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  1. Yes, he did pass a few months ago. Everyone may remember him as the actor who guest starred on 'Designing Women' (1986-1993) as Mary Jo's ex-husband. That's how he and Smart met, and married in 1990.
  2. How I wish Joy would challenge Sunny (and Whoopi, and Ana) whenever they quote Angelou. Joy is smart enough not to go by this philosophy, but she will catch hell for opposing Maya Angelou by all three ladies, Oprah and the media (no doubt). I have my friend 'Tina' whom I've been friends with for close to 40 years, as we met in College. She is the sweetest, kindest, most charming, most polite woman you would ever meet. More often than not, when I introduce her to my other friends whom she never met before, they always tell me later on, "I can see why you two have been friends for s
  3. You really hit the nail on the head. The three hosts that are left are continuoudly struggling to keep this show afloat for the full hour. None of them are good at moderating, as their is no chemistry among them. Even 'considering' Jerry O'Connell as a host is a horrible idea smacking of desperation. The recent May '21 ratings sweep proved this show is on life-support at this point, so who knows what CBS will do with this.
  4. The ratings have been released for May '21 sweeps. Of note: ALL the daytime talk shows were down in total viewers, compared to May '20 sweeps. Of course, this is because were in a pandemic a year ago, when everyone was afraid to leave their homes and were watching TV (especially those working from home). This May, the worst of the pandemic was over as everyone returned to work and left their homes. In the ratings for the current May sweeps, soap operas and game shows were actually up in viewers for May '21 compared to May '22. This is explained because since mid-April '20, soaps and game
  5. Looking forward to Monday's VYD of course, and Jean Smart on Friday. The rest of the week ? Ehhhhh.
  6. Personally, I think a lot has to do with the fact that the very famous, well-respected Maya Angelou once said "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." A quote which Oprah has repeated in public frequently, and Sunny has repeated continuously throughout her time on the show - most recently, the other day. I, myself, think it's rather unfair, limiting and even dangerous to live by Angelou's philosophy, as it allows no chance for self-improvement in the future or 'learning by mistakes' as time goes on. Once two strangers meet for the first time, that's that
  7. Since they're discussing when white people dismiss the conversations of black women and how they feel (Meghan started this in the first segment, and Sunny picked up on it in the second segment) maybe now is the time to talk about Sharon Osbourne dismissing Sheryl Underwood's feelings in March on 'The Talk' which led to Osbourne's firing from the show ? She very publicly told Underwood 'don't pretend to cry' and used other dismissive remarks about her and her feelings on public television. Now is a good time to remind everyone of this (especially with the similar situation with Harrison on 'Th
  8. Harrison's $25 M payout What they're completely ignoring about 'The Bachelor' is that Harrison demanded a $25M payout from ABC to leave the show after 20 years, and threatened to spill the beans on what has been going on at the show from the first season. He did get a hefty payout from the show (he was earning $5M per season), but not quite the $25 M he was holding out for. It's been a mess for the past few months, and 'The View' is not talking about this (of course, ABC doesn't want them to on the show). And Sarah's reasoning why the show should have a female host instead of a male
  9. Thanks for the clarification. The whole year has been so scrambled together with the pandemic, I thought this happened a few months ago - not a whole year ago. Time has slipped by me the past 12 months.
  10. I wish they would rehearse Whoopi on what she will be saying to introduce each topic in each segment. They usually talk about one topic between the endless commercial breaks, so can't they rehearse what she says ? As an actress can't she memorize her one or two lines ? I know she has dyslexia, but I find it very uncomfortable to watch her struggle while she's reading the prompter in front of her, with that befuddled look on her face, and not knowing whether to end the one sentence as a question or a declarative statement. She looks uncomfortable and confused, and makes the viewer feel the
  11. It would be great if one of these UFOs landed in Arizona, right smack dab in the center of McCain Village. As soon as they step off the spaceship, they best pay respect to MyFather, or else they will suffer the wrath of Meganutz like no one ever has before.
  12. To lecture students how unfortunate they are to go to college, and not as lucky as she is to be born into Republican royalty with a hefty dash of white privilege thrown in, and her future as a political analyst and political influencer was set in motion for her the day she was born. So who needs college except for the under-privileged, whom she doesn't include in her social circle, anyway ? And that is why she gets booed off the stage.
  13. No, her biography is titled "Her Father, who art in Heaven..."
  14. Didn't she say a few months ago that Gabe got accepted into Harvard for this coming September ? Did he skip a year between high school and college ?
  15. I sincerely doubt Carrie Ann is coming back. She has a good 'out' for an exit at this point. Why would she return to a sinking ship ? It will be interesting to see if this mess gets renewed for September.
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