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  1. I wondered if they gave up that idea once they decided to be on the show and realized that probably wouldn’t go over well with viewers.
  2. Here’s the interview with Dimitri’s previous “wife,” Ariadne. Basic bullet points: -she claims Dimitri choked her sexually and also choked her in a rage -claims Dimitri has physically abused Ashley -claims Dimitri and Ashley constantly tried to get her to have threesomes -claims Dimitri is a felon and keeps guns in the home illegally -claims Ashley pressured her to be naked around the house and was cruel to her children Idk, I have a hard time believing all these women are 100% lying and not a single instance of abuse has occurred.
  3. Yeah, I honestly don’t know if he’s capable of shame.
  4. “Wow, that sounds really bad for him! Like, really REALLY bad. For him. Anyway...” 😂
  5. Yes, what a total bait and switch. They basically had them as background noise for a couple episodes before they were just main characters again. JB is never going to accept not being the protagonist of any story.
  6. I could absolutely see this being the case. Jill seemed horrified that she had to talk about the abuse on camera when the news first broke, so I would imagine it’s very possible that she asked Derick not to make any statements about that specifically on her behalf. JB/the show might be his only “outlet” to publicly condemn. I get the strong sense that they’ve aligned on their messaging and what they want to complain or not complain about.
  7. Yep. I’ve noticed that Jill tends to try to be a little more reticent and diplomatic. Derick has a more assertive and aggressive personality. My husband and I are the same and he’s definitely been our “spokesperson” at times in family issues like this, with my full permission/blessing and even my request. While Derick *might* be doing this without Jill’s OK, I think it’s just as likely that he fucking hates JB for watching idly as his wife was abused, then screwing her over in terms of payments for the show, which was the very minimum of what he owed her, and savors every chance he gets to def
  8. My god, he does have the most shark-eyes stare! No compassion in those things at all.
  9. Gotta line up the MLMs in anticipation! 😂 God knows there are precisely zero other available jobs.
  10. Exactly. I think what he means is that people will continue to criticize him online for his outrageous comments (which makes him... feel like a victim for some reason?). I don’t think he’s concerned about going back and easing the hurt to a wife or child. I doubt he’s ever apologized to them.
  11. Now, now. Let’s be fair. Robyn also has to make time in her daily schedule for brow-furrowing. She has to furrow her brow and look concerned for at least two full hours a day. Probably 12-2 — you know, to start the day right.
  12. I was also randomly wondering - does anybody know how Meri’s (or Christine’s) LuLaRoe business could be doing post-lawsuit? Did it affect individual sellers, does anybody know? Or was it mostly just the overarching company that took a big hit? I wonder what would happen if it completely went under.
  13. Yeah, I absolutely agree with this. It’s hard to focus on your marital issues if you have 6 kids — and she basically had 13 when they were young — even if you’re monogamous. Now she has a few older kids at home and is going, “wait, what have i done and what did I settle for?”
  14. Yeah, I see a lot of Meri’s self-centeredness in Mariah. They both have a hard time seeing the pain of others and seeing beyond their own feelings. I also do agree with a previous poster that Mariah was probably cast in the role of Meri’s substitute partner for a long time because of Kody’s neglect — which is obviously Kody’s fault just as/more than Meri’s, but still. I have often wondered if the whole extended argument between them was partly Mariah distancing herself to get out of that enmeshed role. She could have been a lot nicer about it, yes. While Meri was also humiliated, Mariah h
  15. Ok at least I’m not totally crazy, I thought I was the only one who felt like Mariah had a point with this. Don’t get me wrong, Mariah can be very annoying and melodramatic, but I couldn’t believe that NO ONE seemed to see that a *teen girl* would rightfully be embarrassed and mad as hell at her mom for sending banana BJ pictures to an obvious catfish when she was famous for being a super-religious polygamist on a national reality TV show. People said it wasn’t Mariah’s business, but Meri kinda made it her business when she stuck her on a TV show about polygamy and also made her meet the catfi
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