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  1. If what someone stated up thread about TK no longer speaking to Kelly after VKs cut is true, then I think it's 'good frickin riddance.' I understand being upset when your kid is hurt, but TK should NEVER have imposed this problem on her supposed close friend Kelly. TK isn't blind, she could see that her daughter wasn't ready for the squad and didn't measure up. Yet she still put her so called great friend in a terrible position, both professionally and personally. It's worse than if a friend puts her neck out at her work to get you a job, and then you act a goof and destroy her professional reputation with her boss and coworkers. Not good. TK is a 'friend' I'd never want. I think for the sake of the DCC organization, they need to cut ties with KC. Kitty is playing the social/financial game and is not objective
  2. In a dream

    S08.E04: Could It Be . . . Satan?

    I think Coco and Dinah were also in the Mallory scene? Coco at the end of the table and Dinah next to Mallory?
  3. In a dream

    S08.E01: The End

    I have a feeling that Timothy and Emily have some relation to Kit's children from Asylum. Anyone know who the actress was that played Timothy's mother. She looked so familiar to me. but I can't quite place why? Liked this episode although AHS usually takes me about the first 2-3 episodes every season to really get into the story. The mixture of horror, dry comedy, and the occasional over- the-top bits make me love this show.
  4. In a dream

    S01.E08: Karma's a Bitch

    I like this show, it's one of a kind. I don't believe it is meant to be taken Seriously at all, but is supposed to be over the top with comedic moments. It's by RM, his style always calls for some suspension of belief. I can see that some people wouldn't care for the illogical parts of the show, but that is what this show is.
  5. In a dream

    S01.E03: Next of Kin

    I kind of like the pace. It's certainly different than most shows and I don't find my focus wondering while I'm watching. I also don't mind not knowing all the backstories on each character. It keeps it interesting and I'm sure, in time, we'll know more than enough about each of them. Not a fan of the Buck/Abby story line; he is a young cocky guy and the pairing of the two doesn't seem to fit. I do love Athena and how her character has kept her cool, whereas I would have lost it a couple of times already. The 'boyfriend' at the hospital would have certainly gotten a not so nice response from me. I also like the Aisha Hind's character. She reminds me of an old coworker I had that was the best damn cancer nurse I'd ever seen. I hope to never see the non-fiance again, I wouldn't have kept my mouth shut with her either.
  6. In a dream

    S07.E09: Drink the Kool-Aid

    I've got to say, I didn't have one iota of sympathy for Ivy. Any spouse that had done the things Ivy had done could never be trusted again. Especially if you're fighting for the life of your child. Ivy was too big of a liability to hold onto, too many liars and backstabbers around. Glad Ally had the resolve to get rid of her.
  7. In a dream

    S12.E10: The Next Step

    Uh Jenna has done some rule breaking and 'hooking up' in the past, prior to her 21st birthday. Jenna was not an innocent bystander that was supposed to be Holly's keeper, she was a leader on the team that played the social game with an underage buddy. Her and Holly were great friends and attended these outings together. Jenna is not Miss Goody Two shoes, but apparently is quite Two faced.
  8. Jenna has always rubbed me the wrong way for some reason. I've never felt she had a personality I would like in person. It's just a feeling about her, nothing concrete. I've had it since she first made the team.
  9. I second "The Women's Room" by M. French. Great, great book that centers on women's everyday roles in the 1950s to 1970s. I also really enjoyed the original Women's Lib. book, "The Feminine Mystique" by Betty Freidan. "She's Come Undone" is also a good read.
  10. In a dream

    Palimpsest: Novel vs. Show

    I think Offred's mother wasn't included in the Hulu series for several reasons, but a major one is the time period. The book was written in the mid 1980s and the mother was portrayed as an early feminist, fighting for abortion rights when it was illegal, etc. The mother was kind of along the lines of Betty Freidan or Gloria Steinem. In the 1980s book that age timeline of mother/daughter worked, but it wouldn't today (or for soon in the future). Also, I don't remember anything about a cat being killed in the book, thank goodness.
  11. In a dream

    S06.E08: Chapter 8

    I do believe Lee's confession that she killed Mason, but someone had to help her. Remember when she was being interrogated by the police and she questioned the cop if he believed she could have hung up Mason alone? I also think the twist in the story will have something to do with Emily...the little child Lee had that disappeared, prior to Flora. Emily has only been mentioned once and I feel it is somehow part of the Mason murder, Lee, Flora, and everything else going on. I agree with the PP that hates Hostel and all the 'torture porn' movies. They are terrible, awful, and horrible. But I don't think last episode crossed the line into that territory. If it had, I wouldn't have been able to stomach it. Audrey is my favorite character, she cracks me up. And I would've killed Mama Polk just like she did. If someone tied me up, fed me pieces of someone else, and tried to kill me; you better believe I'd do them in if I could before they could come after me again.