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  1. So they somewhat answered the question I had earlier about Evan and his backstory. It's not inherited wealth, and he really did somehow become a billionaire on his own. Given the interactions he had with Abby's daughter, I wonder if he started out in tech, and then branched out? I also really enjoyed his interactions with Mick (and the scene with Mandrake). He's so much more interesting as a character (and a love interest) to me than Jay the teacher (that is his name, right?). I really hope this doesn't become another love triangle of death that lasts way longer than it should (looking at you,
  2. I also love Robert Buckley and find him a way more compelling actor than the teacher (who I've liked okay in other roles, but never really does that much for me). He's also been a regular on other shows, which is probably why he was able to get his spot in the credits here. As for his character, I haven't really found him rude or arrogant in the same way other rich characters have been arrogant on various shows. He just feels weird and eccentric to me, like he doesn't really know how regular people act, and is just being himself in a way that's weird and eccentric. So far I can see how it
  3. I love that one too! Especially because I do that all the time. Miss something because I was looking at my phone or computer or whatever, go back a bit, and then miss it again because I immediately looked back down.
  4. I'm glad I'm not alone, haha. I'm really glad this wasn't a series where we aren't sure if it will get picked up again, and could just end like that forever. That would necessitate writing head canon and/or seeking out fan fic. At least here we know there will be resolution; we just have to wait awhile.
  5. I just finished watching this, and that ending really harshed my buzz. I do think/hope that it is some sort of set up/ruse/long con as proposed, as they clearly genuinely love each other and no way things change that drastically in 11 months otherwise. My theory for Travis seeming genuinely angry at her is that somehow only Amy is in on whatever is happening, and for some reason had to break up with Travis without him knowing what was going on in order to protect him or something. That would explain his attitude in that scene but still make it some sort undercover/working on a crime situation.
  6. There are two new (to me at least) ads for Mass Mutual that crack me up: The grandpa chiming in from the other room kills me. Polio! Scurvy! I love that each kid has a very different issue happening, clearly.
  7. I, too, have had this question. I attempted to Google an answer, but can't figure out how to phrase it without just getting results about recreational canoeing that don't answer my question. So, I still have no idea.
  8. I think the baseball/softball issue is primarily the venues. They aren't making host cities with no baseball parks/stadiums build a whole bunch of them that won't be used ever again (can't really be repurposed like some other venues potentially could). Thus they won't be in Paris, but likely back for LA. I guess I'm in the minority in that I liked the bouldering portion of the sport climbing more than the speed climbing. I liked the problem-solving aspect of it. Yeah, most people take the same general route, but they each still have to figure it out. I like the lead (or whatever it's call
  9. She's very not good (and I'm generally quite forgiving of announcers). It bugs me that clearly the A team is also announcing at least some of the same races (those with top athletes), but they save those versions for NBC.
  10. I don't know where the boat was supposed to be or if they got times mixed up or what, but to me the biggest issue is the starter. Why on earth did they even start with the boat there?
  11. Why are the women's scores so much lower than the men's? I get some of it could be the difficulty of the tricks/runs, but even allowing for that it seems wildly different. Like a 2.14 was a great score for the women, whereas for the men that was disastrous. Maybe there are like points for types of tricks and the men do so much more difficult tricks in a run that it just compounds? ETA: The difference in difficulty is becoming a lot more obvious in the big trick portion. So I guess it is just a wildly different difficulty level?
  12. redpencil


    I totally get everyone's frustration about Sam, but didn't really sound like there was an obvious alternative who would be strong in the events they needed (given that Sam will probably compete on the fewest events of the four). I guess that one kid Cameron maybe (and his high bar score was underwhelming), but it didn't seem all that clear cut to me, even despite Sam's past failings. So thrilled about Yul though, especially after seeing he's from my hometown (they literally listed my exact town, which I never see--it's usually just Denver or some other suburb).
  13. redpencil


    Thanks for the history. Wow, pick a lane, gymnastics. It's crazy to me that the format has changed essentially every single Olympics for the past 20+ years. It's like they're trying to tweak things for a certain result, but it hasn't worked, so then they tweak it again the next time. And round we go again the next time. So just do what makes the most sense and live with the results. Sheesh. My preference would be to lean toward more all-around gymnasts and fewer specialists.
  14. Maybe he was in more scenes in that same episode that got cut. Entirely possible.
  15. It's such a double-edged sword. People complain about showrunners not having multiyear plans, but then they could get pulled at any time before said plan can be carried out, so there's also pressure to wrap some things up earlier in case you get cancelled, but also at the same time leave room for more if you get picked up. They cannot win, IMO. And yet, of course, like many of you, this is the exact kind of show I tend to be more interested in. Sigh.
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