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  1. I was getting ready to comment on this! 🤣 I have to admit that my family uses this phrase. "Should we go out to pizza or Mexican?" is frequently heard when we're together.
  2. And protect their daughters from sexual predators or make them feel responsible for abuse while coddling the abuser.
  3. I am now singing Sweet Caroline in my head, smiling and trying not sway b/c I'm at work & don't want to look like a loon.
  4. The Burger King in my town sells kid's meals for $1.99 and gives out cookies instead of toys. If I'm really hungry I'll add a 10 piece chicken nugget for another $1.99. A lot of fast food chains will have a cheap option, but few people want a plain cheese burger on a cheap bun when they can have a double bacon cheese burger on a pretzel bread for $10, extra if you add the fries and pop. That last one is at Wendy's, it tastes awesome but I can only justify paying $10 for a fast food burger once a year. @SunnyBeBe I hope you have a great birthday and this next year is filled with joy, peace, and love. I didn't start swearing regularly until I was 50 and today I think I used up about 20 years of back swear words. I'm so sorry, @MonicaM. I hope your son gets better quickly and that you and your husband test negative.
  5. I wonder how many people would think it was Spurt? It's still better than Spurgie. In 2018 75 baby girls were named Valkyrie and only 5 were named Spurgeon. Valkyrie for the win! I honestly think Spurgeon is going to grow up to be a push-over like Ben so he might as well marry Valkyrie and have some excitement in his life. That exchange was so cringe-worthy. I can't figure out if Ben really didn't know what was happening or if this was a skit made up by Jessa to show how disconnected Ben is when he's home. It was very obvious all he wanted to do was put his ear pods back in and stroll outside. One theory is Ben got to choose Spurgeon's first name and when he came up with another crazy name for Henry Jessa used it as a middle name.
  6. And that's another reason why I'm an atheist. Also, did you know unicorns are mentioned in the KJV of the bible 9 times? Given that version is the holy grail according to these people I wonder how the explain that. *The official explanation is that it was a mistranslation and was probably a rhino or a now-extinct one-horned ox.
  7. This is very close to my resolutions. I want to let in more joy and to eat sensibly.
  8. I want to have a huge shoe budget so I can buy each style of the Minna Ballet flats. And then a huge clothing budget so I can have 2 outfits for each shoe. Question? Do women no longer wear socks with their shoes or nylons when wearing dresses?
  9. My husband was a farmer when we got married and the first purchase we made together was a good pair of steel-toed work boots for me. In 1983 they cost about $200 which is about $522 today. At that time I was buying my shoes for less than $10 at Kmart, with the occasional Nike tennis shoe for $20-25. I donated them to the Goodwill 20 years later and they were still in great shape.
  10. I remember lining up in the cafeteria in the first grade (1969) and getting a shot in each arm and a sugar cube that was promised "if I was good". I have no idea what the shots or sugar cube were for, nor do I have a small pox scar. Last night's sleep was very restful and lasted from 11 to 5. My best friend & downstairs neighbor came up this morning and helped me clean my living room. It was so cluttered and stressful that I could not get started. It took us about an hour to get it in order. I'm not a hoarder, but when I get depressed I just don't care enough to throw things out. I don't go back to work until January 4 and there will be a great purge by that time.
  11. Do Justin's jeans have an iron-on patch on the knee?
  12. I was a foster parent. I adopted 5 kids through the foster system. My daughters are legally parenting my grandchildren pretty much like their birthparents raised them. I personally would be delighted if my grandchildren had the same life as Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy.
  13. My good news for Sunday is I slept for 9 hours last night! I have had insomnia since my mom passed last January. My doctor put me on Trazodone and upped the dosage 3 months ago. It will put me to sleep, but not keep me asleep. It's been a rough 11 months, but I can feel my depression slowly lifting.
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