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  1. Yes. And it's how all kinds of abusive, control-freak parents treat their adult children. These people are drawn into their particular "religion" because of who they are and how they will treat people, not for any other reason, it seems to me. I was close to 30 when I realized that, when I visited my family's house, I climbed the stairs in a modified all-fours position. Bent over, touching the steps ahead of me with my hands as I went up, in a modified toddler crawl. I'd never even noticed before that I did it, but when I did notice it I realized I always did it that way. Not on any other staircase in the world. Just theirs. Not even kidding. Responding in the way they brainwash you to respond isn't just in your brain, it's in your muscles and nerves and bones.
  2. Well, as I've harped on before, they didn't just pick Ohio. They picked the rather small main Amish area of Ohio. And in Amish country, people from the state very seldom check on children, because the Amish have long had special schooling rights there, based on that currently most respected of American values, the religious freedom of conservative Christian communities -- and since Amish kids don't have any requirement to go to schools other than the entirely their own community-run-Amish schools, and no requirement at all to be in school after 8th grade, there are just very few kids in an Amish area over whom the state ed department has any jurisdiction at all.....So they aren't going to waste a lot of money on enforcement in that area...... Plus, the Amish communities are known to fight back hard to protect their long-cherished freedoms and their customs -- and to avoid ratting others out -- so the state is even more reluctant to get involved, because, among other things, they may fear they're misreading some customs that are part of the local religious traditions, etc......-- ....... So, yeah, the Rods aren't Amish....But they are now living in an area of the state where the dept. of ed regulators and, most likely, CPS are considerably less in evidence than they are in other areas.....and where the neighbors are very used to unschooled kids, to kids doing dangerous farm work on their own, etc. .... This may have been an accidental choice by the Rods. But I'd be very surprised if it was. It's a tiny part of Ohio. And they seem to have made a beeline for it. Jill R is a person who clearly believes she and her family are persecuted and unfairly scrutinized -- and I'm sure she has contact with other people who feel the same. And in a group like that, information about how you might protect yourself would be shared. No way folks who are paranoid about having their parenting scrutinized wouldn't know about communities where the scrutiny might be less....
  3. They're really such innocents. I'm sure Bin -- as well as Jessa -- thinks that mentioning "smoked paprika" and "bags of locally roasted coffee" is just soooo cool and sophisticated. Makes me feel sorry for them seeing image be apparently so important to them.....especially since I think this image nonsense probably comes at the expense of a lot of substantive things they could and should do, the lack of which is likely to hurt them and their children down the line. A few years from now their image really isn't going to matter a bit, I expect.
  4. Well, I don't watch. But I saw some comments on that "marriage retreat" episode suggesting that at least some viewers got the impression they don't enjoy each other all that much....So maybe they don't..... Or maybe they just want to produce social media that rivals that put out by the Breakout Stars of LA. 😁 So next week they'll do a shop at Trader Joe's or Aldi's....
  5. Oh, come on. Doesn't that look on Jer's face in the coffee shop convince you that he is really hot stuff? Because I expect he thinks it should, since he's trying his darnedest to make that happen. 😁
  6. No. Not the big bottle. He's got a pretty milky coffee of some kind in a small bottle in his hand. Follow Felicity's gaze and you'll see it. Because of its paleish color, it doesn't stand out very well against Felicity's pink outfit.
  7. Note to Jer: Waving your kid around at the camera as you call the coffee "amazing" at coffee shop after coffee shop after coffee shop after coffee shop after coffee shop doesn't make you a coffee connoisseur who'll soon collect coffee-curious followers by the million and land a major influencer gig for one or two of those shops. It just sounds kinda lame. And desperate after a while. And boring.
  8. This could explain why he "feels like family" to Duggars. 😁
  9. Featuring 'interviews" with about a dozen people who have absolutely nothing to say.
  10. She once ate an orange with skin, separate sections, and seeds. Making informative and interesting videos when you're not interesting, interested or even a little bit informed is hard, people.
  11. And of course he's managed to convince a lot of people that Cynthia's the one who's lying -- because he's intimidated and brainwashed others of his children to believe Dad rather than their lying eyes. And convinced the kids that Cynthia's admitting she's had depression means she can't be trusted and is vicious. The man is evil arrogant scum. I'd move my kids to another school immediately. I think he's only teaching there because CPS made them stop homeschooling all those kids and enroll them in school. And this lunatic has basicallly stalked his kids to their school because he can't have them under his thumb at home 24 hours a day, most likely. He is smart and somewhat educated after a fashion and he's probably pretty good at being two-faced. So he's hornswoggled some people at the school into believing he's a decent guy.
  12. I don't think that's any cause for self-doubt! She does look beautiful and happy. And it is a cute picture. I think Jer is almost certainly a massive sexist at this point. And, to me, that limits the kind and extent of actual worthwhile love a guy can have toward women in his life. But Jingle grew up fully believing that sexist views on the part of men are God's sign that they're good men. So obviously she has no reason to imagine that her husband's views of women's potential are limiting for her.
  13. How about Dim and Bulb? Or Dumb and Ass? Ego and Maniac? I can think of a lot that would suit them.
  14. Well, FWIW, according to this website AbuseWatch.net, the California laws do apply -- "A couple of states make it difficult to classify children in TV production as anything other than actors; California is one. In The Learning Channel (TLC) show Octomom, the children live in California and they are subject to the states child labor laws. As a result they receive payment ($250 per child, per episode), are protected by law, have oversight to ensure that they work safely (as best babies can) and within confines that avoid exploitation or abuse." https://www.abusewatch.net/CAN_Pos.php
  15. Maybe they've gone quiet because they're retooling it into a spin off from the "summit" for Gothard-families-seeking-courtships of which Jed! was executive director... All they need is seven teen girls from families dying to marry off their daughters to godly guys (and that should be easy to find, given the number of super-fundie daughters hanging around unmarried in their floor-length denim skirts.)...and voila -- . They can start getting the audience used to seeing the Duggar boys the same way they saw the Duggar girls as JSlaves for all those years -- only this time they'll be JSlumlordPropertyLawnMowers and JPreviouslyTotaledUsedCarSalesmen. People will get to know their "personalities" (ha) and start to get invested in their futures....And then they can start introducing those seven teen girls from Gothard land, one by one. And it's ... Seven Brides for Seven Duggars -- Jed....Jer....Jason....James....Justin....Jackson....and INTRODUCING JTyler..... I wouldn't be surprised if JB pitched this to the network.....
  16. She'll have to think her way past RFP's insistence that they're breakout stars. And I wonder whether that's something she could actually do at this point, this early in her headship-based marriage and in her big move away from home... I also wonder whether RFP's as delusional as some of his presentation suggests -- like the breakout star thing -- or whether he realizes what a long shot the quest for profitable fame is so he's mainly whistling past the graveyard at this point.
  17. Probably the most positive thing he ever did. He was basically Gothard the First, except he played major-league baseball before he started spouting Gothard-type stuff around the country. As with Gothard and others of that ilk, people always figured there had to be some scams behind his accumulation of money. But nobody could ever pin anything on him.
  18. Maybe they've got somebody new in the programming department who just thinks it's time to freshen up the schedule somehow....
  19. And look at the joy on their faces ... "We will pick you up in the church bus, and you will attend the dinner and "concert"!
  20. Please don't pitch a show idea for "Conservative Evangelical Swap." They'd all volunteer because they want to be breakout stars. Note: Not 'Fundie Swap." Jer's not a fundie.
  21. Well, I certainly didn't take it that way. Seems to me you provided one of several reasonable points of view that somebody could take about what was going on. I appreciate what you brought to the conversation.
  22. Jeremy is not a Southern Baptist, though. He's a staunch Calvinist and always has been, as has his father. His father is also a "complementarian." "Woman's place" is completely different from man's place and no woman should ever be in a position of being able to direct men's activity at all. This is largely the keystone of MacArthur's seminary -- which is not Baptist either, but staunch Calvinist. Virtually all American seminaries now allow women to study or teach there to some degree. Jeremy deliberately chose one of the tiny tiny handful of those who don't. And he chose the absolute leader of the seminaries who don't. So whatever it is that Jinger actually thinks about things, Jeremy deliberately and consciously chose to ally himself very very closely with a man and an institution that has a very particular view. And he'll be allied with that point of view in the minds of other CHristians unless and until he proactively says that he isn't. Christians who hire him or ally with him will know this and won't hire him or ally with him unless they agree. MacArthur is also widely known for being absolutely dead opposed even to have any seminary students who disagree with his views on women, homosexuality, etc. He would never treat a student as a favorite who was even vaguely suspected of harboring different views, even secretly. That's attested to by many many accounts of him.
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