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  1. This is really just a missed opportunity to @ Taylor Dayne every day.
  2. I have no feelings about her one way or another really, I only recognize her from Buzzfeed articles. My only thought is she must get excruciating headaches with her hair pulled that tight. I guess that’s her “brand?” Whatever it is feels like it must be causing her a lot of pain now and a lot of potential problems in the future.
  3. So this had me cackling. Both in relation to Carole as well as someone I know IRL who also runs a (small) cat rescue and is also batshit crazy. My acquaintance, as far as I know, doesn’t have any bodies in her past but otherwise they are eerily similar.
  4. I’m rewatching the first ep and at the end they’re doing that test where they play the tape recording of a ladies’ voice screaming “Help! Someone help me!” and my demented brain had the fleeting thought that it would have been much funnier if they had used the Beatles’ song Help! 🤦‍♀️
  5. I tried to power through to see if they’d mention my hometown which was roughly 20 minutes from where they were but I couldn’t make it. Does she not realize we’re supposed to have folksy, midwestern charm?
  6. George the Marine Biologist is in a three-way tie as my favorite moment on tv along with the magic loogie and “so you want to be my latex salesman.” I can find a Seinfeld reference for every situation and I’m not even kidding.
  7. Without a doubt the most incredible episode of television I’ve ever seen. Incredible.
  8. This is awkward. I found a typo. It should read: Robert Ersol "Bob" Berchtold Obituary Dead fucktard.
  9. I loved her last (?) special so I was looking forward to this one and I agree it just wasn’t as good. But Ellen not at her best is still better than many comics out there so there’s that. I thought the part about having anxiety when waiters/waitresses don’t write down your order was good. Because omg same.
  10. My all-time favorite P!nk song. And I like it whether she sings it full rock or acoustically. It’s just beautiful. Ok I freaking give up. The video is unavailable and I can’t get to delete and my browser keeps crashing because technology is great until it isn’t so I’m just going to leave this post as is. Beautiful song, great performance, I’m sorry about your friend ?. Cheers.
  11. If you watch the Game of Thrones commentaries with Lena Headey she is just as into the shows as any fan because she doesn’t read the other storylines in the scripts - wants to be surprised. I’m pretty sure the actor who plays Sam, can’t think of his name right now, says something similar.
  12. Jared seems like a great kid but every time I watch him act it seems like he spent some time at the Joey Tribbiani "Smell the Fart" School of Acting.
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