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  1. So I haven't watched the Bachelor at all this season. Is this Rachael the same Rachael of the recent controversy, or was there more than one Rachael this season?
  2. Holy crap. You really just blew my mind. And here I thought Antonia was just generically divorced (because she's a woman successfully climbing the ladder in the cutthroat restaurant industry, so it made sense to me that a relationship might not last) so I hadn't an inkling that she used to be a rapper's girlfriend (or wife? The interwebs are not clear on this). WOW. Edit: and I had to come back to say that "Now that We Found Love" has been stuck in my head for the past ten hours. And I really thought that "What can we do? What are we gonna do?/Roses are red and violets are blue" were the misheard lyrics of a nine-year-old me but, NOPE! But it's good they didn't have Google back in 1991 for me to have looked up the song's lyrics, because I'm pretty sure my mom would have been really upset if I asked her what "Let me slip my quarters inside your slot to hit the jackpot" meant. That probably would have upset her more than it did when I was five-years-old and running around the house singing Madonna "Papa Don't Preach." *ahem* and to get back on topic--as someone who grew up outside of NYC, I was super bothered by that "bagel stand." Forget the incredibly wrong toppings, but no bagel they dug up in the middle of the CA desert would hold a candle to a real NY bagel. But Zac does look like a really good kisser, and he has that good Jersey boy swag (as opposed to the terrible "Jersey Shore" swag as perpetuated by the native New Yorkers aka "Bennys" on that terrible show).
  3. I haven't watched the episode yet, but was shocked to see a Friday show! Was there a special occasion?
  4. I will honestly be so sad if they kill Tom. I thought Teddy was going to find he had killed himself, and when she walked away next I thought they'd pan to him unconscious on the floor. I hope that they use Tom being sick as a vehicle for Teddy to realize how she really feels about him, eventually pushing the two of them together and killing the Tewen (Oweddy? Huntman? Do they have a couple name?) pairing for good. I really do not want to lose Greg Germann. I was mad at Meredith's "well, they'll get over it and move on" in reference to her young children losing their mother. Are you freaking kidding me? We know Meredith is generally pretty self-centered, but that was just a bridge too far to me. I can't buy her being so callous about that, especially when she had such complicated relationships with her own parents and it screwed her up so badly. I mean, how many seasons did we talk about her "mommy issues"? How abandoned did she feel by her father, only to feel that all over again when she learned he had a whole new family? Does she really want her three kids to be "dark and twisty"? So much of what was said on the beach hit me hard, in a way that this show's dialogue doesn't often do to me anymore. But the lines about grief were like an arrow through my heart. While so many of this show's storylines have stuck with me after viewing, I don't know that it's ever translated to me evaluating my own life. But those lines did, and even today, almost 20 hours later, I've been thinking about how I've moved through different griefs in my own life. I don't really know why those lines hit me so hard, but they did. This episode was the one that made me think this could really be the final season. I wonder if the network could decide to renew (and extend Ellen's contract) but somehow keep it from being announced publicly until close to the season's end.
  5. I'm watching the "Home Sweet Home" episode, where Voltaggio, Maneet and Elizabeth Faulkner are competing. In the first round, Voltaggio put his pig-shaped cookies on a silicone sheet on a pan, but then put a silicone sheet on top of the cookies as he put it into the oven. I've never seen that done before, and I'm tempted to try it now.
  6. They look like veneers to me. Maybe he had them done by a cheaper dentist when he was on his way up in his career, and later prioritized buying his Hamptons home over correcting his chipmunk look.
  7. According to TVGuide: Hmm...wonder what those "never-before-heard holiday songs" are going to be like. Tori Kelly actually has (at least) three new holiday songs on her album (that she wrote), plus one she doesn't have a writing credit on but looks like it could be a new song. Could those be what they sing? I do wish they were singing traditional songs, though. It would be very amusing to see a pink crocodile singing "O Holy Night."
  8. Have to agree. She looks miles better than she did during her season; maybe the lack of hideous glasses and a more natural hair color?
  9. I thought that scene was incredibly sexy, even with it being relatively short and really offbeat (mutual masturbation while standing naked in the backyard, where the neighbors could see and while four children sleep in the house? Okie dokie!) And Linc was really hot, but, damn, so was Amelia!
  10. I like this news, as long as John doesn't do too many of those appearances where he sits on the couch in his trench coat and discusses crazy stuff. His appearance on 11/2 was funny, though I don't remember what they talked about. But his appearance on 11/24 where he badly explained royal gossip was both too soon after his last one, and really...not...funny. I've never not enjoyed John Mulaney, so I even rewound it to see if I missed something that would help me get the joke, but no. It was stilted and weird and at the end, Seth even commented on how awkward it was and said it should be written better if John wanted to come on to discuss the royals again.
  11. @HartofDixie what did Rockstar post? It's deleted now.
  12. @Michichick nope, all three are getting unmasked at the end.
  13. I honestly thought Jellyfish's performance tonight was better than Mushroom's, but what do I know.
  14. Nick has always been my favorite in BSB, but I never had any clue of his actual range as an artist. I'm really impressed, and glad he's going through. I hope he wins it all, but he has serious competition in the Sun (much as I love and prefer Popcorn, I don't think she'll outperform Sun tonight). I think whoever wins in the Jellyfish/Mushroom pairing will take 3rd. Though obviously I'm getting way ahead of myself, since there's another like...4 hours to get through before we know who wins. (Next week is a "holiday singalong," then we have a two-hour finale on the 16th.)
  15. Oh man, I don't know which three I want to go through the most.
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