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  1. One of my very favorite moments of every day is when I'm done with the "getting ready in the bathroom" part. The quicker I can become presentable the better; this is probably why I've never been a makeup gal.
  2. I thought the premise of KCF*H is that the wife plans to murder Kevin. Do I have that wrong? Because that didn't interest me at all. Here's my questions about "awareness" ads: who, exactly, isn't aware of breast cancer? It might be better to advertise (if that's the right word) early detection, reputable organizations to donate to, etc.
  3. I love In Plain Sight. Wish I had this Start TV that you speak of, but it doesn't appear to be on my system. Dang. I feel happy every time I hear the beginning of that song, but not when it's a commercial. Goddammit Pete is right.
  4. If this wasn't in episode 5, shouldn't it be spoiler tagged?
  5. I thought I was the only one. I know that all of a sudden she's considered a national treasure, but I really get tired of her screaming at me from the TV. To be sure, commercials with *anyone* screaming are incredibly annoying. Why is that a thing?
  6. But...isn't Johnny dead? Or do you think that's just what were supposed to think? I don't remember that many men; there was the photographer, and Travis. Who am I missing?
  7. The screaming one I hate, that has been on ALL the time during the NCAA tournament, is the one for Uber Eat with Leslie Jones. I know we're all supposed to love her, and treat her as a national treasure, but the alt-Leslie Jones screaming about March Madness doesn't make me one tiny bit interested in what she's selling. Are you calling us twits if we happen to think the Jake commercials are OK, or the people in the commercials?
  8. Except that if they're at Johnny's funeral, wouldn't Marah be sadder than she's appearing? All she does is keep bucking Kate up.
  9. I think that if the guy is counting on Blake to help him, he'd have contacted him sometime during the 25 years since their band broke up.
  10. Yeah, I played actual board games and cards with my mom, and we did some crafty things together, but playing with toys or play-acting? Never. And I gotta tell ya, when my kids were young I hated playing with toys with them (unless it was building with blocks, Legos, etc.). They learned quite early to play by themselves.
  11. I asked this same question in here a long time ago, and got the same type of responses you did. Apparently everyone dances when they're happy, or something good happens, or they like a product, except for you and me.
  12. I keep seeing, or expecting to see, Christina Applegate whenever Kaley is on the screen. They don't really resemble each other at all, but the blond hair, the face shape and skin tone, and her constant state of panic reminds me so much of CA's character in Dead to Me.
  13. The only one I've seen is less than 5 seconds of Charlie saying "Single Care, Dad!". I thought he looked great - doesnt seem like hardly enough time to notice Melting Wax Face. I thought it was Mo-Tor (long o) for ages too, until I saw it in writing - maybe here? I would never have gotten that otherwise.
  14. I came here to scream WHEN IS MEDICARE OPEN ENROLLMENT OVER I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE but I see you guys have taken care of that for me!!
  15. I just saw a Dunkin billboard with Cheersin on it, twice. What does it even mean? I saw Bill Engvall on a Medicare commercial today, for the first time. I've always liked him, and now I'm annoyed that he's doing these commercials. On the other hand, if I were of the age that I needed to "call to get the benefits I deserve", he might be the one to get me to call!
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