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  1. Good for her. I always liked Goldrush/Silver Dollar City, and Dolly took it to the next level when she got involved. Plus they got rid of the Confederacy are the heroes bit just in time
  2. We went down to the club pool and had a few glasses and a long cool soak. Got back and Christmas Getaway is on. Bridget Regan is the protagonist and Sarah Smyth is the old high school friend of the male love interest who now that his wife died wants to be the other woman. It is a fairly funny movie because Bridget Regan, and the script writers and the director, had her play as interested, but not possessive. I like it. A great part is her showing with a sense of humor that the boy committed to an outing with the other woman. Best quote from a bunch of funny between Bridget, the love interest, and Teryl Rothery as the caring but not possessive grandmother: "Pro tip, as a woman, she thinks it is a date". (The love interest, Travis Van Winkle, plays a corporate attorney who is also an auto mechanic)
  3. It has been over a year since I read the books, but I am pretty sure Aurora Teagarden had red hair. And the default hair for the Christmas/Romance movies is blond (they even made Taylor Cole go blond for her first one)
  4. Candace Cameron said she had to start wearing the red headed wig for her Hallmark mystery movies because back and forth between blond and red dye was harming her hair. I have read the Hallmarks are filmed in 10 days to two weeks. That is a lot of hair changes for the core actresses.
  5. Happywatcher

    Grand Hotel

    The plot lines have calmed down a little, and the sister plotline is interesting. The maid's lying was getting tiresome, good on them asking for a DNA test. The slutty sister is the only openly comic book style eye rolling inducing character. The Danny/wife reveal was great.
  6. I was confused why she didn't have a gun and asked if Canadian cops carry off duty. Also that she didn't call for help on the cell she was listening to music on. I sort of assumed the monkey was brought there as a clue or signature of some kind-- but I would accept any better thoughts. We came in about 20 minutes ago when a strong storm hit. Sun is coming back out as I type now. Stop the Wedding was on with about 15 minutes to go (the leads go to Vegas to stop their parents getting married and fell in love during the chase to do so). We were getting everyone fresh drinks when the first kiss came up for the leads. I wasn't paying great attention and thought the hotel door closing scene was for both of them going in. Grabbed the remote and backed it up, making everyone question what I was doing. Turns out after the kiss they each go into their side by side hotel rooms, and the camera focused on one door closing. Oopps
  7. I am baking some pies for tomorrow, and was setting the DVR to catch one of the vet Christmas movies I have missed, and thought I should come on and remind folks starting at 3 tomorrow they are playing all the military themed Christmas movies. I got sucked into playing the movies on now after I set the recording, and noticed all the Sandals Resorts ads. Are they new during the movies?
  8. Mystery 101 Episode II. Just watched on DVR after getting maxed out on Christmas reruns. Do cops in Canada not get to carry their guns off duty? Do they not call for backup? Besides the prior remark about the lead not knowing common terms--who told the actress playing 'hollywood star' to chew all the scenery?
  9. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The national accent now used by performers and the upper class is midwest accent, minus all signs of the northern cities vowel shift. I have run into a few NY/Hampton/Martha's Vineyard super upper crust who use the stiff jaw Harvard accent, but 99% of them don't anymore
  10. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Dixon exposure, such as in Agent Orange and a whole lot of chemical plant leak exposures also causes Type 2, years later. Veterans Affairs gives out a lot of disability money decades later to Vietnam Vets, and just started giving disability to navy vets who were off shore.
  11. I assumed she was going to run it for them and then use the buy sell life policies to fund the inheritance taxes when they died.
  12. Just watched it off the DVR while getting caught up on some work. We were just at a friend's son's wedding at one of the cutsey fake barn wedding venues that are popping up 1/2 hour outside of metro area, including the nearby chain hotels off the freeway that turned into impromptu party areas the night before. I agree with the critics. I couldn't tell if she was doing bridesmaid services for pay, plus the insurance business. The jewelry business didn't seem like it would take off like that for her, looked more like craft fair level stuff...but if we accept a woman is a chief of surgery or chief of staff at a teaching hospital, while also being a single parent to a teen girl, with no housekeeper or other personal staff, I can put aside my disbelief for this, too. I also agree the lead changing her mind at the last minute and messing up her parents retirement and source of retirement funds was a terrible thing to do. Pretty close to evil. That being, the actors were great, and the couple really seemed like they were in a relationship, which hasn't 100% been the case in the movies this last year. I even smiled at the silly 'zomg, you have to skip work and go sample my menu right now, because the groom will be getting an IV for an hour and I can't leave or reschedule', because the support actresses (mom and bride) were so likable about it.
  13. She was pregnant in this one, which is what I ascribed the eye area wrinkles to. The thing I don't love about hallmarks is 90% of the leads use botox, which I get from a career standpoint in an era of 60" 4k TVs, but it limits their facial expression range. That wasn't her issue, it was that her and her real life husbands attraction/spark chemistry was not present at all until 3/4 of the way into the film.
  14. I was suspicious of the actress being on so much, but then the movie fooled me with the frat brother red herring.
  15. Just watched off the DVR. They had a little more chemistry than in their romance movie, but not a lot. I think part of the issue is that the script had him be a little dickish for a lot of the film. Not just stick inserted, actual jerky. "Hey, here is some evidence someone else besides my brother should be a suspect, literally right here in my hand" "I refuse to look, because I am only the detective in charge of this murder investigation" WUT? I knew the actress was pregnant from comments online and having seen her in other shows, but they did a good job dressing her and the character looked like she could have just been normal size. George Taki is a flaming homosexual in real life, in fact he is making a living off of being funny and flaming. Even so, he was mad when in the new movie they made his character gay where Sulu had been a professional on duty/ladies man off. He explained he was an actor, playing a role. And he did it well. For some reason the romance didn't get any traction on screen until the chinese dinner in the car stake out scene. Until then they weren't selling it. Why did the lead's camera make a shutter sound on each picture? I turned that off on my phone, and I assume everyone else does, as well.