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  1. Maybe it's just different people voicing this now. I know I for one have had my opinion for a while now - that he overall does a great job, but I have my one main criticism - but I don't want to harp on it all the time. Personally, I chimed in because others were talking about it.
  2. Regarding Sam's acting, my biggest criticism is that whenever he's supposed to be Thinking or Plotting, he acts with his eyebrows and eye muscles (squinting) A LOT. It has the effect not of looking crafty or intelligent as Jamie is often described as being (when he needs to), but of someone who's just trying too hard. It's not convincing, and he goes to the same well too often. That being said, he's been able to access some very impressive depths of emotion in less "plot-driven" scenes, which has been quite lovely.
  3. I just watched Too Funny to Fail after hearing about it on the podcast and it was absolutely fantastic. I also knew nothing about The Dana Carvey Show beforehand. It was like discovering a hidden cache of classic SNL-but-weirder sketches, and also really interesting to hear all these now-famous comedians reflecting back on it. Better Things was robbed (though I get it)! Interestingly, Jeff's point about the different threads not always being necessary for the story is kind of the point of the show sometimes. It's not the style of it to be about The Plot and have everything tied together. It
  4. While my husband commandeered the TV to watch Game 6 of the World Series, I took my laptop and re-watched “Je Suis Prest” and “Prestonpans”. I definitely have my issues with season 2, but it was nice to be reminded of some really good stuff in this section of episodes. I like that it feels contained and focused on the preparation for war, lacking some of the more outlandish (no pun intended) plot points. We get the great introduction to Lord John, some lovely moments of connection between Jamie and Claire, Jamie in his element as a soldier, and the tension between Jamie and Dougal is really we
  5. Don't look now y'all, but this writer co-wrote one other episode: 311 "Turtle Soup".
  6. A few short thoughts on 307: This episode was okay. My biggest issue was with Claire's behavior, and hers and Jamie's toward each other, though the chaotic plot contributes at least in part to that. It just didn't seem like they've been reunited for a mere 24 hours. I also could not get emotionally invested in saving the excise man's life, despite understanding Claire's perspective in theory. She seemed to be focusing on too many external things (going off on her own to see a patient she literally just met instead of being glued to the side of the man she's been pining for all these years
  7. This thread is kind of a bummer, so I'm going to take a page out of WatchrTina's book and start with the good. Overall though, I really liked the episode. I do have some quibbles as always, and others here have brought up good points. The good: On first watch I really enjoyed it, and even cried at the beginning (strangely something I don't do very much when watching Outlander - maybe because I know the source material so well). I loved the cold open - smart way to build the tension while also getting us inside Jamie's experience before his world is turned upside down. C
  8. Well, yet another instance of "foot in mouth" syndrome for Jane. Sigh. I know I just have to accept it at this point - it's a feature of the show that doesn't seem likely to change anytime soon. I really really like Jane and Rafael's friendship. It feels very earned (unlike Xo and Bruce). At this stage I hope they don't bring them back together romantically, but it's possible I can be won over with enough time and careful writing. And speaking of Xo and Bruce, that triangle with Rogelio is not particularly entertaining, plus it deprives us of Fun!Rogelio. We just see Ro looking lost
  9. I have to say, I'm getting kind of tired of the whole "Jane does something really stupid like quit too early or give the wrong packet to her adviser" plot device. She's a smart (and Type A) woman - doesn't make sense for the character. Also: I miss Michael. :( He was one of the most charming characters on this show (along with Ro, duh. And Jane.)
  10. Are spoiler tags needed in a spoiler and book talk thread?
  11. I don't think we've seen the last of young Fergus just yet, I remember reading that somewhere...
  12. John Bell's not how I picture Young Ian, but from his headshot I love him already.
  13. Warning: potentially controversial comment ahead. This is the only board I frequent on these forums, but I was just looking at one for another show, and one of my takeaways was to be grateful that the Outlander commenters are majority women. No offense meant to male posters in general, and it's not that I saw anything majorly offensive or trolling. But it was interesting to compare to the conversations and comments here. How people focus on different aspects of a show, as well as some subtle sexism at work. (I know, I know: on the internet, I should be grateful that's all there was. Thank
  14. I agree about the Fox's Lair. To me, the potato harvest scene felt kind of overacted, like the actors knew they had to imbue this scene with all the happiness from the Lallybroch section of the book that gets almost zero time on the show. Like the writing asked too much of them, and without giving them the context and time to really earn that emotion. (Or maybe I'm reading too much into it, haha)
  15. What @Nidratime said. I wasn't surprised to see no acting nominations for Outlander, but I was really hoping for one for Caitriona. She was absolutely deserving for season 2. So I was definitely disappointed about that.
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