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  1. This seems to be the plan for The Bachelorette, so you never know!
  2. I sincerely think this is a faux breakup for BB22 purposes. In an "all-star" season, a couple in an LTR who came in 1st and 2nd last season are 1st and 2nd voted out of the house. But I don't think that they'll be able to keep up the "exes" façade in the house for long, for a litany of reasons. However, I will really, really enjoy watching them try it.
  3. Dasani water is just "purified" water, as opposed to spring water, and I've always thought it tastes like tap water. I've never been huge on "What's up with that?" as I always feel it seems to go on a liiiiiiiiitle bit too long, but this one had me cracking up the whole time. And DJ Khaled grates, but his seat-dancing throughout and his "guess that's anotha one!" at the end went perfectly in the sketch. I also usually don't really like the SoulCycle sketches, either, but the lack of the straight man in this version made it really enjoyable. This at-home edition had me consistently laughing more than I usually do at SNL. I appreciate them not trying to crank one out every week, as it gives them time to come up with good quality sketches. Only con for me this episode was that there were several sketches where the ring lights the cast was using were REALLY obvious in their eyes. I noticed it several times, though only the Big Papi sketch comes to mind right now. Here's hoping for another SNLAH episode on the 9th! I'd love to see what Mother's Day-related sketches they could come up with.
  4. As a woman who has changed her part three times in the last ten years, it would make him look a bit different, sure. But I think he looked so dramatically different because of (1) how severe his widow's peak is on that side of his head; and (2) how much more grey he has on that side. I don't mind a man going grey AT ALL, but it's usually a gradual thing. Seeing him have so much more grey all of a sudden was a shock to the eye. I do appreciate how much he was willing to make fun of himself. That said, bring back the normal part tonight, for the love of God and all that is holy!
  5. I love this show but every episode this season with nearly every songwriter that's come on, Ester has had this "where did that come from?" shocked face whenever the singing starts. I get that some people don't "look" like the singing voice that comes out, but the editors are really unimaginative to include it multiple times in an episode. They've shown Ester doing it with both Axel and Jocelyn so far tonight, and there's still one more songwriter to go.
  6. Literally just said "YES!" out loud to nobody but my dog...and he is fast asleep. I really enjoyed the last one, and hope this one hits the mark for me, too. I'd love if Cecily is in the episode this week, but, from reading that article, I'd understand if she's still not up for creating new content.
  7. I really have enjoyed these All-Stars, and think it's so exciting to see the level that they are all already cooking at from such an early point in the season. The elimination this episode was a nailbiter for me, and at that point I realized that any departure after this episode will be hard. I was genuinely surprised they invited Nini back so soon, since she performed so terribly in Restaurant Wars last season. She focused more on moving around tables and chairs than she did on her dessert, while also totally failing to train the dining staff. While her food always looked delicious, RW showed how very green she was, and I think she needed a few more years under her belt before coming back to TC. Eric's food always looks so delicious, and last season I was so intrigued that I wanted to try out his restaurant--which did not exist. He and his wife do catering for private parties, and it sounds like that is still his gig. But I agree with others--he is so reliant on putting out West African food that I think it handicaps him a bit. But maybe he feels that if he wins or loses TC, he only wants it to happen doing his food. I really like Bryan V, but he does seem incredibly off his game this season. He needs to pull himself together or he's going to have an exit far earlier than he should. I also need to get myself to Volt one of these days--which I've been saying since I saw TC Masters (first TC season I watched). I am not sure who I want to win, but I every episode I find myself rooting for Kevin and/or Melissa's dishes. Given his backstory and why he came on the show, I think a Kevin win would be incredibly satisfying. I am so looking forward to the next two RW-focused weeks. I can't wait to see each chef's pitch for their restaurant! From the preview, i think it's a safe bet that Malarkey's concept has too much...malarkey (and Malarkey) involved to be chosen. (Also, I loved The Taste when it was on, but was unaware it had more than one season! I wonder if it's streaming anywhere...)
  8. Hulu does not have the very first LCK and I'm mad about it. Also, when I was looking for them last night, Hulu had the WWTD segments listed with 2006 air dates. I must have scrolled past them ten times before I was like "alright, I guess I will check this one out and see if they've got air dates wrong." Get it together, Hulu! I really enjoy WWTD because I really enjoy Tom. He loves food and he has such a great personality, and so it's a joy to watch him cook. I was also bothered by the fact that the Telephone challenge was made infinitely easier for Tom because Nilou obviously has an incredible palate. But Tom also was asking her specific questions, listing ingredients so she could just say yes or no, to narrow down what was in the dish. I didn't really see the cheftestants do that during the QF. Everyone noticed Jen with the fingers (and I wasn't too bothered by her touching Tom's steak, she was testing the temp to see how much time she still had), but I noticed Karen doing it, too. I feel like I've noticed it in recent episodes, as well--chefs dipping a finger and then wiping it off on their apron. I remember a couple seasons ago, Padma having an absolute fit at a cheftestant who, I think, double-dipped a spoon right in front of her at an elimination challenge where they were individually serving a huge group of people (and I'm feeling now like it was Eric, but I could be way off). Not sure why they wouldn't call it out in an All-Stars season, of all things! I really enjoyed the family meal LCK, and I thought Nini had it in the bag because it seemed to me that she resurrected that curry from the literal ashes. How amazing of a chef must you be to turn something that looked completely incinerated into decent food? But maybe while it didn't taste specifically burnt, it just wasn't as delicious as they know she's capable of making a curry. I thought the same, and when Tom didn't announce it as part of the challenge, I figured they'd be finding odds and ends in the fridges and pantry. So strange.
  9. The woman from NJ whose song didn't get picked to be tinkered with had a voice like Ann Wilson. With such a unique voice presenting it, I could see how Luis Fonsi couldn't see himself singing that song. I have no idea if she wants to be a singer, but if she does I hope Ryan Tedder hooks her up. @Diana Berry, Luis Fonsi is the singer-songwriter behind "Despacito," which was the biggest song of 2017 all around the world, I believe. The version with Justin Bieber got a ton of play here in the US. Like, you couldn't escape it. Besides Despacito, he's very popular in the Latin music world. (I only just finally looked up the English translation of the original the other day, and, holy moly, is that an insanely sexy song.)
  10. While it's true that ABC definitely would have had to pay for music rights, I am pretty sure many of the iheart radio shows are syndicated, not live. So Sheridan and Julia probably did sing a song together "after this," but "this" probably meant "this next 60 minutes of practice time." Or, even if the radio show does air live, I'd think that the interview and performance were pre-recorded bits for the show, as it would be terrible promotion for LYTH if the performance was awful. I missed him saying that, but the couple's wigs looked a good 36 years old. ☹ I'm hoping that the performance/judging part we saw in the previews will take up a good portion of the show. I'll probably be wrong, but I'm still hoping anyway. I love Rudi's voice, and loved it last week, too. And I liked Ruby's voice. But I wasn't a big fan of that vocal arrangement of "Love is a Losing Game," as I thought it lost soooooooo much of the mournful sound Amy Winehouse put into it. I thought Savannah was pretty good, though. Or maybe it was just that she and Brandon did a far better job harmonizing together than Sheridan and Julia did. Am I the only one who was surprised by Sheridan's voice? I mean, yes he was nervous, though I still thought he had a nice voice...I just didn't expect that to be his singing voice. Don't know what I expected, but that wasn't it.
  11. Going to? It's also surprising to me that Jimmy isn't able to hide his clear annoyance when his kids aren't going with the program. I think it was Monday or Tuesday night, he told the girls to wave goodbye and they got silly, holding up legs and bouncing around to "wave." There was this moment where Jimmy stopped, stood there, didn't know what to do, got this brief sorta angry look on his face, and then decided to just go with what his kids were doing and lifted his foot and was silly with them. Those moments seem to happen a lot, where the anger flashes across his face when his kids are...being kids. I understood the frustration in the beginning because it was all totally new, but he's been doing the at home shows for...what, three weeks now? By now I'd think he'd figure out a way to be more easy and roll with it. They've figured out ways to do bits without the kids around (like the monologue), so for the like 10 minutes his kids are on camera, you'd think he could deal with it better when they are not perfect little robots following his directions.
  12. I kind of agree with this, but not totally. Whenever people kiss on reality TV, I watch the man, to figure out if he's a good kisser or not. Trevor looked like he's a good kisser in general, and when someone is a good kisser, it's easy to get drawn into a full-blown, hot and heavy makeout session with that person. Ryan looked like an okay kisser, but definitely not as passionate or aggressive (good aggressive, not bad aggressive) as Trevor was. I think if Ryan was a really good kisser and had been able to draw Jamie into seriously making out, he would have had much, much better odds of getting her rose. Thoughts on who says the line heard in the promo, "It's no fun singing a love song when you're not in love!" After this first episode, I totally think it's Jamie. I was thinking this would be like BIP, just in the mansion, with new contestants coming on each week to tempt people out of their current couples. But then I read this article, and this part stood out: I like the twist of who stays not being up to the contestants to decide. So we currently have eight couples, with five episodes to go. They must start showing performances with judges next week, right?
  13. I started a thread, please come save me from talking to myself:
  14. Since there's no thread yet, I figured I'd start one. ABC's description of the show: I watched the first episode tonight. I can't tell yet if I was truly into the show, or if I solely enjoyed it because Quarantine: Day 179365; lost my mind. Is Jamie a particularly immature 21-year-old or am I just now a grumpy old lady? I really enjoyed Rubi's singing voice. And the fact that she saved Ryan. Also, after he said "Ladies, one final piece of advice..." I knew Chris Harrison was going to say "...listen to your heart." And I hate it...but also appreciate that they didn't just settle for having the show title stand on its own as cheese, but fully committed to having Chris (...I hope?) say it every week. Also loved that Matt couldn't think of Chris' last name. "Chris...Hanson?" Oh no, Matt, you'd be walking into a very different house if Chris Hanson was the host. And poor eliminated leather jacket dude didn't get a word in all episode. Farewell, leather jacket dude. We hardly absolutely didn't knew ye.
  15. This made me think, unless I've missed it, we haven't had any scenes in that huge glass catwalk in awhile. (This photo, from S13E6, shamelessly yoinked from Reddit and u/skeithxyz.)
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