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  1. The stripes just confuse me because they seem so random. Courtney received her second to punish Simone, while Simone, a rather incompetent second stew, already had two. So why is Kate superior with her three, over the bosun and chef?
  2. Yes that confused me, because I remember Ben climbing on his high horse and telling Hannah he was her superior. She didn’t contradict him.
  3. I prefer watermelon never enter my house. Regardless of how careful the handler, my kitchen floor always ends up sticky. Keep that shit outside!
  4. I immediately see the resemblance!
  5. Since Layton and Josie are using Miles for the inside, why in the world would Josie have outed to Melanie that she’s basically his mom? Perhaps we’re supposed to believe there’s a solid spy network informing from the tail? Otherwise, how will Miles now be effective?
  6. This show is based in a post-apocalyptic world, and class warfare. It has nothing to do with law and order in the real world, or kicking mom and pop out on the streets when they retire. It would be more along the lines of the French Revolution if one would even try to bring it into the real world.
  7. It was very odd. It almost seemed like she had nipple covers.
  8. Sunny makes the tragic mistake of not blending when contouring. Plus, women who have nose jobs often continue extreme contouring, and it makes the nose look overly pared down. She’s gorgeous. She doesn’t need to cake it on.
  9. I did not like when Adam snapped at Hazel for laughing during his sky is falling convo with Crystal. But I was doubly pissed when Crystal joined in and told Hazel she didn’t even know what she was laughing at. I thought I was judging them a little harshly, so I rewound that part. Assholes. If they need to have a solemn conversation, send the kids out of the room.
  10. The woman lost an entire dress in a tiny cubby. Can you imagine the shit that’s nesting under her covers? Oh, I definitely believe there are second and third choices cast for back up. I also believe they deliberately choose one or two shitty people for number one. It’s no accident that the person who comes in to replace the fired member is almost always far more qualified.
  11. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but someone commented to Jinger that they hope Jeremy has helped Jinger to heal, just as her BIL has helped her sister! I’m trying to figure out if that’s genuine or a sly dig at the family’s ostracizing of Jill.
  12. Isn’t that because he lives in Florida? I remember reading he moved to Florida so he could hide his assets.
  13. I think some of the most stunning adults were awkward children, Angelina Jolie for one. As Ivy ages, she’s going to grow into those big, gorgeous eyes, just as Sammy has grown into his nose.
  14. An aunt slapped me across the face when I was around six, and I’ve wanted to confront her ever since. Bitch!
  15. Oh I don’t know. Right after they married, Jill was cuddling on Derek’s lap looking rather satisfied. Not everyone is as performative as Jessa and Jeremy. Not that I want to speculate on any Duggar’s sex life.
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