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  1. I LOVED jelly shoes despite the fact that they weren't as comfortable as the name leads you to believe. My favorite style was the ballet flats. By the late 80's I must have owned every conceivable color. In S4, I would like to see one of the girls wearing jelly shoes, though I don't think they are quite Max's or El's style.
  2. bunnyblue

    The Stranger Things Wishlist: What We Want To Happen

    My wishlist: Steve joins the police academy (or Hawkins police if we get a big time jump). Nancy & Jonathan seem to have an idea about what they want to do, but Steve seems to be aimless. Now that Hopper is "dead", the crew needs someone who can use the law to their benefit. Plus, I'd love to see Steve in a police uniform, especially after they made him wear the sailor outfit all of S3. Will & Mike lose those awful bowl-cuts; just please no mullets. Not every boy in the 1980s sported terrible haircuts. Less Mike, Dustin, and Erica. More Will & Lucas. El goes to school or we at least see she is being tutored. Her child-like penmanship on the note to Hop in S3 was rather sad. El & Will have actual conversations (not about Mike please) and bond over their shared traumas & experiences with the Upside Down/the monsters. They become actual friends. Max & El remain friends and talk on the phone all the time, running up Joyce's phone bill, lol. Hopper is alive and the entire gang works together to find him. After Hopper's return, he and Joyce finally get together. 3 seasons of this slow burn is enough, time for these two to act on their feelings. We don't have to wait another 2 years for the next season.
  3. I thought Hopper didn't adopt Eleven, but rather was listed as her bio father on her forged birth certificate? The Indiana Certificate of Birth Dr. Owens handed Hop listed El's name as Jane Hopper and her mother as Teresa Ives. If El is "Jane Hopper" on her birth certificate doesn't that mean that Jim Hopper was already recognized as her father from the day she was born? Otherwise wouldn't El have been listed as "Jane Ives" on the certificate? I thought that's also why Owens was impressed with his handiwork. I wondered why El didn't go live with her Aunt Becky, but your explanation is a pretty solid reasons as to why El went with Joyce and her boys.
  4. I loved this season, but did it seem like there were more comedic moments (sometimes out of place) than in past seasons? I refuse to believe Hopper is dead. Though I hope he isn't actually in the Upside Down because he can't possibly survive for very long in that inhospitable environment. I'm about 90% sure he's the American in the Russian prison. I think he may have jumped off the platform and was clinging to that ladder that was between the machine and the gate to the Upside Down. It's possible the surviving Russian soldiers that showed up to chase Joyce and Murray went down to the platform and found a wounded/barely conscious Hop and took him with them when they made their own escape from the mall. Hopper is probably my favorite character on the show, and I don't think I can enjoy the show as much if he is truly and most sincerely dead. I'm happy El is going to live with the Byers (I love mama bear Joyce) but I did find it odd that she didn't go to her Aunt Becky & Mama instead. I guess the show wants to keep El connected to the Hawkins crew, and sending her off with the Byers achieves that better than living with her aunt. As someone who is not fond of Mike (God, he was an annoying little shit this season) or the Mike/El relationship, I hope living with the Byers allows El to bond with Will & Jonathan as friends/brothers, and with Joyce as a mother-figure. My sad little wish is for Joyce and El to lead the charge to find/rescue Hop and for the Hopper-Byers to become one big happy family. Mike can cry outside their window as he watches them have family game night.
  5. bunnyblue

    The Conners: Speculation and Spoilers

    Ah man, judging by her distress Becky is definitely getting bad news. Would they be so cruel as to kill off Emilio just as it looks like they are forming a relationship? It's either that or he's been deported. I don't think she'd get the news that she's miscarried via text. Poor Becky and Emilio.
  6. bunnyblue

    S01.E09: Rage Against the Machine

    That's what I'm thinking because she didn't even mention the baby when she & Jackie were planning her future schooling/career. I just love the relationship between Dan and Darlene so focusing on them helped in my enjoyment of this episode. Yes this one wasn't as strong as the last few episodes but I still found it entertaining. It was sweet of Dan to still pay the $500 for Mark's art school, even though it only left him with $600. That's a good man. They finally gave DJ a bit more screen time! I adored Darlene playing the mother hen to her brother; even if she did give him old canned soup, LOL. I also laughed when Harris covered DJ's face with her scarf and then covered her own face with it so she could catch his cold. Those are the little sweet family moments that I've always loved about the Conners.
  7. bunnyblue

    S08.E00: Christmas Special 2018

    Yay!, my DVR recorded the episode, so that was a nice surprise to find this morning. I'm only half way through the episode, but I have to say, I teared up along with Trixie and Phyllis when they talked about Barbara. This is going to be a tough season without her, but I'm glad Trixie is back full time.
  8. bunnyblue

    S01.E06: One Flew Over the Conners' Nest

    Man, I love the relationship between Darlene and Becky. Darlene telling her sister that she'll take care of the baby if Becky falls off the wagon, and asking Becky why she didn't come to her first before offering the baby to the lesbian couple, really tugged at my heart strings. I love that they still insult each other as they did when they were younger but the devotion to each other is so refreshing. Although, I still haven't gotten used to Darlene being the responsible caretaker of the entire clan and Becky being the loner struggling to get her shit together. During the show's original run, I always thought Darlene would be the "Jackie" and Becky would be the "Roseanne". Last episode I weirded myself out by thinking Dan & Jackie were acting like an old married couple. In this episode, I was worried some awkwardness would ensue during their conversation in the back yard, especially when they hugged. It's not unheard of for in-laws to fall for each other when their wife/sister/husband/brother dies. Am I crazy, or is anyone else getting these weird vibes? I like Stan Ben, and I'm open to a Darlene/Ben relationship, but the awkward moment in the office (not to mention the audience's "ooooh!") just seemed way too rushed. I actually cringed. Their final scene in the casino was much better. I hope there's another season so they can slowly explore a romantic relationship. This season is so much better than last. Now, if they could just give DJ something to do.
  9. bunnyblue

    S01.E05: Miracles

    I first saw him as Ponyboy Curtis on FOX's short-lived The Outsiders in the early 1990's. He was my first real age-appropriate celebrity crush and I used to buy the teeny bopper magazines specifically for pictures of Jay R. Ferguson. It was a blast-from-the-past for me when he showed up on Mad Men as Stan Rizzo, and it's just as pleasantly surprising to see him on The Conners.
  10. bunnyblue

    S01.E05: Miracles

    Darlene's boss is Stan from Mad Men. I may have let out a squee! when I saw him. And he's way hotter than David, so Go Darlene! Plus I love that he pushed back when Darlene started in on the shrimp-isn't-processed-ethically talk. I am relieved the surprise pregnancy is Becky's and not Harris's. I hope she has it and keeps it. I don't like that they've made her so promiscuous that she's slept with 2 co-workers in a short time span. Yeesh. At least Emilio is sweet and wants to help her with the baby. I love this Jackie. She's still wacky but significantly toned down from last season. When she and Dan were teasing Darlene about the similarities between David and Justin Long's character, I couldn't help get the feeling that they seemed like an old married couple. I kinda liked it and then I felt dirty thinking about it. I'm really enjoying this season, especially without the awkward and uncomfortable political stuff from last season. But with the ratings nowhere near as good as last season's, and falling every week, it probably means this is the end of the line for the Conners. It's too bad.
  11. bunnyblue

    Media: Lanford, IL Patch

    OMG, I just realized Johnny Galecki played Rusty in Christmas Vacation! How have I never known this?? So Audrey and Rusty are dating in the The Connors? I'll never look at Christmas Vacation the same way again. Anyway, I had no idea the show was going to return/premiere so soon, I assumed they were going for a March premiere like last season. Roseanne was never my favorite, so I'll tune in. I have my doubts about the show going forward without the character, but at the least, these 10 episodes should give closure to the cast and crew if the season bombs.
  12. bunnyblue

    Season 6 Discussion

    Did we ever find out what was up with Suzanne's mother? Is she dead and Suzanne was just hallucinating her? Speaking of Miss Claudette, I thought she was supposed to be in this season? Does anyone remember reading about her return or am I imagining things? He is so supportive of her and faithful (so rare in this show) that it was terribly sad to see him waiting with flowers in hand knowing Blanca was not going to walk out those doors. Poor Blanca. Poor Diablo. (Bolding mine) Anyone else think she looks like a young Kathy Bates. It was all I could see when stupid Madison was on screen. I forgot she was shanked. Too bad it wasn't fatal.
  13. bunnyblue

    Season 6 Discussion

    Binged the season in 4 days. I really hated the opening with Suzanne's hallucinations and I was worried the season was going to be terrible, but it got better by episodes 3-4. Taystee: damn, poor girl could not catch a break. Beaten by the guards, betrayed by Cindy, isolated, and convicted for killing that piece of crap Piscatella. I really thought they'd go for the "happy ending" and she'd be found not guilty. There are enough miscarriages of justice in real life, I guess I was hoping for a different outcome in reel life. But I also understand why the show went with the guilty verdict. I hope Caputo confronting the real killer is just the beginning of getting justice for Taystee. If she stays in prison for life, I'd hate to see her turn into a junky like Daya. I don't know when the hell I became such a fan of Doggett, but I enjoyed her arc this season. I'm glad she finally got rid of her rapist/boyfriend. I liked her sweet friendships with Dixon and Suzanne, and her enthusiasm for kickball. And I LOL'd when she blackmailed Linda into getting her into "Florida" once she returned to prison. Doggett is firmly in my "do not harm" category - along with Taystee and Blanca, but well... I had no idea that was Mackenzie Phillips as Barb. I knew she looked familiar but I couldn't place her until I saw it mentioned here. Barb and Carol (both young and old) were a great addition to the cast. I can't believe they drowned their little sister. I actually fell for Barb's act just before they killed Debbie. I thought she had had a change of heart and was really warning Debbie to get away from Carol. I still didn't get it until Barb showed Debbie that she'd removed the locks from the car doors. What a pair of psychos Barb and Carol. I had hoped we'd find out what happened to their parents after they lost all 3 daughters. "Badison", ugh. My most hated character of the season. Somehow, even worse than Linda. I so wished someone from her past would turn up in prison and reveal to everyone how they used to call her Fartison. I was also hoping she'd get shanked, but no luck. She is just an unrepentant asshole and I hate the idea that she'll still be around next season. With her past and her connections, Alex should and could wipe the floor with Madison but I worry next season it'll be the other way around: that Madison will make Alex's prison life miserable now that Barb is gone. Surprisingly, I didn't miss any of the characters that were shipped to other prisons. The only one that I sort of missed was Maritza, and really only because Flaca was adrift without her BFF/partner-in- crime. I chuckled when Piper said she wants to write a book about her experience. I just hope now that she's out, Piper will be relegated to only brief appearances. I don't want to see her adventures on the outside. Unless she becomes an advocate for women prisoners, she can write and pine for Alex offscreen. And, please, no Larry! I wouldn't put it past the writers to go back to the Alex/Piper/Larry triangle of suck.
  14. bunnyblue

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    Oh I've no doubt she did, and that will be one of the shocking!twists! that will be revealed next season.
  15. bunnyblue

    S02.E10: The Passenger

    And how does Dolores know how to work those computers and know how to "beam up" the Valley Beyond? Also, how does she know how to print a host body? Did Ford download all his knowledge about everything to Dolores once he put his final plan into motion? I'm already annoyed that every twist and plot hole (Kohana in the Valley Beyond) is explained away by saying it's all omniscient Ford's doing, I hope going forward we don't get an omniscient Dolores as well. Because then she'd basically be Skynet and how will she ever be stopped? I thought the "one more thing" was going to see Maeve and giving her Ford's pep talk/message?