didn’t block comments on this post showing flagrant disregard for the Social Distancing orders in Ohio....and they are scathing!
  2. Clearly packing and cleaning is “women’s work” as there is not a male in sight!
  3. It’s all over social media that the parents knew all about the concert ticket and plane ticket, and Olivia actually got permission from Barry on camera....but TLC didn’t show it. It’s a scripted show, Olivia isn’t evil or usurping the parents. She’s a calm voice of support and comfort to Moriah, who is trying to figure out who she is in the midst of her parents crazy beliefs, which she knows she doesn’t agree with.
  4. Ethan and Olivia Plath have a nicely done video of their wedding on YouTube. Kim doesn’t look happy in it.
  5. if this is the truth (information she received during a 2 hour phone interview with Olivia Plath), it explains so much about why Kim doesn’t like Olivia, how she and Ethan met and how her own upbringing has shaped her views on why she feels strongly about supporting the older Plath kids who want to break free. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3eBq6lt3FUJw5g8tMFw5Yw This video helps me see a different side to Ethan and have a less critical view of them as a match.
  6. Watched a YouTube from “without a crystal ball” and she claims to have had a 2 hour phone interview with the daughter-in-law Olivia. Super interesting if true. Olivia, who has such a poor relationship with Ethan’s mother, says it’s gone on since long before they married. Apparently their families met at a super fundy camp put on by the Pearl family when she was a teen and as they were all fundy, Kim approved of her (although she wasn’t too enamored with Ethan when he first had a crush on her). But she and her mother left camp pretty horrified with the extreme views of the Pearls and eventually after some soul searching her entire family left the fundy life for a mainstream Christian church and life. She and Ethan continued to stay in contact and eventually their relationship developed. Only now Kim wasn’t in favor of her as she sees her as instrumental in helping to remove her family from those beliefs, and as such, believes she’s possessed by demons or the devil. This is the ‘bad influence’ they fear she will spread to their younger children and why they cannot trust her around them without the parents present – Kim thinks she possessed. The parents think it’s too late to save Ethan, Micah and Moriah from her influence. There’s also a very nice video of Ethan and Olivia’s wedding on youtube, which helped me see him in a bit of a different light than the extreme immaturity he seems to show on the Plathville show. I now think much of that is just nerves and lack of experience and confidence.
  7. Is anyone watching or is there a spot for discussing the latest TLC family “Welcome to Plathville”? I’m finding it far more interesting to watch them try to deal with the loss of control over their older kids who (except for apparently the two oldest daughters) seem far less interested in continuing to follow the parents restrictive upbringing where they have no access to outside friends, education, interests (even church) or things like sugar! There are so many oddities in their parents thought processes I can’t wrap my head around it. The younger girls seem to be required to wear modest dresses but mom doesn’t. When oldest son marries (what seems to be a perfectly nice, Christian girl) who introduces him to a regular church, TV and sugar, the two of them are forbidden from being around his siblings under 16 unless the parents are present. Nurie R. was a bridesmaid at their oldest daughters wedding, so there must be some connection between these families for them to have formed that friendship, but with both parents working (dad has a regular job outside the home), they aren’t grifters like the Rs.
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