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  1. What? A wild Tanya appears? Every now and again it's good to see some evidence that despite whatever mess they put on tv, some of these people developed real relationships and friendships. Rest in peace, Gregg.
  2. If you subscribe to a streaming tv service like ATT TV, Youtube TV, or Hulu Live, sometimes films get substituted because of rights issues. Technically, everything on those services is being shown "over the internet" and certain films/programs can't be cleared for that.
  3. I've seen this implication everywhere, that people who dislike this show didn't "get" it or what it's trying to do. Trust me, I got it. I didn't need a neat and tidy happy ending. I needed this show not to be a plodding, superficial, six-week meditation on an old theme, with underwritten archetypes for characters and nothing new to say except "check out this mournful version of 'Aloha Oe'." If this inspired new reflections about wealth or privilege for you (the general 'You'), truly, congratulations. I really enjoyed Enlightened. I hated this show so much I'm scared to ever go back and wa
  4. Well, from another producer and the host of the show he produced.
  5. This is all I wanted to say.
  6. He's always so fastidious I didn't even notice that; I think I just never expected any mess to touch him. I love when the celebrities Take It Seriously, so I really enjoyed this episode and how earnestly everyone wanted to do well. I don't follow Alexandra's music, but I generally like seeing her and she was a shoo in for the win. I mean, against a toilet cake. I always look longingly at the molds of various shapes and sizes, and then balk at the price. I like making caramels and jellies though, and after seeing how awesome Rob's shortbreads looked I'm more tempted than ever. The
  7. I've been looking forward to this. I like Rob, and it should be fun to see Tom Allen bake after all the hell he gives people on Extra Slice and The Professionals. Daisy Ridley is the new Star Wars lady, right? She seems like quite a get.
  8. Oh wow, I didn't realize there were so many family funeral business shows out there. I did take a look at the Bernards; they seem much more charming than the Best Funeral folks.
  9. Best Funeral Ever. That show irked me so much I had to look it up to double check that it wasn't the same family or company when I saw this on Netflix. Good to know Buried By the Bernards is different.
  10. They do seem like sweethearts. And Olivia is just gorgeous. I won't be watching, but I'll still be rooting for both of them even though LaLa is rightfully toast in the next sewing challenge. If Olivia can make it through Snatch Game I see her going to the end. This should be said. I mean, they named themselves the Mean Girls. How inspired. I don't know what Ru's fascination is with Kandy. There are lots of loud queens, lots of obnoxious queens, and lots of arrogant queens. Some of them are even talented! It makes no sense. But when he stood there cackling like a loon in the workro
  11. After the mess season 11 was, I chose not to watch season 12. But I came back and started fresh with this season, since everybody raved about how good 12 was. Suffice it to say I'm out again. When I know better, I do better. Best of luck to Lala, Denali, Rosé, Symone, and Elliott.
  12. The show was completely snubbed by the Golden Globes. (No, not surprising but kind of disappointing nonetheless.) A writer for multiple-nominee Emily in Paris (I ... am surprised) agreed with the backlash that this is an outrage: I'm a Writer on 'Emily in Paris'. 'I May Destroy You' Deserved a Golden Globe Nomination.
  13. I've been putting off watching this show all year because I've been parceling out Things I Can't Handle (I Hate Suzie is next, on track for maybe next spring, lol). So anyway, I'm incredibly late. But this pilot is amazing. I argue that there's a ton of exposition, but it's done so neatly that no one can mind it. I enjoyed Chewing Gum so much, and this is shaping up to be ten times livelier and sharper. I'm sure I'll be done with it by morning.
  14. Can someone outside of the Broke Bitch Club please give me an idea of how much that stack of cash was that Todd gave Riley? By the time Mr. Sidora got through smugly saying "How does that help you?" for the tenth time, I wanted to post up at his hidey-hole in Tampa and stick that fork in him. I hate people who think they've found a foolproof way to shut down arguments.
  15. But, he did just propose to her this week on Extra Slice. It was very sweet.
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