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  1. That would have kept my toddler grandson going for hours. He loved being pushed on the swing at the park, the higher the better.
  2. Isn't blue and white dress woman a Dingus and not Jill? Jill only wears LONG, godly skirts with bold, ugly patterns. I thought it was Jill b/c of the messy blonde hair, but she's on the other side in her perky jean vest and longer skirt.
  3. I think Jim Bob is mad as hell about Jinger's public conversion to Calvinism. I grew up in Armenian evangelical churches and Calvinism is one of the top three evil christian beliefs, right after Catholicism and Anglicanism/ Episcopalian. Jer & Jin are definitely not following the correct Jesus.
  4. This was their before bed bible study, which I'm sure went over the little kids' head and the older ones tuned out. And this is where Jessa learned it was okay to let poor Henry sleep where ever he dropped. She's pretty much just as good as a mother as Michelle is, she just doesn't have the excuse of having 10-19 kids.
  5. I was called for federal court many years ago when I still had 2 of my 5 kids at home. If I was selected I would be required to be in isolation with the other jurors for the length of the trial. I requested to be removed b/c I was a widow and my 15 year old daughter was so out-of-control she couldn't be left alone and nobody I knew would take her for longer than a weekend. Her therapist wrote a letter collaborating what I said, so I ended up not having to serve.
  6. OMG, that poor child was corrected not only for actual disobedience, but also every little age-appropriate behavior that they didn't approve, plus mistakes, and random acts that he didn't know were 'wrong'. Even now he's probably emotionally punished whenever Jill is upset and can find a way to blame him. I also think Timothy is kind of creepy, but I bet a lot of that can be laid at Jill & David's feet. I really hate those two people.
  7. After reading all of the linked court documents I have come to the realization that I am temperamentally unsuited to be a lawyer or work in any compacity at any legal type employment. The documents repeated the same thing, in the same language, over and over again. Plus, Sex Pest is a moron and a disgusting excuse for a human. It offends me that he using oxygen that is needed for mice, rats, and maggots, all who are worthier beings than Pest.
  8. One can never have enough smoked salmon.
  9. I think our first TLC introduction to the Bates included the fun fact that Ma Bates had taken a pregnancy test in a gas station bathroom.
  10. I think their father refused to allow them to even think about. He's all about control & misogyny.
  11. Jeremy? I guess once you get a big boob, you no longer need breasts.
  12. My college library has occupancy limits and is currently not open to the public, but they were open to students. Derek did a lot of studying at school his first year, so I would think he could have gone there to study.
  13. I love the sound, but don't buy the ice cream. It's expensive and for some reason doesn't taste as good as it did when I was a kid. The pictures are the same, though.
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