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  1. How does that work anyway? If Mary is God, does that mean she’s sending her spoiled kid after us?
  2. A while back I decided that the “interns” are merely borders who pay Sonja a stipend. They can dodge the exorbitant rent of NYC, and work with an insane lady to offset that.
  3. Agreed. And I see plenty of educated people exclaiming “viola”, which makes me giggle.
  4. I’m confused. There’s gangs of spike-toothed ghouls roaming the streets and cemeteries all over town, but Harry and Alma are the ones putting Peaches and Cream at risk? I’m more adding to your post than responding to it, I guess.
  5. Desalination? I just don’t believe Delaney’s story. She deliberately kept and worsened a speech impediment for a couple of Cheerios. Cheerios! I think she says it to look better because she’s embarrassed - kind of like I meant to do that! And as a previous poster pointed out, it can be very difficult to change a speech impediment in adulthood.
  6. Ramona is five minutes away from bloviating about the plight of the white man - the one, true oppressed group in the United States.
  7. Ugh, I’m not a Michele fan either. I don’t think the editors were fans, because I was still thinking “who?” at the finale. Even Probst said Aubry would have won if the jury saw all of her moves.
  8. In my experience, so only anecdotal, the quicker someone can shake off being extremely drunk, the heavier of a drinker they are. I really don’t care about fancy pants vodka. I drink it with flavored lemonade, and notice no difference in next day hangover, etc. I drink Svedka, which is Swedish, because it’s only $18.99, and I think the bottle is cute. 🤷‍♀️ My cousin is 75% Polish, and is loyal to Luksusowa, which is a Polish potato vodka. She claims she gets headaches from a “cheap” vodka.
  9. I really like Katie, but I wonder how my favorite, Daisy, would have handled Lexi.
  10. Interesting that Malia is flat out saying Sandy gives her preferential treatment. Katie couldn’t fire Lexi, but Malia confidently states Malia could.
  11. Well, I was asked in an interview if I was comfortable praying with patients. It’s another world south of the Bible Belt.
  12. Do I feel bad for Carlson? Nope. He makes millions being a revolting scum bag.
  13. I moved to the Atlanta suburbs after a lifetime in the Chicago suburbs. I was asked if I was angry at God while on the job. Just bizarre.
  14. Ronan goes by his middle name, which poor Spurgie may choose to do if he ever goes out into the real world.
  15. My cousin FaceTimed me from a beach in South Carolina, absolutely cackling at a couple running around taking pics for what I’m guessing was social media. The girl would put on a new wig, and run in the waves pretending to have fun while the guy was snapping pics. Then they’d switch. Then new costume/hair change. This is how I imagine Babe and Babe.
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