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  1. So that's it??? Jack was ordered to go in Nathan's place because Nathan was being disciplined and this is the BIG REVEAL??? Oh gag me!! I started watching this show a couple of seasons back and thought it was charming. Now thanks to this annoying "triangle" whatever charm it had has been drained by this turgid, unending storyline. However, my mother likes it and likes me to watch it with her, so here I am.... I still find some of the actors interesting and Henry's storyline is great and I loved Bill's exit in his Mountie uniform, but overall, the writing sucks. Hey, writers, I would
  2. I agree, I'm also all in for the season. I loved the pacing of the episode, the tailfin reveal, and the new characters (Angelina, the Majors daughter) have promise. I'm an actor and I was really curious to see how they adapted filming for covid distancing protocols since it was shot in NYC during the worst of the pandemic, and on first watch I felt it was well done.
  3. If I were writing this show, Nathan's secret would be that he and Jack were friends and made a pact: if Nathan died, Jack would take care of Ally and if Jack died, Nathan would watch over Elizabeth and baby Jack. Oh and triangles would be banned! Also, every eligible bachelor in town would be fighting over Fiona, for goodness sakes! Why can't the producers see what a jewel of a character she is (and then I remembered who the producers were...)? And Elizabeth has a fun sister? Is she single?
  4. Just a few random thoughts. Zeke's story is definitely not done. The Major said that his exons (part of the DNA sequencing code) were key in her successfully completing her weaponizing of their anomaly. My theory is that the tail of the plane was planted by the gov't to create chaos about the passengers return, causing their lives to be put in jeopardy by a population that thinks they're demons or aliens. By putting them in danger, the gov't can observe how they use the callings to save/protect themselves. Zeke's name, Ezekiel means "God will strengthen" in Hebrew and he certainly d
  5. Voyager is my second favorite book and through the first half of the season, I was anxiously waiting to get to this section. After being kind of "meh" about most of the season, I'm over the moon with the last few episodes!!! Some of Voyager's crazy exuberance and hilarity is finally making it into the show and I'm loving it. I doubted the turtle soup scene would even make it into the show at all because it doesn't further the plot and it's one of my absolute favorites. I was afraid it would end up going the same way as Jamie & wee Ian's thrashing scene. But here it is and it was brilliant!
  6. Interesting discussion about Jamie's reasons for marrying Leery. I think, because Claire forgave her and even bonded w/ her a bit during the Fox's Lair, Jamie will likely just put it all aside since a) Claire is dead and b) Leery was a stupid young girl and now she is a grown woman with at least one abusive husband in her rearview. All the other reasons that WatchrTina listed still apply. I also think that Jamie really wants to try to move on and if he can help Leery & her fatherless children, at least it will give his life some purpose. Looking forward to seeing how they handle this.
  7. I cannot tell y'all how much I'm looking forward to seeing these scenes play out!! Perhaps even more than the reunion. It's after this whole Leery mess that Claire and Jamie are finally united and on the same page and I expect the fighting to be verra hawt! Also, the chance to see Ned roll in and bring some hilarious perspective to the situation as he works to legally resolve the whole thing is ev.er.y.thing!! Gosh, I hope we get to see him in the show. Crap! TWO WEEKS!!!
  8. Just wanted to let everyone know that Shetland is back on PBS. Last week was the first episode of S3 and it was excellent. Doug Henshall is wonderful. Bill Paterson (our beloved Ned) plays his father so he may make an appearance at some point during the season. It is a great way to pass some Droughtlander time, especially since there is often actor crossover from Outlander in the smaller roles. It airs on Sunday nights so check your local PBS listing!
  9. No I never want to hear those two words again - unless it's to ridicule the Bonnie Prince. The season started off on the wrong foot for me when they gave us 40 minutes of Frank. It set up the season to be the story of Claire reuniting with her first husband, which totally confused the unspoiled viewers - most of whom were waiting for them to get back to the REAL story. There were also inconsistent timeline issues throughout. Finally, the last of the hates was the lack of "healing" time spent at Lallybroch, especially since there was no follow-up to the Lovat story: we never see Young Simon ag
  10. Loved it. Loved everything that has been mentioned already: stones, 1968, Murtagh, Roger & Bree. I can't stand Bree at this point in the books, but this actress really gave the character a lot of depth and made me empathize w/ her situation. The stones were EVERYTHING - just perfect especially the bookend Jamie pushing Claire's hand so they did it together the way she pushed his hand when they killed Dougal together. I only have one thing to add. Murtaugh said he was coming back to die with Jamie. Well Jamie doesn't die folks, therefore, mark me, Murtagh doesn't die either. #saveMu
  11. I decided to re-read this today and I just had to say that the Prologue is some of the best writing I have read, anywhere. I literally got chills. Sometimes I forget, watching the show, how good a writer DG really is when she is at the top of her game.
  12. I only want to know one thing - are we going to see Ned Gowan in S3?? Gosh I hope so. Not happy to hear we'll see even more of Frank.
  13. Re: the title For me, The Hail Mary refers to the prayer aka The Ave Maria: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.” This speaks more to the desperation of our characters as their hope to survive Culloden runs out and the approach the likely "hour of their deaths" and certainly the death of the Highland culture, their families' way of life and for Claire & Jamie the separation. The other meanings already m
  14. I loved everything about this episode. I loved the changes they made from the book as others have said... Yes, it makes much more sense for Jamie to be actively trying to prevent the disaster of Culloden. I don't need to see him and Claire in bed together to feel the shared intimacy of two people trying desperately hard to prevent something that will destroy them and everyone they love. Jamie and Claire were very much "together" for me in this episode. Colum and Dougal were amazing - their relationship is one for the ages. Thank you writers for those beautifully written scenes.
  15. Good Lord! We know they'll do the Laoghaire stuff because it was set up this season, but if they cut Jamie & Wee Ian "disciplining" each other at the fence post (with Claire, Ian & Jenny watching from the window) I will be livid!! But of course, because I want to see it soooo much, I have no doubt they'll cut it.
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