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    Thanks for the history. Wow, pick a lane, gymnastics. It's crazy to me that the format has changed essentially every single Olympics for the past 20+ years. It's like they're trying to tweak things for a certain result, but it hasn't worked, so then they tweak it again the next time. And round we go again the next time. So just do what makes the most sense and live with the results. Sheesh. My preference would be to lean toward more all-around gymnasts and fewer specialists.
  2. Maybe he was in more scenes in that same episode that got cut. Entirely possible.
  3. It's such a double-edged sword. People complain about showrunners not having multiyear plans, but then they could get pulled at any time before said plan can be carried out, so there's also pressure to wrap some things up earlier in case you get cancelled, but also at the same time leave room for more if you get picked up. They cannot win, IMO. And yet, of course, like many of you, this is the exact kind of show I tend to be more interested in. Sigh.
  4. The easy solution for the U.S. is to have athletes who could potentially qualify (even if their sport's qualifying event is later, like swimming) start their vaccinations earlier just in case they are selected. Not to mention, I'm sure plenty of them are already fully vaccinated, as everyone 16+ has been eligible to get it for weeks already. Other countries is a different issue, of course.
  5. I thought he was still the same person (he killed himself so he could be "reborn") but had changed in some way and Finola was essentially disavowing who he is now. Pretty sure they all saw him. At least, the guy in the back seat clearly saw him. I think the others saw him also, but just didn't as clearly acknowledge it (I assume because they have some idea of what it is). All the people standing there and randomly emoting was very creepy. I kept wondering if they were just feeling emotions with no purpose, or if they were somehow "seeing" something and actually reacting. And now t
  6. I'm pretty sure I read at one point that other writers had to convince him to go down the Kevin/Madison road, which he didn't want to do for this exact reason. Whether that's true or not, no way to know for sure, but I could see it (and not sure he would outright lie).
  7. I'm much more interested now that the stupid triangle is over and all 3 involved can move onto other storylines. I saved up the last 6 episodes of this season and watched them after I knew how things ended. It was much more tolerable that way (though that dumb party game at Flora and Ned's party was still so, so uncomfortable to watch--so much watching through my fingers). I also love Lee running for mayor and Rosemary restarting a newspaper.
  8. I don't think we know what the debris was trying to accomplish (other than completing something that then created/turned into that ball of light). I wasn't sure if Bryan meant that what it was building would itself help people, or more that not letting it finish would kill people (at least the scientists or whoever that were currently under its control). But also I think when he connected with the manifestation of that woman, he knew/felt that the debris was interested in knowing why he cared about people, and he was reassured that whatever it was doing understood and honored that desire someh
  9. The simplest explanation is "It was a dream." Since when do dreams make logical sense in every detail?
  10. I don't think they were good guys by any means. They were just a different group of insurgents. My impression was they weren't working with the CIA, but the CIA had an ongoing op that involved them in some way, and wanted them alive to continue learning more info or whatever. I feel like we would have heard about it if he had actually killed an undercover CIA agent or something.
  11. Thanks for this! Super interesting. Seems like it's clearly been leading to whatever happened to Bryan and Garcia at (apparently) Debris field 56.
  12. I apparently don't hear the end credits audio since I watch on tv (and they never play credits, or if they do it's scrunched at the bottom with an ad or promo of some kind playing on the rest of the screen, so no credits audio for sure). But this confirms what I was thinking about the beard. I assumed it was to cover up the actor's scar, which they wanted to tie in later. Beard could have been done better, and the hair certainly could have been better, but I think that was a legitimate reason for it. This episode definitely wasn't as good as the last two, but I do like the idea of the deb
  13. I haven't watched the last four episodes, only read about them here. Now that I know how the triangle that never ends actually ends, I feel I can go back and watch them without being super annoyed. Even without without having watched yet whatever hinting happens in the recent episodes, I've felt this way for while. He's extremely boring (and sulky, etc.). Elizabeth didn't make him less boring, but I feel like Fiona might? Sure, in real life I'd rather someone like her not be with someone like that, but as long as he is going to be on the show, I'd rather something, anything happen to m
  14. I just had a thought about War Criminal Bryan. It would be cool if we found out about some situation in Bryan's past that could have resulted in him being wrongly charged as a war criminal, but in this reality the truth prevailed. But in that alt we saw, things went wrong. So, same scenario, but some missing factor in that alternate reality that prevented his name from being cleared. We do know Bryan was in some elite special ops group, right? So seems entirely possible to me.
  15. My interpretation is it was all luck in which of them got a worse blow to the head. Angela (I think that's her name?) looked like she had fallen against a piece of cinderblock or something else just right (or wrong) and it killed her, while Jenny had a better outcome.
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