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  1. I really really don't want them to go there with Walker and Micki. They have such a sibling vibe to me, like older brother/baby sister so I will be extremely squicked if they go that route. Plus I really like Trey and he and Micki are good together so it would be nice to have a stable couple on the show. They seem to have the only healthy romantic relationship onscreen and it's a nice anchor. Not every couple has to have some sort of dysfunction, whether it be cheating, breaking up 'for their own good', or even death. I'd like them to keep it that way. They can have Walker play the field and s
  2. If it's truly one and done and not being shopped around, I would really appreciate an interview with the creator to give viewers the answers. I understand he's most likely pissed but that's no reason to punish us. Honestly if I wasn't so lazy, I'd create a website database of all the TV series canceled before getting a proper ending and have answers to all the questions left dangling. But again, lazy. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  3. Another in a long list of genre shows that I'm never gonna get any answers to all the fuckin questions that have been piling up all season. Goodbye Debris. Say Hi to all the other sci-fi shows I never got closure for. Sigh.
  4. I think there's plenty of blame to go around between Walker and Stella. However Walker is still the adult here, the onus was on him. And there were a few things that didn't break in his favor: In the scene when Stella and Augie are waiting to be picked up, the siblings talk about Walker forgetting about them, again. There was also mention of how many times he had been late. So, a pattern is established that Walker is neglecting his responsibilities as a parent. When Bonham shows up and Walker is asleep on the couch, there is a shot of a bottle of alcohol on the table next to him. The impl
  5. I just really love this show. Extremely thoughtful writing with regards to Nick and continuing to explore his lingering feelings from last episode. Kudos all around, especially to Tunji. I've never seen the actor playing Tom Swift before but holy shit does he look like Chadwick Boseman! Tears literally welled up when he stepped through the door. If Ryan Coogler is considering a continuation story (as opposed to a replacement story) with Black Panther and is looking for a relative of some sort to take up the mantle, here's the guy. That sartorial splendor of a wardrobe? I think Chadwick w
  6. I happen to like Torres and Bishop together. Wilmer is my super hot weekly eye candy, and his accent is just as luscious in person as it is on screen, for me. I think he and Bishop have good sexual chemistry and I'm honestly a little sad I most likely won't get to see them getting busy. And I did enjoy Torres slow walk past Bishop in the cell door. What can I say? It's been a LONG quarantine for my single ass, I will take whatever I can get. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  7. This thread, I feel so seen!! ❤️ So UPtv is planning a GG marathon beginning next Sunday at 11pm and they will also air AYITL, I think it's the first time on network? Anyway, I've been contemplating whether or not to watch AYITL for a second time, since I couldn't bear to sit through that hot garbage twice on Netflix (ASP can still suck it, I've never watched anything else she's done, I can hold a TV grudge like a mother fucker). And I'm realizing that age has really taken the bloom off the Lorelai rose for me. I didn't remember her irritating me this much during the original but man, my
  8. Has anyone seen the new commercial, where T says something about wanting to watch C squirm? And she does this laugh, and then like a 'knowing' type sound? Maybe I've been in lockdown too long but, that was so loaded with sexual innuendo that I'm wondering what HGTV is up to lol. To me, it sounded like T was referencing some sexual activities they did together and C picked up on the reference with her second reaction. I'm seeing a lot of sexual tension in this commercial and I wonder if HGTV sees it too and is using it. I also wonder if the new boo sees it as well.
  9. They're showing '...Goodbye" right now and I'm crying all over again at the loss of Lee Thompson Young. Such a promising light that dimmed too soon. 😢
  10. I don't see in her post or any of the articles where she fired her agency.
  11. I like The Brothers Scott. I love open concept. I'm single, I wanna be able to see if a monster is tryna creep in. Same reason I don't want a basement, it's just an extra area to have to check before I go to sleep to make sure no clowns are hiding down there. When I cook, I clean as I go (I keep hot soapy water in my farmhouse sink that I don't have to stand on a stool to wash dishes in) and if I have company, I have no problem telling them to please wash that dish and put the green beans in it, there's a slotted spoon in that drawer to your left. Because we can talk and visit and have fu
  12. I am so very very glad they didn't get cute at the end and kick their audience in the nuts, I can't even say! I really loved it. Did I get everything I wanted? No, but I'm square with that. Didn't see SMG coming, I really expected the surprise guest to be William Shatner. I can absolutely believe he would attend the Nobel ceremony, no question. I was thinking earlier, why would any of this family leave each other, at least for right now? Because that's what those strange, geeky, picked on, friendless, kids have always wanted. A family that chose them, in all their nerdy glory. And
  13. Aw, I loved it. The whole show. I'm one of those boring people who want my favorite characters to end happily. I ugly cried during Beverly and Leonard's hug and I am satisfied with this measure of closure. And no, I don't want Raj to move to England, I want him to find happiness like his friends. The world is fucked up enough, I don't need real life inserting itself into my TV escape, so I want everyone to be happy and get what they want. It doesn't happen nearly enough IRL, let me have this, dammit! 😊 I would never want Leonard to tell his mother to get out and never contact him ag
  14. I loved CW as Annie on Guiding Light. When Annie found out her baby was stillborn, her scenes were so powerful to me. If I'm not mistaken, she's a recovering alcoholic and I believe there were rumors that's why she was recast on YR (she was arrested for DUI back when she was on Lost) but I hope if she is a Friend of Bill, that she is taking care of herself. Maybe she can change viewers' opinion on Nina but that's definitely an uphill battle. I wish her luck.
  15. GT was NEVER Phyllis for me so, don't let the door hit you on the way out. Now, if we could get Billy Miller back, I'd start watching regularly again.
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