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  1. dvr devotee

    S15.E19: Silent All These Years

    I noticed that too... I figured this was meant in opposition to the ex-husband who beat her every chance he got--that, despite all the hardship before, now her life is good and she has a man who loves her, who does not beat her.
  2. dvr devotee

    Season 16 Discussion

    @vast wasteland, I have not attempted to watch that performance of Kelly's since it originally aired. It made me sob then, just as it does now. So, y'know, thanks for that. I've only been lucky enough to see Kelly live once, about ten years ago, and she was fantastic. I just all-around love her, even on the voice. She's just a genuine person, and I don't think she's ever forgotten where she came from and how lucky she's been to have the career she does.
  3. dvr devotee

    S17.07: Hollywood Week (2)

    No, that girl's name was Ashton. I could NOT believe they put Wade through. I can't stand Maya, either. Did Shayy go through? I haven't actually voted during AI since Jordin Sparks' season, but if Jeremiah makes it to the live shows, I'm voting for him. He's an amazing singer and I never want him to have to go back to a family and town who can't support him for who he is.
  4. dvr devotee

    Mental Samurai

    Fox's (very long) official description: I watched the first episode on Hulu last night and, man, I was underwhelmed. For pros: it was decent as a "quiz show" type game, with different categories/questions than we usually see on this kind of show, and Rob Lowe was enjoyable as a game show host. He's more low-key than most hosts of these kind of shows, but it worked. The contestants were decent, and the show did a good job of showing the contestant's back story without letting it go on for stupidly long, as often happens on game or competitive shows. For cons, first of all, the whole "sitting in a capsule attached to a robot arm getting thrown around from question to question" thing was lame, IMO. Even at the beginning of the show, Rob said something about the contestants answering questions while dealing with the "centrifugal forces" the robot arm imposes on them. I'm no astronaut but I have been on plenty of different amusement park rides that use centrifugal force to get you to stick to a wall, and I'm pretty sure centrifugal force doesn't bother you if 1) you're not moving at a rate of speed faster then, say, a child's Power Wheels car; and 2) you're not even completing a full circle before you stop moving again. I was expecting the physical component to be more challenging, and (for the contestants we saw so far) it was not challenging in the least. Maybe if we had someone afraid of heights, that would give someone a challenge to overcome in this type of situation. I was also bugged by the whole "you have five minutes to answer 12 questions" thing. That seems reasonable, until you realize the clock keeps running as the contestant is moved from question to question, which eats up at least 5 seconds each time. If you're going to give a time limit, the clock should only be running from the time when the contestants are shown the question until they lock in their answer. They could then lower the time to 4 minutes or 3.5 minutes, and I think that would make things more exciting. It's just lame to have contestants bleeding time when they are unable to control how long the arm takes them to move between questions. I'll probably watch the next episode to see if it gets better somehow, and I'll likely watch the finale to see how they change it up for the $250k prize, but otherwise...eh. Did anyone else watch? Did you hate AVA as much as I did, or have I thought way too much about a stupid robot?
  5. I'm pretty sure he did cry, though that might have been during her earlier (masked) performance. I just know that at one point the camera showed him and his eyes absolutely looked shiny and teary. Not that I blame him. I teared up at some point during her performance. But "I Can't Make You Love Me" pretty much always gets me. The show was taped last summer, so watching it "live" at 8 pm on Wednesday is the exact same experience as watching it on Hulu at 1 pm on Thursday. The finale show was one hour 23 minutes and some-odd seconds when I watched it on Hulu today. A show airing on network TV in a one-hour block of time is usually around 42 minutes of actual content and the rest commercials. No difference with Hulu.
  6. dvr devotee

    S01.E07: All Together Now

    I was so impressed by that! I really think that's a mark of a talented vocalist, the ability to impersonate other singers' styles. I thought peacock's song choice was not good this episode. I thought monster's song choice showed off his voice in a way we hadn't ever heard before. One of the pieces of rabbit's package, where he was about to walk into a warehouse (ostensibly to practice with his circus pals) and the lights were a low, gray-blue sparked some deep, 20-year-old memory in my brain of a boy band video, though I couldn't put my finger on which one. I ended up watching several of NSYNC's first videos from back in 1999. For a lot of "I Want You Back," they're dancing in a warehouse. I was a huge NSYNC fan, but watching the videos also made me realize how much they pushed Justin, and, to a slightly lesser extent, JC (which I 100% did not pick up on at 17), so the rabbit's whole 'stepping out from the group' thing makes even more sense now. I loved the lion tonight. I honestly think the whole "lack of moving around the stage" thing is a result of having to wear that huge headpiece, and having very low visibility, while wearing high heels. Also, Rumer Willis was born in Kentucky, and then raised in Hailey, Idaho.
  7. dvr devotee

    The Masked Singer

    I think that his legs are covered by pants that are probably held up by suspenders, and the rest of the outfit will just lift off over his head. It's like a big barrel with a dome on top. I think for as cumbersome as the costume seems, it'll probably be the fastest one we've seen removed. This one is a bit sneaky, as everything I googled stated there were nine Jackson siblings. But Wikipedia had a throwaway line in the Jacksons article, mentioning Marlon's twin, who died shortly after birth. Including Brandon, that's ten.
  8. dvr devotee

    The Titan Games

    I have been watching this show on Hulu, and I actually am enjoying it. I do enjoy seeing the people who have really overcome the odds (like the guy with Leukemia this last show) and rebuilt their bodies so incredibly. I also like seeing the guys who just focus on building their muscles at the gym but otherwise do not work on their athleticism fail miserably. There was a guy an episode or two back who was so huge, and he crushed the first wall and the three uphill walls, but he got totally stuck on the spinning cylinders, and just could NOT get over them. I think he was maybe on the last slide when his opponent was removing the key from the...crypt-thing, about to win. I would really like to see "DJ" take on Mt. Olympus and all of the qualifying tasks. Maybe show the average time for all the winners of that particular task, and Dwayne can do the tasks solo but racing the clock. That can even just be online-only content, but I'd totally watch it. I am also wondering how they will do the finals. Will they basically use the same bracket system as the regular episodes for two semi-final episodes, then the four winners from there will compete in a final?
  9. dvr devotee

    The Masked Singer

    Seriously! I really liked Wrecking Ball when Miley first came out with it, but never bought it. Bee's version, I wanted to go download immediately. I would love to hear her do some Lady Gaga. She did DWTS a few years ago, but combined with the National Anthem at the Super Bowl this week, I really think she's just trying to access a new audience. I don't think we can necessarily point to money issues, because she could probably just license the crap out of her songbook and make plenty of passive money that way. I think she just genuinely loves performing, even after doing it for almost 70 years. Agree with all your points. I'm in my late-30s and I heard plenty of Gladys Knight growing up, but my parents really disliked the Osmonds so I didn't get much exposure to him, until the 00s when Donny was on some cheesy shows (possibly on VH1?). I found him cheesy himself, so I never listened to any of his stuff. However, I LOVE Broadway, and we did Joseph in my high school choir class, so after the wig was revealed and he made the jail reference, I looked up his performance of "Close Every Door to Me" on YouTube and was blown away. I don't know that I'll start going to any of his shows now, but I at least have an appreciation for him that I didn't before, and maybe I'll buy some of his music. I was thinking that maybe when contracts were signed, the actual professional singers had it written into their contracts that they would not be eliminated before the non-professional singers. Imagine if, say, Gladys Knight was eliminated before Margaret Cho. It would be a complete embarrassment for Gladys professionally, and she would not sign up for this show (nor would her managers allow her to) if there was a possibility of her being humiliated. It's not an actual game show, as it doesn't appear that there are cash prizes for the finalists, so (I think) the producers can do whatever they want with the order of eliminations. Also, I watched this week's episode on Thursday morning, and came here immediately after to see what everyone had to say. I must have checked 100 times over the course of Thursday and Friday to see if the forums were back up. Around visit 50 I realized I might have an issue. 🙈
  10. dvr devotee

    S18.E14: What's Your Motto?

    I am a sap, but seeing Ariel cry and then hug Motto over his decision made me tear up. One of the reasons Motto gave was that he wants to start a family, and he's absolutely right to think that would be put off by relocating to Las Vegas. Some Googling turns up that Motto got married this past October. He's 35, and his wife looks to be close in age. Even if she's 30, if they want a family, they shouldn't delay it. Plus, there's really nothing wrong with choosing to stay the big fish in the little pond. It looks like he was doing well professionally before HK, so I imagine this will certainly boost his status locally. I cannot stand Bret. Between the "I only have one kid I know about *hyuk hyuk hyuk*" and the "Yeah, I have a girl[friend], I think I actually love her" stuff, he's shown himself to be a jerk and INCREDIBLY emotionally immature. And he's something like 35 himself! I feel sorry for his girlfriend, who he completely humiliated on national TV. The only reason I'd want him in final two would be to see Ariel wipe the floor with him, and to see his cryface when his door doesn't open.
  11. dvr devotee

    The Masked Singer

    This is a problem so many shows have, with commentators/judges. I understand their entire reason for existing is to comment on the action, but I wish the showrunners would realize that constantly showing them takes away from the performance. If whatever the commentators are doing is So! Interesting! then just go with a picture-in-picture thing. I don't think it's JC simply because, after his brief solo run following NSYNC, he got into producing and seemed to really enjoy (and even prefer) a behind-the-scenes role. Everyone thinks NSYNC hasn't reunited ONLY because Justin has done so well solo that he has no interest, but from what I've read over the years, JC isn't very interested either.
  12. dvr devotee

    The Masked Singer

    I just caught up on the last two episodes last night, and I noticed another maybe-clue for LaToya (I think we all agree that she's the Alien). The costume is all latex and plastic and smooth, but for her gloves, which are black and glittery. Perhaps a subtle homage to her brother?
  13. dvr devotee

    S01.E11: We Continue to Truck

    I'm just sorry they didn't use the opportunity for an in-joke with David saying that he couldn't see having kids with Blue because he found he weirdly felt for her more like a sister (since Galecki and Lewis played siblings Rusty and Audrey in Christmas Vacation in 1989). Also just wanted to echo earlier comments about Galecki's acting. I'm a casual BBT viewer, and when the Roseanne revival started, I was absolutely shocked that I could not see any Leonard in the way Galecki played David. That made me think about all the other things I've seen Galecki in over the years, and he is an actor who fully slips into his characters, his characters never feel like "Johnny Galecki as Leonard," if that makes sense. Someone else made a comment on an earlier thread that basically said that David and Darlene were each growing in their current relationships, fixing the mistakes they made in the relationship they had with each other. I think David's refusal to have kids with Blue showed that--old doormat David would have gone along with that to make her happy, but he recognizes that isn't the right thing for him. I think Darlene also learned to bend more in being with Ben, but she doesn't have to bend so far that she becomes unrecognizable, and I can't see Darlene thinking moving her kids in with her new boyfriend (who is also her boss), away from their father (who is trying to reestablish a relationship with his kids), is the best idea, even putting aside all the other reasons why her family needs her. To those who say, "What's the big deal, Chicago is only an hour away?!" if these people are all basically hand-to-mouth with their earnings, who would be able to afford the gas, or bus money, or train fare, or even the TIME, to be making the trip between Lanford and Chicago? I don't think Harris is old enough to drive yet, and, even if she were, I doubt Darlene has enough to buy a second car AND cover insurance so her kids could drive to Lanford to see their dad, and I don't get the impression David has a car of his own. Sure, an hour is not as far as three hours, but if you don't have the money to make the trip regardless, then that hour is still pretty far away. I was really impressed with Lecy Goranson this season. Last year on Roseanne she felt very wooden and uncomfortable, so much so you could tell she had not been acting much in the intervening years since Roseanne ended. She really came into her own this season, and did well with the material she was given. I'm looking forward to next season, I think there are a lot of stories still left to tell for the Conners!
  14. dvr devotee

    Match Game

    I thought "nap" for what babies and old people both like to do.
  15. dvr devotee

    The Titan Games

    I just saw a commercial for this last night, haven't watched the show yet, but the commercial put me in mind of American Gladiators. I love American Ninja Warrior, sad to hear it's a poor ripoff.