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  1. Yeah, it's great to have that resolved between them.
  2. That's not the point; Mrs C told Leonard last season that he couldn't have Daniel around him when she was present if she and he were to remain friends. Leonard was sending Daniel away so that Mrs C wouldn't get offended. Once he learned that she invited him herself, there was no danger of that happening.
  3. I didn't think so, but they were both on Doctor Who, one as Yvonne Hartman (the leader of Torchwood London) and the other as Kate Stewart (the leader of UNIT).
  4. I thought that was just because Leonard didn't yet realize it was safe for Daniel to be there because Mrs C invited him herself, not because he was angry with him. After all, he still told his father after that argument that he was in love and happier than he'd ever been before.
  5. I don't think it would, categorically. And it's not like the authorities would have an investment in probing too closely. And what did they say the cause of death was? In fact, they could have dumped the body, made it look like an accident, etc. There were a lot of ways out of this situation; I think this genuinely qualifies as a plot hole.
  6. Please see the top of this page.
  7. Exactly. Because that's what would logically happen if they were leaving, and it shows how much they will miss everyone and vice versa, reinforcing the fact that they think of the Ridge as home when we see they're still in the past. When they finally go back to the future, they can skim the goodbyes now, and it'll have been established that they'd only do so because of an emergency. All made perfect sense.
  8. Well, at least he as good as admitted his band had been setting the fires when he told Marsali they'd burn the houses in Fraser's Ridge down.
  9. I'm just surprised they didn't use the obvious solution of saying Mr Innes killed him to defend Jocasta. I know he's older, but it wouldn't be physically impossible, especially with adrenaline.
  10. Richard Rankin explanation matches exactly what I thought about Roger's thought process. These past few episodes, he had clearly become part of life at Fraser's Ridge over the months and years and I didn't feel his wanting to go back to the future was much more than a sense of obligation. As for it not having been mentioned before that you would go to the time you're thinking of, that's not quite true, because Claire, Bree and Roger all focused on the person they wanted to reunite with when they went through the stones, though Claire's first unplanned travel was apparently random (she might have had the time period she and Frank had just been researching on her mind, though).
  11. Perhaps they followed the signs of a party of people moving away from Fraser's Ridge until they found the Browns' encampment, between Fraser's Ridge and Brownsville, which would make clear the Browns were indeed whom they were looking for. From their faces and the way they said it, I didn't find it ambiguous that when Bree and Roger both said they were thinking of home, they meant Fraser's Ridge.
  12. I'm pretty sure Doctor Atomic knew that, and was just referring to how Lionel's wife taking Claire's advice was his own fault.
  13. He's referring to the threat of human extinction he talked about in this episode, not a literal war. He believes that without Rehoboam at 100% humanity is doomed, and of course the other rich and elite don't realize it.
  14. Serac told Maeve that it still doesn't have all the data on everyone and the data from the park is a more complete picture of the human mind (after all, Rehoboam doesn't involve brain scanning, just predictive algorithms from past behavior and records). Credits, interviews and the Delos Destinations website (where you can subscribe to official Delos Destinations emails) say Dolores. Captioners are notoriously imperfect. And even the captions usually say Dolores, on my TV at least. No, the timeline in the pre-season trailer said there was a thermonuclear incident in Paris:
  15. She created a body identical to Musashi's because she thought it would be convincing as a Yakuza leader, apparently. Why did you think that? In Season 2, we last saw him letting Halores out of the park. No, it was in the far future. As the Emily duplicate said, the system was long gone by then. The showrunners said that the mind of the William in that last scene had been copied into a Host body and was being run through tests. It certainly seemed like something calamitous happened in the meantime, no idea if humans are still alive or what. Exactly what I was thinking. That kind of behavior isn't going to inspire trust that if he can access the Sublime, he won't kill the Hosts who are inside of it. Dolores wouldn't trust that the access codes wouldn't get to Serac, and Serac can shut Maeve's brain down if she double crosses him. We know the prime Dolores transferred herself into a new Dolores body and put a different pearl (a copied Dolores) into the Hale body, because we saw her ease the new Halores into her new life in the flashback that began the previous episode. Also, Halores asked Dolores why she brought Bernard back. The prime Dolores (in the Hale body) was the one who did that. Thank you. If you hadn't said it, I was going to. Maybe people mistakenly think she was named after Delos? Daenerys. It has an E between the A and N when not shortened to her pet name Dany. They don't have their targets' memories. If they did, Halores would have already known the passcode for communicating with Serac, and the fact that Hale was the mole. Also, copying human memories to Hosts is supposed to still be hard at this point in time. Host!William exists in the future.
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