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  1. But the ending! Does Steve have a twin? And where was he when neighbor Karen took the cover off the pool?
  2. Plus, she had the money to buy the equipment for and set up a whole darkroom in that allegedly small apartment. I grew up having a darkroom in our basement, and that stuff wasn't cheap even in the dark ages when I was a kid. That darkroom has been bugging me throughout the entire show.
  3. Agreed. There's no way that Gus et. al hired The Gang Who Can't Shoot Straight. No way that Lalo would get the drop on each and every one of them. Completely unbelievable and so disappointing.
  4. Oh my gosh, me too. That stuff smelled soooooo good; I don't know why the HE people ended the very best thing about that shampoo.
  5. That's interesting. Years ago I followed a "mommy blog" (many hours of my life I'll never get back!) and co-sleeping was a very hot topic. The pro-co-sleeping moms would describe in great detail the many ways they had figured out how to have sex without waking their child, and they were darn proud of it. I always wondered why that was considered perfectly acceptable.
  6. Agreed. Every time she sneers with her upper lip I dislike her a little more. I don't know Kerry Washington at all, so kind of wondering if that is a whole lot of Botox or filler in that lip. Can anyone explain the flashback that started the show, with Linda and her husband at the hospital? I missed or didn't understand what Linda had to "get through" - was it a D&C maybe?
  7. I did like "Fly". I don't have the recall of every BB episode like you guys do, but I feel like that was one where I was on the edge of my seat the whole episode waiting to see if Walt would tell Jesse about Jane. There was no edge-of-the-seat feeling with Bagman because we know that both Mike and Jimmy live.
  8. Me too. Unpopular opinion, but eventually I was bored.
  9. I loved Without a Trace, most of the time, and it had some great music too, often at the beginning of the show instead of a final montage (which they also had). I added some great song to my collection between Cold Case, Without a Trace, and Scrubs.
  10. I watched the last two episodes back to back, and I SWEAR that in the previews for this episode, there was a clip of Howard talking to Jimmy (who was wearing his University of American Samoa sweatshirt, working in the kitchen) asking Jimmy "do you have any idea who could have done that?" or similar, which I thought was referring to the damaged car. But in this ep, there was that phone call but it was nothing like I remembered from the previews. I deleted the two shows from my DVR so can't check.....am I nuts?
  11. Funny, "dick" was the very first adjective that came to mind while watching his interactions with Lyle. I don't either. I can barely keep track of which family is which and who's on who's side, much less who's playing who and the rest of the shenanigans. It makes those scenes less interesting to me because I know I don't have a prayer of keeping up. And interestingly, the Gus who cared about his restaurant is way in the future from where we are today! Are we expected to believe that he had a massive attitude adjustment in the BB years?
  12. He doesn't work for Fox News though. He's Larry Kudlow, Director of the National Economic Council under Trump.
  13. I kept waiting and waiting for him to say something to someone on his "team" about the two similar photos. Maybe we're supposed to assume he made the connection, because he's a bright guy and a good detective?
  14. This is an example of why I'm not crazy (Krazy? lol) about the drug storylines in this show. I find it challenging to follow all the machinations of the trade, much less remembering everything that happened in BB! I need a better brain.
  15. Across these boards and BB boards, I have seen such admiration for Gus Fring, and writing of "squealing" with excitement when he appeared on BCS. I, for one, don't understand it. He is a terrible, terrible person, and if we didn't know that before we certainly figured it out tonight. To me he is not a person worthy of admiration; he's a repellent person who would threaten to kill a hard-working innocent old man to get his way, and he'd go ahead with that murder if it helped him.
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