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  1. Between the Kristen & Gabi these last few episodes, I question why I keep watching. If they just made Kristen an outright villain, I probably wouldn't hate her as much as I do. But this crap of having Lani & Brady act like she was wronged for being imprisoned for attempting to murder an old man and how she should be handled with kid gloves because she's a mother is such BS. Kristen's prison stint has been a complete joke with her holding court in the visiting room, browsing the internet, using the phone when she pleases...all without any supervision. And her prison break using Tony as a hostage is beyond ridiculous. They expect me believe that the prison guards weren't in hot pursuit or that cops weren't swarming all over Salem & the hospital looking for the escaped convict? I had enough and didn't even finish watching today's episode after Kristen acted indignant because she couldn't stay with Brady. First it's "Rachel needs me", now it's "Brady needs me". She really thinks that because she has a family, she deserves special treatment. How anyone finds Kristen likeable is beyond me. If the show wanted to keep her around after stabbing Victor, then they should have had her blackmail a judge to keep her out of prison. At least making her an villain would be more believable than this dreck that's been on our screens for far too long. And her prison break should add years to her sentence, but we all know it won't. And Gabi...Jesus, what an incredibly unlikeable character. She harassed Jake for months and then they had sex one time but she acts like they had something more and now has some claim to him. Calling Kate - who she was friendly with before she left town - a dinosaur & decrepit is childish and not funny at all. I rolled my eyes when Rafe called her "badass" because she takes no prisoners. Nah, she's rude & inconsiderate to about 90% of the people she comes into contact with and keeps going after a man who is in a relationship with another woman. If the roles were reversed - if it was a man pursuing a woman after a one night stand and refusing to take "no" for an answer - I don't think this behavior would be considered "badass" but predatory instead. Nicole didn't know that Ava is a mob boss? I could've sworn she told Allie just how dangerous Ava is when Allie told her about their run-in. Philip "running" in and out of the hotel room in pursuit of the shooter was hilarious. JKJ's idea of running is to take a couple of big steps and huff like he's out of breath. I guess that can be tacked on to the list of his very odd acting choices. For a man who was shot in the gut and lost a lot of blood, Brady's got a very nice rosy glow going on.
  2. "Laura Horton wanted to spare Jenn the pain of finding out Jack was sleeping around. And she didn’t want him distracted from Jenn." What the fuck is this?! Here I naively thought Jack would come out relatively clean from all this, but oh NO, they have to make him a serial cheater after all. So Gwen was not conceived pre-J&J; she was conceived when they were already married & Abby was probably already born? This flies in the face of who Jack was in the 1990's. This man did NOT sleep around. FFS on his wedding night with the beautiful Eve he slept with a shirt on, and 10 years later he pretended to be gay to avoid a relationship with Greta. And when did Laura pay off Gwen's mother? Before or after her affair with "Clark"? This storyline has gone over the cliff. And what makes it more infuriating is that it is being made up as they go along, because there is no way that when Gwen was first introduced she was intended to be Jack's daughter.
  3. I was feeling pretty confident that Gwen might be lying and Laura would come to town to reveal she's a loon who can't be trusted. Now that Laura is going to reveal she paid off Gwen's mother, I have the uneasy feeling that might also be a lie and it will eventually come out that Gwen is Laura & Jack's love child (BARF!) like we'd been speculating before Gwen spilled her sob story. I just feel like Jack is coming off too clean in this story and since the show always shits on him, making Gwen his kid with Laura would be the perfect way to make him the bad guy & ruin his relationship with Jennifer & Abigail.
  4. I hope you're right, because now that it's finally been revealed that Gwen is Jack's daughter it doesn't sit well with me. Even if she was conceived long before J&J got together and Jack truly had no idea she existed, I hate that he is going to be saddled with Gwen & will be caught between Jen/Abby & his newfound daughter. I really like the idea that Laura knows Gwen is unstable and raises the alarm that Gwen may not be who she says she is. Although if she reveals anything that would probably be breaking all sorts of ethics & laws. But it's Salem so that probably doesn't matter either.
  5. In an effort to keep MM/Charlie around, I feared the show might try to present that night as more "consensual" than what they've been saying, but going by MM's comments it really was as Allie's been saying all along. Also, I wonder if they'll finally address the note Tripp left on Allie's nightstand and why/if Charlie took it.
  6. Yeesh, simmer down, Claire. She's been dating Charlie for 3 months (tops) but she's acting like he's her soulmate and that she knows everything there is to know about him and therefore everyone else is wrong about him. I was especially annoyed at her for going off on her grandparents when they've been in her corner since she was released from Bayview. I'm glad she settled down by the end of the episode and, while still weepy, seems willing to listen to some hard truths. I'm also annoyed that neither Kayla or Nicole showed any remorse or shame when they saw Tripp at the hospital. I was like "WTF?!" when Kayla's first thought after Steve told her Charlie could be Allie's rapist was "poor Claire". What about "poor Tripp", who's been threatened and labeled a rapist by half the town based (partly) on Kayla's crappy DNA test that she insisted could not be wrong & was proof enough of his guilt. And there goes Nicole, AGAIN, demanding that Rafe get a young man to admit what he did to Allie. Yes we know Charlie is guilty, but Nicole doesn't but that doesn't stop her from basically judging and convicting another young man based on faulty memories, feelings, and circumstantial evidence. I get that she wants to be supportive of Allie but Nicole makes things worse with her meddling. And since she now is so sure Charlie is the rapist, where the hell is her apology to Tripp?? I won't hold my breath and neither should Tripp.
  7. Since the show couldn't be bothered with continuity, I made up my mind long ago that Albert did live and become a doctor. I don't know what the hell ML was on when he came up with the series finale, but blowing up Walnut Grove and Albert dying - even after Laura said that he returned to WG to become its doctor - makes zero sense and flies in the face of what was established in previous seasons. I love that Little House is on Amazon Prime because I don't have to search for it on cable and can skip the episodes I don't like. I never watch past season 6, though, because I remember just how bad it got in the later seasons. It was already struggling by the 5th season but once Laura got married and Charles adopted Jason Bateman and his sister the show just wasn't the same. And even as a kid, I knew to avoid the Jenny & Nancy seasons like the plague, and definitely won't subject myself to them as an adult.
  8. "Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) comes back to claim her man on the NBC soap opera...Now, Jake Lambert’s (Brandon Barash) in an official and public romance with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). And he’s falling hard for her. However, Gabi comes back to town to sink her claws back into him." Her man?? They had sex once and now she thinks she has some claim to him?? It's stuff like this - the entitlement - why I can't stand Gabi and didn't want her to come back. I hope Jake tells her to fuck off and he and Kate continue with their relationship - which I've grown to like.
  9. I thought they were setting up Valerie to be the kidnapper because of 1) her disappointed reaction to Jules's name and 2) because she stepped away to take a call yesterday when she was with Abe which I thought was meant to make her look suspicious. I'm glad that I was wrong and it's Dr. Raynor and some unknown accomplice. This show doesn't even try to depict a realistic prison environment. What prison has a computer with internet access in the visiting room which an inmate can use whenever they want? That room has become Kristen's personal living room where she entertains guests, makes phone calls, and catches up on the latest Salem news via the web. Absolutely ridiculous.
  10. OMG, all the hemming and hawing from Marlena to Claire about Charlie was ridiculous. Claire is an adult and they suspect her boyfriend raped her cousin, and she should divulge that information to her ASAP. I feel dirty for feeling sorry for Ava today, but Tamara Braun's acting since Charlie tied her to that chair has made me sympathize with her. I was reminded of Carly Corinthos, though, when Ava let out a screech and my sympathy for her took a bit of a hit. I'm so glad this rape story is coming to an end. I really need everyone who's threatened & treated Tripp like crap to apologize to him, but I suspect only Kayla will care enough to apologize. It sucks that Charlie is the rapist because I kinda grew to like his Jekyll & Hyde persona.
  11. I agree. It annoyed me that once Laura joined them in the cabin it became all about Laura and how everyone was soooo worried about her. Poor Alicia took a back seat. And then when they realized Laura had poison ivy and not "the fever" and they all broke out into relived laughter, I wondered why there wasn't a similar joyous reaction when they realized Alicia had recovered. Yeah, yeah, Laura was the child star of the show but it was annoyingly obvious how they shoehorned her in to what should have been a story about Mr. Edwards and his daughter.
  12. My theory is that Philip & Sarah will have sex, she will end up pregnant, and they will think the baby is Philip's but it will turn out to be Xander's. I feel like they've portrayed Sarah & Xander as an OTP who will have obstacles thrown their way but will end up together. Philip I see as an interloper in their relationship like he is/was with Belle & Shawn.
  13. Oh look, it's the return of Dr. Kenley - the doctor colder than a speculum. I know he's probably tops in his field and he works at a teaching hospital, but every time he makes an appearance I cringe in anticipation of how awful he'll treat the patient of the week. While he wasn't as awful this time as he was with the young woman who was a hermaphrodite (?), he was his usual dismissive jerk to Gloria and Jacquetta. Though, revealing first to his med students that Jacquetta has a failing heart while dismissing her shock and concern at hearing the diagnosis was up there with his usual callous behavior. I liked Percival so much - as a father, as a ringmaster, and as a possible love interest for Phyllis. Too bad he's dying of lung cancer. ☹️ I thought he & Phyllis had nice chemistry, and he is certainly far more handsome and has a better attitude than that grumpy old Officer whats-his-name they tried to pair with Phyllis a few seasons ago. The entire circus family was just lovely, but I guess we won't be seeing them again. I find it hard to believe Trixie can't find a man on her own and that she needs help from a "marriage bureau". She's always had boyfriends, I don't quite understand why the show is making it seem like suddenly its hard for her to find a one. I guess it's because she's in her 30's now? I read all the posts above mine before watching the episode (sue me, I love spoilers) and thought you guys were being over-the-top with the crying...BUT I admit that Gloria & Shelagh made me genuinely tear up. Shelagh can be too prim & proper sometimes (and the way she talks grates) but she was the perfect nurse that Gloria needed to get through her labor; but more importantly the perfect friend to help work through her long-held grief and fear. Man, when Gloria just kept naming her dead babies - 7 total - my heart broke for her. My tears finally fell when Shelagh removed her mask and, through her tears, told Gloria she has been a mother for a long time. Valerie was my favorite nurse and I'm gonna miss her. I don't like the way they wrote her out of the show; leaving without saying goodbye to any of her friends is just not like Val, but I guess the show's hands were tied because of certain decisions. But Valerie is not dead, so I guess she could return down the road. Sigh. It is just one crisis after another with Sister Monica Joan and it is not entertaining watching her cry and throw tantrums. I wish they would just ship her to the Mother House; they can check in on her every once in a while without having everyone at Nonnatus House cater to her every need.
  14. Look at Steve using his brain! I appreciate that Steve & Kayla acknowledged how far-fetched the idea of Tripp's-unknown-relative-raping-Allie is, but at this point I just want this entire storyline resolved. So if Steve wants to finally do some investigating to clear his son's name, then go for it. I still don't understand what type of DNA test Kayla ran and why it wasn't the type that they do on "Maury" where the guy is told either he's the father or not the father, but let's just get this over with please! I enjoyed Claire & Allie having some girl time and opening gifts together. They reminded me a bit of Hope & Jennifer: cousins & close friends. This show could certainly use more female friendships like that.
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