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  1. I thought maybe the losing couple would get a second chance to reconnect with someone else based on their ability to sing. It is still too soon for a romantic connection with these couples.
  2. Peter needs to walk away from this all together and maybe revisit in about 5yrs or so. He is very attached to his family and very immature. I don't think anyone at this point could tolerate the situation. I really feel sorry for anyone that he does marry.
  3. Idk about you guys but I sure would like to see Mindy on the ice rink, she is supposedly a professional.
  4. I don't believe this crap with him and Hannah. Why wasn't this all hashed out before the show aired. Neither of them is ready to move on! and they certainly cannot go back to what they had. So why even bother with it. All of those women are going to be compared to Hannah, no matter what they do. Plus if you really really love someone it takes more than a year to get over it, just saying!
  5. I have a couple of thoughts on this move. They could have bought a whole condo unit of 4 for what they are paying for those houses, and eventually rented them out afterwards for income. Or a 4plex, maybe not enough space but they could have just let the kids stay with the other moms. Its only temporary anyhow. Since Meri is still in Vegas why can't she stage the homes and get them ready to sell. There is no logic to the way these people think. NONE I was thinking the very same thing when I saw her doing that. And what even possessed her to do that herself. I didn't see
  6. Lacy is a piece of work isn't she? I really hope she doesn't abuse her kids like she does her boy toys. One day she will hit the wrong person and she will the one in jail. Why does she get a way with that? I haven't heard much mention of the kids these women have at all.
  7. Michael and Julianna remind me of Mark and Nikki. One of the other 90 day couples. It still makes me crazy that these people are not in love enough to learn a little of each others languages. UGH.
  8. I am totatlly baffled about this whole situation with her!!
  9. Are lacey's kids still with her dad? while she is whoring around with these two men? I see another baby coming her way. She needs an intervention and a make over.
  10. Once again we have men and women that know they are moving to another country and do not bother to learn the language, or look up common traditions.
  11. I know family is important to alot of people but I don't really get all this involvement with the parents. I came from a family of siblings that were independant as soon as they became adults and didn't ask permission to do anything. Sure you want their blessing but at that age you are going to do what you want, make your own mistakes and such. That is how we learn and grow. Also, Caesar is becoming stalkerish!!! If I told a guy it was over, that means its over.
  12. So where does Cheryl work anyhow? She acts like she is some kind of breadwinner and can support the whole dang family Lacey? who dresses like that? I mean a see thru sweater with black bra? and a white tank top with black bra? and she is at home with her dad and kids.
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