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  1. https://abc7.com/2-officers-shot-suspect-killed-in-inglewood/5221091/ This was just on the news here tonight. So now its a question of is he just some crazy that walked in off the street doing this or part of the cult or former member?
  2. I do think Isaac knew his limits on things and his gut told him to get away from her. As sad as it is his mother is so far gone that there is no pulling her away from that and getting her out. Her talking like she was to him with all her quotes and such said it all. I'm glad he got out of there as he did. She wasn't going to understand and how was he going to explain he left to someone with that kind of mindset? Its sad but at least he was able to see her...if even for a short time. As for his brother, maybe his brother has moved on when it comes to their mom. He may not have wanted to be a part of it. Which after seeing that I wouldn't blame him. And Isaac did see his brother when he left. Like Renatae said, he lived with him but he was able to get himself set up now so moved. I am glad Isaac is going to school and doing what he is to move on with his life. He obviously is still adjusting but seems to be doing well thanks to those that have helped him. With the original girls, I think it was said they were granted it because their parents didn't fight it. Which I can imagine they don't fight it to a certain point if it looks like child services or someone might come looking into their homes a bit more. So its easier to just give up on 1-2 kids then lose them all in their eyes. Either way it still does bug me when there is proof of the abuse. I wish the one had done her escape when she had the marks on her body. How could they turn a blind eye to NOT look into the home if one has marks on their body from a beating? Agree with you both. From the get go something didn't feel right about this at all. As things went on it was obvious more and more. Sadly its hard to really weed out these types I am sure. This isn't the first one we have seen like this. The one half sister did it as well because she wanted to marry a certain cousin (if I remember right) and she went to go with the one back to Seattle. It seems that whenever involves these girls wanting to be with the guy they want they use leaving or being out to get their little way about it. Its disturbing and disgusting because these girls are trying to help get others out of this horrible life only to have a few that end up using it to get what they want in the end and go back. I have to wonder how well they are treated after they go back. Can't be to nice I am sure. With the episodes that are repeating but are coming up new with the season, it was said when the show started that they were doing this because of those that might not have seen it before but many of us are obviously not happy that Lifetime decided to mess with it like this. I can't imagine the girls decided to have the show like this. When this show started it was on Lifetime btw, so I don't know why this is going on and they didn't just do a big marathon of the episodes leading up to it or after it started. Then take and create just a few episodes of updates on those they have helped in the past. It would have been a better way to do it IMO. The mix of old and new in one episode is just not ok when they could be giving us so much more on the new escape instead and how they are doing.
  3. I have wondered how Jeffs thinks he can keep the couples from having kids or sex at all? Or why when like you said it does slow down how it keeps his sick group going. I am a bit surprised they haven't had someone step up and do what he did to become the so called "prophet". There are some that have to know he will never get out of jail. Which not like I would want someone else dictating whatever for them and wish they would wise up to the fact he is not getting out. Sadly there are how many of these sects out there that fall under the FLDS? There are ones in other countries as well if I remember right. At least I know in Canada and Mexico. With Kingston I figured that at some point sadly the way they will end up going down to nothing is because of what may happen with issues that come up over time from mixing up the gene pool like they do within themselves. Otherwise it will really take many to just take the stand and do something to stop it all. Sadly the government is doing nothing that they should on it to put a stop to this disgust.
  4. Yea they weren't going to get any place with that so called lawsuit. I can imagine there are reasons they stopped doing what they should to try to keep it going but I would bet anything it was being done in hopes it would not only stop the show (which it wasn't going to happen) but also to try to scare the girls into stopping with the help they give to those that want out (which it wasn't). I mentioned this in the other thread about these ones and how I feel about it. Its like one one hand its good to show but on the other how many find out about it and will try to take advantage of them or any other group helping those to escape to use and abuse for their own selfish wants. They used this help like a spoiled brat wanting a toy they couldn't have and throwing the tantrum until the sucker parent gives in. I have to hope that the girls would think twice about helping her again in the future if she was to ask. And you are right on about that money she got. There is no way she was ever going to see that 60k. She is lucky to have seen what she did and I bet it was right back in the Order's bank the second she got back....whatever may not have been used that is. Yes I watched. I am not sure why they decided to list repeated ones as new and part of the season. I am a little annoyed about that since they are not new. I know it was explained why they did it but they should have instead done a marathon of the show or played 2-3 each week leading up to the new season. So we see a new one now then a repeat of another right after it but they are calling it part of the season it looks like. SMH I always wonder why they need whatever as well. In some cases I can see making sure to have a little more then paper work/ids they should have but I would think a bag or 2 packed with clothes and the papers you need to take with is good enough to start with. It could just be that they feel they need more then they do to get started in life outside there and its more of a comfort thing to them, does that make sense? Yet I know I have never understood why the girls never tell them pack 2 bags/papers needed and that is it so its a quick easy in and out in many of these situations. Sadly these people in the Kingston group are all related to each other in some way, shape or form. Remember they are the ones that want to "keep the bloodlines pure" so they marry within their group and not from out of it. I can't imagine going through all that kind of a tree to figure things out. Its hard enough doing my own genealogy but doing one from a group like Kingstons. YIKES! Heck I have seen some crazy stuff in my own and my husband's lines way back. Something else with the mixed relations with this group, how many have medical issues from it? I know Jessica has brought that up before about worries on that when she had her own kids. Even though she married outside that freak group there is always the worry of something when you don't know what your own genes could hold. Its sad for those like her that have to think about that and are trying to lead a normal life away from that crap. "Ava" broke my heart. I am glad the producer got up and hugged her when she did. How could one not? I wish she would have left when she had the marks from being beaten with the paddle. I am hoping we see she is allowed to get emancipated. I can't imagine what would come if she had to go back. This is something that has bugged me from the time we heard Jessica talk about how she got out with her sister. Considering it was over being physically abused, how do these courts allow for the other kids to stay in the homes of those that it ends up going that way? I take it this is why these parents don't keep the fight up over the ones that end up in court over it but if this was any of us in a life outside of this sick twisted group, child services would be at the door taking the others. So why not with them as well? Its something that bothers me so much because you know they just move to another one of the kids.
  5. Not all know its wrong though. The thing is like Galloway Cave said they are brainwashed. From the time they are old enough to understand anything at all they are going to be taught this is the way it is. In the case of the Kingstons, they think they need to keep bloodlines pure. So they basically create the most twisted inbreeding you can think of. Not like this is the only people that have ever done it (think royalty, etc). The difference is that these people are not what they believe they are or try to make others believe. Those of us never raised in such disgust can see it for what it is but those in it are not always going to. Most go along with it because of being told they won't get into heaven if they don't do this or that. If there are to many younger boys they dump them out in the middle of nowhere with very little to fend for themselves. They showed one of the boys that it happened to and sadly he is one of the many that ended up homeless junkie. They tried to help him a few times. I wonder what has become of him since they did that last update on him. From what we have seen of some of the girls that have left, they didn't leave because of thinking it was wrong but they weren't going to be able to marry who they wanted. There has been a few of them they helped leave only to return at some point after because they are told they can marry whichever cousin or whoever. In a sick twisted way its almost like a spoiled brat having a fit over not getting something they wanted so they behave a certain way until they get their way. Those girls are obviously not running away to get out of that disgusting lifestyle but to get the husband they want. Which those few I have a bit of an issue with it being shown. On one hand it shows the hold these groups have on these people but on the other it may encourage others to do the same and waste the time of those that could use the help that want to honestly leave for good, kwim? There is really a lot of questions that are thought of when it comes to the way they are. I always wonder what excuse they give when a boy is not around anymore (because they dumped him) or someone runs away. You can only use the same bs so many times before some (at the very least) might start questioning what is said, right? Yet maybe not because of the brainwashed ways of life. I don't know since I have never lived that kind of life. I wish I could say the same about the hopes of these groups dying off as they all get older but I doubt it. The amount of children that are born in these groups is not a small number. As long as they can keep the brainwashing going and keep going the way they do there isn't much that will change. Hell even Warren Jeffs is still controlling his group and he is in jail for life. Yet they believe he will get out one day. They still listen to his bs he spouts to whoever visits him and records it. These are 2 groups. There more of them out there as well. When you have disgusting shows like they have on TLC acting like its just a wonderful lifestyle to live its a bit hard to get those watching and buying that crap to see the truth that is really going on. Which btw, I will NEVER EVER watch the bs shows on that channel and am beyond disgusted with them being on.
  6. You aren't mistaken on the episodes giving you deja vu. I am curious why they are trying to pass these off as new episodes. They are both ones we have seen before. I know the channel switch it might be new to some that might not have watched before but for those of us watching since the beginning this is repeats and NOT new. I am disappointed as I was expecting brand new. If they were going to do this why not do it as updates on past seasons girls/boys? It did look like next week was new though from the one commercial I saw for it. I am this is ok here but I just looked to see what was up with the repeats and this is on Twitter and explains it for us...
  7. Forgot to get over here and post it sooner but my DVR did have the show coming on tonight with 2 new episodes. Hopefully those that wanted to watch it were able to catch it if in other time zones (I'm in Pacific so hasn't been on yet). Otherwise I'm sure it will be on demand since they had some from last season on there.
  8. Rumor is that it is suppose to be this was coming from the drug addict, Sabrina on her SM so who knows. I hope not because she has to many issues and is far from being in a place to deal with life as it is. She had said the show offered to pay for her last stay in rehab but she left being worried her cats would die and she is in a relationship with some guy with the same issues last I read. Toss in the woman abuser and his relationship drama....no thanks. 2 people that do NOT belong on tv at all are those 2. Its like rewarding them for bad behavior if it does come back. Yet I guess that is expect at this point since it is on TLC. SMH
  9. She has been part of the show called Seven Year Switch. Which if she is still part of it she was pulling double duty with the "reality" shows. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Jon and "dr. trauma" were by chance together. Derek needs to just grow up already. Move on and get a real job. Really if Lifetime was smart they would just let Second Chances stay dead. Hell honestly MAFS should just go that way as well at this point. Its become more fake then anything and toss in the so called "experts"....they are the last people that ANYONE should take advice on when it comes to relationships. SMH I'm out on this show. Its disturbing at this point how producers play with the casts and set up their own "storylines" that are far from truth just for the "drama" factor. To those that will keep watching, have fun with it and the snarking!
  10. Me too! I, also, can't believe they are doing another season of this mess.
  11. I'm now seeing the new season starts Monday June 18th posted online. I don't see June 4th as having anything on for it like originally it was stated. Hopefully its not pushed back again.
  12. I don't usually add to here but read along most the time. I have to say that I have no clue if this was come across here or not by anyone but if one does a Google search of Gabby and Luke Bryan's name it should be the first thing that pops up is a link to a post on her FB page from July of last year. Its her trying to claim its a song of Luke Bryan's featuring Gabby Barrett. I will say I am not a fan of country but I REALLY am NOT a fan of someone that whines and sounds nasally when they are singing. That is what she does. I don't know if anyone caught it but during hometown she was singing with the older person (didn't catch who it was but figured grandparent) and she wasn't doing that crap she does during Idol. If she had sounded like that instead of the fake bs she is trying to pull off on Idol it would have been a lot better. Of course she needs to drop the 'tude and learn that she will be faced with criticism over her lifetime and especially in the business of music. She has obviously been VERY catered to by Daddy dearest and the family. I am betting Bobby knew it and that was a big part of why he was saying she needs to cut the cord already. I will say I hope Maddie or Caleb wins and are the final 2 in the end. I'm not big on the style of music but they have likability and both are very talented in their own styles of music. I don't agree with those that thing someone needs to "work a stage" in order to be up there entertaining. There are plenty of singers that don't and put on amazing shows. Sometimes the singing/music and speak for itself without it needing all the over the top background show or dancing around to go with it.
  13. Looks like it from what was posted online but I can't see on my DVR yet as it doesn't get that far. It was originally on that channel to begin with if I remember right. Of course they have played some shows on 2 channels at times so we shall see I guess how this goes. When my DVR shows the channel it records it on I will post. For now I'm just going off what is said online by the show. I'm glad to see it will be back.
  14. My DVR is picking up a 5 min sneak peak for Season 4 on May 21 in the afternoon. Looked up and sure enough it seems we will see it back June 4th on Lifetime...which my DVR shows the sneak peak on A&E (both channels are owned by the same people though).
  15. silverspoons even though this is a different channel from TLC I think its probably around that cost as well but lower side probably. Its enough to give them something for the filming but not so much that it screams for the biggest fame whores out there to sign up for this mess and put up with a possible bad edit to make one look like a wackjob. While they obviously don't want to pick those kind, they do like to pick the wrong kind of people for drama factor.
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