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  1. They couldn't just let Max and Helen be happy together for five minutes. *sigh* And this is all for nothing because I don't really believe that either actor is planning to leave the show. Reynolds just needs to let go of that whole relationship mess. Unless he's truly ready to share his lover with another man...and all that that entails...then he just needs to let it go. There's no chemistry there anyway, IMO. C'mon Bloom. You're smarter than that. Iggy needs Dr. Kapoor. 😢
  2. rove4

    S05.E01: Panic

    Same here. I figured one of the courtroom fangirls would be the one to take out Lou so the lawyer reveal surprised me. I can only guess that she fell for his "charm" while representing him, that the firing was real and she felt bad for disappointing/failing him. Her killing Lou was her extremely misguided way of getting back into his good graces.
  3. rove4

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    That was an unexpected ending. That said, it looked to me like Eddie was shot fairly high up on his right shoulder which doesn't seem like a necessarily fatal wound.
  4. So Max is an unfit parent because...he's single and works? Yeah, good luck with that, Gwen.
  5. This is pretty much what I gleaned from the episode too. I think audiences have just become accustomed to watching tv with only half their brains "on". We watch while also scrolling through our various social media accounts, folding laundry. cooking, etc. So it's jarring when we come up against a show that doesn't spoon feed us but instead insists that we pay attention and that we use context to derive meaning. I find it refreshing. I don't claim to understand everything - and I had to rewatch the episode with closed captioning on - but I appreciate that I'm being challenged. 😁 It wa
  6. I must be really desensitized because I haven't noted an excessive use of profanity. lol The whole Galanthi thing doesn't really bother me either. I read The Malazan Book of the Fallen series where the author drops readers in the deep end of the pool without so much as a "hello" and a pretty important magical element isn't explained until like book five or something (in a ten book series). By then readers have pretty much pieced it together. So this show barely registers on my frustration meter.
  7. I wasn't interested in Owen's arson storyline so I was barely hanging on for most of the episode, was even thinking this might be me my last Lone Star episode but then that final scene hooked me back in for next week. But, really, I'm tired of all the Owen centric storylines. I'd like a little more focus on the rest of the firehouse.
  8. I have zero issues with retiring. I'm out as soon as it's financially feasible. Maybe even before then if I can swing it. 😁 How is Taylor still friend zoning Buck? Poor Buck. He keeps swinging and missing. lol Glad the assistant made off with the five million. Literal payback for putting up with his douchebag boss.
  9. Well, I'm bummed. I bet it ends on a cliffhanger too.
  10. If only people of color/LGBTQ could so conveniently tune out "reality" instead of living it every single day. 🙄
  11. You're right, I'd forgotten about that. Darn, no mermaid tail!
  12. Not to mention that it would not have done the Touched any favors in public perception if they had been seen as successfully rescuing a known murderer who also happened to be Touched. I was very disappointed to see that Amalia and Horatio (is that his name) started their affair up again. That he would hurt his wife that way and that Amalia would do that to another woman, it makes me respect them a little less. So what did Maladie, as Effie Boyle, say to Swan? Both Lavinia and Massen have now mentioned finding a cure. Does that mean they're in cahoots with whatever is going on
  13. I don't like Hutch. He had potential until he started sexing up Chloe, who I cant stand. Sure, have sex with the girl you found overdosing on the floor. 🙄 My interest in him took a nosedive. Plus, he has stupid hair. Do not care about Chloe and her "woe is me" attitude. The whole story revolving around Sheldon's quest makes no sense to me. Why him? Why is he getting these visions? Really, the only characters I like so far are Grace, Brandon, and George...but in his case it might be my love for Wyatt in Timeless bleeding through.
  14. Just got caught up with this show and I'm really enjoying it. Amalia is a badass and the clues the show keeps dropping about her have me intrigued. At this point she could be either a time traveler or an alien, not sure which I prefer at this point. Does this mean though that the woman who was the real Amalia drowned in the pilot and her body was taken over by this time traveler/alien? Love her friendship with Penance. I love Penance and Auggie both separately and together. They are so cute in their awkwardness together. I hope that once Lavinia's plans come out, that he'll side with
  15. And you could clearly hear him knocking from inside the trunk. Seems kind of risky to just leave the car unattended in the parking lot like that.
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