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  1. A hyper-controlling environment will do that to you. I doubt that they'd realize this about themselves, though. They don't have enough significant contact with other people who didn't grow up in infantilizing environments. Wonder if Derick notices, though. ...and quite unconsciously making it sound like even more of a horror story.
  2. I think it's all part of the overall Duggar lack of empathy. And when I think about it, it makes perfect sense to me that they wouldn't have empathy. Living in the isolated way that they do, nobody else is actually real to this family. And there are so many of them that I doubt they have much room left over in their consciousness to think of anybody else having the same level of reality that they do. Everybody and everything else is just a prop in their lives, somebody who illustrates a bad lesson about what happens if you don't embrace the Duggars' god. And so on. So I guess I'm not surprised that none of them gave a second thought to any bad messages they might be sending to other people or to whether it's okay to present the family myth as truth, whether it is or not. Nobody and nothing outside of Duggartown even seems real to them, so outside considerations don't matter. Strange way to interpret Christianity, but it comes right out of the family decision to regard themselves as a sort of armed camp in a world of the unworthy.
  3. Oh, but that would have required reading. These are the Duggars. Who put the "home" in homeschooling but left the "schooling" outside the door.
  4. They have been urged, prodded, encouraged and even required to grow up as ignoramuses. I suppose because that's the only way anyone could swallow the mental swill that their parents feed them. And part of that swill has been the idea that everything sexual except JimBoob dry-humping Michelle on a miniature golf course is a sexual sin and a sexual sin of the exact same order. That's left those kids, now adults, knowing exactly nothing and incapable of making accurate judgments of nearly any kind. I never thought about their being role models to young girls, especially in a spinoff. But that's exactly what would happen, obviously. Awful thought.
  5. Really quick, over their clothes and kind of subtle pretty much makes a hash of the "he was curious" defense as well, in my opinion. What the heck could he have observed or found out that way? Seems to me that the "sexual assault is a power play" explanation is a lot more likely with these kinds of touches. Josh was in some kind of tumult and he needed to comfort his own ego so he touched those little girls because he could. One after another, on and on, becoming more aggressive and possibly trying to groom them to accept his future touches. Curious, my ass.
  6. Yeah, you're certainly right about all that. .... I've just reached a point with the Duggars, JImBob especially, at which I see pretty much all of their "beliefs" as just tracing back to ego and ego alone. I really don't think that JB "believes" in any idea or principle because it seems right or accurate or moral or in line with the Bible or whatever, be it Gothard or anything else. I think he merely embraces whatever ideas promise the most exaltation and protection for his own huge but fragile ego. To my mind, a lot of Gothard stuff would clearly be ego-boosting for JB. Thus, he "believes" in Gothardism. (And I think he'd totally ignore any Gothard principle -- or any other principle -- if it didn't protect and build his ego.) Honestly, I think he's too stupid, ignorant and shallow to hold beliefs for any other reason.
  7. Well, I doubt that the messed-up little slimebag wants to defend himself! They might not thing he'd do a good enough job, though. But I think they defend him and ignore the daughters because what Josh did reflects badly on them, and that's all they care about. He did bad things, which could make them look bad. So they have to prove that he didn't really do bad things. Otherwise, their image is tarnished. Can't have that. Meanwhile, the girls didn't do anything that reflects badly on them. The girls suffered things, but it would only occur to them to talk about that if they had empathy or feelings of responsibility. And since they don't have either of those, the girls don't even register as a possible topic.
  8. I agree. I still think that this is as likely or even more likely to be the family myth that they've gradually bought into over time as to be actual deliberate present-day lying on their parts. I am somewhat biased in this because I've seen this mythbuilding happen in a brainwashing family. And I've heard my family members spout some outrageous party lines that they once knew were not true -- but when they said the stuff, I'd be hard pressed to call it lying. On the other hand, I do think that it's certainly possible that Jessa and Jill are deliberately and consciously lying here. Just saying that there is another possibility.
  9. Good brief summary, with links to additional pieces and some good comments below, from Homeschoolers Anonymous: https://homeschoolersanonymous.wordpress.com/2015/06/04/a-homeschool-alumnas-thoughts-on-megyn-kellys-interview-of-the-duggars/
  10. Alternating with "bad choices" -- which makes me think of inadvisable tattoos.
  11. Based on the Duggar methods of professional credentialing, of course.
  12. Well, actually, I meant that the combination of the fact that this is a quintessential human story plus being a political story -- which has fallout for other people -- is why it's been in the headlines. It's got staying power because it's got so many facets, those being the top two.
  13. By now, they may have convinced themselves that this is what happened, though. They obviously knew at the time, given what's in the police report -- but I'm sure they were also very confused and alarmed and didn't want anyone to know. Even "over their clothes," there's a good chance they felt what was happening when it was happening, and felt some sensations that immediately put them into fear -- even terror -- and possibly guilt mode. And in that case you might start altering the memory in your mind right away. And then there was the long aftermath with their parents telling them things and eventually having to go and talk about it with strangers -- and these kids didn't talk to many strangers, especially non-church strangers. Which is all to say that I expect the actual truth of what they felt back when it really happened has changed a lot in their minds over the years -- so many things can change your memories, and they've had a heaping helping of those things for these particular memories. .... I'm not sure I'd call anything she says now "lying," because I suspect that she inevitably lost hold of the actual truth of what happened and what she knew and what she felt years and years ago. And from then on, you're likely to be buying into whatever myth your whole family has changed the incident into.
  14. I've had a different view of the Duggars' "faith" than you. In my opinion, JimBob seized on this particular faith and, in his case, its accompanying cult, for one reason and one reason only: It looked like an excellent tool to shore up his huge but also fragile ego. Seems to me that nothing I've ever heard of them doing conflicts with this view, actually. HIs "faith," just like everything else in his life, such as his wife and children, exists to serve him. Never, ever, the other way around. I'd love to hear some counterexamples if there are some. And I admit that I say this as someone who's barely ever watched the show. However, I've read about it extensively for years, including acres of recaps. I do believe that JB believes he's some massively faithful person. He's just that blind and lacking in self awareness. But where is the evidence for his actually following scripture rather than just haranguing other people to do so and parading it about to show others how great he is. They may have a prayer closet, but that's not where JB does his praying. He needs a Senate seat and a tv show.
  15. Yeah. Positive proof that the only thing they care about is their image. Josh damaged it. So prettying up what Josh did might get some of the dings out of their reputation. The girls' experience didn't affect their image one way or the other. So no need to talk or think about them. I wonder whether any of the Duggar children notice these patterns in their parents' behavior.
  16. Here's something else I never thought I'd say. Piers Morgan FTW: 'They made this assertion: ‘Similar things happen in other families’. Really? I’m struggling to think of a single other family where a serial child molester has not only got away with his crimes thanks to his parents’ deceit, but has then been made a TV star by the same parents in a show extolling the virtues of family values.' http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3111528/Piers-Morgan-19-disgusting-things-learned-Duggars-TV-interview-counting.html#ixzz3cDC5ltkK Of course, it's perfectly possible this has happened to someone else and we just haven't found out about it yet. But still ....
  17. Something tells me you will not be alone -- at all -- in those opinions. I've seen a snippet, and I expect a lot of people will be just as creeped out by them and their message as they were by JB and M. Which is saying something.
  18. What strikes me is that virtually everything the Duggars do is echoed closely by the structure and practices of my own insane family -- except that in my family no religious reasons were advanced to justify what was done. It was all just the personal demands of a malevolent lunatic. So in my opinion, this extremist offshoot of a church is actually a fraternal club in which sick control freaks gather so that they can use their numbers and a made-up theology as added cudgels to enhance their personal power. Sort of the way the Divine Right of Kings gave monarchs a pass to just be assholes.
  19. Once, they had the training that came from living their whole lives in a house with 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 children and COUNTING (including counting the days-of-mom's-cycle calendar up on the refrigerator door). Now, they got nothin. Can't see who'll want to watch. Or advertise. Especially after this week is over.
  20. I know there's been a lot of criticism the first young PR guy they contacted for blabbing. But given what he blabbed I'm pretty sure he told them just this. And then they told him to take a hike.
  21. If one of the kids called Oprah and asked for help with college, I wonder if she'd give to them. In your face, JimBob!
  22. Exactly. What it really is is Greek Tragedy 101. Some might think of it as a DC story because the more prominent the main character, the bigger and louder the fallout. The more power he/she has over others, the more the fallout affects many people, including the audience at the play. Beyond that, though, it's just the human story. Yet another reason why the Duggar story has had staying power on the front page.
  23. I wonder whether TLC wasn't going to support some of the Nepal move. There was talk about people "working" on storylines for the continued (or new) show. And that certainly would have been one. If the continuation is now threatened (or over), I wonder whether that alone might kill the Nepal plan. .... That could be tied in with Jill's current apparent devastation over the Duggar debacle as well, seems to me.
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