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  1. A half hour episode listed as part one and part two? I take it each is the meat of the two-part birth special that's ultimately coming -- most of which will consist of endless previews/rehashes of this exact footage with virtually no new content? The entire process of heading for the hospital was so strange to me. Jessa goes alone, Ben goes alone, midwife takes baby? I wonder if any of it had to do with the logistics of the boys and when Ben's mom was able to arrive to take the boys -- and I couldn't help wondering where they were during the birth and who was taking care of them? Ben doing his best to be there for Jessa, putting his head on the back of the sofa and turning his face to the wall really showed how stressful he finds the process. ETA: I guess I didn't realize or remember Josiah had his pilot's license and his flying Jana and Michelle home took me by surprise.
  2. Tikichick

    S08.E05: Queen of the ALDC

    Tossing the cake brings the drama and gives production a juicy visual to repeatedly flashback to in an effort to illustrate the tension when he ultimately returns.
  3. Tikichick

    S16.E04: Auditions 4

    So much would prefer they seriously tighten up these audition episodes and use one or two of the episodes for the really enjoyable part of the show -- great dancers doing what dancers do, hopefully to fresh and interesting choreography. My masters work in SYTYCD viewing is continuing nicely. The Larkin Studios sign immediately rang a bell -- is that in MN? Is that maybe where Eva Igo trained? Yep and yep. I'd be curious to see what I might notice going back and watching the past seasons after all I've learned over the years. So many strings would probably appear that I had no clue about back in the day.
  4. Tikichick

    S17.E14: Finale

    As I remember it Christian's competitors felt sorry for Christian getting stuck with such a deliberately impossible brat of a client -- with a very pushy mother to boot. Basically the read of the room was that Christian was caught in a no win situation.
  5. Tikichick

    S08.E04: Choose Wisely

    I want to see the reaction of the other moms when it's explained to them that Brady being left dominant means he has another advantage in his toolbox. Most training focuses on right dominant moves since that is more prevalent, therefore the lefties also train more on the right and have a better chance of becoming fairly proficient on their right side. It's much more unusual to get a lot of actual training and practice time to build left proficiency. When choreographers want to use symmetry or something in particular that utilizes the left they're generally pretty thrilled to find a proficient leftie to hang it on. Cue the seething.
  6. Tikichick

    S16.E03: Auditions 3

    And I'm crushed to agree with you wholeheartedly.
  7. Tikichick

    S16.E02: Auditions 2

    Seriously? The Hot Tamale Train didn't even hit the rails until season three when Anya got things sizzling and we've had 2 so far during the first 2 audition weeks? Nope. Maybe you can weasel your way into a ticket to academy, but you've got to EARN your ride on the Hot Tamale Train!
  8. Tikichick

    S17.E13: One Elle of a Day

    My heart sunk when I heard the announcement that a capsule collection from the winner will be manufactured and sold. It really worries me that constraint will work against Sebastian's very deserved win -- and hand it to Hello Rainbow Kitty Brite. I have so many conflicted feelings about Bishme's situation. Number one, I feel for his worry and heartache over his family's loss and health struggles. That's so much on his heart right there. When I realized his "surprise" challenge look wasn't going to be usable as a runway piece to boost his count to nine pieces and there was no time to make a tenth, let alone a replacement number nine, I realized he really needed to be the odd man out. Watching the comments from the CFDA judge and his demeanor really made me feel that Bishme would benefit tremendously from the mentorship -- although some of his remedial skillset made me wonder if he's not really ready to capitalize on that quite yet. I do think Sebastian deserves the win, and can really benefit from the mentorship to enable him to translate his talent into a thriving business. I actually think Garo could benefit from the mentorship in a very different way by being very directly prodded to fine tune some aspects of his work to appeal to a broader audience. There's no way his "taste level" should be a barrier with his level of craftsmanship while Hester with little to no craftsmanship and beyond questionable taste level is being shown as poised to win this thing. Ugh!
  9. Tikichick

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    If the saga hadn't been ended as a sprint for the finish Howland Reed would have been important. Once D&D decided to close up shop on the works all those types of painstaking details for which the foundation had been laid wound up in the going out of business sale bin. Varys making a different choice about Jon than he had about Ned isn't hypocritical. In Jon he saw someone who led with integrity, inspired tremendous loyalty -- and responded with a loyalty to help and protect in return. Varys choice required that he put his life on the line in an attempt to put someone on the throne who would have the best interest of the people at heart. Doing so meant he faced his worst fear of death by fire. IMO his intentions were indeed honorable.
  10. Tikichick

    S17.E12: The Art of Fashion

    The moment I laid eyes on her, before she spoke a single word even, all that came to mind was she needed the costume to make people think she was edgy, has a point of view because she wasn't going to be able to convey anything with her personality or her talent. I still believe that's true. I took note in this episode that her champions were Elaine and Nina, both coming from a jaded magazine perspective. When the lens shifts to actual humans purchasing her clothing to put on their bodies it's nothing but crickets.
  11. Tikichick

    S16.E01: Auditions 1

    That stage set up better have been because auditions occurred close enough in time after WOD finished filming that they got a really good deal to use it for auditions. If it sticks around for live competition I will not be a happy camper. I've more than drained my reserve of patience for LAG. Actually that happened within the first 10 minutes. My years of experience watching the show have finally resulted in actual skills -- I called it that Dominic knew Ms. Jazz from Brisbane long before her audition ended and they revealed Ryan Conferido in the audience as her boyfriend. If only my newfound skills were marketable . . .
  12. Tikichick

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    It's possible that Varys could have reevaluated the situation based on what he knows of Danaerys before they met and since they met, and what he knows of Jon's past and Jon's course of action as Lord Commander of the Night's Watch and subsequent to that time. Varys knew Ned, understood Ned's sense of duty and honor got him killed -- and understood that prospect wouldn't budge Ned. He recognizes the same in Jon. IMO Varys was in fact looking at it less as putting another Targaryen on the throne, but rather putting Ned Stark's sense of duty and honor on that throne and thinking it would serve the kingdom well.
  13. Tikichick

    Game Over: How YOU Would Have Done Season 8

    A few random thoughts I had along the way: Arya and Sansa getting the news of Jon's parentage would have happened on screen! The twists and turns of Varys' storyline would have continued throughout the seasons, rather than turn into somewhat of a magic act complete with the ability to suddenly appear and disappear rather randomly, before suddenly going up in flames on a beach with virtually no build up to actually make it resonate deeply as it should -- particularly where the endgame was headed. The Night King's fascination with Jon at Hardhome should have been explained. It's clear it wasn't forgotten by the writers because we once again got a scene with the NK pausing to take in Jon's presence in particular, before once again stretching out his arms to raise more dead soldiers. We also don't know what it was that made him pursue Bran. The molten Iron Throne should have flowed over Danaerys' body, poetically encapsulating her quest for eternity and creating a strange and distorted echo of both her father's and brother's fates. The fact the dragons recognized Jon as a Targaryen should have caused comments and discussions. Sansa should have become ruler of Westeros, with Jon as King of the independent North. Bran could have served as advisor to both. Part of Tyrion's duties as hand to the queen would be overseeing the care of Drogon, who would not care to live in the cold northern climate with Jon. He would also manage the care of dragon eggs Arya would bring back from her travels, seeing to it that they were safely hatched. Brienne would be head of the Queensguard -- and NOT have slept with Jamie. More focus on characters and decent dialogue over EPIC battles, and greatly diminish use of CGI. All these years of getting attached to the characters and most of the tremendous character development and the acting performances were wasted by the writing of the last two seasons in particular.
  14. Tikichick

    S04.E09: American Champion

    Wendy without a license cannot claim doctor/client privilege and therefore can be compelled to testify in court.
  15. Tikichick

    S01.E17 Sanctuary

    Of all the ridiculousness to pick from, I think for me the Helen and Max nonsense has to be the cherry on the sundae. Why all the manufactured angst out of absolutely nothing? Are they trying to eviscerate two lead characters that could be perfectly watchable as simply coworkers and doctor/patient?