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  1. Totally agree with everyone else who has pointed out how spectacularly stupid it would be to execute Melanie. Remove her from being in charge, okay, sure. But how on earth do they think this is going to go if they get rid of her? Especially now that they know how integral she really is/was in building the thing and keeping it going. I'm not sure if that is just what Ruth thinks should happen because she's pissed, or if that would also be in Layton's plans for when he or his group is in charge (side note, but who exactly do they think is going to run things? their whole game plan for once this is over is very unclear to me). I think he knows or at least suspects Melanie's true role in regards to the engineering, etc., right? Or does he still think Mr. Wilford built the train and she just took over at some point? I also feel like there should have been a better plan to deal with the Jackboots. Even if you couldn't get the leader on your side, at least get some of the foot soldiers before you attack so you don't have as much of a bloodbath? If it takes longer before you can put your plan in motion, it takes longer. Seems like bad planning to me.
  2. Bummer. I wonder if any of it had to do with citizenship? At some point that was going to have to be resolved if either of them had Olympic goals. Maybe they felt like it wasn't going to happen and better for both to find other partners now. Or maybe he didn't want to continue? In any case, she is wonderful, so hopefully she finds another partner that suits her.
  3. I haven't seen the article, but I just saw the preview clip, and I got a different impression about what happened. Obviously hard to tell for sure from the quick clip, but it sounded to me like she got a text she wasn't supposed to get that told her info about him, and from that she didn't think he was her type. Not that she actually knew him, but just that she had learned details about him that she wasn't supposed to know, and was drawing conclusions based on that.
  4. I think that is the same woman who has been in the background in previous episodes. I haven't figured out if she's a photographer they have specifically for this show, or if she's a friend or nanny or something who lives with them anyway and is helping with the cameras, or what.
  5. I still think there at least was a real Mr. Wilford at some point, and that's the guy some people met and the man whose voice Melanie used, spliced together from what sounded like old shareholder meetings. He probably started the original company (whatever kind of company it was before everything started), but by the time people started realizing the Earth was in trouble, he may not have been running day-to-day operations anymore. My guess is Melanie was always the brains behind the whole train project, and Mr. Wilford was the figure head at that point. Maybe he was involved only by being the trusted face behind the plan, raising money, but Melanie was always the one designing and building the thing. I'm pretty sure at least some second class passengers bought tickets. They just didn't get the same accommodations, and some clearly have jobs of some sort on the train. They specifically referred to the original tribunal as "ticketed passengers" from first and second. Lilah Sr. clearly knows her daughter is a sociopath, but doesn't care. She told that story about her poking out her dad's eye, and also some of her facial expressions when they were talking to her early in the episode clearly showed a contrast between how she sees LJ and how her husband sees LJ. She knows what LJ is. I'm not even sure she likes LJ, but that's her "bloodline" so she'll do whatever it takes to protect her. Dad, however, still seems to be at least somewhat delusional. In regards to commuting her sentence, I definitely think it was partly the issue of what LJ knew, but also I think there was genuine fear that that commander guy (is he the police commander?) might try to oust her, based on the reports from that meeting he had with LJ's dad and a couple other first class passengers. So it was also placating whatever portion of first would raise a fuss. Though I feel like there could have been a middle ground that would accomplish both. I don't know if they have any cells besides that one we've seen, but she could have had a short "jail term" and then been confined to her quarters as "probation" for however many years, or something.
  6. Also, I feel like this is different than when someone dies in the process of filming any other kind of television show (whether scripted, competition reality show, whatever). In those cases, the production could potentially be held liable for someone's death, as they are the ones controlling the script, production conditions, stunts, whatever, and it would certainly be covering up to destroy footage. I can't imagine that would be the case for something like Live PD unless somehow the on-site production was directly involved in a death (like they forced police to take certain actions, or the camera man knocked a citizen off a cliff, or something crazy).
  7. I obviously don't know for sure what is true, but they're saying that for footage that isn't aired (which this wasn't) they always destroy it so that it can't later be used against citizens. I have no idea what their timeline is for doing this (if indeed it's the case), but the incident happened over a year ago I believe, and they claim that it was destroyed after they thought the investigation had been completed. Live PD is saying nobody ever asked them for the footage, others are claiming Live PD stonewalled (unclear if they're claiming this happened before or after footage was destroyed). Not sure we really know the full truth here.
  8. This is fascinating. I love SciFi, and I watch a lot of Hallmark. Wonder if I will like the two merged. I will surely give it a shot!
  9. He did that same song for his audition, and I was so glad he did it again. I think that's probably my favorite original song anyone has ever done on American Idol. I think it could be a hit tomorrow, it's so good. At the very least I think he has a solid career as a songwriter ahead of him (given a couple other of his original songs I've come across, not to mention that Amazing Grace mashup he did, I don't think this song was a one-off fluke).
  10. It sounded to me like they did find a legit contractor (and probably did research), but the scammer spoofed the real company's phone number, and then had them calling the "contractor" directly after that. So they thought they were dealing with one outfit, while it was really a scammer pretending to be that business the whole time. I also agree with others that the whole scandal is stupid. All they need to do is say yeah, we exchanged like two sentences in the bathroom, she suggested the soup, that's it. Then we coincidentally ran into each other later. The end.
  11. I think the biggest issue with this is the amount of trained judges you would need (unless you cut down the number for each panel, which I don't think would be a good idea--would just make the outliers count for too much). Sure, for big international events it would be fine. But for smaller events, especially national events for smaller federations, it would be a big issue, and you would just end up with less competent judges. I remember awhile back reading somewhere that for those smaller federations, something like that could be a major hindrance and actually be damaging to the sport in those countries.
  12. I found this in one of the ISU documents: This whole description is new. So basically it sounds like one example is a toe jump where they're using the full blade instead of just the toe to take off. But it could also apply to any other jump where there is too much pre-rotation on the ice.
  13. I don't vote, but I thought Julia was great last week, so I'm not surprised she got votes. Doesn't mean she came through tonight, though. To me, the ones that have the most potential to be a successful artist is probably Dillon and Johnny. Though to be fair, I say that about Johnny mostly because of the original song he did in his first audition. I felt when I first heard it and still feel that it could be turned into a huge hit. I still get that chorus stuck in my head every so often--so catchy. He's really got something there.
  14. Yeah, they meant the next tv season (I can't remember what season we're on), whenever that will start. Usually starts in January/February? Don't know if it will be delayed or not. Yes, exactly! I have my preference of who it is (Lucas!) but even if it doesn't go my way, at least it would be covering new ground.
  15. But she still hasn't really picked anyone, has she? She was just glad he didn't get shot. This stupid triangle is STILL GOING. It will never, ever die, apparently. I know the actors said in interviews that there would start to be clarity next season, but they've really butchered this whole thing. It's been at least a season and half, with what sounds like probably at least another half season to go before it's "resolved." That's way too long, especially for such a terrible one (not that there's such a thing as a good love triangle, but at least there are less terrible ones). Erin had a quote in an article about how triangles start to be hard on the audience if they go on too long. Yeah, we're WAY past that point here.
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