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  1. "The View" was up in it's ratings on January 4, 5, and 6th. The storming of the Capitol happened on the afternoon of the 6th, after their morning show aired. So the only 'bump' they would have gotten was reflected on the Thursday (7) and the Friday (8). They can thank McCain for the ratings boost with her return (covered by the media all New Year's weekend) and the fight she had with Joy on Tuesday morning (covered by all the media). BTW, last year at the same time there was talk of Trump's impeachment and it moving forward to the Senate. That was news worthy in itself for early 2020 (before COVID took over the headlines a few weeks later).
  2. In answer to your question - it hasn't. Since her return on January 4, the show is up 26% in total viewers. That's incredible for a show in the middle of it's 24th Season. At this point, McCain can write her own contract when it comes up for renewal (don't think these ratings won't be reflected in everyone's salary negotiations). In the meantime, over at their rival 'The Talk' on CBS, they welcomed two new cohosts and no one noticed. Already in last place in the daytime ratings, they lost an additional 32% of their total audience the week of January 4. I tuned in to their show a few times in the past few weeks (including today) and it was really painful to watch them awkwardly try to talk about politics, which they have seemed to include in their 'hot topics' now.
  3. What MeAgain said in her opening rambling: "If there's anything I have learned personally in the past year in 2020 it's just how deep and intense the original sin of slavery in America is..." I'll translate her true thoughts which she had to tweak before camera time: "If there's anything I have learned personally in the past year in 2020 it's just how deep and intense Motherhood is for a republican 36 year old woman in America is..." Then she went on and on and on throwing in buzzwords like 'deep rooted racism' and 'deep conversations', and other nonsense about thanking Sunny for those conversations (sure). The camera then went to Whoopi who had the most disinterested expression on her face, but someone must have said something in her ear to wake her up from her daydream and she snapped to it - "We'll be back...." When they came back, they turned their attention to Sunny, who made sure she brought up Colin Kaepernick, and how he's been treated for the past few years for standing up for black men in America - a nice slap in the face to 'deep thoughts' MeAgain, who has had nothing but crap to say about him for the past few years and promoted 'cancel culture' for his actions. Poor Sara, the redheaded step child, was tasked to follow Sunny with her thoughts of MLK and racism, and it's just hard to listen to Betty Boop get tangled into such topics she knows so little of. When such topics come up, she should just say, "I'm just a little ol' farm gal from Iowa. I just want to go back to doing bubbly stuff on 'Strahan, Sara and Keke.' " The only thing missing from today's show was Greta Monahan, showing up with a special VYD on 'Martin Luther King Jr' memorabilia, which I'm sure MeAgain would have filled her shopping cart with this morning.
  4. At one point, Judge Judy had the nerve to say, 'This case is boring me.' YOU ? It's boring you ? What the hell do you think it was doing to your viewers ? I was distracted by the wallpaper peeling in the corner of the wall in my room - I found that more interesting and entertaining. YOU were bored ? At least you were getting paid to listen to this. You expected us to do it for free.
  5. She always tries to sound much more important than she actually is, probably to try and impress others. I think the only one she's impressing is herself.
  6. YAY! Another day with Greta Monahan to 'View Your Deal' !!! But let's be realistic Greta...people who have been locked up in their homes for the past 11 months home-schooling their kids will not be purchasing Aero Gardens to grow their own tomato plants, dill, parsley, etc. They're going to be growing their own marijuana - so if you suggested that, you will sell a whole lot more! And Sarah, did you really just get excited over a drinking straw? Really? BTW, Greta - I almost purchased your scale you pushed down our throats on Monday. They're not all cracked up to what you and Sarah were so giggly about - the reviews were horrible. Customers complained that it wouldn't hook up to their wifi (that's a must for the scales to work), they glass top cracked by the slightest touch, the measurements were not accurate, and it was impossible to set up - even while watching the You Tube videos. Most everyone complained about their customer service. And for the record, other vendors were selling the scale at close to the same price as the 'deal' and offering free shipping / returns - which you were not. So with your $49.99 price and shipping - it came to the same price. If there's a need to ship it back, it came out to more. I skipped it.
  7. Joy asked Comey how he would like to be addressed this morning, and he answered to call him 'James'. Joy obliged. MeAgain was up next and decided to call him 'Mr. Comey'. Sunny was up at bats next addressing him as 'Director Comey'. Sarah's turn came up, and didn't address him at all. Ana was last and she copied MeAgain, addressing him as 'Mr. Comey' After the break it was the same for Round Two. I guess only Joy can follow directions? BTW, did Sunny just come back from cheerleading practice?
  8. Cindy could've used it. She was so pancaked up in white makeup that she looked like a ghost.
  9. Though the show is live, I think today is one of those days where they could have really used a few rehearsals before they went on the air.
  10. Yep, that's my point. And JJ has said this a thousand times over - you have a 2,000 pound weapon behind your hands, so you are responsible.
  11. Thank you for this ! This all makes sense now. I figured they had warehoused their supplies somewhere and was hoping they were smart enough to buy in bulk. I also notice there is never any mention of appliances. They're never out choosing appliances, or talking about the amenities offered with each one. I guess those are not part of the budget.
  12. Why in the world would a hair stylist cut wigs? Did he think they grew? Does he know the difference between a wig and real hair ?
  13. Sorry - JJ was completely wrong on this one. Completely. If Watts was walking across the apron of the driveway (where it meets the road and the sidewalk crosses) and Mincher hit her, it would be Mincher's fault. Same with the bike. Mincher had a 2 ton piece of metal which is a 'dangerous weapon' to a bicyclist or pedestrian. Mincher's responsibility is to look BOTH ways to make sure no one is in the way - including the bicyclist, no matter which way she's going - before she pulls forward into the street. Mincher had the car, she had the responsibility. At one point asked Watts if Mincher looked like a crazy woman. 'She doesn't look crazy to me', Judy responded. Keep in mind, Mincher showed up to court with purple and white striped hair and ruby red lipstick, looking like an Easter Bunny Hooker. Yeah, she looked perfectly normal.
  14. This is the first season I'm watching Christina and Tarek together. I watched his 'Master Class' series which he did solo towards the end of 2020, and enjoyed it for the most part. He hosting with his ex-wife is horrible, at best. She offers nothing but her shiny veneers and such insight as 'Ohmygod!', 'Ohwow!', 'Yuck', and of course, 'Ilovethistile'. I have a feeling she is there solely to attract the straight male viewers, as Tarek is there mainly for the gay male viewers and the women. Other things I've noticed about the show which doesn't make too much sense: Since they remodel every single home with the exact same tiles for bathrooms and backsplashes, wouldn't it make most sense if they went directly to the manufacturer and buy in bulk, in which they could then store it and use as each project comes up? It would be more cost effective then what they are doing now (going through retailers with big showrooms, which they are paying for by the prices they charge to people like these two). Same with the marble countertops, the interior paint, and the exterior paint. Just buy it all in bulk and they'd save a fortune*. Every home they buy has 'surprises' in store - leaky roofs, leaky walls, cracked foundations, faulty wiring, illegal construction, etc. Do these homes not get inspected before they buy them? In my state (RI) both the buyer needs to have a complete home inspection done before purchasing a home. The price is then negotiated depending on who agrees to take care of the problems - the seller or buyer. A home inspection will always prevent the 'surprises' which arise, so the buyer knows how much money will be needed to fix the problems before they invest. Aside from the insepction, the seller also signs a 'disclosure statement' acknowledging the condition of the home, and any problems which did not show up in the inspection (for example, a rodent problem every winter). And in the case where there are surprises within the first year or so, the buyer can sue the seller for not revealing the problems in the disclosure. Oftentimes, the realtor for the seller is included in the lawsuit. These two make it look like they're going to the toy store and buying a doll house to fix up. It's very misleading. *Actually, HGTV the supplies for free as promo items, no doubt.
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