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  1. Neither are Florida natives, so the argument doesn't hold.
  2. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Meganutz came over from a highly rated FOX show similar to 'The View' (called 'The Five'). I have a feeling she brought over a huge demographic of viewers from her former show on FOX, and now they've been watching 'The View' because they enjoy her - and agree with her arguments. Gotta give credit were credit is due. My apologies - I always thought she said she was from Cuba. So imagine if Ivanka said "Ana moved here to Florida from Nicaragua, like ever other Nicaraguan, it seems.' Still wouldn't go over well. And then t
  3. Ana seemed to take a nice swipe at New Yorkers who move to Florida; 'Donald Trump lives in Florida. All his children moved here, like every other New Yorker, it seems...' I had to remind myself that Ana is not a native Floridian either. Some come from another state like NY, others come from another country - like Cuba. Can you imagine if Ivanka Trump said 'Ana Navarro moved here, like every other Cuban, it seems.' Wouldn't go over well, would it ?
  4. NOW the show is worthless ? NOW ? Sorry to break it to you NoName - it's been worthless since it debuted in October, 2010.
  5. One word: RATINGS. No one is clicking their remote to another network because of her BS. Quite the contrary - more viewers have tuned in.
  6. Just when they get the hang of working remote, and ironing out all their tech problems which have been repeated issues for the past 14 months, they will then return to the studio. LOL !
  7. I was waiting for JJ to look Cesar Cuevas Jr. (defendant) in the eye and ask: "Where did you think you were coming today ? To audition for the role of the 'Cowardly Lion' in 'The Wizard of OZ' ? Go outside and cut your hair. I'll wait."
  8. Can someone tell Meganutz she didn't have to wait to get double vaccinated before she went drinking in Vegas or visiting her family ? Travel has been open for the past 14 months - she could do whatever she wants, especially in republican cities and states who didn't give a damn about mask wearing, social distancing, etc. She could have partied on the beaches of Florida like she was 18 again for the past 14 months. It was her patriotic American choice not to - just like others have choices in the country.
  9. Meganutz whole self-identity is being an 'old school republican' like HerFather. Times have changed, and the party has changed; in other words, MyFather's party went out of business, and long-time members need to find another place to go. Meganutz doesn't like progression or any change, and she can't accept the fact that the party she's comfortable with is closed. It's like being a long-time K-Mart employee because her whole family (including HerFather) were K-Mart employees, and finding out K-Mart is closing down for good. There's just a few stores left, so those remaining (Meganutz and
  10. Exactly. It's like signing up for a credit card, and signing off at the end, acknowledging you agree to all the terms. Then you miss three monthly payments, and your account is frozen until you catch up, and your credit score is dinged. So you raise a public stink that you haven't been treated fairly ????? And expect sympathy from other CC holders who obey the terms ?
  11. As the final season comes to an end, I must say - I'm glad it's going. This season in particular has seemed like such a let-down, especially for the much lauded '25th Anniversary' season. Maybe because it's COVID, maybe because there just aren't interesting cases in small claims court the past year ? It's been such a dud of a season - especially when pairing recent cases with those from 2012-13, which were dumped back then in favor of more interesting cases to air that season.
  12. As I predicted, it didn't take Tiffany Haddish long to pucker up to Whoopi's ass. Lest we all forget, Whoopi was the last black woman to win a Grammy for best comedy album some 35 years ago, so Haddish had to pay her respect to Whoopie before they could discuss her own accomplishments. Just once, it would be nice if the focus of the celebrity interviews were focused on the guest and not Whoopi. I;m beginning to wonder if this is a clause in Goldberg's contract - every guest must pay homage to her in some way, or the cohosts have to remind everyone of her Oscar win every few weeks ?
  13. I think it's because Meganutz is not really defending Liz Cheney, but herself. Don't forget, like Cheney, she's her FathersDaughter, her father who was once high ranking in the GOP. By the new Trump GOP telling the 'old guard' they aren't relevant any more, that means there's really no future for her in the party -whatever future she thought she had with them. And what's more frightening to her is the fact that MyFather's legacy no longer matters.
  14. Whoopi, I'm so disappointed in you. So disappointed...no "may the fourth be with you" this year. Terrible - just terrible. And couldn't they have delayed that cute (in a nauseating way) tribute from the staff's kids to their moms on Friday - a bit closer to Mother's Day ?
  15. Lawrence Honeycutt certainly gave off the vibes of "Gay S&M DILF". He's a natural for gay porn (just sayin'). The daughter's reaction at the end is going to make a great GIF. It will go virtual, I'm sure.
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