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  1. I wonder if this is a set up for amnesiac zen-Sonny returning and eschewing the mob, creating conflict with Carly who is now gung-ho about being a power player.
  2. Lolli has now eclipsed all other housewives’ dogs for me. What a beauty.
  3. I thought she threw out a “Jesus”, then I second guessed myself.
  4. Steph’s short hair looks good. She, Tiff, and Kam look great. Have Tiffany’s cheeks always been that big? Does D’Andra have fresh cheek implants? Kary and Brandi were done no favors by their video appearances.
  5. I’m in love with Carly’s baby blue sweater. It probably cost $200. I lost at least twenty minutes due to Atlanta weather. Was it clear that Cam shot Jason? Is Cam lying to Elizabeth about “doing nothing wrong”?
  6. I played it once. Everybody was overly self-conscious, of course other than the girl who wore a prom dress. Lol. I think I would enjoy it if it were a group of people I was more comfortable with. Prom Dress even dug up a tiara and I think a magic wand - she was playing a princess. Not sure why she thought royalty had magic wands. She was also the killer. I do not find Gary attractive in any way, but he looked pretty cute in that one moment. I think he had a hat on, so that helped. I’ve taken to pronouncing his name like Daisy - it rhymes with car.
  7. Why are they doing this to poor Elizabeth? Talk about kicking someone when they’re down. I’m sure BH is enjoying these meaty SLs.
  8. Didn’t Dolores go to lunch with her dad a season or two ago? There’s a song called Live Close By, Visit Often. The refrain: Live close by, visit often That’ll work, that’ll work for me Live close by, visit often Save us both a lot of misery
  9. Jen scoffed - who cares if married people live apart. Someone make a big deal about Jackie’s parents. I thought it was Jennifer, but it could have been mean girl Tre. I get that Dolores is sick of people bugging her about David, but if memory serves, D has made a big deal about getting a ring in the past. That Jen is trying to portray herself as a supporter of the relationship - on WWHL - is comical.
  10. Talk about truth in media and the need to issue retractions, why is Meghan never made to apologize or correct her lies? The View is under ABC news, why do they consistently let Meghan say she’s the only conservative in mainstream media? Could she really mean - only unqualified conservative in MSM?
  11. Ha! Well that makes sense. Maybe Sonja influenced me with her frequent vibrator handling. There happened to be some type of charger sitting with it, so I leapt to conclusions.
  12. This seems very common in conservative religious households. The wife has a huge litter of kids and starves herself back to thin. Hubbie gains all the baby weight, and packs on the pounds between each pregnancy.
  13. Oh no doubt, but I had a giggle over the absolute unconcern that the world see it laying there. Shades of Sonja Morgan.
  14. I’m sure I’m mistaken, but I thought I saw a big purple vibrator next to Ally’s bed.
  15. Sean cackling at the altar after learning Tiffany’s real name will not be forgotten.
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