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  1. Ella, Lucifer's and Chloe entering the studio. There is a giant rooster. Luci: "That's the biggest cock I've ever seen." Which is appropriate given than we are going to hear jokes about micropenis later. Lucifer making funny voices with a puppet. Oh, the weirdness and humour in this show!
  2. I have just been re-watching this today and noticed that Candy also said that she never lies, she just bluffs. I went to the "Candy Morningstar" episode and checked all her dialogues. And I think that if she's planning to open a juice bar and a tanning salon, she's right, she didn't lie to any of the characters. She told Charlotte that she had Lucifer's back. And that she did. Lovely. I liked Lucifer's soft voice during his conversation with Candy at the end of this episode. She is someone he can trust and he cares about a lot. I like her. I liked that Luci was not bothered that his friends trashed his home partying and that he would have wanted to be there for the fun. And that last scene with Chloe was touching and very true to the characters. I also liked that Lucifer kept the painting that he got saving Chloe's life. Hanging in his room. LOL at Chloe doing a Risky Business dance (remember that Rebecca de Mornay, the actress playing Mama Decker, was there?). My take on William Shakespeare is that Luci made him bisexual and was his muse.
  3. I have re-watching this show and I have noticed something. In the scene that Lucifer looks into Chloe's phone too tease her about her musical tastes he finds it is "full of 90s jams, The Bangles N'Sync". And what does he do to prove what he's willing to do for their partnership? "rock a sweet 90s jam"... Eternal Flame from The Bangles. He pays attention. I love this show. Binge-watched it all recently and hoping season 4 is as good as 1-2!
  4. I also think that the real reason for them dropping Kara/ James is the one that Kreisberg gave: that they did not have chemistry and the audience didn't react well to this. I have also heard that TPTB mentioned mentioned months ago that Mechad didn't bring his family from LA to Vancouver and he wasn't sure of being able to commit a lot of time to the show, so they didn't want to invest in a romantic relationship that maybe they would have to drop (because with the change of filming location he could leave). I don't have a source for this so I don't really know if this is true.
  5. Agreed. Everyone can be unhappy or disagree with whatever storylines they get in a show. Sending hate or 'joking' about murdering an actor is not okay. Criticism can be done in a respectful manner. I hated Arrow season 5. I used to love Olicity but I think that they ruined it for me. I expressed my opinions online but didn't send hate to anyone. I stopped watching in January. So yes, I understand what is like feeling that someone is transforming your favourite show and ship into something you hate. I had never felt the need to block people in social media but my block list is hundreds of people now because I am a Karamel shipper so I have been a hate target too.
  6. Oh, I agree with you. I have watched most of the interviews during that day, and I think that Chris was nervous at the beginning of the day and got a bit more relaxed as the interviews went on. The cast (specially Melissa and David) seemed to be quite protective towards him. I think that he was hyper-aware of the possibility of any of his actions being interpreted as proof of what a horrible person he is as it usually happens with everything he does or says. And that he was nervous about the possibility of getting hate during the day. There is a reason why Chris has almost disappeared from social media in the last eight months. And he is not the only one in the cast (Jeremy said that he would take a break of social media months ago - he tweeted something about all relationships being beautiful just before 2x13 and he received a lot of hate because people interpreted that he was supporting karamel). All of the cast probably knew about the plans widely shared in social media by many of the most vocal Supercorp supporters (and others) to boycott and boo Chris' presence at SDCC. Just before the finale there was a finale public screening -Katie was there so there were a lot of Supercorp supporters- and many people booed every time that his character appeared so him being booed at SDCC was a real possibility. One of the things that was planned was that during the panel or interviews he would get questions that would make him feel very uncomfortable. Some interviewers asked Supergirl fans to send them questions for SDCC and they received suggestions that were quite extreme and offensive in my opinion. The explicit goal for many of the people who send hate is to make him leave the show or TPTB decide to eliminate the character and/ or his fictional romantic relationship with Kara because they hate Mon-El / Karamel and many of them say that they hate Chris too (extremely offensive things about him and Melissa -his girlfriend- have been shared in social media). Many of them have said that only thing that will satisfy them is making Supercorp canon. And I think that the cast knew about this because SDCC was alerted about these plans. So maybe what happened during that interview had something to do with an increased anxiety within the cast, specially if they talk to each other about the hate. In addition to that, SDCC is not easy. The cast mentioned in another interview that they got a long list of things that they couldn't speak about as TPTB do not want them to spoil certain storylines, and there were just a few things that they could and should talk about. They also have to be funny and entertaining during a long day full of interviews. BTW, I have seen people in social media saying that they were unhappy that Supercorp was singled out for no reason at all (nobody has talked about other non-canon ships such as SuperCat or KarOlsen or MonWinn). Well, I think that one of the reasons could be all the hate that many members of the cast and producers (specially Chris, Melissa, Rahul and Andrew Kreisberg but not only them) have received from many of the most vocal Supercorp supporters. They are not the only ones but many of the people sending hate identify themselves as such (you don't need to accept my word on that - it is quite easy finding hate messages in social media). And again, I am well aware that the majority of Supercorp shippers do not send hate. It is a shame that many of the most vocal ones do. So yes, I don't think that everyone in the cast have happy thoughts about Supercorp. I know that I used to like it but I don't enjoy interactions between Kara and Lena as I used to do because I am thinking about the hate messages that will follow. It's so sad that this situation is hurting so many people. Including normal shippers who do not send hate. Including LGTB+ people. Including the cast.
  7. They also keep John Diggle in a married relationship in Arrow and I think that the actress playing his wife does not appear in most of the episodes of the show.
  8. The elephant in the room that has not been mentioned yet is that a significant number of Supercorp supporters (but not only them) have been constantly sending lots of very insulting social media messages (e.g. tweets) to actors (such as Jeremy, Chris, Melissa, Rahul), producers (including Andrew Kreisberg), other people involved with the show (like Sterling Gates, who was one the writers of episode 2x13 or Leanne Aguilera who has interviewed the cast or Kevin Smith who directed two episodes), and fans of the ship between Kara and Mon-El (Karamel) for months. These messages are not difficult to find in social media. In the week before SDCC Kevin Smith and Leanne Aguilera spoke about the insulting messages that they have got because of this on their Twitter accounts. Rahul spoke about the hateful messages that he received right after he was announced as playing Lena's ex in a recent interview. It has been and still is quite bad. For the record, I am aware that a majority of Supercorp supporters and people who don't like Mon-El or his fictional relationship with Kara have not sent hate or insults to anyone. I am also aware of the reasons that people have for not liking the ship or the character. I do think that every storyline or character or ship in any show or movie or story can be criticised. But I also believe that any criticism can be done in a respectful manner. I have no problem with people having different opinions and expressing them publicly and trying to convince showrunners to change their storylines if they are not happy with them as far as they do not send insulting messages to real people. Some of the hate that has been sent has been extremely bad. I also think that people involved in the show and fans should be able to express positive opinions if they want to, that all ships, canon or fanon, are valid, and that everyone should be able to enjoy any show in the way that makes them happy. I have also seen plans shared in social media by a big number of people (many of them Supercorp supporters) to boycott Chris' presence in SDCC and make him feel as uncomfortable as possible because he has spoken about the perspective of the character he plays, his character development to heroism and his relationship with Kara (btw Chris he got the loudest cheer during the Supergirl panel). I have seen messages shared by Supercorp supporters 'joking' about murdering Chris during SDCC so Mon-El wouldn't return back. I wouldn't be surprised if the cast actions and reactions during that song, who were childish, had something to do with months of all this hate being sent to them. It is not nice receiving hateful messages so I don't think that everyone in the cast have happy thoughts about the Supercorp fandom and maybe they had too much fun with this particular joke. I do think that the cast members who participated in that song shouldn't have done it, because the way they said that Kara and Lena were only friends and a romantic relationship between them will not happen in the show could have be interpreted as mocking because of the song and their reactions. I also think that this has been blown out of proportion because some of the Supercorp supporters were already unhappy about characters and storylines and statements from actors/ producers about the story that they want to tell. Maybe it wouldn't have been interpreted as mocking Supercorp and LGTB+ fans if the most vocal Supercorp supporters weren't already hating vehemently the direction that the show seems to be taking (Mon-El returning + Lena and Kara as friends and not a romantic couple). I also think that some of the opinions and summaries that have been posted online about this situation as a response to people asking what had happened during that interview are not true or biased. For example, Chris was the one cast member in that room who didn't laugh or react during that moment (when Jeremy said that they were just friends) but a lot of people is saying that Chris was mocking fans and Katie was not. Full disclaimer, as a Karamel shipper and Chris Wood fan I am probably biased too. So the best way to get an opinion is watch the video. I have read many social media messages from LGTB+ people on this issue trying to really understand their perspective. Many said that they think that this wouldn't have happened if this wasn't a wlw ship so there is homophobia involved. Many said that this has been really bad for them because shipping LGTB+ ships can be important for people struggling with their identity to help them accept themselves and feel that they deserve happiness and love. Many said that shipping is sometimes the way some LGTB+ people use to cope in difficult times, and they are crushed because Supercorp was their safe happy place and now it does not feel safe and happy anymore. Many said that they are feeling terribly bad because they have interpreted this as a non LGTB+ person telling them that the way they are and their feelings are not important or valid. Many said that because there is discrimination against LGTB+ everyone should be specially sensitive and not saying things that could be affecting negatively LGTB+ people. Many said that this situation has been a trigger to them reminding them of bad experiences. Many said that non LGTB+ shouldn't be the ones to decide what is discrimination and how to feel about the idea of two women loving each other. I am listening to all these opinions and think that they have good points. So this situation has been a mess and it would have been better if that joke during the song hadn't happened. And I think that apologies were necessary because feelings were hurt. In their defense, the cast spent all day joking about everything in all their interviews. That same day they also joked about Karamel and made fun of each other. I don't think that what happened at that interview was planned, it was just an improv song and it happened. I also think that Jeremy is a good guy and he feels truly sorry. He has listened to the feedback that he has received and I don't think that he would do something similar in the future. I think that it is difficult to understand what is being part of a minority when you are not part of it and he has probably learned from this incident.
  9. Supergirl got two more nominations, for Best TV Ship and Best Liplock (both with Melissa and Chris - Kara and Mon-El = Karamel). Best Liplock is both for movies and TV. Four nominations in total for Arrow (Best TV Action Show, Best TV Action Actor-Stephen, Best TV Action Actress-Emily, Best TV Villain-Josh) Four nominations in total for Flash (Best TV Action Show, Best TV Action Actor-Grant, Best TV Action Actress-Danielle, Best TV Villain-Grant) One nomination in total for Legends of Tomorrow (Best TV Action Actress-Caity). Six nominations in total for Supergirl (Best TV Action Show, Best TV Action Actress-Melissa, Best TV Action Actor-Chris, Best TV Villain-Teri, Best TV Ship-Karamel/ Melissa & Chris, Best Liplock-Melissa & Chris) The voting period for the second wave of nominations ended a couple of days ago.
  10. You are right. But I have already seen people hoping it to be him in social media.
  11. The ones who hate Mon-El. And though that he would not return to season 3. I was always sure of his return but it feels good to have confirmation because I enjoy this character and his story a lot.
  12. Well, in comics Mon-El ends up on the 30th century and gets a Flight Ring and a permanent cure from his lead allergy from the Legion of Superheroes (who travelled to the present in Smallville for what can be a similar storyline). The Legion can travel through space and time so I expect that they rescued him because he is needed. Wistful thinking from the ones who hate him, probably. I agree with you.
  13. Spoiler about Chris Wood / Mon-El: "Where exactly did that vortex take Mon-El (Chris Wood)? Kreisberg assures us Wood's hot hero will be back in Season 3 but is mum on his current locale. 'Where he went his whereabouts and how he returns is one of the central mysteries at the start of the season,' he explains. 'The more astute comic book fans may have a semi good guess as to where he went'. " Source: SDCC TV Guide Magazine http://motorcyclegirlfriends.tumblr.com/post/162944813317/welp-its-official-from-the-tv-guide-sdcc-mag
  14. I'm very excited about the next episodes. There is a few interesting interviews with Andrew Kreisberg about the next episodes here: http://tvline.com/2017/05/01/supergirl-spoilers-kara-vs-lena-season-2-finale-interview/ http://www.blastr.com/2017-5-2/supergirl-andrew-kreisberg-season-2-finale-general-zod-superman http://www.cbr.com/interview-supergirl-andrew-kreisberg-superman-general-zod/ I am so excited about all people that is returning in these episodes (Superman, Cat, M'Gann, Eve). I want more Rhea and want to see what happens after her interactions with Mon-El and Lena. I want to see the Daxamites attacking Earth and Maggie/ Alex/ Jonn/ M'Gann and everyone else fighting them. I wan't Kara and Mon-El finally fighting together again and more romantic moments between them. Also according to paps (check tweets from canadagraphs and pursuit23), Lena, Lillian and Winn have scenes together in the alien throne room and I want to know what it is about. I want to know what happens with Mon-El that according to paps will have to make the ultimate sacrifice (something related to pods) but will be in season 3. He is still in DEO clothing in his leaked photos in the finale, so I don't think that we will get his supersuit of hero name this season but paps said that there will be an emotional scene with Kara so I'm expecting her ILY. I am so excited about the finale Supergirl/ Superman fight (there are leaked photos all over twitter) and what role plays General Zod in this. According to paps Clark doesn't recognize Kara, so maybe he thinks that he is fighting Zod? I want to know who the season 3 villain is (Kreisberg said that we will know in the finale). I'm so excited! I am loving this season!
  15. My speculation is that Superman will be giving Mon-El the Legion Flight Ring that is in the Fortress of Solitude. In the last episode they filmed the ring (2x17) and then focused on Mon-El. It seemed to be foreshadowing to me, particularly when Mon-El in comics is one of the Legion members who owns a ring.
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