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  1. Isn't that a big no no to try and force God's hand regarding the end of times? Doesn't everything happen in His time and only He knows when that time is? That's why horoscopes, Ouija boards, etc are looked down on because they are supposedly Devil tied because of fortune telling. I have a feeling people are going to be real surprised if there is an afterlife.
  2. yeah, that happened to me. But, we lived on a small base overseas and they needed bodies. They wouldn't promote me even though I did the work. My birthday was in Nov., so I was still the youngest of my class at graduation. I wonder if the cousins would ever be home schooled together in one class? They would really show who is teaching.
  3. Yes, Jill posted a recipe, and I think that's what she calls "Party Potatos" I remember a lot of chatter when Jill posted the recipe.
  4. Bacon! I used to read my aunt's old Chatterbox magazines from the early century. They'd usually have a story about life in a public school. It surprised me to read the word fag, meaning to serve, as in a younger boy serving an upperclassman. I also think French is a way of cutting such as French green beans. What ever happened to speak the truth and shame the devil?
  5. I had a dress like that in the late 80s early 90s in khaki. It was a go to dress when I wanted to be comfortable. That era had a lot to answer for!
  6. I think she's copying some of the poses she's seen online. But, there's still a disconnect. She doesn't know why they pose in certain poses.
  7. I was going to say it looked like she didn't change from her night dress before doing chores on the homestead.
  8. ,It can be done. My sister has always had baby fine hair and hers grew below her waist. Our grandfather liked girls having short hair, however and mom cut it. Mom said she had a mad four year old screaming at the mirror, " Dam' Granpa, dam' Granpa!" It never reached that length again, however.
  9. My sister received one today claiming she was a tax evader, etc. It wasn't a good day so she replied, "You lard ass piece of sh*t, I'll tell you what you can do..." Well, she couldn't since he hung up on her, so she dialed back and got a woman, who just answered, hello, then tried to continue the scam. My sister continued on the same vein, and she hung up on her. As my sister views this as a release, she called back again and they disconnected the line. She's had scammers block her. She says she doesn't want to yell at her partner, so she takes it out on them. Just remember, the IRS never phones, it's always snail mail.
  10. Wow! You can remember that far back? Some styles never change I guess. Sorry, Pradkitty, the typo was to much of a temptation for me to resist! I also had shoes like that in the '70s.
  11. To put it simply, if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with. Crosby, Stills Nash & Young.
  12. The getting naked to pee is the reason I stopped wearing them in my younger, thinner days. I liked them because they were an easy choice of clothing on days I had to go somewhere and I couldn't figure out what to wear. For those old enough to remember Units, I loved mine as it was very comfortable and I had other pieces to change it up. Actually, Jill would do well if Units were still available. Long skirts, shapeless tops which you can add belts, sashes, jackets to switch around. All colors made to match and easy to care for with two kids. She probably could get by as maternity clothes with out the thin stretched out tops and skirts she wears.
  13. You took it better than my sister and her first. She had been divorced for years, after a really bad break up, her eldest son called to say his dad had died. (Need to say he never saw his dad after the divorce and only talked on the phone with him. The younger son refused after a couple of calls.) My sister responded, "What father? You don't have a father!" Son: "Mom! Remember 'Whatsis'" "Oh I'm sorry, yes you did have a father. I'm sorry." Her son understood, she lived without him and even had in her separation decree she could live her life as if she never met him. Which brings up a reason V day isn't really a great holiday here (besides my mom dying on the 17th after celebrating Vday on the weekend) My sister's second husband died on V day. Sis retired early and contacted SS about benefits. She had lived with 1 Long enough to get some of his, and when the woman was looking up the information to see which would be more advantageous, husband 1 or 2, the woman made a little squee and said, "Oh my! They both died on Valentine's day!" So now, with her third, we all smile and say, "he survived this V-day." Sounds ghoulish, but they both acknowledge it's a joke.
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