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  1. I wish they had Don Jr and Kimberly on Ana Friday next week. She'd give it to them.
  2. ABC should hire Joel Schumacher to be Meghan's new stylist. She'd look ridiculous. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joel_Schumacher
  3. Look what I dug up from when Abby announced she was joining The View. A comment from Kimberly G herself
  4. Ana also worked on Abby's dad's campaign in 2012. Ana should write a tell-all about Meg some day
  5. Monday, Nov. 4 – Day of Hot Topics; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Nov. 5 – Daytime exclusive with actress and activist Jane Fonda Wednesday, Nov. 6 – The Political View with 2020 presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) Thursday, Nov. 7 – “The View” celebrates 5000 shows; The Political View with Donald Trump Jr. and senior advisor to the Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign, Kimberly Guilfoyle (“Triggered”) Friday
  6. They should’ve scheduled Don Jr and Kimberly next Friday so Ana could go for the jugular and Joy leading everything.
  7. She can put the elephant on the Jessica dress.
  8. Meghan should dress as Jessica Rabbit
  9. Monday, Oct. 28 – Day of Hot Topics Tuesday, Oct. 29 – Kristene Chapa and Grace Chapa (“Truth About Murder with Sunny Hostin”) Wednesday, Oct. 30 – The Political View with 2020 Presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker; Mary Wilson (author, “Supreme Glamour”) Thursday, Oct. 31 – “The Viewing” Halloween Special; Jordin Sparks (Broadway’s “Waitress”); Dr. Oz (“The Dr. Oz Show”); a performance from the cast of Broadway’s “Beetlejuice” Friday, Nov. 1 – Miranda Lambert (album, “Wildcard”)
  10. I hope Whoopi is gone for at least a month.
  11. If only we could arrange for Meghan to get a bucket of blood poured on her head for her birthday, like Carrie.
  12. Maybe this time, Luann can serenade Meg
  13. Monday, Oct. 21 – Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon (“The Current War”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Oct. 22 – The Political View with Newt Gingrich (author, “Trump vs. China: Facing America’s Greatest Threat”); Edward Norton (“Motherless Brooklyn”) Wednesday, Oct. 23 – “The View” celebrates Meghan McCain’s birthday; Cameron Douglas (author, “Long Way Home”); a performance from Shooter Jennings Thursday, Oct. 24 – Mich
  14. Fellowes was showing his love of old fashioned ways by having Edith lose the paper
  15. I think Sarah Bunting and Edna should've been the main antagonists of the film.
  16. I think Abby sometimes should be reminded that she's not on Fox anymore.
  17. https://www.thedailybeast.com/foxs-abby-huntsman-humiliates-herself-as-guests-weep-over-morally-bankrupt-trump From August 2017.
  18. They should play I Feel Pretty when Sunny walks out Friday
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