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  1. Wtf happened to t's face????? And wtf happened to Dolores's face???? Why are they the same shade of caramel?
  2. Tre only took that plea deal because her lawyer advised her to, to avoid a harsher sentence - not because she believed it. She made the statement before the court because she has to. People do that all the time, not just Tre. not saying it's okay, just saying that you should never expect her actions in the courtroom to transfer over to real life. I mean, hell, look what it took to get her back on good terms with her own brother. What would happen if Italy doesn't want him? I'm imagining juicy drifting on a raft in international waters with nowhere to go. Somehow I doubt tha
  3. Usually stops by 6 months. Vision fully develops around 5 months.
  4. Honestly, I don't think that's an issue that's exclusive to the Kardashians. I think once you combine mega-wealth and women you suddenly see this bizarre obsession appearance. Spanx, nipping and tucking, a dab of botox here and there. It's really kind of fucked up that the term "age gracefully" as morphed into "try to look 22 at 42." Khloe and Scott ran around Cleveland and did their podcast...as part of a setup for a Khloe/Scott spinoff?
  5. Part of me loves that photo. Probably because of the sweetness that is Chicago in her mamas arms. The other part is again confused. The expression is too forced for a mother snuggling her baby. And what is with the photo shopping lately? It once again looks like they pasted her head from another photo onto this body. Not to mention the left side is completely disproportionate from the right, despite the angle of the photographer. Her arm appears from a completely non-existent, no sign it exists shoulder.
  6. Thing is, her original ass really wasn't that huge. She just came up during a time when the pancake ass was in. So everybody thought her ass was sooooo huge. I think I remember watching the original E true hollywood story on Kim back in the day and they said one of the reasons Kim stood out so much when she first started appearing was Paris was how different she looked from everybody. At the time, Paris, Nicole Richie & Co were basically walking hangers they were so stick thin. Same with a lot of the Hills girls that everybody was obsessed with in the early 2000s. As were the starlet
  7. People need to chill out. That really doesn't look like an afro. My naturally very curly hair looks like that if I attempt to brush it when it's dry. And if it were shorter, it would look exactly like that.
  8. For what it is worth, I'm half middle eastern - lebanese and Syrian. I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, fair skinned, etc. A friend said he never saw it until I got married and he saw all of my extended family....olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, etc. I just look more like my mothers side of the family, i suppose. Genetics are a funny thing. That said, I also believe that alex roldan is her father. And that's because she looks just like him.
  9. Um....is that even kim's body? What a strange looking photo. The amount of photoshopping here is kind of insane, but even still, it looks like they pasted her head on somebody elses shoulders and her legs onto somebody else's waist. Seriously, that does not look like one seamless figure...no matter how disproportionate Kim may be. Her head is too small for the rest of the frame. And seriously, one side of her neck is longer than the other.
  10. Wow. Khloe was busy. Find out tristan cheated, give birth, fuck French. Not buying it.
  11. I actually love the white dress - or at least the front shots that i've seen. I'm sure the back is a mess. But she needs to shorten the hair and ease up on the caked on makeup. She is already too far down the plastic surgery road but the makeup is doing her no favors. And she looks a lot like Kris right now.
  12. Jesus. Kim - if you or your people read these boards, listen up. This shit is not cute, it is not a stage and it IS NOT NORMAL. You want your kida to have a healthy relationship? End this shit now. Poor Saint. I'm so glad he has his little sister. Maybe Kim should seek parenting advice from Kourtney. She and Scott may have been a train wreck but at least the kids seem to have a healthy and normal sibling relationship.
  13. ugh. between this one and kim's rubber onesie from the other day, i hope they are stocking up on monistat.
  14. I can't wait for these people to hit 40. Why 40? Because the changes that start happening at 40 are immediate - like light switch goes off. Between the metabolism slow down and changes in skin elasticity the Klan isn't going to know what hit them. Yes, there's photo shop, yes, there's more surgery, however eventually nature WILL take over. And it's not going to like how they've mutilated their bodies. Imagine the sagging....they will not age gracefully.
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