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  1. I don't think it will be taped, as it will be done from their homes remotely.
  2. Who else was excited as I was to see Adam Glassman hawking facial creams on 'Feel Good Friday - View Your Deal - The Oprah Edition' ????? If only he could find a personality at 50% off...the guy is as interesting as watching wallpaper peel.
  3. Agreed - but if they're going to talk politics on the show, this is definitely the week to do it. I think their audience - and the ones who tune in occasionally - expect it this week, and they will score a bonanza in the ratings. Leave the celebrity interviews for after the election.
  4. In the week leading up to election day, I would think they would have more interesting political guests on. Fill that slot - and Handler's, too - with Barack Obama, Cory Booker, John Kasich...save Handler and Jackson for another day. They talk politics all the time (and I'm not complaining) - the most important week of the year on the election calendar should be devoted to these guests (IMO).
  5. So Monday is worth tuning in for just because of 'View Your Deal' !!!! I mean, another day of 'the hottest items at affordable prices' ? We should be dancin' in the streets! Tuesday - looking forward to John Meacham, but the book 'Soul of America' came out a few years ago, and he's published books since then. Not interested in Weiss. Wednesday - I'll be shutting it off when Handler comes on. Thursday - I'll be shutting it off when Jackson is on. Friday - It will be interesting. I never ever liked their Halloween show, especially because it was always a tie-in to ABC or Disney, but this year they may be doing their own costumes at home...or not, since they probably don't have the interest or energy these days.
  6. I started watching Wendy Williams earlier this season, and after a week I had to delete it from my DVR. Why? Because she has the annoying habit of doing 'right, right, and 'uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh' off camera when someone else is talking and the camera is focused on them. And she does it on camera when she's saying something. After a sentence or two she has that annoying 'uh huh, uh huh, uh huh'. I thought it was a neurological disorder. Now Whoopi is doing the same thing !
  7. These complaints about her treatment at ABC is rather interesting. I wonder if she plans on leaving the network in the coming months or the end of this season ? Maybe her contract is up and she's letting ABC (and other networks) know she's not happy there. Maybe she's aiming for her own show on MSNBC (like former host Nicolle Wallace) or CNN ? I think something is up for her to be speaking up publicly now, and not before. Just my thoughts...
  8. Sara's uncontrollable laughter when discussing Toobin on Tuesday morning made quite a few news sites (just Google it and you will see). Some commenters wondered why she saw this as being hysterically funny, while the others didn't.
  9. It's been said before that the list of 'hot topics' is presented to them each morning by their producer(s). The hosts decide together, at their morning meeting, which topics to talk about and which topics don't need to be discussed, and it has to be a majority decision by all hosts. Meghan has sniped about this when she's not happy with a topic. She usually says something like "As I said at our meeting, there are more important things to discuss right now, but I guess you all rather talk about this". (In last year's book "Ladies Who Punch" Rosie said that they could not talk about the legal trouble Cosby was in (2014-15) because Whoopi voted against discussing her friend, and the other hosts sided with her while Rosie did not.) So as for Toobin, it looks like the majority voted to discuss it before the show. I'm sure if Meghan was there, she'd make her comment that there's more important things to talk about right now days before the election (and she'd be right!).
  10. Very nice that Sunny spotlighted that 17 year old's charity for her 'birthday'. She gave him a lot of exposure on TV, and mentioned to him that she was doing it for her birthday. It's too bad that no one had a talk with him before going on, to tell him to wish Sunny a Happy Birthday at the end of the segment. That's why she gave him this $30K donation from Bed, Bath and Beyond (and yes, this was another disguised infomercial at the end of the show).
  11. I would think even without wearing Macy's cosmetic counter on her face, she would have natural beauty. Boy, was I wrong. She looked like a cartoon character from 'The Simpsons' in her candid, no-make-up selfie.
  12. Just 4 weeks in, and Hostin's book is down to #8,792 in their hard cover best-sellers list. It's #1320 on B&N's best seller's list. Something tells me it will be in the bargain bin before Christmas.
  13. OK, I'll say it - How excited were you to know you can buy Oprah's favorite 'paint by number' paint set at half off today ? I jumped out of my seat and sang 'Happy Days Are Here Again', while holding my Oprah's favorite hairbrush as a microphone ! Whenever Adam Glassman showed those to the audience - for just $21 - I 'knew the drill' , and had to act fast. Keeping my fingers crossed that pretty soon they will do a follow-up: maybe Oprah's favorite velvet paintings of Elvis Presley ? And to think I can wrap myself up in a hooded sweater (which looked like a bedspread) and cover my mouth with a -gasp!- fabric mask ! Does life get better than this?
  14. I was so hoping Sara Haines would have ended the NBC town hall with "Trump Your Deal", and offer exclusive MAGA merchandise at just 50% off! I guess I'm just too excited with VYD these days.
  15. For years I've been wondering where in the world can I find Eco-friendly light bulbs and children's dinnerware sets ? I mean, seriously having sleepless nights ! Well, today my sleepless nights are over ! Thank you so much VYD! And at 50% off for the next 24 hours ? Can life get better than this ? BTW, I guess Meghan is going to get 5 of those Eco-friendly children's dinnerware when she gets back to the show ? LOL
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