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  1. I have a new name for Meghan: Meggie Moo
  2. Abby is Debbie with a decade added to her age
  3. Abby has lips like a pufferfish
  4. And Meghan talks about Middle America when Arizona isn't even in that area.
  5. Babs would fire Meghan right then and there
  6. I hope Meghan uses the hiatus to reflect
  7. It would be so much easier if she didn't always bring them up.
  8. I'm rewatching the show to see the buildup
  9. When I see Meghan with a sour face, I know she's gonna get revved up.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if MM tells hubby to unleash a tweet storm on Whoopi.
  11. Greta Gerwig is an old college friend of Missy
  12. Monday, Dec. 16 – Robert De Niro (“The Irishman”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Dec. 17 – Charlize Theron (“Bombshell”) Wednesday, Dec. 18 – Rachel Brosnahan and Luke Kirby (“The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”); hot holiday toys with Elizabeth Werner Thursday, Dec. 19 – Greta Gerwig (“Little Women”); Boris Kodjoe and Nikole Hannah-Jones (Full Circle Festival) Friday, Dec. 20 – “The View”‘s holiday show; Co-Hosts’ Favorite Things; Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt (“Mad About You”); Darlene Love returns for her 5th annual performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” with a surprise guest
  13. Joy should be working to get Meg axed
  14. Mrs. Hughes should've gone full Aunt Lydia
  15. Joy loves to push the buttons
  16. Abby's fast speech patterns make her sound like a chicken. I almost expect her to start breaking out in feathers.
  17. Abby and Missy aren't people. They're personifications of temperaments. Abby is Sugar and Missy is Spice.
  18. I hope Joy is moderating that day
  19. Monday, Dec. 9 – The Rodriguez family from Orlando, a 21-year-old takes on raising her five siblings after the death of both parents; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Dec. 10 – Day of Hot Topics Wednesday, Dec. 11 – Chris Christie Guest co-hosts; Lupita Nyong’o (“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”); holiday performance from Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Thursday, Dec. 12 – Jack Black (“Jumanji: The Next Level”) Friday, Dec. 13 – Annette Bening (“The Report”)
  20. Meghan does act like a widow sometimes. You don't need to apologize.
  21. Meghan’s outfit this Friday should’ve been her audition to play cheetah in the new Wonder Woman movie. She has the spots and the attitude
  22. Maybe they can fire Meghan and bring in Yvette full-time
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