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  1. They're not rilly together now, nor are they a family once the TLC cameras are off.
  2. I do like the shirt. I think the jeans make her look wider in the hips and short legged. But, I still think you should wear oversized shirts with leggings (ala early 1990s), so nobody should be taking fashion advice from me.
  3. I think the jump from 2 kids to 3 kids is a lot harder than most parents are prepared for, that and generally newborn exhaustion is probably keeping Jessa out of the spotlight.
  4. I think she is very pretty. I'm so sorry that she was born into a cult, is the 16th out 19 kids, and has lived her entire in the public sphere.
  5. You would think they would remember their childhood, especially the lack of parental attention and affection, and not want to recreate those issues for their own kids. All of them, except Jill, seem to be very into their children. Do they not understand that while love may multiply, time does not. There is no humanly way to give the same amount of attention to ten children that two or three children receive.
  6. It's not the relationship I would ever want, but Anna is still better off than the majority of Gothard/Quiverful wives. There is no indication that Josh is abusive, she doesn't have to wonder where she's going to live or how she's going to turn 3 eggs, a package of Top Ramen, and 2 hot dogs into a meal for 7, plus she and her kids get take awesome vacations. I bet whichever sister is married to the overseas missionary would change places with her in a heartbeat. I say this with the assumption that Josh is not molesting his children.
  7. Which would probably be better for everyone except the citizens of Mexico.
  8. That is a horrible name for a baby! I wonder if they call Sebastian 'Bash'. Just think, Bash & Slash.
  9. John should have had braces as a teen. His smile looks kind of stalkerish.
  10. To be honest, that's how McKenzie is pronounced in my neck of the woods, or close to it. Not really Ken, but not quite Kin, some kind of lazy slurred 'e'. The same thing happens to Alex.
  11. It looks like all the non-pregnant visiting Duggar women wore jean skirts that day. Given that it's difficult to tell if it's a skirt or a pair of shorts, they might as well have worn shorts.
  12. I was really disappointed they didn't call him a sex pest. Although they did point out that he's a jerk for making Anna do everything, the tone of the article was pretty positive.
  13. No, but it sounds really interesting. How did they find out he was taking the babies?
  14. They probably get quite a few fans asking if they can send them gifts. It's safer to use an Amazon gift registry or wish list that allows the gift to be sent w/o giving out their home address to strangers or opening boxes with unknown contents.
  15. Not to mention, at home with her "midwife" family member there to guide her through the birthing process.
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