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  1. Not at all happy about how JB & M are moving their way back into onscreen headship of the show. I think that's where it's officially going with the Counting Now promo that ran during the show. No, no, no and NO! They are cancelled. I noticed "Anna's team" was mentioned regarding the points for the Zoom family game night, which was shockingly all about Duggar facts. It's not like any of them would have scored any points at all if you asked them about anything outside of their bubble -- but they couldn't even answer those correctly?! In this family, of all families, you expect people to believe that once the stick gives that positive they aren't able to know immediately what number grandbaby is on the way? What's the one constant in the name of the television show?
  2. Very, very odd not to have Stamos in the last shot. I also thought we should have seen a "curtain call" at the end. It was obvious the cast was very emotional.
  3. I assumed Helene knew V's history with her own mother, including the fact she recently dispatched her. I thought that was the reason for the discussion that led to V telling the story about shitting in her mother's shoe -- a really big one. I assumed that was all really alluding to V's other mother who needed to be dispatched. I thought V's final words with Konstantin at the train station were actually asking him if he was her father. That made me circle back to the idea that V thinks she had just dispatched her "mother" Dascha -- AND the fact that Konstantin feels incredible pressure to keep his word and get back to Irina and make his getaway with the money -- AND the fact that Geraldine had also raised the question of Konstantin being her father. An awful lot of this season has been devoted to parental ties, real or faux.
  4. I think he was saying it in the pejorative sense ... and when the word left his lips it flipped on the lights in his brain about what had just happened. Almost simultaneously to the thought dawning he began to suffer the effects and went down.
  5. To be fair, Amy did ask Zach, can I come, can I come? She also went first to congratulate Tori and ask her how she was doing, even before fully approaching Tori's mother to see the baby up close. Zach was addressed last.
  6. And the house they just bought, knowing that in addition to Zach their son was LP. Tori had her heart set on that house and that type of dog, nothing was going to make her budge. When Amy was asking about foods she could make for after baby was born Tori liked Amy's ideas, Zach insisted one be changed to something he preferred, despite Tori not caring for it -- possibly something she might have been worrying about eating when trying to breastfeed a newborn. Nope, Zach wasn't budging. If life ever hands them more stress and pressure (likely) their marriage will be on very shaky ground in a hurry.
  7. It seems more and more the disadvantages of the design of Zach and Tori's house is becoming ever more apparent. I'm wondering if next time Tori will be prepared to compromise when she sees the struggle of not only her husband, but her two children as well -- and awareness finally strikes? Wondering if Zach will put his foot down and steer the next selection of a dog in a different direction as well? It's rather fascinating that Zach and Tori's marriage is holding up as well as it seems when you consider the selfishness they both display, never seeming to even engage in discussion about compromise when they disagree about something. I don't see how it's sustainable if they run into any financial issues that require one or both of them to become traditionally employed or if anyone in their household faces any significant medical struggles.
  8. Maybe Amy has had her fill of taking care of children and didn't want to have the responsibility of Jackson for several days? She was notably there when they needed her to be on hand quickly when Tori's water broke. She was also trying to get input on what meals they wanted her to prepare for after the hospital. Maybe Matt applied pressure for Jackson to stay with him because he knew it would be featured on an episode? Amy's had several storylines featured with the move, new house, and engagement. That might have been Matt's push for a storyline and be seen as the hands on (his phone) grandparent along with Caryn.
  9. I assumed prom was merely a producer driven storyline for the show. I also don't think Amy's parents are/were easy people. Seems understandable Amy couldn't or wouldn't simply stay back in Michigan indefinitely because her mom's health declined. I don't think they knew definitively if she would last months or a year or more. Once Amy couldn't be there to say goodbye I'm not sure there was great need to rush to Michigan. The memorial may have been scheduled when most convenient to the family, including Amy and her shooting schedule.
  10. We were definitely left with the impression that there was going to be cocoa, coffee and hot water -- along with a very modest size pan of cinnamon rolls, which I'm oh so very sure were prepared by Kourtney herself. She was going to get carafes that met her standards, so I'm sure everyone could get a beverage and a bite of a cinnamon roll.
  11. Finally saw something genuine out of Kourtney, in a good way. Her idea of what she wanted for Christmas morning was real -- no servers, no chef, no housekeeper, doing it themselves, being cozy in their pajamas and just enjoying Christmas. Of course she couldn't see the problem with everyone schlepping to her house to do it, but once people spoke up she did back off and accommodate with shuffling the time to make room for them to enjoy things at their own homes first and then do the big family gathering at her house. I was actually surprised she then had good things to say about how the new way of doing Christmas morning worked out. One of her first comments when it was proposed for Kylie's house was, oh no, she'll make it all commercial and go way over the top. Only Kendall and Kourtney were invested in the idea of it only being the family on Christmas morning. Notably Kris Supermom Jenner didn't even speak up that it would be easy for them to make their own breakfast, instead sharing glances with Kim and Khloe that looked like none of them were interested in the least in lifting so much as a finger. I thought Khloe looooves cleaning? I was shocked Kendall was so behind the idea of making their own breakfast -- unless she simply assumes she can stand back while mom and others do it without any effort from her.
  12. Criminal law is probably one of the simpler disciplines in the legal field. Many criminals who have never attended college, let alone law school, can do a pretty credible job arguing their cases, sometimes even writing decent briefs and motions.
  13. Felony does not automatically equate to violence. Violent crimes are typically felonies, but many non violent crimes are felonies as well.
  14. She talked to the guy from the public defender's office about selecting her cases. I think she plans to cherrypick what she wants to do as much as possible.
  15. I didn't dispute a kill all order being the easier option. I merely said the hit squad had no way of knowing what they'd actually find at the moment they went over the wall until they had done so. They had no idea what the setup behind the wall was like. They'd have no idea if they might find Lalo in his bed, out on the patio or in a bubble bath.
  16. Apparently your TV is still gonna be burdened by the F-AB. Maybe she's actually got enough math skills to understand she can't afford her lifestyle without the show, because there she was on the latest episode, blabbing about how her break did her good, she's back filming two days a week, hopes everyone will have an attitude that doesn't displease her -- and is there to participate in her most favorite thing -- travel! Once again she contributed nothing beyond informing the audience what her priorities, demands and expectations were and added nothing else to the plotline of the show beyond that self serving twattle. ETA, misspelling is for meaning and done intentionally.
  17. For me Lalo is simply the Salamanca in the package that might exist adjacent to civilized society, from a great distance. The Salamancas are absolutely terrifying sociopaths and I generally watch all of them by peeking through my fingers. Hector, Tuco, and the twins are all simply further along on the completely unhinged sociopath scale.
  18. How would the hit squad have had any way to know where Lalo would be until they went over the wall?
  19. I'm confused about how that would happen too. I was speculating that they used some kind of antenna booster and Lalo may stumble across it, guess what it was used for -- and then use that information if he catches up with Nacho by baiting Nacho to say something to the contrary and then Lalo reveals what he found in a classic Salamanca lie detector move.
  20. What does Zach ever actually do around the house? How did Zach's office look? IMO he had a lot of nerve pointing out that his mom was the messiest hoarder, he was only second messiest, and dad was a neat and organized hoarder. Matt pays people to organize the stuff for him. Tori does virtually all hands on tasks in their home. Amy takes care of things at her house -- and she did when Matt and all of the kids lived there. I don't understand why she hadn't by the time of the episode disposed of most of what's in her garage. But I do know that plenty of it is debris left behind by Matt and all of the kids, who made it hers to clean up after them when they walked away and abandoned it rather than dealing with it themselves. I wonder if the horribly untidy Amy we've watched on screen isn't in fact an Amy that burned out on tidying long ago under constant criticism, added workload and zero help from her spouse, and an overwhelming tsunami of neverending mess spilling out from four children? It's a shame she didn't at least insist the children learn to pitch in, but I wonder how the inevitable instinct to resist by the kids would have been used by Matt to attempt to paint her as the bad guy?
  21. Occasionally I've seen auctions with entrance fees. Usually the advertisement mentions something about entrance fee being applied to purchases over a certain amount. Generally when I've seen them it's involved very large, very up market auctions. The last one I can remember was from the estate of a long-time, very high profile car dealership owner in our area. I think sometimes it's done to keep crowd levels in check and discourage all but legitimately prospective buyers.
  22. I'm wondering if Lalo finds the technical solution before he catches up with Nacho or after?
  23. Tuco is still in prison. Tuco is a Salamanca, so I don't think he'll be amenable to helping Nacho with anything that wouldn't wind up with Nacho meeting his fate in the desert.
  24. You are absolutely right, the toothbrushing has been just as much a constant as the ponytail, and the absence is significant. Both of those things are shining a whitehot spotlight on Kim's drastic turn and we're supposed to be shaken.
  25. Thank you all for explaining this. I was understanding that this episode was the finale and was completely lost and more than a little surprised that it seemed like such a whimper. Understanding that production did get halted before they finished filming episodes explains a lot.
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