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  1. Ramsay’s hatred of vegetarians continues. He gave the same score to a veggie dish he labelled “delicious” as he did a dish with literal shit.
  2. Did anyone else get the impression that Joy does not enjoy Michael Strahan? I don’t really blame her. Michael is the new Ryan Seacrest - over exposed and everywhere one looks. It’s like ABC things he’s the MVP of the network.
  3. And Meghan didn’t even stay in the UK long enough to gain citizenship.
  4. I find that overtly religious people in the public eye often do things they would criticize in others. I remember watching a photo shoot with Kathy Ireland. She’s piously reading a Bible in a tiny bikini as the assistant is pouring ice water over her nipples.
  5. Unless there are different types of doulas, they typically stick to emotional and physical support of the laboring mother. They don’t participate in delivering the baby. BL should have said a midwife.
  6. For some reason, I get the feeling that BL and Valentine will end up being godparents. Two rich people connected to power aren’t a bad choice.
  7. Exactly. Erica Kane’s abortion came back into her life decades later.
  8. Elizabeth irritated me with her martyred car removal. I’m not sure if that was her intention, but the golden girl tends to get on my nerves.
  9. When she sought comfort from the dog . . . There’s a reason kids and dogs are drawn to Anna. She’s a good egg. Anna could afford to move out of her parents would give her a share of the show profits. I would hazard a guess that Anna is a, if not the, favorite of those who follow the show.
  10. Well that matches Jinger’s Molly Ringwald impression at the restaurant. I retired that gold necklace by 1990.
  11. I don’t know . . . Joe Gorga charged “Juicy” before. I don’t think he shakes in his boots for fear of his ex-BIL.
  12. I’m a nurse who once saw the pay stud of a fellow nurse’s husband laying around. I thought, how do I sign up for this? I deal with shit everyday already. Lol. ETA: Saw typo of “stud” but decided to leave it in for a giggle.
  13. Meghan’s concerned about looking insensitive? 🤣
  14. As everyone else has said, there is no way in hell Meghan would ever discuss her family negatively. Didn’t she once say that she would help her father dispose of the body? She’s “Ride or die”, which is apparently only allowed for her tribe.
  15. I misread as “Bush for Bernie”! 😆 I understand that Dani’s first impulse was to go home - all of this is caught on camera! But all I could think, as an American, is girl, make sure your medical bills are covered before you leave.
  16. I thought it was some fancy pants new fangled pharmaceutical.
  17. I don’t know if a meth lab is an improvement over the mob.
  18. I forgot about the bone marrow donation, which is very thoughtful. If fact, I’ve been on the registration for over a decade. It’s hard for me to put into words why I no longer like Steph, but I will give it a try. I used to really love the friendship between Brandi and Steph, but I’ve slowly soured on them. I really felt for Stephanie when she talked about her struggles with mental illness. That was real to me. But her sense of humor increasingly turns me off. Her husband is repulsive to me, and that makes me question her all the more. Her whole-hearted embracing of the image of
  19. That’s the problem with a show that has justified its main characters killing the “bad guys” for decades. Why are Peter and Cyrus still stinking up Port Charles?
  20. I don’t hate Joss, nor do I feel she thinks the world revolves around her. I enjoy her close friendship with Cam and Trina, and she was just as determined to find medical records on Taggert, to help Trina, and view Franco’s body, to help Cam, as they’ve been to help her. And if Joss were the most selfish creature on the face of the earth, which many viewers seem to feel, she has a father equally responsible. Carly is always given all the blame, and Jax given all of the credit.
  21. And even if you go strictly by what’s on the show, Steph is Brandi’s greatest supporter throughout her victim act with Tiffany. There’s a reason the two are BFFs.
  22. Agreed. I find Steph and her husband problematic as well. I would like to see them gone
  23. Yep, Meghan is an idiot. As is the moron in this gif.
  24. I came here to see if anyone is paying attention to Kam’s, Court’s, and even Court’s brother attacking of Tiffany on Twitter. I’m not on Twitter so I’m mostly going on clips posted on Reddit. Kam has done lost her mind and accused Tiff of “white face”, Court is calling “anti-racism, racism”, and equating Tiff with Nazis, and his brother chimes in, too. It’s disgusting and vicious, and they are all @‘ing Tiffany’s hospital of employment, in the attempt to get her fired. Court has apparently deleted his Twitter, but there are screen shots on Reddit. I will not be back if
  25. But why should this girl have to accommodate this man at all? Why is a man’s desire to talk to her greater than her right to not be bothered? A lot of us have been dodging and weaving to avoid JW’s and Mormons for years. I get they believe that it is their duty to proselytize. Well I have no such duty to humor these people as they drone on. Religion and faith can be a very private matter, and even dangerous at times, and no one has the right to question or challenge me on my beliefs. And the female “snowflake”s and “buttercup generation”, as you refer to them, have shockingly hig
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