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  1. To my complete surprise, the DC library has four hardcover copies of the book, no ebooks. They're situated at four separate branches -- in three of the four quadrants of the city. One copy is checked out. I think they may have overbought.
  2. Yeah, I know it goes both ways too. I intended to be talking more about the frequent splits between pastoral/denominational and congregational views than about this particular manifestation of the split. I think the "pastors preaching what congregations want to hear" has happened a lot over the past few decades in the more liberal-leaning mainline denominations, and mainly in relationship to a variety of sex-and-gender stuff such as ordination of women (or, more recently, ordination of LBGQT people), which is how I got fixated on this particular kind of church-leader views vs. congregati
  3. Basic Christian texts have very very very very very little concrete to say about the things that obsess certain people we could name (like the Duggars )-- homosexuality, who wears the pants and gives the orders in a family, masturbation, women being loose satanic temptresses who unfairly force men to have thoughts of raping them, etc.... All that stuff tends to obsess some humans. But in all the gazillions of words in the old and new testaments and in the tons of theologians there have been, not a whole helluva lot definitive is said about any of those things. Nevertheless, there's a litt
  4. Catholic publications are thrilled with the casting (the guy is Greek Orthodox by birth, though....😁. But if he's okay for the son of the Left Behind dynasty, he oughta be okay with Cathy, seems to me. ... Of course, maybe she was just passing on the fact as an interesting tidbit..... (I can hope, right? I wonder if she knows he has strong attachments to two unacceptable churches...) ..... From the articles I've looked at, he seems like a pretty good guy to me. But he says some relatively open-minded stuff that probably pisses off everybody in this bunch of xenophobic paranoids...I mean,
  5. Not that I remember. But Jer has several sermons declaring it, so it wouldn't surprise me to hear it coming out of any of them. 😁 They all tend to harbor the same horrors, just making more or less noise about various ones.
  6. I think the fundie (and Gothard-enhanced) worldview of JB and M and their group has always aimed at creating a world that exists solely so that a bunch of patriarchs can get what they want at everybody else's expense. And to me that's an evil intent! Now, do I think that JB would ever allow himself to imagine that his intentions, his selfishness, his arrogance are wrong? Absolutely not. I'm sure he believes he's virtuous and is always seeking the stuff that god wants....However, in my opinion these guys created god in their own image and sustain that creation with everything they've
  7. I agree that these things are, now, Josh's choice. But in this particular system, especially, I don't think there's any way to leave the parents totally off the hook for how they molded their children. Ma and Pa made a LOT of choices regarding Josh and his siblings when he was very young. They openly and actively (and in line with Gothard's "teachings") promoted him at home and wherever they took him as the 'leader of their home" and taught their younger children that he was that -- and, further, that the younger children were required to obey the older ones....... If they'd looked a
  8. I'd bet it starts at noon and ends at 2, actually. I do feel bad for BIn having to try to "teach" it now, though. The moods and distractedness of all the kids must be horrible. And he probably has no idea what he could or should or is allowed to say or do. No way in hell he could either keep them on task or have a meaningful conversation of any kind, I'd bet.
  9. All the Duggarlings know all about school buses to hear them talk. Their parents clearly impressed on them strongly that riding a school bus is the worst fate that could ever befall a person. More than one of them has been quoted spouting off about the horrors of that. (Can't help thinking there's some "forced busing" sentiment buried down there among JB's and M's motivations for "teaching" their kids about that, too....Along with their deep concern about the dangers and miseries a truly godly person would face having to endure a daily bus ride with heathens, of course.)
  10. I think Jer loves loves loves loves loves being on camera and talking talking talking talking into microphones. Doing that well isn't his long suit, unfortunately.
  11. I agree with @rue721 about Josh likely being interested in sexual violence, generally. And I would guess that that interest goes beyond sexual violence to an interest in just seeing and doing violence and harm to others, period, if you get a chance. And since I think Josh is also a big fat coward who's always hidden behind his doting parents and their fellow patriarchs, he doesn't get in the ring with any contenders but confines his urge to strike to those who are smaller, weaker and more vulnerable than he. Justin in his journal podcast presents further evidence that Josh has sadis
  12. It's a lot of promotion for not much product.
  13. They don't if you regularly feed people tater tot casserole and vegetables straight out of the can. 😁
  14. The details of what he says about experiences with Duggars have the ring of truth. But whether or not he knew the Duggars, he and his wife very clearly have been insiders in the Duggar-type world. Lot of interesting insights emerge from the podcasts. Little things, like the fact that "diligence" (Anna's praise word for Josh, just before the arrest) is one of their words -- it's one I hadn't really heard before. But it's all over this guy's teen journal. In the third of the podcasts, he discusses what he construed as sexual sin as a teenager and about the fasting that he undertook to help
  15. "country female artist" ...Probably no surprise that Cade just thinks of her as "his female."
  16. I think everybody they saw and talked to was pretty deeply enmeshed in their belief group, and they feel loyalty to that and to the norms of operation of that and don't feel loyalty to the public sector or to any laws. Pastors and the like in their crowd probably believe that things like mandated reporting fly in the face of God's commands -- because they could end up sending one of their own respected and cherished young men-folk, one in whom they all put great hopes, to public-sector juvenile detention....and turn the females over to secular psychological counseling, which they consider
  17. It seems to be summer vacation. And except for a handful of language courses, none of the stuff in his program is offered in the summer. So for once I'm not going to say he oughta be studying!
  18. They're gonna discuss the same short book "every Monday night"? For how long? I'm sure there are a handful of superfans who'd be happy to do that for quite a while. But there can't be too many of those. It's not gonna do much for sales or even for their image, seems to me. They'd be better off being more responsive on social media on a regular basis.
  19. Me, too. .... His presentation is quite clear. But even so I could have digested it way faster reading than listening/watching.
  20. Well the metallic gold stuff seems to be all over the red carpets this year. ...But I guess her publicist must have suggested going with the color trend in an avant-gardish design...and it apparently worked for her. (her publicity people seem to be on the ball) Here's the USA Today headline! -- "Gabby Barrett scored at Billboard Awards with three wins, but that gold dress stole the show" https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/music/2021/05/23/gabby-barrett-billboard-awards-tearful-speech/5237632001/ Designer is Nicolas Jebran, who does sculptural stuff pretty often,
  21. 5 years is the absolute minimum -- no matter who you are or whether you plead or don't or what your history is, if you end up guilty and being sentenced. The sentences go up from there based on a lot of very specific factors. (And the 20 is the maximum anybody can get on this charge, including people who have a string of prior convictions for similar crimes, and so on.) What Scott Reisch explains in detail is how the actual sentencing guidelines that judges use to calculate a specific person's sentence depend on plugging in various facts about the defendant, the details of the crime as
  22. Seems shady to me, too. But there are various photos out there of Jer at church and at some other Grace Church and seminary events, and, to my eye, he has these super-respectful and kinda solemn or obsequiously smiley looks on his face all the time..... So I picture him being there and looking very supportive and "yes sirring" all over the place. And in this situation, that might be enough, I think. That voice of his -- that sounds both smarmy and dull when he's preaching -- can probably come off as successfully-Uriah-Heepish when applied in soft suck-uppy agreements as he nods and smiles
  23. I think they should embrace Americana-type names and go with something like "Hallie Lou."
  24. Me, too. Aside from how hard Jer seems to work at sucking up compared to his work effort for other things, the only explanation I've heard that seems kind of plausible to me is that between the accreditation scare, the flap over the social justice letter, the serious SEC fraud accusations against his son, and his COVID doings, MacArthur has faced so much criticism from so many quarters over the past few years that he's now consumed by paranoia. And that in response he's assumed a full-time super-combative stance toward his "enemies," which tends to be accompanied by a total-warfare us-th
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