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  1. Well she is freezing her eggs in the preview and then there's a shot of her running to the toilet to throw up (in her underwear), possibly teasing she has morning sickness? I can definitely see a pregnancy type storyline coming up.
  2. I agree and that was the one point I agreed with Stan on. He shouldn't be housing her family or paying their bills. Lisa just wants someone to take care of her problems. Stan is just convenient and he gives her money so it's the best option in her view to stay with him. The human part of her is feeling guilty about her son but not guilty enough to actually be a parent.
  3. Dougie is testing his father, seeing how far he can go before dad gets mad, probably not the best idea. I think dad might have a quick temper. Stan didn't like that Lisa has an actual life that needs attention. His true colors really shone through in that scene. He couldn't give two shits about Lisa's family and her problems, all he cares about is his dick. I'm sure his daughters must be proud. The 52 year old woman with the nice friend is sad. I wonder why her felon boyfriend all of a sudden fell in love with her, after ditching her the first two times. Daonte is just gros
  4. This is so sad, she just had a baby. RIP Tracie.
  5. Yes! Thought the exact same thing. And no way he's dated 125 women. Just posting on someone's social media is not a date.
  6. I felt so bad for that kid. His father gives off abuse vibes, just the way he was ordering (oops I mean "flexing") her on the phone shows he thinks he's always right an his word is law. I don't think it's "cute". I think it's sad that that's the kind of man she wants to be with and really wish that poor boy had some better living options because I fear it's not going to end well for him. Hopefully I'm very wrong.
  7. So I am guessing the weight loss surgery storyline was scrapped before it could even begin. Too much restriction for her I guess.
  8. A whole new cast! I can't wait. That old guy with the bad hair is already reminding me of Scott and his weird lip.
  9. I'll check it out, thanks for the link. I only recognize three of the returning teams. I'm so glad it's going to be in warm climate.
  10. I have no idea. I'm either fast forwarding through drunk make outs or nodding off. The dolphins were nice that's about all I remember. We finally get to see the dock smashing scene we've been teased with all season. Hopefully it's not the last 30 seconds of the episode.
  11. I saw this on Reddit on the MBFFL forum. I thought it was very interesting and honestly I'm not the least bit surprised: Any other current NoBSActive members here that have grown frustrated with the programming? (I’m not here for fat shaming or bitching about Whitney’s modifications, there are legit reasons why people need those, and the point is to not shame people who are trying. If you’re not a member, I’m not trying to hear your opinion on something you’re not actively participating in.) I’m talking about Whitney missing what feels like at least 25% of the workouts, dropping
  12. I know how they feel. I got half way through the last episode and never finished it.
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