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  1. Amen! Perfect description of Daniel and Abby. So far I'm enjoying Daniel being just a little off his game this year. He didn't get to the buzzer in qualifiers, now he got badly hung up on the power tower. Couldn't happen to a more smug competitor. Oh, except for his protégé, Kid Owhadi. I was so glad to see him fall so early (second obstacle?) back in qualifiers.
  2. OT hut have you heard the Pentatonix version with Maren Morris? Take a listen, it's on YouTube! I always forget how powerful Jojo's voice is. And I know she was like 13 when she released "Leave (Get Out)," but when she said she'd just turned 30 in September I was shocked.
  3. Doesn't this show film within just a couple weeks' time? There were multiple episodes where the ladies were in the same outfits as the previous week, which I actually hadn't noticed in previous seasons. But yeah as soon as Donnie started singing, I knew it was him. Maybe Jenny was thrown off by the song choice.
  4. Both the mother and father had the alcoholic bloat to their faces, so I wasn't surprised the father was revealed to be an alcoholic, but I was surprised that it seemed the mother wasn't, as well. But maybe she refused to admit it on camera so she wouldn't lose custody of her granddaughter. I wonder how violent the father got when they were kids and he was drunk--either Lexi or her sister said that he'd destroy their stuff, but the sister also obviously had her nose broken at some point and it had not been re-set to heal correctly. Also wonder about the brother who clearly did not want anything
  5. I watch it on Hulu, right after I watch the episode (I don't watch live, usually within the next three days after airing.)
  6. See, this is how I feel about raspberry. Except they don't always mention on a menu if they decorate a dessert plate with a raspberry "flourish," so I've had so many otherwise delicious-looking desserts ruined that way. Too many times I've played the "is this strawberry or raspberry syrup on the plate?" game and lost HARD. Funnily enough, when my parents bought me a birthday cake a few years ago at a bakery, the cake had raspberry syrup between the layers of frosting. My mom couldn't see that from the cross-section they showed in the case before she ordered it. I took one bite and had to
  7. To me, Chantal Malarkey was a dead ringer for Debbie Mazar. But she seemed like a really ungraceful loser. However, I would've absolutely chowed down on the Marlarkeys' second dish. Every thing that went into the dish, as Brian cooked each item and explained what he was doing, I was like "oooh, yes, what else?" And I'm never particularly excited about the food he makes. And, yes, Xea looks A LOT like Antonia. Was 89 the highest total score we've seen on any of the GGGAH episodes?
  8. Way back when they first competed against each other on Top Chef, I preferred Bryan to Michael Voltaggio. But in the years since, I've come to really like Michael, as well. I knew Bryan was going to lose, as it seemed he was having the same issue they were always calling him out for last season on Top Chef--while he is a fantastic in technique, the passion, and therefore flavor, is just not always coming through in his food. And I'm pretty sure he blew Christian out of the water in the technique score, but the other scores just couldn't compete. And I was honestly sorry to see Michae
  9. It's funny, as Chuck was talking I was thinking "yes, this guy very clearly is a CTO/CEO, he is quite skilled in telling the technical truth, and putting on a good show of it." And when someone tries to pin him down and call out his lies, he gets upset and says that being treated in such a "rough" manner "doesn't work for [him]," You don't say! I think he enjoys playing the "stable, supportive" husband to the mentally ill, cruel wife. He thinks he looks better by comparison of NOT being borderline, and what an absolute saint he is for putting up with her craziness! He loves the drama and
  10. I just watched the first two episodes tonight. For Raccoon, I thought Danny Trejo from the clue package, but Trejo doesn't walk like a geriatric quite yet, and I just can't see Danny Trejo screeching like that. I'm not saying I think he'd be a great singer, but I feel like he'd give a better performance, one that didn't include blowing out my eardrums. But I could 100% see that being Gary Busey. And I was personally offended on behalf of Sammy Hagar for that guess. Though I haven't checked in on him in probably 25 years, I can't imagine Hagar's voice has been so decimated since then that
  11. Like I said, Harry has a big machine behind him. I got into One Direction late (like, six months before they took their "break"), and, yeah, they pushed Harry as the "front" of the group, but the guys actually pretty evenly shared lead vocals (except Louis, he really has no voice) as well as songwriting on their last few albums. But Harry had the swagger and he has the style. He also ultimately benefitted from the crazy Larry Stylinson..."rumors," and his interest in gender-bending post-1D makes him even more intriguing. I don't begrudge him his success, as I like a lot of his solo stuff and r
  12. I love Megan Thee Stallion, and not just for her music but because she's a smart woman, too. I can't remember who I saw her interviewing with last summer (possibly Colbert), but she told him that she's currently working on her BSN because she knows she needs her education to fall back on for if/when her music career reaches its end. I found that to be incredibly refreshing, and not something you ever hear a popular artist say they're making a priority. Also respect how she clearly sang live while dancing...pretty sure Cardi B wasn't singing live. Lil Baby's performance with Killer Mi
  13. I read this comment as I was watching the episode with Rick, the astrophysicist-turned-detective from Massachusetts, who didn't sound the slightest bit like someone from Massachusetts. But if you put the slightest Boston accent under an Australian one, you have Rick. And then I realized the woman he was playing against had a much more pronounced Australian accent. It's made it interesting to listen for the slight Australian accents on the remaining contestants. They don't all have it, but when you're looking for it, you easily hear it.
  14. Wow, you know what? I remember Derek died from another doctor's stupidity, and I remember that Derek basically got himself there by stopping in the middle of the damn road to make a phone call. But I totally forgot the heroism that came before that, because Derek's actions immediately after were so blindingly idiotic. I have had the feeling all season that they're sending Teddy on this spiral where she'll commit suicide. I really, really hope that Deluca's death was basically unavoidable, that his injuries too severe to recover from, and it's not a mistake Teddy made in surgery by bein
  15. I was absolutely sobbing at the end of this episode, and even now, three hours later, I get emotional thinking about it. I was not expecting it, even when he first showed up on the beach, since Bailey and Webber had been on the beach, too, last year. It feels really unfair that they killed him off right when he was getting his life back together. Yeah, he died doing a heroic act, so that's good. But his storyline in dealing with his bipolar disorder and showing how people living with serious mental illness can still be extremely successful professionals had a lot of potential still. I'm s
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