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  1. Whoopi has dyslexia. I'll give her a mulligan on the teleprompter.
  2. Meghan is playing the Bill Geddie role in feeding talking points. LOL
  3. Maybe Joy can dress as Meghan
  4. Monday, Oct. 26 – The Political View with vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Oct. 27 – Bari Weiss guest co-hosts; Jon Meacham (“The Soul of America”) Wednesday, Oct. 28 – Chelsea Handler Thursday, Oct. 29 – Samuel L. Jackson Friday, Oct. 30 – “The View” celebrates with a Halloween treat, annual Hot Topics kids costumes and a performance from James Monroe Iglehart
  5. It was a refreshing show today
  6. Tuesday should be interesting.
  7. Friday would've been torture for Meghan. HAHA
  8. I love snarking about Meghan on here
  9. Meghan is exhausting in EVERY possible way
  10. I hope this is Meg's last week
  11. Can we rename this page? I'm thinking Meghan McCain: Hardcore "Meat and Potatoes" Wannabe Tough Gal
  12. Thanks to Princess, I never want to see or hear about "Meat and Potatoes" EVER AGAIN
  13. Meghan should be fired during her maternity leave. I can't handle her anymore.
  14. Meghan was off the rails today
  15. I hope this is NutMeg's last week
  16. Maternity leave can't come soon enough for her. GET HER OFF
  17. Her maternity leave can't come soon enough
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