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  1. Tin Foil Hat Version: Scenario: Amy's always crawling after fame.....So's JB......The intervals between Duggar TeeVee shows are getting longer and longer just as the number of his dependents is getting bigger and bigger! What are they to do? How to get those juicy media stories? How to drum up the needed drama to get their names back in the media again.... They put their heads together and come up with a plan..!... Amy Duggar (not her name....) will do a pretty innocuous interview with Crystal Ball woman in which she mentions the Duggars some. After the interview has gone live for a few hours, Amy will tearfully phone the Crystal Ball woman and say that "someone" is insisting that the sweet little innocent interview be taken down. Crystal Ball woman gets into high dudgeon and makes a public fuss, full of insinuations..... DRAMA! And, voila, the name "Duggar" and Amy's photo are back in the tabs with full-fledged stories! Drama! Mystery! Martyrs! Villains! So many questions! Happy days are here again! Heh heh. We played you, Crystal Ball woman.... Happy ending and a big win win for conspiring fellow fame whores Amy Not a Duggar and JB! Cause before this, few in the public and nobody in the media had given a flying shit for either one of them for quite some time. Yeah, I don't think this is what happened.....But it could have.....Because Amy and JB are both much more fame whores than they are anything else, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. If she did, I'm not sure she would have offered as sex advice to soon-to-marry daughters "Don't worry. It doesn't take very long."
  3. Interesting name for a class. Maybe it means that while taking the class you get your college and career out of the way so you can go on in adult life to do something else...... Like grift for a living and eat the whopping majority of the food that ought to be going to your excessive number of children.
  4. Yeah, but all this is backtracking. Initially he had implied to local officials that it would only be people who had nowhere else to go......However, they found out that that was a lie and that what he had done initially was expansively invite all the students to come back if they wanted to.... and to order the faculty members to be available for the usual office hours etc. on campus. But the local officials went to the press complaining about his lie, and those local officials and quite a few other people criticized him heavily......so he backtracked....> And now he's pretending that this is what he'd said all along. But it's not.....He's a fat liar. ... Quite a few of the students in the dorms are people who don't need to be there. And of course they're doing the kinds of dumb stuff invincible-feeling 19-year-olds do in a dorm. .... I'd bet he initially figured he'd be a great supporter of The Prez and Jesus by standing up against the hoax virus.......But he found out that the view that all this is a hoax isn't as widespread as he'd hoped.....And he also found out that the locals are able to figure out when he's bullshitting them.....๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  5. Is it possible that his political consultants have convinced JB that highlighting the Duggar IBLP connection at all would be a big threat to Jed!'s election chances? And that those election chances are really really important to JB right now?..... I realize that this, like all the other potential explanations people have thought of, seems too stupid and trivial to make a huge fuss over....But somebody obviously did tell JB that at some point earlier, since he pretty obviously scrubbed Jed!'s resume of the "executive director" of the godly youth camp that was just obliquely ATI-connected....when initially the plan had clearly been to point to that fake position as part of Jed!'s qualifications for office. Just as @Zella noted about Amy, JB may be super-anxious right now (just like lots of other people) and that would fuel his control-freak behavior.... And I agree that none of this is any actual grounds for a lawsuit -- but, valid legal claim or not, I expect that's what JB often threatens when he wants something (like other big dumb bullies I could mention...) .... and if Amy's got anxiety going, too, and she almost certainly has, it'd make an mpression on her.... That amounts to very little. (and not that JEd!'s got any actual political chances...) But it's all I got. Mysterious.
  6. Well, they are the breakout stars.... Silly! That wouldn't show how modest and very very godly we are!
  7. Didn't lead to viral shares, floods of comments, stories in tabs, copycat behavior or prolonged Internet buzz. So it's out. ๐Ÿ˜
  8. I don't think you sign up for the life JB and M set up unless you're a person who's a big control freak who not coincidentally also fears, distrusts (and probably several other negative verbs...) anybody who isn't exactly like you (because people not exactly like you make you see that you're not totally in control...) ......Then your isolation probably feel safe, righteous, etc. Then, you produce a bunch of other unwitting people (mostly as babies, some possibly as marryers-in whose vulnerabilities you unconsciously recognized as potentially predisposing them to live in this kind of situation...). And you train them up from day one to see everything in the same fearful, distrustful, etc. way that you do -- and maybe even more so....You drum it into them.....So they go along with it because they've been programmed to think it's the only way to live. And you now have a group of people who constitute a social circle for you -- and you've trained them from birth to submit to your controlling them in all kinds of ways that people not brainwashed-from-birth to do it would likely never let you control them .... And there you have a kind of ideal situation (for fearful, distrustful, etc., control freaks, that is....) All the fun you need is engaging in group paranoia and pushing around your trained-from-birth pushable retinue. You're not just okay with it. You feel like a goddamn little king or queen on earth.....You've got a moat and a bunch of slaves. Who could ask for anything more? Been there. Done that. They are very warped people. And they like this. Whereas they wouldn't like "normal" life a bit. And they screw up the slaves for a lifetime. Both the ones who escape and the ones who can't manage to get away, including -- maybe especially -- the ones who imagine they don't even want to get away.
  9. Well, that'd get Jer to watch it.....Add some coffee scenes and that could make it must-see-tv for the Vuolos! ๐Ÿ˜
  10. I've never seen the show, but maybe it's got a bunch of scenes where people drink coffee. That'd get them to watch it.
  11. Maybe he's secretly fleeing.....Because he can't openly say he'd rather be somewhere other than with Jill.....he's too cowed and brainwashed .... But a big part of him wants to be....So he's inventing a false excuse to get away? He has left home and gone quite a distance in search of a quixotic career dream....and done it twice even though the first time was probably a humiliating disaster.......So I can see him living kind of a double life as he gradually tries to shed his Stockholm syndrome, poor little sucker. ... Hey, it could be true! I so much want more for all these kids.....And the "more" is out there -- difficult as it would/will be for any of them to eventually get it ... This is my second cherished-delusion post in about 5 minutes. I really really want more for these kids.....And I can't believe that there are none of them who want it, too.
  12. See. This is why I keep thinking that she has some secret dream of learning what it's like to have an actual, you know, job. .... a career, even!......Somewhere down inside of Jingle I swear there's a modern woman who believes she's just as capable of living in the outside world as a man is ... silently signaling to get out.... ... Unfortunately, I expect the signal will remain silent and the breakout won't ever happen....But I don't think that, if she'd gotten her deepest wish, she''d've been a Christian wifey in a city. She'd have been Jingle in a city. I expect her deepest fears and her husband and parents will always stand in the way of her ever even realizing that she has that secret wish. But she'll probably keep watching tv shows about strong women and wondering why they make her feel antsy.... That's my delusion and I'm sticking to it! The "Madame Secretary" answer probably came about because she hit the wrong key or something. ๐Ÿ˜
  13. I think we know by now that, in Duggar eyes, a mustard cardigan goes with everything.
  14. There is a link to the group's instagram.....But it's not highlighted.....And I don't think you're going to click it unless you know something that would make you curious. It's cryptic and connected to nothing enticing that I can see.
  15. Theory on how this lame publicity stunt came about: Jer read a bunch of online comments awarding Jingle's new (Jer-composed) tagline -- gifted musician who uses her talents on behalf of Diana V's charity -- two or more Pinocchios. He called his mom and said, "Mom! We need to show Jingle using her musical gifts to help you with your charity -- stat! .... People aren't believing it and it's crucial that they do because we are Breakout Stars!...." Diana thought for about 30 seconds and came up with this "challenge" idea .....Then Jer saiid, "Hey, if you're going to tag Jingle, why not do more and tag my beloved famous American Idol contestant Cade Foehner, too? He'll definitely help out because he's my beloved bff." So that's what Diana did. She wasn't even thinking about her organization when she whipped out her post. She was just quickly burnishing Jingle's tarnished reputation at the behest of her baby boy.
  16. I expect he looked at it and thought two things: First was the same thing I thought: "WTF?" He may not know anythng about her charity-- likely doesn't....and he certainly got no enlightenment from these posts. And then he probably thought, "Uh, I don't know this woman.....so I guess she's interested in riding on the coattails of my minimal fame."....But, um, she doesn't seem to be interested enough in her own charity to even say anything about it in the post.....so how's he supposed to be inspired to participate?
  17. Yeah, I know that's what it's for! What I'm saying is -- There's approximately zero chance that this piece of stupidity will work in the way it's intended. Many people don't even know that song well any more. And most "beginners" won't know how to play it. Nobody gives them the melody written down....or plays through the actual melody simply so, if they do play by ear, they can pick it up. Nobody says, "Hey, let's send it around the world played on lots of different instruments! -- Pick up your harmonica or your trumpet and bust it out! Or sing it!" ..... Nothing. It's just Jingle showing off, making no effort to actually bring anybody else into the thing.....With that Erin-Paine-like rendition with her throwing her damn hands around on those octaves in a way that she apparently thinks makes her some kind of virtuoso but really just makes her sound and look like a particularly unmusical showoff. (and makes the song ugly as heck into the bargain...) And how are they going to "learn about" the charity from these videos? Jinge gives them ZERO information about it. Here's what anybody learns about the organization from Jingle's stupid post: "The joining in on @swan4kids_pa to play 'He's got the whole world in His hands.'" And she says nothing about it. Boy, that tells me a lot about the charity and really inspires me to learn about and get involved with it by playing this song! Not. The only piece of information about the charity is one of the hashtags #music4kids. And that, again, tells nobody nothing. Except with Felic sitting there, you might think it's some kind of organization that teaches babies to play instruments. What I'm saying is -- This is supposedly a piece of publicity. And, as constructed, seems to me it's an absolutely worthless piece of publicity. It's not informative about the charity in any way shape or form. It doesn't point you to anything where you can actually find out about this charity. It doesn't in any way inspire you to be interested in the charity....If you don't know about the group already, you would definitely wonder why the heck it even would count as a charity -- and you're given no way to find the answer to that....And I don't see how it even inspires you to record yourself playing that song.... Even Diana's post doesn't do a damn thing that would tell anybody about the charity .... or inspire them or interest them in any way......And since doing those things is apparently the whole point of this "challenge," I'd say it's a fat flop. I suppose Diana's really only going after Duggar fans.....But I don't even see to what end she's doing that....
  18. I think it may have been an Arkansas statehouse internship? And she was Jed!"s accountability partner mostly, probably. But whichever it was, yep -- I agree that pretty much anybody would have gotten the picture from that....especially when they'd been attending right-to-life events of many kinds since birth, approximately.... ... Plus, there's Joy's rumored rebellion against their beliefs that also took place in the couple years or so before her marriage....So even though she has the reputation of being a dim bulb (I don't myself have any feeling at all about how bright she is or isn't...), she's clearly given something about their beliefs some level of independent thought, for a while, at least. Before Joe the Trained God Botherer pulled her back from whatever brink of independent thought she was on, of course.... I mean, they're all likely to believe that they're taking away something others claim as a right, but that's actually a murder and an abomination. And that what they're really doing is simply demanding that things be set right -- in the way God planned..... But I've known pretty young kids who've gone to right-to-life marches who know that they're definitely telling some other person that they absolutely must not do something that they want to do.......And if that's not the definition of taking away something another person thinks of as a right, I don't know what is..... If you're protesting it, it's not a right to you. But it's still something that somebody else wants to do and believes they should be able to do, and you're saying NO, the law must prevent you from doing that.
  19. For some reason, it's to make a video of yourself playing "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands." What this has to do with anything, how it might especially relate to Diana's organization, and why it's a "challenge" of any kind, I have no idea. I do think it's quite possible that Diana V (or whoever came up with the idea of this "challenge") has no idea either (except that it vaguely relates to music and God...) It seems random and pointless as heck.... Maybe the idea is....Hey, let's start an online "challenge" that won't help anybody with anything at all and is so very not catchy or meaningful or interesting that it has absolutely no chance of going viral in, like, a million years! Thinking Diana (If she's the one who thought this up -- Maybe Jingle or Jer thought this up???) may be about as effective a communicator as Jingle and Jer.
  20. Wooster has Asian restaurants. College town and the school is among the more elite private colleges in Ohio..... Not quite at the Oberlin level, but firmly in the tier just below that. Their faculty's always had a pretty cosmopolitan background. And the town's a bit isolated from the big cities.
  21. Kid frequently has pounding headaches, apparently. No wonder. ....Are they going for the Louis XIV look?
  22. I think my favorite thing is the window-and-window-box decoration at below-the-knee level and under an overhang. If they had a cat or a small dog, I'd say that particular decoration was intended for the pet because who else is gonna actually see it down there? ... Well, I suppose if a baby or toddler accidentally crawls into Jill and David's special bathroom....But are they allowed to do that? Or maybe there's a leprechaun in the house?
  23. Ask the Botkin sisters (ages about 32 and 34???) https://botkinsisters.com/category/marriage-and-singleness As I read them, the answer is "absolutely obsessed with it and horrified but working very hard to pretend that it's all okay because Jesus." I expect Jana (and others in their boat) have similar responses.
  24. I think the UK (and related nations?) usually say swan but in the U.S. it's usually "duck."
  25. I don't watch this. So maybe this is crazy, but I would think it's just like most of the rest of the reality shows.....They would tell you to bring people who disagree with you..... And then they'd carefully tell everyone in your retinue to think of all their objections and all the things that annoy them about wedding dresses and the bride-to-be and the whole situation and harp on those things on camera in the harpiest way possible. In other words, "Okay, friends and family, now remember -- Be on your absolute worst behavior! Ready to do that? Great! Bitchy bitchy bitchy bitchy. We're rolling tape in 5...4....3....2......." These shows want drama. If they started showing too many people who were congenial and reasonable and having a good time, audiences would evaporate in short order, I expect.
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