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  1. Not sure if this is the right thread, but this ad just presented in my Twitter feed. I don't follow any of the players of the show and I don't search keywords related to the show.
  2. purplemonkey

    S01.E06: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

    Late to the party/ watching on Netflix. I was 21 and naïve in 1994, and all I thought of Clark at the time was "that lady is kicking butt! Look at her go, asking questions". I never questioned her appearance, but I didn't grow up in a culture where people cared much about hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Today in real life I've seen my share of workplace misogyny, both overt and covert. This also makes me today pretty close to the age she was during the trial. Boy, what a wakeup call. I don't know if that radio poll really happened ("Marcia Clark: babe or bitch?") but OMG that's terrible. Hey, Gil Garcetti: Instead of offering fashion advice, why don't you arrange for Clark to have some assistance so she doesn't have to buy her own tampons and be first chair in the biggest trial ever? Just a little help might have gone a long way. She was working her tail off for your office. (Shallow note: I'm sad to see what Clark's done to her face in present day, but that's because I just don't think overdoing the botox/fillers help ANYONE.) +1 in the Sterling-K.-Brown-As-Darden-is-Hawt Camp. Hello! I had those awful round 90s glasses, and he makes them look SO good. I'm impressed with the casting and acting. Even Schwimmer is growing on me.
  3. purplemonkey

    S02.E10: New Kids in the House

    Good point, @KaveDweller. Because I have no life, I just priced current NKOTB tickets, and it'd be something like $300+ apiece. (Side note: are the tickets less today in real dollars because NKOTB isn't as popular as it was?) I guess the only way this plot works is if Kimmy paid much less than that because they were fakes, unless the Fullers/Gibblers have a healthy entertainment budget and Kimmy planned for the expense. (Again, I know I'm being ridiculous.) The dream board seemed more like an adult's bucket list than a young person's "things I want to do someday" list. Ryan Gosling is 3 years younger than DJ, so we'd have to think that if she was a teenager when she made the board, it was because she followed him on the Mickey Mouse Club. I don't know the salaries of a Wake Up, San Francisco! host vs a self-employed veterinarian with a widow's pension, but I still think Danny could have ponied up back in the day, unless there was a life lesson he had about not spending so much. TL;DR for a show that revolves around call-backs and nostalgia, I'd like some more accuracy, please!
  4. Agree with killing Michelle off, except that I do not want to see Uncle Joey at her memorial, or in any scene ever. But if they did it, they could tie it in with DJ remembering her late husband, and have a "we've still got each other" family hug. I didn't watch every episode of "Full House" for comparison of DJ's dead mom, but I feel like "Fuller House" refers to dead Tommy too seldom. Not a "your dad would be proud" in many, many episodes.
  5. purplemonkey

    S02.E10: New Kids in the House

    Andrea Barber was great here, as always. I like the nostalgia, but they missed an opportunity to have the kids on the show need NKOTB explained to them. It was too much to assume that Ramona would be excited about some band she wouldn't have heard of. I'm too old to have been a NKOTB fan, which also makes me too old to have watched "Full House". But never mind that. If you like BSB, there's an excellent documentary on Netflix about their current day travails. I'll watch a documentary on pretty much any topic. Edited to add (and I can't believe I'm still thinking about the integrity of this plot) what WAS the reason DJ never got to sit 1st row at a NKOTB concert? She seemed kind of spoiled as a kid, certainly had better clothes than I did. It would have been nice if they explained that she was supposed to go in the 90s, but then the plan went afoul for some reason and it never happened.
  6. purplemonkey

    S03.E16: Perverse Instantiation Part Two

    Thank you, CooperTV. I want to follow all the logic but I get distracted by the visceral. I suppose Becca realized that the setting off the nukes was evidence enough that ALIE 2.0 was going to be needed, in a bad way. Becca wouldn't be alive to see chipped-Jaha's shenanigans and the ensuing chaos. Were the drones a product of ALIE 1 or 2? Does that mean that Becca and whoever else built the drones 97 years earlier? Why go to the trouble to build all that infrastructure when you have such a shoddy product as ALIE? Just wondering. I'm hooked on this show, but not so sure I want to/have time to rewatch S1-3. I'm interested to see where Jaha goes in S4, because imaginary ark crying baby aside (giving him a slight pass on that due to hypoxia), I enjoyed him before he was chipped.
  7. purplemonkey

    S03.E16: Perverse Instantiation Part Two

    Late to the party, but we just binge-watched S1-3. (I'm also spoiler-free and trailer-free for S4.) Not surprisingly, I have questions about ALIE, so forgive my addled brain. When ALIE 1 revealed to Clarke that there are power plants in meltdown, was the goal to end suffering by having all the surviving deformed and cancer-ridden get to meditate and enjoy ice cream cones in the COL? ALIE didn't have an answer for Clarke's question "then why didn't you just tell us about the power plants instead of making us torture each other??", did she? On a shallow note, I totally think Paige Turco (Abby) got botox somewhere around season 2.
  8. purplemonkey

    S03.E03: Donald Trump

    Re: the cost of the hat. Someone should ask Oliver if they are sweatshop free, etc. I would do it, but all my media accounts are under my real name, and I don't want to throw my hat (ha!) in the political ring there.
  9. Question that's been bugging me for ten years now: what is the deal with the dress code for the first meeting? I'm so tired of seeing every TCC in the same silhouette - wiggle dress with costume jewelry and hair down. Can't anyone do something different? A sleek low pony? A pair of culottes with a kickass top? Even like a 1989 Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman shorts suit would be refreshing. I get it, you have to look hot. But why is there only one uniform for this? Little Goth House on the Prairie Madeline is weird. Her spray tan was insane this week. I think Colby picked up a case of AIDS: acquired international dialect syndrome. She just makes herself seem so out of place. If she's already older than the others, she could try to act more cheerleaderish. I have no useful advice for her. She sticks out like a sore lip.
  10. purplemonkey

    S06.E06: Walk Out

    According to Taylor's Twitter, she has been dating some non-Adam guy for a long time. She implies just because she settled out of court doesn't mean she's pro-Adam or boning him. File under Chelsea needs to take care of her own case. Again I'm not sure how using the same lawyer would help. Chelsea should have a strong enough case by herself without muddying the waters. The real question is why Taylor would have a baby with Adam after seeing what he did to Chelsea and Aubree. So yeah her judgement there is pretty iffy.
  11. purplemonkey

    Teen Mom 2 : Things That We Need To Discuss NOW!

    Hi folks, budget cuts have hit my house and I no longer have MTV proper. I will watch the aftershows, sneak peeks, and whatever crumbs their website has for me. I love reading your recaps and thoughts! Cheers to all, and remember, it's your sex life! Edited to say Leah's sneak peek was so sad! It really is amazing that this show has chronicled 2 divorces.
  12. purplemonkey

    S14.E10: Amanda; James

    Yes, I just love it when the interventionists call out the families on their codependency. Maybe in her new spare time, his mom will find an old copy of Color Me Beautiful, and realize that neon yellow or broomstick grey are the wrong answers for her. So if Amanda's scene was pretty shady, I wonder if her mom saw she would eventually take the kids herself. It's sad, but if Amanda's mom is going to take the kids, then the whole family has to deal with Amanda. It's a package deal. But that makes their codependency more tangled than ever. It's too bad they didn't seem to have a relative on Sam's side that could help out, not that we saw, anyway.
  13. purplemonkey

    S14.E10: Amanda; James

    Wow, I feel dumb that I didn't realize until now that Amanda's kids essentially lost both their parents. I wonder what kind of support she had as a widow. Was her family really being weird to her? How would she expect to get through that without some moral support?
  14. purplemonkey

    S06.E04: Not Good Enough

    Not much new here, I'm starting to get bored with the show. But I did gasp when Aleeah slammed the door in Ali's face. Jace's captain's costume reminded me of GOB wearing the stripper cop outfit on Arrested Development.
  15. purplemonkey

    A Place For Questions & Educational Links

    I watched the "I Am Jazz" documentary on YouTube (she was 11) which is better than the TLC show. It talks a little about her being banned from girls' soccer. I've also watched Frontline's Growing Up Trans. I do see the potential danger of her being an activist in the public eye. That is just a horrible thought. I don't want to go there in my head. Maybe she can use her TLC money to get a bodyguard? At the same time, if it's somewhat of a calling for her, it's hard to ignore that. Playing football is also dangerous. There are professional callings for some that can make a person economically challenged. But they do it anyway. I fully understand that I can't put myself in her shoes as I'm not a trans person. I just hope society keeps improving.
  16. purplemonkey

    S01.E05: Am I Doing The Right Thing?

    I have zero interest in seeing Ari catch up with her grandparents. It's not Ari's fault, I just think between this family of 6, plus grandparents, plus the book coauthor, plus friends etc, there are too many people on the show! It's hard to focus on all that in a 30 minute format. I did notice when the mom was asking Jazz if she would feel comfortable doing a book signing and they were talking with the other lady, Jazz grabbed her mom's hand and started playing with her ring. That was a cute and sweet display of their closeness.
  17. purplemonkey

    S01.E04: I Thought It Was A Choice

    I could have done without the car storyline. I get it, they're spoiled and/or live in an area where you need a car. Either way it was boring. So Ari really puked on her mattress topper!
  18. purplemonkey

    S01.E01: All About Jazz

    I'm not sure this is actually a "show" as much as it is a docuseries. I think there is a set number of episodes (11?) and then they're done. It's not likely to go on and on like other TLC reality shows.
  19. purplemonkey

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    According to a college in my town I just looked up, the pharmacy tech diploma is a lower "degree" than the one Jenelle just earned. Why would she aspire to one thing when she is already degreed to do something potentially more lucrative??
  20. purplemonkey

    S06.E03: No Apologies

    Ok, my bad. It's been a few days since I watched. Unreal.
  21. purplemonkey

    Leah Messer Simms Messer Calvert Messer...She's 23

    Drew will need a longer couch if the girls keep bringing every ex. I'm thinking there should be a one guy at a time rule. You get to have your original baby's dad from 16&P, plus you can bring a current SO. Things would get crazy if they do a catchup show with everyone. "Now Jeremy, how do you feel about Leah's new boyfriend? Corey, what about you?" That's nuts!!
  22. purplemonkey

    S06.E03: No Apologies

    Besides the obvious parade of horribles that have been posted, was anyone else disturbed by the specially installed camera in Janelle's car pointed straight at Kaiser (to capture all of his rear-facing car time). That's just creepy, MTV. Leah, how about putting that suitcase in the front seat with you. Sacrifice some of your legroom instead of your child's head and face room.
  23. purplemonkey

    S01.E02: Boys Aren't Nice to Her

    I really feel for Jazz... Now that we've seen her family and friends, it dawns on the viewer that this is tough, no matter how strong your support system. I need to snark on the mom just a little bit. I commend her for being honest about the need for Jazz to go to the counselor, etc. But I'm starting to feel like the mom is a little too enmeshed. I think it's great that she is protective of her daughter. What I would like to see is less of "I wish I could just take the pain away from you" and more of "let's focus on the positive." There are so many things to be grateful for (I know it's not sincere coming from me when I've never gone through this). One, she's only 14. I know they need to start thinking about this, but not all 14 yos are dating seriously. Two, it's the 21st century (I know transphobia abounds and we are nowhere close to where society needs to be). Three, the hormones seem to be working well and she will develop like any other girl. She is physically beautiful. She's also charismatic and bright and she knows how to dress herself. These last 3 qualities are lacking in a lot of 14 yo girls. It's hard to know how much self-consciousness is being piled on by the mom. Of course, her support and love outweighs that. I just think we should focus less on how much her mom loves her and talk about what's going right here. The fact that her mom wears as much makeup as she does makes me feel like she's in danger of transferring (see what I did there) some insecurities onto Jazz. That said, I'd love to have her as a mom. Just me, then?
  24. purplemonkey

    S07.E08: Lending A Shoulder

    What will HankMed do without Divya and Jeremiah? I didn't miss nurse Margaret. All I could think of when she appeared was "Hi, ELLEN".
  25. purplemonkey

    S06.E02: Shakedown

    Why was Peach wearing running tights to a concert in Philadelphia?? Paislee is a funny looking kid. I'm sure she'll grow into her looks eventually. I don't have a problem with Adam bringing a buddy to the concert, especially if it's a sober buddy and he needed a ride (his parents may have come in a separate car).