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  1. If they'd stuck to the formula of ending all the names with an "e", the baby might have ended up as Tripe. They needed to stick to the formula and have Reyse and Trype. How are Jayce, Rayce, and Grayce going to feel when they learn that their spoiled little brothers got normal spellings for their names?
  2. It looks like Josiah was playing with the baby, making her laugh, and Lauren got jealous so she inserted herself into the activity to get the attention focused back on her.
  3. Yes, but Israel is still pre-Kindergarten age. I'm more concerned with his lack of socialization and opportunities for hands-on activities than the lack of a consistent schedule and occasional flashcards or worksheets. Especially since he can already read.
  4. There is nothing in the spoiler box. I accidentally hit the button and can't figure out how to make the box go away. In the picture of Jeremy's massive burger Felicity has a couple of fries on the table in front of her. I'm hoping that this means they fed her something more substantive earlier and not that her meal consisted of fries and water.
  5. Thank you all for your support and for understanding where I'm coming from. I am so sorry that so many of you are affected by this, also. There is a special place in hell for the people responsible for creating this mess and the self-righteous health professionals who make people suffer needlessly.
  6. The opioid crisis is a crisis because it's affecting a lot of middle class, middle aged white women; the mothers, sisters, and daughters of politicians. The meth crisis only became a crisis when it started creeping up the socio-economic ladder. The crack crisis was only a crisis because addicted babies pull at people's hearts even if they're not white. The alcohol crisis of the late 70s/early 80s only became a crisis because white women were tired of their children being killed by drunk drivers. While most politicians only care when it hits close to home, Jed!2020 only cares because he's been told it's important to be outraged about opioids. It will be interesting to see if he drags J'Tyler's mother into this to prove that he's sincere.
  7. I think Jeremy is on a parallel path as JB. He was older and more worldly, so instead of his family submitting to JB like the others he is the ultimate authority over Jinger and Felicity. Derick and Jill only broke away when Derick decided the cons outweighed to pros under JB. However, I think he is a lot less controlling than Jeremy. Jinger's public life is all a facade to facilitate Jeremy's desire to be a modern Christian influencer. Derick seems to accept Jill as she is, allowing her to grow at her own pace.
  8. I brought this quote from @Sew Sumi over because it's about me, not Jed!2020: To be honest, I don't care about the opioid crisis. It pisses me off that people with legitimate pain can no longer get actual pain meds b/c of other idiots and their doctors. My mom was in intense pain for 12 hours b/c the ICU doctor didn't believe in giving patients opioids, even though her regular physician prescribed them. It wasn't until he realized she was dying that he relented. Then, 2 days later the night doctor refused to allow her to have the morphine drip the day doctor had authorized because she felt there were less addictive ways to deal with her pain. And the day she died, the new duty nurse decided she had the authority to override the doctor's orders to refill the morphine because she felt we were over-using the button since "she was unresponsive and couldn't actually tell us she hurt". It took demanding that the doctor come and speak to us for that to change, and then the witch tried to deny what she told us. Sorry to vent, I may be at the anger stage of grief. But, I feel the same way about the opioid crisis as I did about the meth crisis, the crack crisis, and the alcohol crisis - deal with the addiction and stop making demons where they don't exist. I'm pretty sure in 10 years or so we will have a new crisis for the politicians and news media to freak out about.
  9. So...pretty much what you'd expect from a religious school attended by a Duggar or Duggar adjacent. Does the commandment against falsehoods only apply to heathens?
  10. I'm sorry for Anna Marie and hope her treatment is successful. If there was any justice in the world, it would be Steve facing treatment, not his daughter-in-law.
  11. @Christina87, I'm so sorry. Poor baby birds.
  12. I wonder if all the LLC's registered in 2019 have anything to do with the FBI raid on the car lot? I'm pretty sure JB knows a lot more about that than he is letting on.
  13. Maybe she eats a lot of carrots and squash?
  14. Wow, talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire.
  15. I think it's going to depend on what has happened to them. If he hasn't crossed any lines with them, they're going to believe that God has redeemed him. If they've gone through what their aunts went through, they're probably going to hate everyone who knew what he was and refused to protect them.
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