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  1. It got better after my rant. There were a few more scenes of her pushing things on the floor and making messes to cover up her identity, but not too many. Now it is a standard Hallmark plotline of her pushing to get the mixing bowl sized chocolate eggs made, and supporting the lives of the love interest and the daughter by providing the woman's supporting touch. The love interest got mad at her when he found out she is the owner's daughter--not at himself or his coworkers for not figuring it out. Plus, why would a owner's family member and corporate VP not ever visit a main production facility?
  2. Easter under Wraps. The new Easter movie. I have it on while baking pies for tomorrow. The lead isn't being played as quirky or confused, she is a rude bitch. The love interest was just offered a management role with the competitor, and he should take it just to get away from her. She isn't likable in any way at work, and makes her fellow employees' lives worse. (She is the owner's daughter undercover, and there are some campy scenes, but mostly she is a distracted jerk) I came on here to post this as the last step before turning this off for watching the 10 Commandments for the 40th time. I suspect I will be turning the channel soon. Update: The widower love interest just introduced his daughter and the lead actress made an effort to be very nice and bubbly to the child. So at least she and the director knew to do that.
  3. Watched Home by Spring. I kept feeling like the lead was the other woman. Like she was 10 seconds away from asking for the manager or calling to get the love interest fired. It could have been the editing or the directing, but it was there. https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/home-by-spring/videos
  4. Watching the third Holly Peete mystery off our DVR. I had hoped this would be better than one and two. I can't think why these are so bad. The cast could literally pop out of this and into any Hallmark Christmas/Spring movie and do great. Everyone loves Holly the actress. Even the dog is cute. The mystery build up is cringy to watch, the romance is bad--like watching a skit of a series of bad dates done by a high school acting class. None of the characters' actions seem believable in any way. I can see why this got burned off against Game of Thrones.
  5. Thank you. So the great looking beach is Malolo, and the cool buildings and grounds are Likuliku. What is odd is Malolo is about 350 a night, and Likuliku is about 950
  6. I have A Summer to Remember (Catherine Bell as a busy doc who takes her daughter to Fiji) on in the background while reading, but keep seeing how awesome the resort looks. Internet says it was filmed in Fiji, but I can't find the resort where it was filmed. Does anyone know?
  7. Happywatcher

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Grabbed my tablet, skimmed here fast, and didn't see... What is the big drama with the tattoo? She was way weird about it
  8. Just watched Brush. The lead and her best friend were fine. No heat between the lead and the other guy, and the intended love interest/best friend's brother came off as a stalker. The 'vision board is better than your real art' was silly to the point of pain to watch. To address other comments here, I think Arielle had botox. It looks like she just has control over her lips and eye lids and brows. She is young, but acting is a tough business.
  9. Many times if you count the secondary couples, plus there was one interracial secondary
  10. Happywatcher

    S02.E11: Lasting Impressions

    Star Trek TNG did this with a planet when picard played a flute and lived a life. This show did it better even though we have all lived the 2015s, we felt for this woman
  11. Also watching Flip that Romance. The leads are pretty good and likable, but the male lead was played a little too much with the auction and wall scenes, but the director calmed the character down to a decent level. Cutesy story. I mainly came here to say that Fiona Vroom, the redhead real estate agent/best friend, needs to be the actual murderer in a Hallmark Mystery movie or two.
  12. I heard this in the office today and chuckled. "Lori Laughlin will have to switch from Hallmark to Lifetime"
  13. Watching Crossword off the DVR, about 20 minutes left. It isn't clicking. The romance or the mystery. Plus we all know who the crooks were as soon as they do the passing the pen scene 10 minutes in. Both actors are usually pretty good, but it is like they are acting past each other, if that makes sense.
  14. Happywatcher

    S06.E08: Marko Jankowics

    Back in the military we had a saying, and it works for this show. Liz has Passion Fingers. Everything she touches, she fucks up
  15. I have seen a lot of military themed romances on the shelves now that we are on year 19 of the war on terror. I was surprised Hallmark hasn't done one yet, given the Army Wives series and all that, but then I remembered a company of troops is 200 extras with uniform regulation hair and that is tough to do. Battalion is 650-800, at that point you are redoing The Longest Day