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  1. I was suspicious of the actress being on so much, but then the movie fooled me with the frat brother red herring.
  2. Just watched off the DVR. They had a little more chemistry than in their romance movie, but not a lot. I think part of the issue is that the script had him be a little dickish for a lot of the film. Not just stick inserted, actual jerky. "Hey, here is some evidence someone else besides my brother should be a suspect, literally right here in my hand" "I refuse to look, because I am only the detective in charge of this murder investigation" WUT? I knew the actress was pregnant from comments online and having seen her in other shows, but they did a good job dressing her and the character looked like she could have just been normal size. George Taki is a flaming homosexual in real life, in fact he is making a living off of being funny and flaming. Even so, he was mad when in the new movie they made his character gay where Sulu had been a professional on duty/ladies man off. He explained he was an actor, playing a role. And he did it well. For some reason the romance didn't get any traction on screen until the chinese dinner in the car stake out scene. Until then they weren't selling it. Why did the lead's camera make a shutter sound on each picture? I turned that off on my phone, and I assume everyone else does, as well.
  3. I have had the not wonderful 2019 Love in the Sun on for the last 10 minutes while I wait for the 6pm movie to start and the grill to come up to temp outside. The second couple is black/white interracial, one of about 3 or 4 I have seen on Hallmarks, and the Morning Show movies has a black couple as the lead and love interest (not the channel's fault there is about zero romance chemistry there-- 100% the director's and actors' fault). Love in the Sun the leads are white and latina, same (obviously) for Alex and Carlos Penavega's romance and mystery movies.
  4. Finishing up food prep for today at the pool, TV playing in the background. Yes, I Do is on. Jen Lilley plays a woman who leaves a helo company owner at the altar three times. Jessica Lowndes is the other woman (who should be the main interest, because three times is three too many...) This the ultimate Hallmark. Helicopters with Canada registrations, Jen and Jessica, she works at a chocolate factory, he always has a one day old set of whiskers, he lives at his business... They didn't miss a single trope, except no beach.
  5. I suggested breweries are also on the horizon. Anything where it is earthy but without a pig/cow manure smell.
  6. We were military. No one we know had weak children, military kids grow up tough and can make their own decisions, and the (then) DoDDS were great, they made the kids well educated. No mil dad after the 70s would be that way. (They renamed the military k-12 schools again, but I forget the new name). The H didn't really say anything to the planner to justify her freakout. I like Kellie. Her talk show isn't my cup of tea, but she is likable on air and a good singer, and does a nice job here on these. As I type this Jen Lilley is on in the background, and she is a little more pretty, but Kellie is great. (Peri Gilpen in Dash of Love is the mentor turned backstabbing bitch, and Hallmark makes her look great at 58, too)
  7. Came in from the pool to hydrate and Hallmark is playing for Love on the Sidelines. Two Qs: 1. How did the other woman on this not get her own movie? The actress is hilarious. 2. We listen to some podcasts, including Deck the Hallmark and the ended too soon fox news girl one on Hallmarks. Is the official one they just advertised, Bubbly Sesh, any good?
  8. I suspect when you call for extras in the middle of the work day Wednesday in small town Canada or beach South Carolina, you get what you get, and it isn't a lot of people
  9. We have Once Upon a Prince on while prepping for brunch tomorrow, and we started chuckling. We were both military, and the guards inside have British army officer uniform blouses, and US Army Armor dress pants. The outside guards have the Armor pants, and US marine enlisted dress blouses
  10. This, plus-- The lead's face wasn't expressive. And I know the city fiancée was supposed to not be the one, but she had more of an interaction vibe with him instead of home town boy. That being said, Safety Harbor looks great. The location people in the Hallmarks this year are earning their keep. Side note: Ashley Jones, the actress who is the black work bestie in all these, needs to star in her own hallmark
  11. Happywatcher

    S07.E01: The Further Adventures

    Blond Lucy looks great, see also, London Scotland Yard is super black outfit stylish
  12. Season for Love. I went out today before our burger fest and we are going to our friends place tomorrow for smoking........ You can't do ribs, even baby backs, in 4 hours on a grill. It does not work that way.Hallmark land cooking =/= actual cooking in any way
  13. Sun Sand and Romance is on the countdown, I have it on in the background while prepping the burgers and potato salad. I posted last time that I wasn't comfortable with the "Boyfriend has to work through the vaca so she falls in love with the old BF" plot, and that Tricia is a great and likable actress. The real star here is the resort. The drone shots of the water sports, hotel beachfront, paddle boarding, horses on the beach, all look great. They also found the lead a modest swimsuit that also doesn't look frumpy.
  14. Happywatcher

    S04.E09: Save Lucifer

    Lucy being a whiner isn't fun, but Maze going all out to get eve is pretty god. Glad Dan is growing up
  15. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    I was a little surprised with the back shank
  16. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Had a case many years ago with lots of parties and sides, about epublishing rights. I learned then that Harlequin could not republish almost all of their pre 1990 books, because the first sexual encounter in them was with physical force or threats. Tastes changed very quickly in just a decade, wonder if the writers think they are changing back?
  17. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Is Lynn Herring okay health wise? Lucy Coe Jones was just on and it is the first time the actress looked 60 (I know she is in real life but she never looks it)
  18. I like the premise of the Picture mystery, my concern is that the (real life) couple didn't have super great on screen chemistry in the romance movie, but maybe they will in a mystery. When are they going to burn more of the Crosswords? That almost was good and may get better
  19. Watched Love at the Shore on rerun while recovering from a pool event today. Three thoughts: 1. Amanda and Peter were pretty good, her character was a little over bitchy at first but not too bad. 2. Happy the Dog should be in every hallmark (or the rescue cat) 3. The plot was okay but the setting was great, the beach houses were awesome (someone on IMDB says it wasn't Savannah, maybe Kitty Hawk or Corella, NC)
  20. Happywatcher

    A Discovery Of Witches

    Did they spend all their money on special effects and cinematography, and had to hire high school level scriptwriters and unit directors?
  21. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Maxie's dress was the only one that didn't fit right, too
  22. The first 10 minutes I wanted to be a you tube/instagram influencer, it goes downhill fast after that. Mostly unrealted: a younger lawyer at the office said snapchat isn't for cybersex anymore, it is for sending your friends fun videos or rants, because they go away in a day.
  23. I also turned off A Feeling of Home, I made it to the point when the lead started getting the vapors over fixing her 'leak' that she was from Texas. I thought the lead actress was playing a combo of every successful Hallmark leading actress very well. Her facial expressions, tone, and cadence was a good imitation of the best leading ladies. The story was awful. Almost none of it made much sense. 1. Dad was so hurt she had to come home, but was working. 2. She grew up on the ranch but didn't know how to dress for the ranch or carry out basic tasks. 3. Th old boyfriend was not played like a Hallmark old flame, the actor or director had him be an unlikable douche. The actress obviously worked hard and was let down by the writers, director, and actor playing the love interest.
  24. Currently watching A Feeling of Home. Too early for an opinion on the movie, other than they have replaced the usual restored 1940 pickup for a slightly rusted 1940s pickup. Storyline is standard city girl with awesome job comes home to farm/ranch country and reconnects with high school boyfriend. However, Jonna Walsh is literally the perfect Hallmark lead. It is like someone rammed Danica, Candace, Taylor, and Erin together in a lab. I have no idea about the rest of her acting resume, but she is going 100% Hallmark girl in this
  25. Paris, Wine, and Romance. I like Jen Lilley, and the cheap easteuro scenes look a lot like Paris. The story conflict isn't bad, and Jen is always good. They did an okay job dressing her, but half the full body shots make it obvious she is at least halfway through a pregnancy. More importantly, if they are at an international conference for the future of the US wine, why is she spending so much time in flirtyflirt with scruff beard, and not getting that wine placed? Jen has people counting on her, less kissy face with hair boy, more time marketing. Edit to add. They got to the conflict with the broken bottles, and the love interest's accent got annoying. They should have inserted a line about him going to wine master's high school in canada or something and dropped the accent...