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  1. How much support was truly known and available to them from outside that bubble either? IMO I always give a lot of grace and a lot of space to how victims of sexual assault react, something I think is even more appropriate when you have young victims abused in their own home and family and the family protects the offender. This family adheres to some heinous beliefs that were presented to them from childhood as righteous and their existence is so shut off from other influences and their educational pipeline is the SOTDRT. These girls didn't have a shot of a helpful and observant teach
  2. At some point does Anna, or perhaps JB and Co., take note that the prevailing winds all now blow in the direction of Josh being a chronic offender and suddenly recognize a new Bible passage -- "Go and sin no more"? Wouldn't surprise me once it becomes evident it's in the best interest of JB's pocketbook and self interest.
  3. When ours were little, but school age, we had a tree swing in our back yard that was a circle seat made to look like a daisy with a rope through the center, a cylinder with a bouncy spring about ten feet above the seat and then more rope up into the tree. There was always a line of kids impatiently waiting for their turn whenever we had friends or family over. Fun times.
  4. They should enjoy themselves all they want -- with protections in place.
  5. I actually assumed the thread was active because of an announcement.
  6. I must live a very sheltered life. Not only did I not know that taking pregnancy tests in public bathrooms happens frequently, it has never crossed my mind as occurring at all.
  7. Is that an important consideration for her parents? Seems like you're expecting an awful lot when they're already concerned that she dresses properly, wears her hair the most pleasing way, eventually marries well and promptly begins birthing grandbabies to ensure they achieve an eyepopping amount to parade in front of any and everybody.
  8. Recently had an interesting conversation regarding the unique challenges of taking the LSAT remotely under Covid provisions. If the bar is also being offered remotely and is accompanied by a similar list of security measures I'd have to imagine the failure rate could be higher than normal. As an example, imagine undertaking an academically rigorous exam while needing to maintain your head and face position within narrow confines of camera frame every single moment -- and that's only one of the measures being used to maintain security on the remote LSATs. Younger DD's Covid college sem
  9. Undeniably the perfect mate to the JB system that was designed to ensure he's in control in perpetuity, with the indentured servants/children rendered completely unable to pursue making their own way in the world, or even having the capacity to imagine they could possibly do so. Establishes the legacy and image of JB to forever loom large in the minds of his offspring.
  10. Considering how much his smug face sets my teeth on edge AND makes me think he's very much in the mold of Josh, I do have to take note of the fact that JD and Abbie left their precious little girl with these two -- and that Jeb was the one who first noticed Gracie was calling for water. Neither one of those things would have been true about Josh. Hopefully those are some glimmers of positivity with a baby on the way, because in this family that can't be taken for granted.
  11. The application for the warrant does have to spell out the reason for the search, which is discoverable to the defense team in trial prep.
  12. No doubt the legal team put out instructions that any comments about the case will be issued solely by them. That's common in many cases that get any kind of media coverage, let alone one with guaranteed media coverage by virtue of a prior public profile. If it comes down to it post conviction or post conviction via plea, any potential of a future TV deal might require public acknowledgement of Josh's guilt by the family members involved in the project. That's easier to do if you haven't opened your mouth and asserted belief in his innocence previously. That information may have been
  13. I don't know Josh, but I do know that predators tend to develop keen instincts over time in service of satisfying their drive while protecting their own hides at all costs It seems his lead attorney is well-versed in these types of cases, so would no doubt be very familiar in dealing with these types of personalities. I would guess he's spoken very plainly to Josh and broken things down for him and talked to him on a level Josh has never experienced before. I can't see how Josh could avoid the realization he's swum out far beyond the home church, homeschool and JB Duggar, Inc boundaries a
  14. Given the complexity of these types of cases a significant amount of money was likely paid upfront with contractual agreement in place. Courts are sticky about attorney withdrawals as cases are coming down to the wire for good reason -- left to their own whims defendants will use this as a stalling tactic. Attorneys are also generally careful about putting measures in place to secure their revenue stream. It's very likely JB has already bid a sad farewell to a significant amount of money for lawyers, investigators and experts. All of these professionals are aware they're dealing
  15. The reasoning in the article is entirely plausible. Bottom line, the only one who will make the call about going to trial or not, no matter what kind of pressure and advice will be given will be Josh. Smartest move is to follow precisely what his lead attorney recommends because it's the one place he's guaranteed to receive informed and knowledgeable counsel from someone with no other agenda than achieving the optimal outcome.
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