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  1. Monday, Dec. 9 – The Rodriguez family from Orlando, a 21-year-old takes on raising her five siblings after the death of both parents; “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Dec. 10 – Day of Hot Topics Wednesday, Dec. 11 – Chris Christie Guest co-hosts; Lupita Nyong’o (“Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”); holiday performance from Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard Thursday, Dec. 12 – Jack Black (“Jumanji: The Next Level”) Friday, Dec. 13 – Annette Bening (“The Report”)
  2. Meghan does act like a widow sometimes. You don't need to apologize.
  3. Meghan’s outfit this Friday should’ve been her audition to play cheetah in the new Wonder Woman movie. She has the spots and the attitude
  4. Maybe they can fire Meghan and bring in Yvette full-time
  5. I'd guess Whoopi. Maybe they need her now to film her scenes for The Stand
  6. Meghan's tantrums dictate hot topics
  7. Monday, Dec. 2 – Yvette Nicole Brown guest co-hosts; The Political View with 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) Tuesday, Dec. 3 – Ronan Farrow guest co-hosts; Dennis Quaid (“Merry Happy Whatever”) Wednesday, Dec. 4 – Michael Eric Dyson (“JAY-Z: Made in America”) Thursday, Dec. 5 – Bari Weiss guest co-hosts; Josh Groban (“Josh Groban’s Great Big Radio City Show”) Friday, Dec. 6 – Day of Hot Topics
  8. although I would've loved to see Dolly scratch Meg with those nails.
  9. I'm sure they'd have more guests if there wasn't the chance they'd be pre-empted most of the week
  10. Monday, Nov. 11 – Judd Apatow (book, “It’s Garry Shandling’s Book”); “View Your Deal” with hottest items at affordable prices Tuesday, Nov. 12 – Kristen Bell (“Frozen 2”); Jeff Goldblum (Disney+ series “The World According to Jeff Goldblum”) Wednesday, Nov. 13 – Day of Hot Topics Thursday, Nov. 14 – “The View” celebrates Whoopi’s birthday; the cast of Broadway’s “Ain’t Too Proud – The Life and Times of the Temptations” Friday, Nov. 15 – Day of Hot Topic
  11. Yesterday was like the split screen all over again.
  12. That would’ve been so much better.
  13. I wish Ana could just be on today and tomorrow
  14. I hope Meg is absent this coming Thursday
  15. I'd trade my aunt in for Joy
  16. Abby should've been a Hallmark actress.
  17. I still think they should've had a recording of Carol Lawrence singing I Feel Pretty playing for Sunny's birthday show. This song is so Sunny.
  18. Jedediah Bila began her maternity leave today.
  19. Meghan said that she had no interest in joining The View at all, but her father told her to take it. She shouldn't have listened to him. Then we'd still have Jed
  20. I wish they had Ana on Thursday to grill Fredo and Kimberly
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