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  1. rove4

    S01.E16: The Job

    I love Jessica! The corner table boys! I thought Malcolm's friend was a lot of fun, too. I liked that he turned out to be a good person and helpful. I hope he'll make more appearances. If Malcolm is too screwed up to have a stable romantic life right now, I'd like to see him have at least one friend outside of police work.
  2. Max's new assistant, who I hope sticks around for as long as possible, was the crazy, blind grandmother of a serial killer over on Prodigal Son a few episodes back. I wanted the main character to hit her with a 2x4 in that one. 🤣
  3. Of course it is. This isn't new; showrunners do it across the board for any show about any profession. Why? Because otherwise it'd be boring. There's a reason why supposed candid reality shows still steer their content in certain ways; it's to inject a little drama and tension into what would otherwise be a bore-fest. IMO it's still all a bore-fest but YMMV. I just look to be entertained for a couple of hours a night, to disengage from real world crap for a bit, and just go with the flow. To each their own...
  4. It's probably like white noise to him at this point. I think, like Martin's therapy group, he's just over the Martin Whitly drama. 😎
  5. "...every time a Whitly goes rogue..." 🤣 I wonder if Martin will parley this side trip to the hospital into an escape, once he's suitably recovered of course.
  6. Edie Falco is a queen as far as I'm concerned so I'll watch anything she does. That said, I did like this. It was a bit uneven but that's to be expected from pilots and the potential is there in a solid cast. The mayor could be an interesting character. I got a kick out of Tommy turning down the woman in the bar (Layla from Arrow?) because at her stage in life she'd much rather have the extra hour of sleep. 😂😂
  7. Recently reread David Baldacci's The Innocent (Will Robie #1) and am now rereading The Hit, second in that series, as a refresher in advance of finally getting around to reading the rest of the series. I also read the start to Baldacci's Atlee Pine series, Long Road to Mercy. I also just started The Eye of the World (Wheel of Time #1) by Robert Jordan Oh! I also just finished book one in Linwood Barclay's Promise Falls trilogy, Broken Promise.
  8. That's pretty much how I see it too. I'm fine if they just stay friends but I'm not opposed to the show going there eventually if that's the plan. The M.E. just seems so silly which, in a show that seems content to fly its silly flag high and proud, is saying something. I don't see that she inspires any feelings in Malcolm beyond embarrassment. What I would like to see is more Gil and Jessica scenes. 😉 My thoughts exactly. Overall a fun episode. I was sold on the opening Under Pressure bit. Loved JT's Miami Vice snark and Jessica's "I knew you would never join a conga line!" 😆
  9. What was Sharpe's important realization? Kapoor! With hair!! 😁
  10. Ahh, got it, lol. Thanks! As for Martin trying to kill Malcolm, I believe it...or at least that Martin considered it even if he eventually decided against it (for the time being). Malcolm was starting to snoop around into daddy's peculiar hobby and Martin was already having to chloroform him. How long could that go on? Among his other bad qualities, Martin is a narcissist and ultimately no one's life means more to him than his own.
  11. I'm not even sure what this means. Ditto.
  12. Yeah, if I only watched scripted shows that were 100% reality 100% of the time, I'd not be watching anything on tv. I like the characters on this show so I'm just glad that the show was renewed for three more seasons. Long live Max! Long live Helen! Long live Kapoor! Long live Iggy! Long live Reynolds! Hell, even long live Bloom! 😁
  13. I like the scenes with the daughter. She's a cutie. I kept hoping someone would shoot the sister in that last standoff. I really hate the younger female agent's hair (Hannah?). It's just this blob on her head...not a flattering cut at all.
  14. Well I'm still enjoying the show. I've been working in hospitals for 25 years and I don't give a flying fig how realistic/unrealistic the show is . I didn't go into this expecting a documentary. So, you go, Helen!
  15. Wasn't that the mandate given to the AFD? To be more diverse? I thought that was stated in the pilot. So Owen specifically and intentionally chose these people. That was my understanding anyway. Yeah, ordinarily you'd not get this wide a swath of people in a firehouse but when it's been stated that that's the goal... Eh, as a born and bred Texan living just a hop, skip, and a jump from Austin (my sister and parents live there), I'm not bothered by how Austin is being portrayed. I long ago stopped expecting even 75% reality from my tv dramas. I watch tv for pure escapist entertainment and if I can watch with only half of my brain engaged then all the better. I leave it to books to provide a more intellectual way to pass the time. I am tickled to hear the characters mention places that I am familiar with, like Judd being from Seguin. I have one of my five library cards from their public library (which is free to me a county resident).
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