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  1. He refused to allow his irresponsible adult son to endanger his vulnerable family members. I'm sure there are motels in the father's town or he could have stayed in his car for 14 days. Everything that happened before and after his father refused to allow him in his home is on the Covidiot who ignored all the warnings for a fun time at the beach.
  2. What's even worse is he is sharing that post from the EuroCast Cookware Facebook page. That company was doing demonstrations of their cookware at Costco on March 23.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me. The head in every one of these pictures looks off, plus that dress is very pretty and fits.
  4. I think David would have a harder time getting a job than any of the Duggar man-children. They'd be able to point to the show, the car lots, and other things to make it look like they've been working. Unless he works in a print shop that really needs help, I don't think his little brochures and screechy singing family are going to help.
  5. If their area is anything like mine, the local playground is closed. The police are giving warnings, then tickets.
  6. I wonder if God thinks Franklin Graham is as much of a narcissistic blowhard as I do?
  7. I don't have a problem with Duggars helping clean up after a tragedy, but I do have a problem with them making it all about them. Jed could have easily made a post saying he was there and put a link to whatever local charity is helping residents. But, no, it's all the photo op to show potential voters and/or viewers what an awesome person he is.
  8. @ChiCricket, I'm so sorry.
  9. C'mon, we all know they don't need no stinkin' storm cellar. They're safe because Jesus loves them more than he loves us.
  10. And their grandchildren, who will be raised by idiots who were raised by idiots. Not one of them with the common sense God gave a grasshopper.
  11. Thank you everyone for sharing the videos. The Myth Buster's one is very helpful in explaining why we need to isolate ourselves. The other two are fun to watch. @BetyBee, it's past time for your brother to start contributing to his and your mother's well-being. 50 miles is too far to travel to do something either one of them could do for themselves, especially when it's not even appreciated. You need to focus on taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally. Don't let your mom make you feel guilty. You're legitimately sick for goshsakes!
  12. If it was any other family, I would say this was an activity to promote math, reading, and baking skills, as well as, quality parent-child time whilst staying safely at home. But since it's the Duggar family, someone (Jana) probably put out the ingredients and half-assed watched because it's easier than properly homeschooling them.
  13. No, those are the people they want to attend their church. Their Covid Emergency bag is a really just a way to scare people into going to church, where God will save them one way or the other. They're targeting neighborhoods whose tithes will be more substantial than the ones that actually could use some help. Although, nobody needs any help the Rods are willing to give.
  14. @ChiCricket, I'm sorry your granddaughter is missing out on the normal ending of her senior year. It's not just cheerleading, the prom, and graduation, it's a rite of passage that marks the ending of childhood and the beginning of adulthood. Name Voyager is really cool. A coworker of mine wanted a name that wasn't unusual, but wasn't in the top 100 names. She named her baby Camilla, which is #302 for 2018. Unfortunately, she didn't check other spellings because Camila is #18.
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