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  1. Marlena's possession was one of the reasons why I stopped watching back in the mid-90s; it felt too over the top campy for DAYS. I don't even know how the storyline was resolved because by then I had tuned out. So I'm not really looking forward to round 2, but since DAYS is pretty much just poorly-written campy crap now I think I can sit through it this time. I just hope it doesn't take over the show.
  2. I'm still catching up so my thoughts are kind of all over the place. JFC, yet another trashy-ass dress for Ciara. I could see her black thong through the see-through dress and if she hadn't been wearing some sort of skin-toned bra I'd have seen her nipples too. Her outfits in this series look like they came out of a street walkers closet. I've always hated Kristen, but at least with Eileen Davidson in the role I don't fastforward her scenes because I can love to hate Kristen. Her Kristen is unapologetic in her awfulness, unlike Stacy Haiduk's version who acts like if she cries she's
  3. Doug possibly suffering from dementia is going to be tough to watch. Doug has been around for so long and it has been obvious from his last few appearances that Bill Hayes is pretty frail. I can't imagine how difficult Doug dying from dementia (if that's what ends up happening) will be for Susan Seaforth Hayes to portray. To play Doug's onscreen death knowing that Bill could soon follow is brutal and could be emotionally draining for SSH. I mean, even though she looks good for her age, SSH is 78 years old. Why couldn't the show just send Doug and Julie on a cruise or to visit Hope and have him
  4. I laughed when Chad told nu-Sonny that he hardly recognized him and Sonny said it must be the new haircut. A Jack mention! He took the grandkids camping. Which, lol, Jack Deveraux camping with 2 toddlers? Lord help them all. I also got a chuckle out of Marlena saying that the peacock was beautiful. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, right Peacock. Awkward moment when Abe, Lani, and Eli walked into Paulina's Miami "mansion" and were awed by its opulence - that living room looked no bigger than Paulina's apartment in Salem. JFC, I thought Ciara was gonna pop out of her ill-fitting ta
  5. This quote from Soapdirt: No, DAYS is not due for another baby. Since January of 2020 there have been 3 babies born and they are all utterly pointless. The only point of giving a couple a baby on this show is for the "crazy drama surrounding the birth" and so that the woman can have some health scare during pregnancy. Once the babies are born they are either completely forgotten (Rachel, Charlotte, Thomas) or they stay forever wrapped in blankets (Henry, Jules, Carver). The Westons do not need a baby and certainly not one named "Bo Brady Weston". 🤮
  6. He's gonna be on even less than he is now? FFS, I think he's made 2 appearances in the month of August. Poor MA, this shows has been treating him like shit for over 20 years. As a Jack & Steve fan this sucks major balls. Sigh.
  7. I'm supposed to believe that Victor trashed the living room and threw food all over the place upon learning that Justin's marrying Bonnie. Victor?? The 80-something old man who can barely stand, now has Hulk-like strength to overturn furniture. I know John Aniston hasn't been on set in a long time and therefore the show had to improvise. But I think they went overboard with "Victor's" reaction and it was totally unbelievable. Can someone remind me why Gabi hates Ava so much. She's being downright nasty to her brother's girlfriend and I'm trying to remember if there's some history between
  8. I wasn't watching when Theresa Donovan was on, so I'm curious how she & Brady thought they were cousins. By the time she would have shown up, John was long revealed to NOT be Roman Brady...so, I'm drawing a blank on how grown up Theresa & Brady would think they were related. Can anyone fill me in?
  9. I watched live for some stupid reason and it was torture being unable to FFWD all the CIN crap. WTF do we have to be subjected to CIN flashbacks of their fantasies?? It's bad enough we've been tortured these last few months with flashbacks of their "love story" but now we have to sit through their stupid fantasy flashbacks too?? I swear the only thing CIN ever do is fuck, talk about their love, get kidnapped, or have a close brush with death. I assume when it's time for VK to bounce again, one of these fools will get kidnapped to facilitate her latest exit. Jack is a complete idiot. I ha
  10. This is why I HATED Shelle. Hell, I think Belle was SORASed just so she could be paired with teen Shawn-Douglas. There was no build-up, no will they/won't they. It was just here is BOPE's son falling in love with Jarlena's daughter and here are their group of friends who will now hog up most of the show. I was only a few years older than Shelle and tried to like them but I couldn't. Didn't help that I thought Jason Cooke and Kristen Storms had little chemistry and were bad actors. But, yeah, Shelle did not happen organically like the supercouples of the 1980's, and that was the worst offense.
  11. I wish it was B but it will probably be A. And, yes, it's stupid that Justin would ask Steve to be his best man when they were just "fighting" over Kayla a year ago. I think because of that misguided relationship things are still awkward between Steve, Justin, and Kayla. Besides, Jack and Justin were pretty close after Adrienne's death and while Steve was Steveano.
  12. Watched the last 3 episodes, so my thoughts are kind of all over the place: Excuse me, Holly is opening the front door and letting people in to the apartment?? Holly, who is like 4 years old? Okay. I like that they showed Nicole as a crying hot mess unable to get out of bed. At least that's realistic after a break up. I hate that that normal reaction is rarely shown on soaps. AZ is such a great crier that even when she's ugly crying she still manages to look gorgeous. I think Jack just made an enemy of Xander, which sucks because I liked their unlikely friendship. I wish I coul
  13. And another thing about "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow": It was kind of awkward when Laura confided in Pa that Almanzo hadn't kissed her or touched her in months. I found it uncomfortable for 2 reasons: I find it hard to believe a woman of that time would say something like that to her father, and Melissa Gilbert had such a babyface I didn't want to hear about Laura's lack of sex life with her husband. Laura also climbed up a tree to rescue the cat in this episode. I know they wanted to portray Laura retaining her spunky and tomboyish behavior into adulthood, but seeing her climb
  14. I've decided to watch random episodes of the later awful seasons (because there's no way I'm actually going to watch all episodes after season 5) and chose "Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow" since you guys have been discussing it. Where to begin? Eliza Jane is so creepy with her babying Almanzo and basically turning into the other woman in the Wilder marriage. I hate that they turned her into a clingy controlling spinster who enjoyed the thought of taking over her little brother's care and family. And who owned that farm anyway? Eliza Jane kept calling it our home and took the reins when
  15. I doubt DAYS is brave enough to do the throuple, so I'm assuming Tripp/Allie/Chanel in bed together is someone's dream sequence. All 3 of them naked in bed looked kinda hot though. Oh god, are they really going to retcon Lani's entire parentage? There's no way Abe wouldn't remember sleeping with Paulina back in the day, so it must mean Lani is not his daughter. Poor Abe. ETA: I'm disappointed Alison Sweeney is not sticking around longer. I rather enjoyed Sami's latest go-round on the show (especially Lumi) and wanted to see the fallout of her affair. As to who would kidnap her, I'm g
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