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  1. Yeah, it's unfortunate. I don't think he sees it as him lacking as a writer, but that's what it is, IMO. And the problem is him not recognizing that--if he struggled with seeing a way forward with the characters and relationships he had, that's why you really put in the work to figure it out, and you collaborate with your other writers to do that. But he was too rigid and single-minded in where he wanted to take Veronica that he lost sight of what was good about his own show (and where he wants to take Veronica doesn't seem to be what most fans are interested in, anyway). With where Veronica was at the beginning of the season and what was set up on screen, it would make more sense for Veronica to actually grow, and still have her existing relationships in whatever form they evolve into, rather than what he did. And there was no growth at all (just deciding to marry Logan and having one tacked on therapy scene certainly doesn't count). Whether he gets another season or not, I don't know, but he squandered something really cool in the devoted fanbase he had (after 15 years!) and the show he had created (which includes all its characters and relationships and Neptune itself, not just Veronica). For no good reason.
  2. I still don't think any of what we saw on screen is supposed to be taken as "fantasy" or Veronica imagining, even the scenes with Veronica in them. What we saw is what happened, in all cases. If "naval intelligence officer" in the way they presented it isn't a real job, that's because this is a tv show (and the writers didn't do enough research). In the world of the show, that's what Logan was (though obviously we didn't get many details of what that entails, so that part is up to interpretation or trying to read between the lines). And I also still don't agree that we're supposed to think that was the only sex she liked. The reunion scene, which was the only other glimpse we saw into their sex life, was presented as nothing but positive and enjoyable for both. To me the point was more about them being on different pages emotionally (in terms of personal growth, Veronica not accepting/understanding Logan's efforts on that front or seeing any need for herself to grow, etc.), not meant to be taken as representative of their sex life in general. They just used that one particular time (and specifically Logan losing control as the lead in) as an extension or symbol of that. But since really there was very little in the show about their sex life at all, I guess everyone is going to stick to their own interpretations of those minimal scenes we saw, without the presence of additional evidence to go on. For me, though, taken as a whole, I definitely didn't get that they had problems in the bedroom. Their issues were a host of things outside of that.
  3. I know the voiceovers are Veronica's later hindsight, but I really don't think we were supposed to see everything they showed on screen through that lens, wondering what was true or not. As you're right, there were plenty of scenes without Veronica in them. I think we're supposed to take the scenes as presented, and as what actually happened. It's just Veronica's voiceovers that are her interpretation tinted with hindsight/guilt. I also never got the interpretation that Veronica was unsatisfied with the sex. Just because she really like that one time doesn't mean she was unsatisfied with the rest. But I guess YMMV.
  4. At least in my area, Hallmark Drama is being added to at least Digital Preferred and above in October (per a notice I saw on my most recent bill). So anyone else with Xfinity should definitely check in October (I'm not clear when).
  5. Agree that is entirely on Rob, just to get to the last scene and the voicemail (which Jane could have given her even if she saw a different therapist). It was definitely not intended to be Logan trying to manipulate her (and I don't think Logan came across that way, despite the weirdness of trying to get her to see his own therapist--something to blame on the writing). And I don't think Veronica's refusal was ever about Jane herself, really (although of course it wouldn't have been appropriate to see Logan's therapist). It was about therapy itself. Again, that's all on Rob, since what some people got from it, due to the dubious ethics behind something like that in real life, was clearly not what he intended. So, yeah, that's him being a poor writer.
  6. Speaking of Hallmark Drama, I saw a notice on my latest Xfinity bill that it's being added to my package in October. I don't know which packages it will be on, but I'm on Digital Preferred (also don't know if it may differ by region). Just a heads-up for anyone else who might want to check at some point in October.
  7. Yeah. A Veronica on the road solving mysteries would inevitably include a lot of this. Which, no thank you. Not only do you jettison Neptune the place (as other people have said, a character in its own right), and the people Veronica is close to (maybe save a few cameos), you're setting Veronica up to only interact with new people, and never develop emotional connections with anyone, romantic or otherwise. Even if I wasn't invested in Logan and Veronica as a couple, I would have no interest in that.
  8. I cried in the car my whole drive home today, just thinking of everything. It's ridiculous, but that's how much this show (and the characters--not so much the mystery!) has affected people, especially when many of us have been invested in these characters and the relationships between them for 15 years. I've had other shows where an episode or a season/series finale had me sobbing the whole way through, but I still genuinely loved the experience and the emotions it brought out in me. Not all crying over entertainment (for me) is bad. It can be cathartic and enjoyable. But I don't think that's what this reaction is for most people, judging from what I'm seeing out there (not just here). People are legitimately, genuinely distraught. And not in a "hurts so good, now give me more" kind of way. I don't think that's the reaction they were going for.
  9. They were definitely a little too jokey and jolly about it for me, though obviously it's a lot fresher for us than it is for them. I do feel like KB and RT didn't give it as much deserved weight as the other cast members did. Francis and Jason are apparently really close, so that didn't surprise me. Also, I think they were joking about Logan haunting Veronica, but even if they weren't, I wouldn't have much interest in that. I don't have much interest in watching the show without Logan let alone without Veronica even in Neptune. I think Rob has miscalculated, but obviously nobody knows for sure yet. Certainly either way he's definitely lost a lot of fans. Whether that's enough to affect any potential future viewership, we'll see. And while he doesn't owe me personally anything and he can do what he wants, I do feel a bit stepped on, like he doesn't care if I continue to watch or not, as long as enough other people do. If Rob wants to focus soley on the mysteries, okay (though that's not what I personally want from the show). But he's a writer. Be creative and find a way to do that without heaping more loss on her and killing something that was an essential part of the show for a lot of people (I get not everyone). Heck, Logan is in the military. Make him be on deployment most of the time, or just off working and we only see her at home rarely. Veronica can be strong without more loss. And while I don't want to watch her outside of Neptune, an easy way to do it would be to have him stationed elsewhere and she goes with him. And again, no need to have him on screen much. I just don't get the thought process here, and I think he might lose his bet.
  10. SafeAuto has a whole series of Terrible Quotes commercials that are hilarious. Here are a couple, but more at that link:
  11. Titus and Dan from Nightwatch are in the studio on Live Rescue! I loved those guys (and not gonna lie, had a wee crush on Dan).
  12. The Dolly Parton fight scene was maybe my favorite thing to every happen on this show. The second the music kicked in I was grinning like a fool the rest of the scene.
  13. Here's a video of the full ladies short (Russian commentary): And men's short, same thing:
  14. This is the main thing that doesn't work for me. Stealing it, I get. But even if they intercepted the transfer, stole the code, and ruined his announcement, how would he not have a backup? That seems unlikely. I'm sure they'll somehow recover it, given the friend suggestion at the end, but that feels like a big hole to me. Regardless, I still liked the episode. Loved the Miles/Arthur scenes, especially the faith discussion. I'm glad Miles acknowledged that who's behind it isn't as important as the good he's doing. I still don't see Henry Chase being behind the God Account, especially this early in the show (unless it's something where he created it but is no longer in control, as has been discussed here), so it will be interesting to see what happens next episode.
  15. Vincent has apparently worked with her quite a bit. So she wasn't there randomly. I wonder if he'll be working with her even more given her being at the boards for him.
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