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  1. Trust us; the impression was dead on.
  2. I love when he ends with "Protect yourself from mayhem, like meow." He says it so matter-of-factly but with a shit-eating grin, I crack up every time.
  3. The bolding is mine, because so much this. If there hadn't been syndication, I would never have watched Designing Women, The Nanny, New Adventures of Old Christine, or The Middle, all of which are right up there on my list of favorite sitcoms of all time (The Nanny, I'm sure, being the most U of UOs!). Then there's Still Standing, Something So Right, Reba, Yes Dear, Frasier, Scrubs....the list goes on; all sitcoms I've only seen in syndication and that I still will watch any time they're on. Hey, no one ever called me discerning!!!
  4. Back to Peleton for a second, haven't you guys ever taken an exercise, aerobics, or spinning class? The instructor, almost always mic'd (I don't know how one would even spell that!) and always calling out encouragement and instructions through the entire class. Maybe the Peleton instructors are worse, but I don't find it strange at all to have an instructor doing this during a workout.
  5. I'm joining in this apparent UO too. Shailene is my favorite in this show, but then I've always liked her.
  6. You are not alone; I've had problems with Chloe since season 1, episode 1. I actually loved the scene when she walked into Madeline's room in her jammies and hair in braids, and very quietly apologized. She actually looked and acted like a second-grader, for the first time in my memory, instead of like the slightly younger teenage sister of Abigail.
  7. Although, she must have had enough migraine-free days in order to make/buy/gather together all those costumes, and set up scenery, and locate the woods to play in, etc.
  8. I'm confused by this discussion. It was made clear in this episode: Jane told Celeste that she knew Perry was married when she went back to his place.. And she asked if Celeste hated her sometimes, because she had slept with Perry (unwillingly) but gone there with him willingly knowing he was married.
  9. Seriously? None of you have ever given your kids Kraft macaroni and cheese?
  10. I actually think that car vending machines are kind of clever!
  11. And a related question, do people really have a photo of a loved one, usually dead, in the sun visor?
  12. In my county cops will take reports immediately, and enter them into NCIC as soon as they have all the necessary info. Even if it's a 21-year-old - it's just too risky for the police to ignore a missing person when they could be facing a lawsuit down the road if something has happened that could have been prevented. If a missing adult is located and is fine, and left or went incommunicado of their own free will, cops will basically say "Ok, thanks, call your mom" and take no further action (other than removal from the database).
  13. Also stupid is that school appears to be over for the kids in the family-one is at cheerleading practice and the other is with her boyfriend-but the mom is still teaching a class? What the hey time is it?
  14. I just watched this, and after hearing about how anger is the only acceptable emotion and all others must be suppressed, I'm amazed that there are so many actors in the scientology ranks. You'd think it would be near impossible to act joyful, or sad, for example, when you've never been allowed to experience those emotions for real. Upon further thought, however, maybe that's why they do become actors....so they can freely express emotion. Hmmmmmm.........
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