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  1. rove4

    FBI: Most Wanted

    The show used the term "family annihilator" which is, apparently, actually a thing. The LaCroix character also said that the husband was a control freak. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130815084404.htm "Categorizing the Killers: Four Types of Family Annihilator Self-righteous: The killer seeks to locate blame for his crimes upon the mother who he holds responsible for the breakdown of the family. This may involve the killer phoning his partner before the murder to explain what he is about to do. For these men, their breadwinner status is central to their idea of the ideal family. Disappointed: This killer believes his family has let him down or has acted in ways to undermine or destroy his vision of ideal family life. An example may be disappointment that children are not following the traditional religious or cultural customs of the father. Anomic: In these cases the family has become firmly linked in the mind of the killer to the economy. The father sees family as the result of his economic success, allowing him to display his achievements. However, if the father becomes an economic failure, he sees the family as no longer serving this function. Paranoid: Those who perceive an external threat to the family. This is often social services or the legal system, which the father fears will side against him and take away the children. Here the murder is motivated by a twisted desire to protect the family."
  2. rove4


    I know! Who walks up to an obviously enraged man hacking away at a gravestone marker with a pickax? In what world does that end well? Death by Stupidity is what that is.
  3. rove4

    The Village

    I'm a social worker. Trust me, these terrible decisions get made by adults all the time too.
  4. rove4

    The Village

    I dropped out of watching This Is Us during its first season but tuned in to check this out for Warren Christie, Queen Toussaint, and the dog. A building where the neighbors all care about each other as human beings? Yeah, I'll watch that. The fact that some would scorn the concept is a sad commentary on today's society. Maybe a building full of good-hearted people is too far a stretch into the fantasy realm for us.
  5. rove4

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I think the show is fun. All the OTT shenanigans and questions about FBI/CIA jurisdictions don't bother me at all. I'm tired of feeling depressed or pissed off after pretty much every other show I watch. This show isn't anything deep or meaningful but it's not trying to be and, quite frankly, it's a breath of fresh air to end a show with a smile on my face. The entire cast has a fun chemistry thing going on, even when Ray is tossed in there.
  6. rove4

    S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    This show just doesn't strike me at all as the type of show that will kill off a member of the main, core cast. I don't even know if Chicago Fire has killed off one of the main firefighters yet - but I haven't watched since season 3-ish so that may have changed. Anyway, that show takes itself far more seriously than this one does. Now if an actor's contract is up and they want to move on to other pastures then I can see the writers deciding to go for it because they're going to lose the actor anyway. That last scene where his face was shown came out really dark on my tv so I didn't immediately recognize him as the Bailey dude either.
  7. rove4

    S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    Personally, I don't see this supposed hate for JLH by a large segment of the viewers and I'm all over social media. No actor is going to please everyone but I've certainly not seen anything out of the ordinary. But, whatever. I don't know that this show will kill off a major character - unless the actor wants to leave the show. This doesn't really seem like that type of show to me but I guess time will tell.
  8. rove4

    S02.E10: Merry Ex-Mas

    I totally agree. Buck just going with the flow about he and Eddie being mistaken for a couple was one of my favorite moments from the episode. I'm disappointed that the writers have chosen to bring Eddie's wife back into the mix. I would've much preferred to see the storyline progress with him struggling as a single dad and the station guys pitching in to help now and again. Plus, the Eddie/Buck bromance was just getting started. I haven't seen JLH in anything since Party of Five and she was just a kid then so I don't have any preconceived notions about her as an adult. I'm really liking her in this role and I, too, prefer her over the Abby character from S1. She's great with both Buck and Chimney. So glad Athena said "yes" to Bobby! Based on her initial facial reaction I really thought she was going to put on the brakes. I know Bobby was responsible for a horrible tragedy but it WAS an accident and he'll carry the guilt of his own family for as long as he lives, no matter what other happiness he may find. And his life is devoted now to saving everyone else he can. Besides, tv shows have redeemed characters for a lot worse than accidentally causing the deaths of others. Shoot, over on The 100 the heroes purposefully kill hundreds of others practically every season.
  9. rove4

    S01.E04: The Switch

    My thoughts exactly. I find it refreshing that this show isn't weighted down with angst and that the characters are all basically good, hard-working people. I don't need every show to be full of morally grey anti-heroes. But didn't Chen's T.O. date his (now junkie) wife when they were rookies? And then they obviously got married at some point. So I don't understand why it's such a big deal if Chen dates a fellow cop.
  10. rove4


    Well, I'm enjoying the show. I'm not one who tends to over-analyze or nitpick very much though. When I'm watching tv I just want to sit back, relax, and not have to think very much - especially if I'm watching something on one of the basic networks. When I feel the need to employ my brain more I go read books (which reminds me, I need to buy more shelves). I didn't see the military vet as a stone cold killer. Far from it, in fact. But I work with combat veterans and a whole hell lot of them verbalize some iteration of "I feel broken" or "I'm lost" at one point or another and a lot of them self-medicate with either drugs or alcohol (or both). Often times it starts as just a means to keep from having nightmares. The guy in the show was basically looking to suicide-by-cop at the end.
  11. rove4

    S02E06: Hold What You Got

    LOL! That's pretty much how I remember it too!
  12. rove4


    I enjoyed this season too. The extra episodes definitely helped give the story and characters a more fleshed out feel. That said, I don't really sympathize with Dracula. What happened to his wife was awful and if he'd limited his revenge to those in the corrupt church then that would've been understandable and I could even root for that. Slaughtering entire villages full of people who had nothing to do with it, including babies who weren't even born at the time it happened? Not so much. All I can think is how Lisa could've married this monster in the first place. I can't even sympathize with Isaac because he's basically a fanatic, a sheep who doesn't question anything about the cult leader. Hector at least shows signs of growth and maybe redemption...though if he's willing to have the human race culled just because people from his childhood freaked out over his zombie pets then his reasoning is kind of lame. Camilla was entertaining. I was rooting for her to overthrow Dracula. I felt badly for Alucard sitting in that old castle all alone, crying.
  13. rove4

    S02E07: Inheritance

    Luca almost looks more aged than the actor playing his father, lol.
  14. rove4

    S02E06: Hold What You Got

    I figured Stella was heading towards deciding she can't handle a life where she's always worried about Clay's survival but, damn, her timing sucks. I know Clay kept pushing her to tell him what was bothering her but, still. I've never cared about their relationship so if this is it for them I'm fine with it. Ugh, I'm not into any Sonny/Davis pairing either. Sonny is entertaining but I find him a bit gross. I think Davis can do so much better. Jason is such an ass. He walks into another country and almost immediately starts insulting the people who live that cartel war every day.
  15. rove4

    The Neighborhood

    I just watched all the available episodes On Demand last night and I like it. I don't watch too many sitcoms these days but this has made me chuckle a few times. I agree that it got off to a rough start and the pilot felt all sorts of awkward but it's gotten better IMO. I like all the characters...except for Grover. What a rude little snot. How can he have such awful manners when he has Gemma and super earnest Dave as parents?