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  1. Please, tell me their is a video available of Whoopi shutting Megan down.
  2. I love Drew Barrymore. It's awkward for me to watch her hosting a show. I know she's giving it her all. It's just unfortunate that she doesn't have an audience in studio to play off. But, I hope that network gives her a shot.
  3. It's been years since I've watched The Talk. The last time I watched was when Aisha was still part of the cast. When and how did Sharon become the 'center square'? I caught an episode a couple of days ago and Sharon came out first and had the center seat at the table.
  4. I just knew Hippolyta stole the orrery. I wonder why she did though. And, now, Christina wants it. I wonder what will come from that. Those of you who are saying that Willam and Christina are one in the same I wonder what that means for Ruby.
  5. 'It was my question dumb bitch." Alexis really did a great job.
  6. I really enjoyed the call back. I hope too many people won't take it the wrong way.
  7. I didn't view Alyssa's performance, as throwing the lip sync. I saw it as, her not having anything to lose and just having fun with it. Plus, that song...can you get down to the Neutron Dance and have it become a memorable and epic lip sync? It appears not. Sort of reminds me of Jaida and Heidi's lip sync to 1999. I don't know what I was expecting, but in the end it was just...fine.
  8. Vanjie in her gruff voice, during Untucked directed at Yvie: I was trying to be CORDIAL wit cho! I love that they play that during the beginning of Untucked.
  9. Thank you everyone for your responses. They were helpful and gave me insight into the show. I started watching season 7 and am on the looking back on previous flips episodes and the styling is different as pointed out, dark cabinets being a significant difference! I was shocked to see it. Even though it was mentioned in the responses that their designs use to be different. After seeing a season of white the color in the kitchen was a surprise. The funny thing to me is Christina mentioned in the look back episodes how they were following trends when they first started. But, they still ar
  10. Working remotely from home, I binge watched the most recent season. What I find interesting is the initial layout of the home, and how they end up changing the floor plan. But, have they ever used anything in the kitchen aside from white cabinets? Also, they way it's presented on t.v., Tarek seems to be more on hands, while Christina on the other hand, doesn't appear to do as much. Did she do more in the earlier seasons, or has she always just been around with her white, grey, and blue samples to show off?
  11. For me, I think Hopper being the American prisoner, lessens the impact of his story arc and death this season. I don't think, Murray would have a better arc. But, I hope the American prisoner isn't Hooper.
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