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  1. Which sounds like a recipe for failure. If Gordon Ramsay has taught me anything, it's that restaurants with big menus are terrible. You can't possibly make every item on the menu "to order" if you've got 50 things on that menu. The food will end up being frozen and microwaved. I do hope the show clarifies what type of food the Lunch Box 2.0 will be selling; because so far we've got stew and pizza, which seems like an odd combo.
  2. Yeah, I think so too. I mean, Jackie called Louise a "man-grabbing self-centered bitch" in the latest episode, and that's pretty harsh if it was really only about the garage band/rifle routine thing in HS. The inclusion of "man-grabbing" makes me think Jackie's strong dislike of Louise is about Dan moving on from Roseanne, and Jackie feeling betrayed on her sister's behalf. And maybe even some jealousy that Dan didn't even consider Jackie to move on with. I really hope the Jackie/Louise/Dan dynamic is further explored when the show comes back from winter hiatus.
  3. Yeah, I don't care about Ed Jr, Jerry, or Andy. I hadn't even thought of Ed Jr. since the series original run, and am not particularly interested in seeing a grown up version either. Please don't let him be just another brat like Harris. Yup. It sucks for Jackie that they took away her son and made her a sad sack who clings to her sister's family, but it is what it is. People need to accept that Andy simply does not and never did exist in this incarnation of the show.
  4. Ah, okay, I must have missed that. So then maybe she can give some pointers to Becky & Jackie once they get the Lunch Box going. Would be a good way to further involve her with the Conners.
  5. I'm pretty sure she's just the bartender. The Casita Bonita manager is a man because Becky remarked last season she slept with her manager around the same time she slept with the busboy. Bev's pushing 100, I would hope she has Medicare that would cover most of her medical bills and even pay for a (crappy) nursing home. I really think the rent money she was collecting from the building was intended to be the family's inheritance, which is surprisingly unselfish of her. And now, of course, there won't be any more rent money to collect because Becky & Jackie will not be paying rent for the first year. Ugh. If I were in DJ's shoes I would have voted no on the restaurant; his and Mary's inheritance is going to take a hit.
  6. Most people don't like hearing hard truths about themselves either. I suspected Darlene was eventually going to cave to Jackie & Becky's badgering, but I'm annoyed that no else in the family saw her side of things. Dan & DJ were more worried about keeping the peace than looking out for the financial well-being of the family. I do hope the Lunch Box 2.0 succeeds because this family needs some wins, and also I don't want future storylines to be dominated by what further failures Jackie & Becky are and how Darlene should never have gambled with the family's financial future. We already saw Dan's bike shop go under and that was depressing to watch, I don't want to see it happen again. Plus, I think the family working together to get the Lunch Box up and running could give them something else to do besides bicker and act downtrodden and hang out in the Conner home. The fight between Jackie & Darlene was classic Roseanne; brutal but needed, and well acted too. I loved everyone's reaction as it unfolded: Harris coming to her mom's defense, Louise looking uncomfortable and out of place, Becky realizing where it was heading and standing up when the slap happened, and Jackie's immediate remorse for what she did. I thought DJ and Becky consoling a tearful Jackie later as Darlene sat by herself was also in character for them; Jackie always needs that emotional support, whereas Darlene needs to stew alone. I'm still loving Dan & Louise and their slooooow buildup to a possible relationship. I wonder what the family knows about their relationship. Is Jackie's dislike of Louise really because of high school or because she suspects Louise may replace Roseanne? Do Darlene, Becky, and DJ have any idea that their dad may be interested in a woman again? I hope the show continues for a few more seasons because I really do want a payoff to the Dan/Louise relationship.
  7. I've been re-watching the show on Hulu for a few weeks and I'm up to the middle of season 4. I have to voice my dislike of Winnie Cooper. I watched the show when I was kid during its original run, and I was a Kevin/Winnie shipper and looked forward to the episodes that focused on them. I disliked every girl that turned Kevin's head or showed interest in him (Madeline, Susan, Linda, Teri, etc.). I remember I adored Winnie, loved her wardrobe, and her beautiful long shiny hair. Now, ugh, I can't stand her and her wishy-washy treatment of Kevin. She strung him along until someone better along, and then acted hurt when Kevin said he didn't want to be friends. How oblivious (or self-centered?) could she be? She should not have been dating at the age of 12; she was clearly immature and messed up from her brother's death. I hate the annoying way she said "Hi" and "Can we talk" and "I don't know", and the manipulative way she always teared up when arguing with Kevin over their toxic relationship. Like I said, I'm up to season 4 on my re-watch, and all I can think of when Kevin & Winnie have relationship problems is that they were too young & immature to be so obsessed with each other and should never have been allowed to date each other. How did Kevin's parents never realize how messed up their kid was because of his relationship with Winnie? Why were these kids so desperate to have boyfriends/girlfriends in middle school? Anyway, besides the endless Kevin/Winnie episodes, I really am enjoying the trip down memory lane. My favorite episodes are definitely the ones that focus on the Arnold family, particularly the Jack/Kevin relationship. Wayne is still annoying but he has his moments...but that hair is still hideous. The Mr. Collins death episode still gets to me after all these years.
  8. I don't understand why Amy & Mateo didn't just reschedule their toy drive for another day, when Fred Armisen was NOT out front of the store seeking his own donations. Yes, he was an ass and not funny, but Amy did agree to let him ring his little bell so he had a right to be there. I feel like the writers didn't think this through, and it made for a flimsy unfunny plot. I can't stand the term "ghosting" so the Garrett storyline annoyed me on that alone, LOL. The only thing I found funny was finding out Sandra & Jerry have a robust sex life, and how uncomfortable that made Glenn.
  9. I loved this episode. Even the Harris storyline was tolerable, though that was probably due to Dan's presence in it. I wish she would just go back to Chicago like she keeps whining about. I would not miss her. Mark is such a bundle of positive energy that I hope the family's negativity and life in general don't change him. I adored his passive-aggressive speech to Darlene at episode's end. It made me realize that Mark notices everything and cares about what's going on with the family, unlike his self-absorbed sister. UGH. I felt bad for Dan when he was pleading with Becky not to move out. For all his grumbling about having people living in his home, it's clear he does like having a full house; I mean, he's even tolerating Bev. If Darlene and her kids ever move out, Dan's going to be mighty lonely in that house. I'm firmly on Darlene's side in regards to the restaurant venture. Like she said, 3 restaurants and a psychic have failed in that location, what makes Jackie & Becky think they can succeed when they only have a kernel of an idea and not much of a plan. If Darlene's already got a potential tenant - who can actually pay rent months in advance - already lined up, why should she gamble on Jackie & Becky. And it's not just the 3 of them who would be taking a financial risk, they'd be risking the amount of money DJ and all the grandkids would receive upon Bev's death. I'm sure Becky & Jackie don't really care about that, but at least Darlene is thinking about everyone in the family. Though I feel like the story is heading in the direction of The Lunch Box 2.0.
  10. I LOVED jelly shoes despite the fact that they weren't as comfortable as the name leads you to believe. My favorite style was the ballet flats. By the late 80's I must have owned every conceivable color. In S4, I would like to see one of the girls wearing jelly shoes, though I don't think they are quite Max's or El's style.
  11. My wishlist: Steve joins the police academy (or Hawkins police if we get a big time jump). Nancy & Jonathan seem to have an idea about what they want to do, but Steve seems to be aimless. Now that Hopper is "dead", the crew needs someone who can use the law to their benefit. Plus, I'd love to see Steve in a police uniform, especially after they made him wear the sailor outfit all of S3. Will & Mike lose those awful bowl-cuts; just please no mullets. Not every boy in the 1980s sported terrible haircuts. Less Mike, Dustin, and Erica. More Will & Lucas. El goes to school or we at least see she is being tutored. Her child-like penmanship on the note to Hop in S3 was rather sad. El & Will have actual conversations (not about Mike please) and bond over their shared traumas & experiences with the Upside Down/the monsters. They become actual friends. Max & El remain friends and talk on the phone all the time, running up Joyce's phone bill, lol. Hopper is alive and the entire gang works together to find him. After Hopper's return, he and Joyce finally get together. 3 seasons of this slow burn is enough, time for these two to act on their feelings. We don't have to wait another 2 years for the next season.
  12. I thought Hopper didn't adopt Eleven, but rather was listed as her bio father on her forged birth certificate? The Indiana Certificate of Birth Dr. Owens handed Hop listed El's name as Jane Hopper and her mother as Teresa Ives. If El is "Jane Hopper" on her birth certificate doesn't that mean that Jim Hopper was already recognized as her father from the day she was born? Otherwise wouldn't El have been listed as "Jane Ives" on the certificate? I thought that's also why Owens was impressed with his handiwork. I wondered why El didn't go live with her Aunt Becky, but your explanation is a pretty solid reasons as to why El went with Joyce and her boys.
  13. I loved this season, but did it seem like there were more comedic moments (sometimes out of place) than in past seasons? I refuse to believe Hopper is dead. Though I hope he isn't actually in the Upside Down because he can't possibly survive for very long in that inhospitable environment. I'm about 90% sure he's the American in the Russian prison. I think he may have jumped off the platform and was clinging to that ladder that was between the machine and the gate to the Upside Down. It's possible the surviving Russian soldiers that showed up to chase Joyce and Murray went down to the platform and found a wounded/barely conscious Hop and took him with them when they made their own escape from the mall. Hopper is probably my favorite character on the show, and I don't think I can enjoy the show as much if he is truly and most sincerely dead. I'm happy El is going to live with the Byers (I love mama bear Joyce) but I did find it odd that she didn't go to her Aunt Becky & Mama instead. I guess the show wants to keep El connected to the Hawkins crew, and sending her off with the Byers achieves that better than living with her aunt. As someone who is not fond of Mike (God, he was an annoying little shit this season) or the Mike/El relationship, I hope living with the Byers allows El to bond with Will & Jonathan as friends/brothers, and with Joyce as a mother-figure. My sad little wish is for Joyce and El to lead the charge to find/rescue Hop and for the Hopper-Byers to become one big happy family. Mike can cry outside their window as he watches them have family game night.
  14. Ah man, judging by her distress Becky is definitely getting bad news. Would they be so cruel as to kill off Emilio just as it looks like they are forming a relationship? It's either that or he's been deported. I don't think she'd get the news that she's miscarried via text. Poor Becky and Emilio.
  15. That's what I'm thinking because she didn't even mention the baby when she & Jackie were planning her future schooling/career. I just love the relationship between Dan and Darlene so focusing on them helped in my enjoyment of this episode. Yes this one wasn't as strong as the last few episodes but I still found it entertaining. It was sweet of Dan to still pay the $500 for Mark's art school, even though it only left him with $600. That's a good man. They finally gave DJ a bit more screen time! I adored Darlene playing the mother hen to her brother; even if she did give him old canned soup, LOL. I also laughed when Harris covered DJ's face with her scarf and then covered her own face with it so she could catch his cold. Those are the little sweet family moments that I've always loved about the Conners.
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