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  1. She mentioned her therapist very quickly during dinner at the girls retreat. She was talking and said "My therapist says I...... " I forget the rest because that sort of caught me off guard. So I think she is in therapy which is good, hopefully she will follow the therapists advice.
  2. Ugh I just watched this on YouTube. She's insufferable this episode. The way she talks to her family is horrible. I'm glad Hunter finally found his voice, it's always nice to hear a sane comment on this trainwreck. When Twit was telling Jessica that Heather is going to be a surrogate for her shows how little she hears when other people talk to her. Heather made it pretty clear she had a lot of concerns and didn't think she could do it, but that's not what Twit heard. That "vacation" looked like the trip from hell with Twit barking orders at everyone.
  3. They do look two different sizes. I can't believe she walks around like that. She needs support asap. She looked so gross in that "bathing suit" (looked more like a leotard). I also think she wore that because if it got wet it would look like she was naked. There was no type of lining or anything in it so if it got wet it would be super clingy and extra gross.
  4. That pissed me off. That woman is not a big girl, she is a normal healthy weight. Fatney would kill to look like her.
  5. Supposedly he's her french tutor that she met on a language site or something, although on the most recent episode she said they met on a forum. But we're supposed to believe this new fake relationship because Twit's convinced it's real.
  6. She knows deep down that she can't help her parents. She can't even manage basic hygiene for herself , how could she possibly care for someone else. She knows the truth but she pretends she's all concerned like the dutiful daughter. I hate how she talks to her parents like they're feeble and need her to tell them what to do. I loved how all the other women at the retreat are younger and more accomplished in their lives than Twit. It just showed up how nothing her life is. She sounded pathetic talking about her "boyfriend", who by the way sounded utterly uninterested and bored when t
  7. This whole show is just Whitney having conversations with people. Literally nothing happens. If that's her french teacher then he's doing a bad job because the tiny bit of french she attempted to speak sucked. You can tell she has no idea what she's saying, there's probably someone next to the camera holding up a phonetically spelled cue card for her to read. So she knows she's getting a shot in her arm and thinks a pull over sweatshirt that she can't possibly roll up over her upper arm is a good idea to wear. "Hey that way I can take it half off so everyone has to see my bra"
  8. with his mohawk hair flowing in the wind?
  9. I don't know, that sounds too normal a plan for Kim. She's shown she's greedy, lazy and wasteful. I feel bad for the younger kids too, they're going to live through the aftermath of the mess their parents made.
  10. That's from the next season that starts soon. I have no desire to see most of the cast that are coming back, I hate Lacey and Shane, and Brittany/Marcelino put me to sleep. But mixed in there will be more Lisa and Stan, Daonte and Nicole, and Ray and Britney.
  11. That scene confused me. They all sat around bundled up like it's the middle of winter waiting for Buddy to show up at some unknown time. It gets to be so late that Heather has to leave. Buddy finally shows up and is shown grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. In the next shot he's bringing them pre-made food that is clearly wrapped up. What happened to the food he was cooking? Best scene of the night was her looking all around to make sure her family wasn't watching as she reclined the seat in the car and started stuffing herself with popcorn.
  12. Well she is freezing her eggs in the preview and then there's a shot of her running to the toilet to throw up (in her underwear), possibly teasing she has morning sickness? I can definitely see a pregnancy type storyline coming up.
  13. I agree and that was the one point I agreed with Stan on. He shouldn't be housing her family or paying their bills. Lisa just wants someone to take care of her problems. Stan is just convenient and he gives her money so it's the best option in her view to stay with him. The human part of her is feeling guilty about her son but not guilty enough to actually be a parent.
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