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  1. I didn't know that they had an appeals specialist on the team, nor was that expressed in the comment I was responding to. They may have planned for the potential of conviction and wanted to have the appellate specialist up to speed, ready to roll. (Which would beg the question why the need for the extension?) There could be other reasons an appellate specialist was included in the team as well. As far as what you bolded in my comment you left out part of what I had said, which was what I would do if I found myself in need of appellate counsel. Uncertain if you were indicating you w
  2. I wouldn't necessarily presume they want the appeal handled by their handpicked specialists. Court appointed appeals attorneys are not the same as court appointed defense attorneys. Frankly if I were in need myself I would use a court appointed appeals attorney because they have more experience mining the minutiae for appellate issues than anyone else, and that's what appeals usually ride on, minutiae of legal issues. I didn't in any way suggest Duggar assets would be used for appeal, or that JB & M were going to figure into the equation in any way. Usually defendants are lef
  3. You could be correct about the sponsors and the network. I do wonder though if it makes sense for a network to pull a show to appease sponsors and then make any kind of statements suggesting their hands were tied because of sponsor demands? Might not make the sponsors very happy, which would defeat the purposes of cancellation anyway. As far as the family, they might be keeping sweet publicly in order to not disrupt social media follower numbers -- or if by some chance they have (or think they have) a potential of landing elsewhere with yet another iteration of their show.
  4. It's entirely possible that sponsors weren't willing to bring any $$ to the table and therefore the network pulled the plug in favor of airing something else that brings sponsors in the door. Maybe somebody(or several) were smarter than I am and thought to reach out to sponsors with their complaints about the repugnant behaviors of this family instead of just the network?
  5. I'm not so sure that court appointed automatically means free. It doesn't here at the State level. Defendants are required to complete an asset and income form and it is determined what portion of the fee they must pay back.
  6. Federal defendants aren't entitled to court-appointed counsel to perfect their appeals if they cannot afford an attorney of their own choosing? That doesn't seem like due process.
  7. Sure hope so. I left some comments for the network myself when I heard about it.
  8. How about legitimate professionals who could have (properly) treated both the victims and their abuser? It's particularly heinous if they did indeed approach it with the attitude that the girls bore any responsibility at all for what happened, as has been suggested.
  9. Agreed. The ones who should get the negative press and the criticism for Josh's crimes are the one who committed them, and his parents who helped indulge him and cover things up so they were able to escalate.
  10. I believe the appeals clock timeline starts running after sentencing. ETA: The sentencing phase can also open up additional avenues for appeal, which is another reason why the appellate phase begins after sentencing takes place.
  11. Oh those types of changes are no doubt significant for someone raised in the restrictions Jill was. Absolutely I was referring to how the changes are rather insignificant at the end of the day to those not used to that kind of constriction. I don't have a problem with someone leading a faith based life and definitely don't advocate everyone giving up their faith as if faith itself is something negative. Where I have a problem with those who practice fundamentalism is when it looks to restrict, isolate and control others. Even going back through history it's most often women who are s
  12. Absolutely the loss of the parents will likely cause seismic change. Even if some of them start moving into their own lives separately it doesn't have to mean they break away from the family entirely or abandon all thoughts of their faith. That seems to be the idea whenever breaking away is discussed. Jill has a separate life, still maintains contact with family members and still lives according to a faith-based lifestyle. She wears some different clothing now, changes her hair occasionally, has a piercing and has imbibed in alcoholic beverages. Those aren't very meaningful change
  13. I think it's also quite plausible that she is one of the siblings quite likely to recognize the disconnect between what she has been trained and what is factually true about certain things. Josh's case had to trigger off many questions in the mind of at least several of his siblings. I'd imagine some of them have had conversations over the years, and wouldn't be surprised to find that Josh's situation triggered a bunch more. It's not impossible that several of them are in a state of stasis right now, seemingly going along like normal while thoughts are percolating in their head. I
  14. I hear what you're saying and I can easily see where you may be correct. But I also look at the many repressive societies throughout the world and history and recognize many people accustomed to very closed off belief systems have acted on those thoughts so it clearly is possible. Maybe even moreso in our current American society where she cannot be oblivious to the fact that the idea is widely accepted in society as a whole.
  15. Her hair caught my attention too. I'm fascinated by the idea that she's obviously still dedicated to the banana curls on her own behalf because her younger sisters clearly aren't being required to style their hair that way. Sure, hair is pretty inconsequential, yet it somehow really shines a light on JB & M raising their kids with a lot of meaningless nonsense that they can't even be bothered to be consistent with. Seems impossible that many of the Duggar offspring wouldn't have questions sprouting up in their minds. Wonder what would happen if anybody started voicing them.
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