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  1. We attended our friend group's annual Hallmark Christmas movie drinking game and bingo party this last weekend. Last year we hosted--being a guest is more fun. Anyway, this year we used the Bingo cards Hallmark sold, and they got filled fast. The commercial ones were more simple and way faster than the older online informal ones. We also used the online drinking game rules at the same time. When you got a bingo you had to drink a whole glass, but your card was entered as another chance for the drawing. Oddly enough we got through the second movie and the third one played as the party wound down. Everyone lyfted--obviously.
  2. Catching up on some of the movies we missed-- A Homecoming for the Holidays. Still confused on the time jump at the start. Did they jump up 3 years and it was the brother's second deployment and then he was about to get out out but was thinking of reenlisting? How else was he getting out to take over the business? Why did the unit rotate up from Kansas to "Montana" Vancouver to go overseas? Some people bitched online about the brother wearing his uniform getting out, but it was for a party at the Legion and that is a little different. On the plus side: The lead is a great singer and good at acting, and puppies
  3. But ABC Disney will maybe peel off some family viewers back to the train wreck ABC Family and Disney channels--which is the point of them attacking Hallmark. We ended up watching the Descendants movies with some teens. I would never allow a preteen to watch Disney now, they are really bad
  4. Ashley Williams. I carefully watched the Lights movie because I really wanted to know why her character was wearing Navy Aviator wings. No explanation was given
  5. ABC Disney just did a 2 minute push piece on their Good Morning America show to force Hallmark to do gay movies. They really want to destroy the brand.
  6. Enty is saying Jodie Sweetin's Hallmarks didn't do well. I didn't like them, but that may have been colored because I don't like her personal life choices. Anyhow, he says everyone is worried she will get back on the drug train. If Hollywood is gossiping, she must be done at Hallmark https://www.crazydaysandnights.net/2019/12/blind-item-6_4.html
  7. Plus the B-roll shots were great. It is nice to see places you recall fondly or have always wanted to go to in these destination movies. I did chuckle that Lacey's date dress was the exact shade of red as the wreath ribbons and table candles. It was nice that the lead put her big girl panties on right away and got on board with setting up her own company and turning down her old boss flat and adult like.
  8. Evergreen was almost the perfect storm of Hallmark. They just needed Candace to come by for a cameo. They need to recast Holly's mystery movie love interest for her LI in this movie, they were way better.
  9. I agree with the 'she is always on the edge of being annoying'. Then I remember that according to the LA Times, her father raped her 2-3 times every week when she was 13, until he was caught. He was sentenced to life back when most father rapists only got 10-15 years, so horrific was what he did to her. From that perspective, her professional success is a real triumph, even if she hypersexualized so much Rachael dubbed her the BJ Queen
  10. Agent Simmons from Marvel Agents of Shield played a slightly reserved comic book secret agent undercover as a historian with the right amount of comic book awkward. Except her character was supposed to be an actual historian in a romance movie. The male lead plays a police detective on soap operas. He was also slightly awkward and didn't really fit. So the female lead's boyfriend is a hard working tenure track prof where she is drifting on BS side jobs with her PhD, and he is kept late 20 minutes for drinks because his committee goes long...so she starts flirting with a new guy without saying anything to her BF. A few weeks before their big trip to meet the BF's parents. It was unsettling.
  11. Just got caught up on Christmas in Graceland 2. Priscilla was in it, so it was cool, and seeing the inside of Graceland was cool. The storyline wasn't horrible. Kaitlin Doubleday didn't have anywhere near the vocal range of Kellie, even though she is a slightly better actor--so the penultimate song wasn't wonderful. The 'you are our new Nashville curator so you must live in London' plot point made exactly zero sense. Maybe, just maybe, the Met or Guggenheim stations someone in Europe full time, but ain't no Nashville place roughly the size of a big city bus terminal doing that.
  12. Just finishing it off the DVR now. The Autumn character's money issues made little sense--why is she on the hook for her father's medical bills? Being on the hook for his medical bills: why is she in bitch mode for everything where people try to help--from a tree for the son she claims to care about to getting a chance to work overtime? If Jesse's dad is such a big shot, why would the firm can him? The rich and powerful have different rules.
  13. So after a while summer of intense therapy Lizzie is meaner and dumber.
  14. Jill Wagner has gone public with her pregnancy, due in April. As she is a Hallmark princess, if not a full queen, of course she found out at her infertility appointment. Anyone heard how this effects the mystery series schedule?
  15. I had an unkind thought watching Anna in the barroom kissing drama scene. About 30 years ago when Finola started they had Anna wear scar makeup around her eye. Now the wrinkles look a little like the 'shocking' scar back then. Seriously, I was thinking the May December pairing was a bit far fetched, then I remembered we wouldn't think twice if it was the other way around. And this plot/triangle isn't the worst thing on the show, the last 7 years or currently.
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