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  1. https://sandman.fandom.com/wiki/Edwin_Paine
  2. He was pretending to be a miraculously-surviving Henry Jr via a mental illusion and Yolanda slashed his throat open because she figured it out (he slipped up by saying "your friends" instead of "our friends"). As Courtney pointed out earlier this season, if Yolanda hadn't killed him too quickly for him to realize, he would have brain melted her to death and then found and attacked the rest of the JSA.
  3. I dunno, I could easily see them saying he was belligerent and the media glossing right over it. I wouldn't be surprised if that has happened in real life. Per Legends of Tomorrow, the DEO headquarters is still in ruins after it was destroyed by Rama Khan and the organization is defunct.
  4. A goon tried to hit Orlando when he stepped forward, Guardian blocked the goon with her shield, and the goons attacked her.
  5. The pieces of the Black Diamond. That's why he asked Pat why he was keeping them around, and Pat said the Diamond was the only thing that stopped Eclipso before.
  6. It was contrived. It also didn't make sense that Kelly acted like the others were ignoring her about the people getting sick when they actually thought that getting rid of the contaminated debris would reverse that.
  7. Although we don't know if the original JSA had something to do with his dad's death and he said "parents", plural. For that matter, Cindy wouldn't know that Sportsmaster and Tigress killed the principal, right, since she wasn't there? So as far as she knows, she could be telling the truth.
  8. Bruce Gordon was also named in Chapter Four as the explorer who rediscovered Diablo Island. I speculate Eclipso may be in his body and he wanted to revert to childhood or something (like Peter Pan in OUAT).
  9. For a second I read that as "Lena Luthor's palace". .
  10. Haven't seen the show yet, but I've read some of the graphic novel and it's known for its zany humor, and you're not the first person I've seen complain that they didn't carry that over. Wouldn't they have died in the womb already?
  11. Speaking of the Shade, I just read today that Jonathan Cake is voicing the protagonist's talking bracelet "Cuff" in the upcoming Square Enix videogame Forspoken: https://novacrystallis.com/2021/09/new-forspoken-trailer-drops-during-sonys-september-playstation-showcase/ .
  12. Lol. People still have business cards. I do (I'm a freelance editor/proofreader for novels, biographies, articles, dissertations and manuscripts of all kinds).
  13. We don't know it yet. Just that Dragon King implied Cindy had killed her mother and she said it was an accident. Beth also said that Cindy was nice in elementary school before her mother died.
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