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  1. Wait, you mean that keep sweet voice isn't real?
  2. So she could be out of sight, out of mind in the TTH. It's likely whoever was assigned to mind her for the day was at Joe and Kendra's.
  3. To be fair, we also saw her confirming with him that he was going to bathe their little boy when she handed him the pajamas while she was showing signs of going into labor. I actually considered that progress in this bunch. Obviously the bar is so low you have to pick up the carpet and dig for it. Nonetheless I was surprised, if nothing else that JB would allow that notion to make it to the airwaves.
  4. It wouldn't be beyond belief that there's a streak running through those circles that assigns a measure of guilt and/or damaged goods label to Josh's victims.
  5. What was stolen from them is any opportunity to be exposed to other ideas about how to live, even living in faith as a Christian not according to JB's ideas. Anything that strayed from JB's plans was inculcated negatively as sinful, dangerous, harmful. He never afforded his children the opportunity to do as he has done, determine their preferred lifestyle after considering the options and establishing their future as they choose.
  6. She grew up Duggar. How much more useful, talented or relevant could anyone possibly need to be?
  7. Will Felicity even have a sense she's supposed to be anything more than an image, any idea a person is supposed to have some there there?
  8. The bond between Austin and Gideon is palpable. Every time they're together they both seem to completely enjoy being together. That's a great sign to me.
  9. Reading threads here over the years I thought several of the properties where the kids live(d) were mentioned as belonging to JB but previously owned by his mother. This was prior to her death. I can't say whether that's accurate or not because I've never researched anything like that.
  10. Tragic. And who gets the gushing Mother's Day social media tributes, and no doubt extra special pampering to mark the day?
  11. Didn't his wealth really stem from his parents' real estate holdings that he took control of, bit by bit?
  12. It's not only a factor of not really knowing each other, they don't have more than a TTH-size experience of life. While that may be a much larger domicile than most of the world is accustomed to, it's hardly a broad base of life experiences. What makes it really odd and kind of an oxymoron is by the same token many of them have experienced some of life's main milestones by 20, 22 years old than most mainstream Americans (meeting their life partner, marrying their life partner, having children). Doing all of that basically from in the confines of the TTH as their entire world is very small and very tragic.
  13. I cannot even begin to fathom being in Jana's shoes, but I cannot fault her for clawing her way into control of every damn thing she possibly can while she lives behind those bars.
  14. Jinger is living in a house on a temporary gifted basis. Perhaps her headship is spending whatever they get, along with their Laredo house proceeds on his current priorities, assuming it's all easy come, easy go and repeat. Maybe JB is staying silent, knowing that may be what forces them back to Arkansas eventually. Jessa and Ben are already packed pretty tightly into their living quarters with 3 children. I don't even know if they actually own the property they're living in. It also appears they may only have one vehicle. Their lives may appear fairly presentable to fans on the 'gram. I'm not so sure the reality is aspirational.
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