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  1. This was dumb! If one group of able-bodied, apparently athletic students defeats another group of able-bodied, apparently athletic students in a game of flag football, obviously it's because of...magic? This irritates me so much and I keep hearing it over and over on TV and in real life and no one seems to notice. I believe this is misused so much that it will become the norm just like how no one uses whom correctly anymore. I would love to be some kind of Hollywood proofreader. I'm driven crazy by all the bad grammar and syntax foisted on millions of TV and movie watchers. I would also love it if 'who/whom' were the only thing we had to worry about. (I'm obviously OK with dangling prepositions.) 'Literally' has been stolen from sober, responsible users. (My new pet peeve is 'hone in on.')
  2. We know that, but the vast majority of the audience doesn’t :-/
  3. I had a nose job, so I can tell you she doesn't have that option pre-Bachelorette (which starts filming several days after the announcement). There's some bedrest and then you have black eyes for up to 2 weeks.
  4. Emily's nose, perhaps a surgeon's work, is considerably narrower. They have different face shapes. If the Bachelor had been Peter, I very strongly doubt anyone would look at Lauren and think of Emily Maynard, the Bachelorette from six years ago.
  5. She doesn't. (Pretty and blonde isn't enough to make them lookalikes.) I think you guys are reaching here. Arie isn't emotionally developed enough to be hung up on someone.
  6. It's so easy to call something a publicity stunt (and pat yourself on the back for it). Let's break down the planning. On 11/16/2017 Bekah's mother reports her missing in little Humboldt county (pop. 135K). The plan is to make sure she stays on the missing persons list for over 2 months, well into the season. (Last night was episode 6.) Someone looking at the police department's Facebook page will see her photo on the list, recognize her from the show and notify the PD, who take her off the list. The local paper, the North Coast Journal, will report this story. The national media will pick it up and run with it. Voilà! Bekah and her mom would have to be clairvoyant evil geniuses to concoct that scheme and expect it to work. I doubt they are.
  7. Before BIP and Instagram, when being on the show didn't mean easy money, I believed in the possibility of too-good-for-this-show. Maybe 1-2 women from each season got a book deal or hosting gig; the rest went back to their lives. Too-good-for-this-show doesn't exist anymore (if it ever did). Kristina from Nick's season started out that way. Then she went on BIP, hooked up with fuckboy Dean and moved to LA like every other product hawker does now. How is she any different from her Paradise rival, Danielle L.? Btw, Tia is the least 'above' this shit. She went on this show to 'avenge' her friend Raven, the self-proclaimed America's Sweetheart who was denied the Bachelorette crown. Aside 1: If I lived in LA I would despise this show. It's more thing that gets useless famewhores to move there and contribute nothing. Aside 2: Seinne is pronounced 'sen.' She should change her name to Sienne if she's going to pronounce it 'see-en.'
  8. People fast forward through commercials, if they see them at all.
  9. There's a big difference between broadcasting a photo yourself and other people leaving you comments. The contestants help to promote the show (and themselves) via SM. It's part of the show now. She could delete the comments but they pour in constantly; it would be a part-time job. I do wish she (and Lauren) would allow commenting only by people they follow, but most people don't know that feature exists.
  10. Oh. From now on don't take those people seriously. XD
  11. I don't like myself for saying this but from the side she has a witch nose.
  12. Not quite the same. (The ATMITW reshoots were much tighter than three months, btw.) There's no reshooting going on here; just using different footage they already had, to foreshadow.
  13. It was, until Arie went Mesnick 2.0; now it's Becca's (if she wants it). Which is a good thing. I like neither Raven nor Raven 2.0: both are contrived Sassy Southern Girls. Bekah is trolling. Gullible types are sharing the post with friends, with an "OMG SHE'S STILL INTO HIM" comment. It's by far her most commented-on post, so I guess it worked. She's this season's most-followed contestant, btw. (Speaking of gullible, she's a contrived Free Spirit. One big meh.) If she thinks she's going to be the Bachelorette, it's because she's too young to know the show's history. Last, for everyone's reference, the age-appropriateness formula is 1/2 * man's age + 7. For Arie the minimum is 25, so Lauren B. qualifies. (The formula starts to break down after 40.)
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