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  1. Samantha told Harvey in the previous episode that Zane was going to visit Rachel and couldn't cancel. Samantha was going to go tomorrow, but would have rescheduled because Zane wasn't available, except Harvey was willing to go with her. Doesn't explain why they didn't take a plane. Louis did remember Harold. He knew what it meant when Donna told him Harold was Reed Communications' attorney. "But I'm stuffed" was just him focusing on the wrong thing for comic effect.
  2. It doesn't seem like overseeing the firm operations takes too much time and pressure for her to take on a client. Mostly the partners do things and she reacts to them. I don't think the job of special master involves intimately managing every case in the firm, just steering the ship when something needs it. I don't think so. If they hadn't realized there was no deathbed testimony, that deal would have been the best Harvey and Cahill could hope for. Disbarment for Harvey but no prison. That's what my mother and I thought, too.
  3. And the only way it could be a setup is if the witch were in on it, and the full moon, rose and left hand prediction confirms she's for real. Besides, the people Bet saw weren't leaving, they were going in. She fibbed.
  4. I think perhaps those were just people entering the building and seeing them made her think twice about going in herself.
  5. Also, Aleister Crowley died in the 40s. They did get a pretty good likeness for him, though, apart from the hair:
  6. Mr Crowley used the unusual spelling "Aleister" as opposed to "Alistair" or "Alastair" (his birth name was Edward Alexander Crowley). The historical Aleister Crowley was in fact not a Satanist, although he allowed laypeople to believe he was and played up his image. He joined the esoteric Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and founded his own neopagan religion, Thelema. It did indeed involve orgies. He and Thelema are featured in the CBS All Access series Strange Angel (along with the nuclear weapons program). But on a philosophical level, a historical cult leader promoting Satanism as love, desire and freedom would be a better fit for Anton LeVay, whom they seem to have combined him with in this series.
  7. Weird detail of the week: in the outside shot of Aleister Crowley's mansion, a couple can be seen going by on the pavement pushing a baby pram with a pig in it.
  8. The Waynes are old money. They've been rich for centuries, going back at least as far as the founding of Gotham and probably further, and have never lost their fortune. Also, it's plausible Wayne Enterprises already exists and is run by Thomas and Patricia's parents. Like Martha, Thomas isn't content being idle rich. And it was implied he might have a secret motivation to get involved as well, assuming that wasn't just a reference to his being CIA. I really love this show, its aesthetic, the characters and everything!
  9. She only threatened the jobs of employees (or specifically, partners; she hasn't threatened any rank and file employees, in fact she did the opposite, and I appreciate that) after they'd done something unethical and/or stupid, and the only time she mentioned their personal lives was Donna and Harvey's relationship, which as much as I don't like it is a valid concern when both have a vote. She is not a bitch. However, the other partners having a right to waive conflict for Donna and Harvey because they trust their relationship won't influence how they vote is a good solution. Harvey, Louis and Samantha have yelled at Faye at the slightest opportunity when she was initiating a civil conversation about firm business, and repeatedly tried to fight her with the same kind of behavior she was brought in because of instead of cleaning up their acts. She had little reason to view them as more than unruly children in the first few episodes. At least now they seem to have settled down and the tone going both ways has softened, starting with Faye and Gretchen's conversation about Louis.
  10. Based on Harvey and Samantha's personalities (which are like magnets of the same charge) and the nature of their relationship, I think there's about as much chance of that happening as of either of them making a move on a relative. If it does, it'll be a soap opera-esque misstep on the show's part.
  11. I agree that her acting is great, but "bitchy"? Fat jokes are wrong, but that really wasn't one. Not only is it actually not a good idea to eat that at his weight, given that he couldn't care less that she was looking out for their daughter's wellbeing, she was justified in anything she said to that walking waste of space. So far, I find Faye far more likeable than Harvey, Louis or Samantha almost every time they clash. Every time she's spoken to them harshly it's been because they warranted it, not for shits and giggles. How many barbs has Harvey thrown at people without being labelled "bitchy"?
  12. The show indicated that powerful destructive abilities are rare, especially without drawbacks like Linda being affected by her own sonic waves and Myfanwy supposedly having a limited range (which was really psychological).
  13. Within the British secret services and government, where people know the Checquy exists, she would be the scapegoat, not publicly. Unless they release vague information to the effect that was she was a secret service agent of an unspecified kind, or give her a fake backstory in the press like they did the Dutchman. And remember, the Russian government also knows the Checquy exists. If it gets renewed. One was clearly set up. It depends on Starz.
  14. Interesting setup for the next season. It was a slow build, but at least now we know plenty about the setting and characters to care about them next season.
  15. Oh great, everyone's going to band together to oust Faye and get Samantha the job back that she just proved she doesn't deserve. Go team? Yeah, if the writers think I'm rooting for that, they don't know me. Also, if Samantha fabricated evidence of Mike making a shady deal and made it public to tank his client's case, then there should be more repercussions for Mike than just losing the case, and he has even more reason to be mad at Harvey because Harvey let Samantha harm Mike's professional reputation, but Mike didn't mention that. And Harvey wouldn't do that. This would potentially cost Mike future clients.
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